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Oct 16th, 2019
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  1. [12:15 AM] Voe: Axel, is it possible to cut down on the random fuckery / irrelevant talk during the pulls? Like today really pissed me off. Towards the end like the last 30 mins of the raid were decent, but if it's going to be like that every day, I legit cba. I've said it once and I'll say it again. I just feel like people come to raids to fuck about, drop dank memes and fuck right off straight after. Like there's no thrill to kill the boss at all.
  3. We're currently being fucked sideways by people being bin, raids starting late, raids being cancelled in some cases, us only now starting to extend (thank god). Like we're just not utilizing our raid time efficiently.
  5. If it takes complete nazi regime to take action in order for people to wake up and perform well, then so be it.
  6. [1:10 AM] Revery: Hey, I understand the frustraion from your end honestly and I agree with most of it. Some of it like the missed raids were just unfortunate and the delays are a failure from our end to push the raid forward, the officers should have recognized this and there isnt much I can say to excuse it.
  8. The people being late are usually not the same twice in a row, except jurre on thursdays most people who are late are usually in time like rhewar tonight. The people who had really bad attendance have been replaced so from now on it should be less of an issue, hopefully the delayed raidtimes will help aswell.
  9. [1:15 AM] Revery: Now the fuckery and talk during pulls, I agree with you it's been getting out of hand recently. What we need to do about it is keep the memes for after the pull, cause its clear a few people struggle when they cant focus 100%. They might not realize it but they cant focus while memeing and its our job to make sure they can play. Now we dont have the roster to replace people on a whim, and currently recruiting capable dps is a thougie. So people dont feel like their spot is competetive and end up not caring enough. I might speak for myself but I take atleast a little time before a boss to look at some content to prep (atleast like 1 pov video maybe 2 or 3 even) but I feel like alot of people dont do the same. They show up to raid with no idea how the fight plays or what their role is, they get given a task and it takes a few pulls to fix. All we can really do here is talk to them individually and inform them, the ball is still in their park. They have to improve, we cant forcefully improve them. And yeah as I said recruiting for azshara is nigh impossible so the 20 people in right now are gonna be in for the kill most likely.
  10. [1:16 AM] Revery: I wanna also just say I really appreciate the feedback and the help you gave before raid, and I have sensed that you seem like "tilted" for a lack of a better term. And we obviously dont want the raid to make people tilt and not wanna be there that is the opposite of how we wanna run it
  11. [1:18 AM] Revery: But its hard when people are demotivated and some dont even wanna be in on the boss, but we still need those people to make meaningful progress. Some of those key people are like taela and keli who do alot for the raid in different ways, but both are so demotivated that it's insane and I dnu how to respond to that tbh. So then people start making memes and having random ass convos mid pull, which we have proven dont work.
  12. [1:21 AM] Revery: I think the raid tonight was fine, it was right before break and right after break that people just played like animals. I'd like every hour of raid to be like the last 40 minutes this raid and from now on we'll be working towards that way, we'll move the memes and chatting inbetween pulls rather than during. I cant promise that we will stop having relevant conversations during p1 cause honestly it is such a joke and if we wanna really improve our efficiency we need to stop taking so long between pulls. And that is my bad cause to be frank im not used to be the raidlead so im not in the habit of just going "Okay what was issue, ok its solved lets pull". So alot of time is wasted due to that on my end
  13. [1:21 AM] Revery: Sry for the wall of text but yeah, didnt just wanna give you the bs "yeah we'll work on it" I cba with that
  14. [1:21 AM] Revery: I appreciate you being blunt and honest and I hope I can repay that with the same honesty and understanding
  15. [1:56 AM] Voe: The thing about people being late and such doesn't bother me as long as there's a valid reason behind it. I mentioned it purely to show that it's one of the problems that we've had during our progress that held us back on top of our current problems that we're facing. And that as you know is people underperforming, not taking raids seriously, not prepping, etc. It wasn't a personal attack on anybody, I'm just putting it out there.
  17. Now regarding memes and such during pulls. As you've mentioned having memes after pulls or even when we're pre-pulling is whatever, I have no problem with it as long as it's not making people run into the beam which later result in a wipe anyway. I just feel like when we had that guild meeting w/ Lucian explaining that we're taking this tier casually and not going for any ranks, so during the raids we can do whatever as long as we're having fun and not completely brain dead during pulls, that I feel like was taken too close to hear by people in the raid team. What I mean by that is, there's a reason why we're gathering together every raid night. And it's not to drop memes for 3hrs. It's to kill bosses, right?
  19. I just feel like people need more discipline. When I was talking to Niblet, I was told that I'd be joining an environment mostly like the "BBC NEWS", (a guild I heard a lot about in a good way) so I was quite excited. I was told that there's a fair balance between prog and quality memes. Now one thing I can say for sure, the memes part is true, but the progress part not so much. There needs to be a mentality inside of the guild where progress comes first and then come the memes, right now it's the opposite.
  20. [1:56 AM] Voe: From what I've currently gathered regarding people underperforming and not being competitive about their spot - it's mostly due to the guild meeting we've had previously, the one where Lucian explained that we're taking this tier casually. It kind of feels like that message was delivered improperly. Cause what happens after that is people think to themselves "Oh, nice I get to do w/e, have fun and occasionally get the kill after x amount of nerfs". Imo that should only be the case after prog is over and we got our ranking and first kill on boss. Cause after first kill you can take half the tier off as a break if you so desire. But instead people int progress so much that rankings become sky high, which results in trialists applying being sub par, since there's x amount of guilds that have finished the tier before us so you're just left with literal leftovers and in the end it's just a loss loss situation.
  22. I usually don't get involved in these type of things, cause I'm too lazy to type out essays about the problems and such. Just today's raid kinda made me want to open up and lay it on the paper so to speak. Don't get me wrong, though. I just want the best for the guild, cause I know that there's good players in here. Just in general the raids need to be more about the boss killing part rather than exchanging memes and fucking about.
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