a saber of light

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  1. You focus your powers of observation on a saber of light:
  2. Item 'a saber of light' is type weapon, alignment 500, made of energy (in (heavily
  3. damaged) condition),
  4. has keywords 'saber sabre light drunksaber maythefourth cincodemayo mayfourth
  5. tequilajedi', equipped wielded as a weapon.
  6. This item weighs 0 stones and 22 pebbles, and is valued at 105,350 gold. {Cat. 7}
  7. This level 241 item has the attributes: no-sac unbreakable will-float level-adjusted
  8. bind-on-take unenforced-weapon-proficiency removable-in-safe kept
  9. When obtained/equipped this will adjust to 100% of the bearer's level.
  10. Weapon type is sword, does 180 points of lightbeam damage for 2 stamina, accuracy 13.
  11. With your knowledge of 'sword', this weapon can cause up to 277 points of damage against
  12. 0 ar.
  13. Excepting defenses and dynamic modifiers, you will hit 91% of the time.
  14. Special weapon attributes: shocking
  15. Affects ar-mitigation by 3.
  16. Grants knowledge of 'sword' at 100%.
  17. *Your current-roomflag must be equal to safe to use this item.
  18. *This item may be repaired 2 times.
  19. *This item is bound to Ehlaelt.
  20. +++ a saber of light will, if equipped by a drunken Adventurer while
  21. levelling up, grant its wearer bonus AP or experience towards the next level
  22. in celebration.
  24. A saber of light has 2 charges remaining.
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