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Jun 5th, 2014
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  1. Adrian Saxon. Age 21.
  2. Biography:
  3. Works for ESPRA as a researcher. He is new to the force, and still relatively young, so he’s assigned to the observation program, to monitor some anomalies.
  6. His background is pretty standard; grew up with a family with parents and two siblings, an older sister and younger brother. Went to a public school and managed to get a degree in science. He was inducted into ESPRA through a recommendation from his father’s friend, Dr. Jeremy Faust, who is a higher up. If he’s honest, he wasn’t fully prepared for the position, but he tried his best and he was placed in the observation program, much to his relief.
  9. Is generally a nice guy, if a little too sensitive at times. Doesn’t like confrontations or pressure, but will step up to the plate when he needs to. Tries his best most of the time, but has been known to give in prematurely if his heart isn’t in it. Has a number of close friends and is somewhat sociable. Likes going out to parties and hanging out, but also appreciates nights in alone.
  10. Likes popular media and generally follows the crowd. You could say he doesn’t have much of an outstanding opinion on these matters.
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