The Eternal War, Session 17

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  1. Session Start: Sat Sep 08 19:00:32 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
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  10. 01[19:52] <@Staffen> A short while ago, Magos Lamortes called you all together in the Wrath of Justice's officer lounge. You are now gathered together there at a round-sofa. Classic holovids play in one corner of the room, where a pair of officers are apparently have a drinking date.
  11. 01[19:53] <@Staffen> *apparently having
  12. 01[19:54] <@Staffen> Lamortes enters shortly. "Here we are," he absently says as he passes through the doorway.
  13. 01[19:55] <@Staffen> He looks to you. His cowl is pulled back, revealing his shaved head. "And there you are! Wonderful. I've good news for you all."
  14. 01[19:56] <@Staffen> He steps aside to reveal a figure a head smaller than him.
  15. 01[19:56] <@Staffen> "My friends - I introduce to you my good colleague..."
  16. 06[19:58] * Narcisa would enter in behind the Malatek. Standing at 5 and two inches, (1.58m) and hardly anything over a mere hundred pounds, (46kg), Narcisa is a short woman of slight build. Her skin is nearly midnight black, save for the blue eyes and polished silver and brass stud piercings in her ears, and of the nostrils of her nose, small Opus Machinas of the Mehcanicus in design. Hear features
  17. 06[19:58] * Narcisa sharp, her hair reflective black braids, giving it the appearance of always being wet. Little else save for the rust-red robes, the small medallion in the same insignia of the Mechanicum and the occasional data port or jack set in fingers or along her wrists to denote the short woman as being of the Cult Mechanicus, no large mechadendrites or excessive external bionics one might often see.
  18. 06[19:59] * Narcisa would give a small smile, and the bow of her head as she looked to those assembled before her, "Greetings, I am Narcisa." She interlocked her fingers before herself
  19. 01[20:00] <@Staffen> Lamortes pats her on her shoulder. "Wonderful. I see Lord Sark isn't among you." The Magos looks over your number. "Has anyone seen him?"
  20. [20:01] <Petrus> "I haven't seen him since breakfast. Must be off scrounging through the wine cellar."  
  21. 06[20:01] * Ezekiah is standing in his best red-orange robes, the one with the black fire at the hems. The hood was pulled back, showing his messy brown hair, his gilded eagle nosed mask resting upon his face. His arms are crossed. "And the tech-heathens continue to multiply. The plot thins."
  22. 06[20:04] * @Plex shakes her head. "I saw him--briefly, mind you--headed toward the area where our esteemed employers are."
  23. 06[20:05] * Petrus is sitting down in a leather chair sipping recaff.
  24. 06[20:05] * Narcisa would look to Ezekiah, briefly a look of confusion as her eyebrows furrowed down before she removed the look with some act of practiced will and resumed her earlier, friendlier smile.
  25. 01[20:06] <@Staffen> Lamortes clicks his tongue. "I see... now, my Lady did ask me to discuss with you the matter of your next direction."
  26. 06[20:06] * Petrus is in a tan bodyglove with a large patch of leather on his right shoulder instead of his usual sneaking suit
  27. [20:07] <@Plex> "A good idea. We've...not made a good deal of progress on that ourselves."
  28. [20:08] <Ezekiah> "I do have a question, actually. For Lamortes... for the Inquisitors. I've heard from several sources that something is happening on Bront."
  29. 01[20:12] <@Staffen> "Yes, we wrote up during your recruitment that Cardinal Ashfont had called on his associates to deal with the Redemption on Bront." Lamortes folds his arms. "At this time they're being actively hunted on charges of suspected heresy from the Creed. The Inquisition is currently not commenting on it."
  30. [20:14] <Ezekiah> "It's obvious that Cardinal Ashfont is an apostate! Why else would he run this pogrom against my Redemptionist brothers and sisters!?"
  31. 01[20:16] <@Staffen> Lamortes whistles, catching the attention of the two officers. They both nod quickly, and then shut the holovid off and slip out of the room.
  32. 01[20:18] <@Staffen> "The Redemption does not have a very good reputation with the Cathedral of Illumination. Cardinal Ignato has always received complaints of property damage, disregard for peace and general rowdiness - I suppose he's grown sick of it and given Ashfont permission to deal with them as he sees fit."
  33. [20:19] <Ezekiah> "We only do what we are needed to do! Redemption can only come through fire and flames and steel! This corruption goes deep then I thought. No Cardinal deserving of the title would sanction that unless they were in truck with our enemies!"
  34. 01[20:23] <@Staffen> Lamortes shrugs at this. "That would need to be examined, I suppose. I imagine that the Redemption is important to you, Ezekiah?"
  35. [20:24] <@Plex> "Understatement of the week," Plex mumbles.
  36. [20:27] <Ezekiah> "Of course it's important to me! Even since I had a vision of the Emperor 4 years ago, it was the Redemption that saw the great things that was before me. That I was more then just ganger scum succumbing to addiction or shot by Enforcers or left for dead by rivals. I had a purpose! They gave me purpose!"
  37. 06[20:30] * Petrus finishes his recaf and starts reading "Amazing tales of Astartes"
  38. 01[20:31] <@Staffen> "You may wish to consider investigating the innocence of the Redemption then." Lamortes nods. "But it seems you all have no less than three different accused crimes to clear now. Lord Sark's family has been murdered, and it seems he is now being blamed for the crime. And you, Lord Cain..."
