Apr 19th, 2021
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  1. No, this has nothing to do with Republicans blame shifting, what she did was no different then the false narrative they tried to pull when they didn't get their way in the election. "We get a guilty verdict, or we take action against those that say we didn't." is no different than "We won the elections, and we will suppress and remove those that say we didn't."
  3. She should not only be kicked out of the house, she should be kicked into a tiny cell where this disgusting woman belongs. Anyone who tries to over-throw democracy and the rule of law for their own interests regardless of race, political views, or beliefs should not be a member of said democracy. PERIOD.
  5. This is coming from a left leaning person who has many friends of many differing races, views and beliefs. Sorry if it offends those that want to just turn a blind eye and blame the other side for her actions.
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