  39. [20:31] <Petrus> "Yes?"
  40. [20:33] <Ezekiah> "There is plenty innocence of the Redemption! It is obvious that this persecution is brought on upon the agents of Vok!"
  41. 01[20:33] <@Staffen> "There is the matter that your bride-to-be Lieutenant Corinna has been kidnapped, and of course that Calligos Winterscale is surging through the Drusus Marches on his way to the Adrantis Sub-Sector for your head."
  42. [20:34] <Petrus> "There must be some way of convincing him I didn't kidnap her."
  43. [20:35] <Petrus> "If we bring him information on Vok and show him that there are 5 different astartes chapters on the warpath for him it might convince him."
  44. [20:36] <Ezekiah> "Can you not see that this is more important then the petty decadent dailances of sinful nobles! The only true purity of Bront is being put to the sword and you care about your father-in-law wanting to kill you!?"
  45. 06[20:36] * @Plex frowns. "Do we even know what supposed 'evidence' Lord Winterscale has to 'prove' it was you, Petrus?"
  46. 01[20:36] <@Staffen> "Settle down, all of you!" Lamortes exclaims. "There is good news in this regard, Petrus. I learned of my good friend Narcisa here after she discovered a pattern of illegal smuggling operations." Lamortes gestures to the Factor besides him.
  47. 01[20:37] <@Staffen> "My Lady declined to act on this, but allowed it to continue so that it might be watched. And now, we know that Losa Proga is making a deal along this route."
  48. [20:37] <Petrus> "I don't know if he has any other than, I vanished the night before Corinna and I were to be wed and now she is gone so I must be responsible."
  49. 06[20:40] * Ezekiah fidgets. His growing disdain of the whole thing is rather palpable. "I do not see why his family has any precedence over mine!"
  50. 01[20:41] <@Staffen> "Because your family does not bring the power to level cities in its rage," Lamortes bluntly notes.
  51. [20:42] <Ezekiah> "Gah." That was the straw that broke the camels back and he stomps off, but not before spitting on the floor.
  52. 06[20:42] * Narcisa would look up at the larger man as he mentioned her name, smile rekindling across her face after having faded from the earlier disucssion. It too would soon fade as she looked back to the group, watching the redemptionist walk off.
  53. [20:42] <Petrus> "Don't mind him, he's very hot headed."
  54. 06[20:44] * Narcisa would give a curt nod "As I have gathered. His... cult typically are."
  55. [20:44] <Narcisa> "Some more literal than others." she adds
  56. 01[20:46] <@Staffen> "So," the Magos places his hands at his hips. "The Crusading Astartes plan to meet at Phyrr. From there they will go to warp together and head for Trojus, where they will blockade the system while awaiting the Inquisition - that is, you. But that is several months from now. You all have time to settle matters here in Calixis. What will your first course of action be?"
  57. 06[20:48] * @Plex casts a look at Petrus. "My instinct is to settle this matter with Lord Winterscale first. As you said," she nods at Lamortes, "he brings enough resources to be a threat to stability."
  58. [20:49] <Petrus> "Plus he would be a valuable asset to bring down Vok."
  59. [20:49] <Petrus> "I'm sure his personal army would bolster our forces."
  60. [20:54] <@Plex> "If we can manage the long-shot of convincing him, first, that you aren't responsible; and also assuming he doesn't decide to go off himself. Again."
  61. [20:56] <Petrus> "Indeed, I'd rather not have to deal with the hordes of bounty hunters and mercenaries he's no undoubtedly hired to kill me."  
  62. 01[20:56] <@Staffen> "I think it was my Lady who suggested," Lamortes coughs, "perhaps you should bring him his niece herself. Save Victoria Corinna from Losa Proga before she rejoins with Yrtzen Vok, and you are that much closer to having the aid of Calligos Winterscale."
  63. [20:57] <Petrus> "That sounds like the best plan of action."
  64. [20:58] <@Plex> "I agree."
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  66. [21:01] <@Plex> HOORAY
  67. 06[21:08] * Varian emerges from a nearby doorway "We owe that bitch Losa a bullet to the head."
  68. [21:09] <Petrus> "Indeed"
  69. 06[21:10] * Narcisa would look to the new arrival "Oh?"
  70. 06[21:11] * Varian looks to Petrus, "She was the one who sent that mechanical monster you shot with your carnodon."
  71. [21:12] <Petrus> "I believe she was, we'll have to teach her to send deadlier things next time, though I doubt there will be a next time."
  72. [21:17] <Narcisa> "Between this and those crimes Lamortes spoke of this certainly seems to be a group of trouble makers, hm?" she gave a small chuckle
  73. 06[21:18] * Varian raises an eyebrow at their new arrival, "You are?"
  74. [21:19] <Narcisa> "Narcisa, previously Factor, diplomat, now Cyber-Seer of the Mechanicum."
  75. 06[21:20] * Varian gives a little bow in his suit, "Well, what a mouthful. Pleasure to meet you mademoiselle."
  76. 06[21:22] * Narcisa would offer a bow of her own, just one of her head as she returned the same smile she had earlier.
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  80. 06[21:32] * Nyx follows behind Varian
  81. [21:33] <Nyx> "'re not Gedachtnis.  Oh woe is me, and nice to meet your Cyber-iousness."
  82. 06[21:33] * Varian feels uneasy at the trailing psyker.
  83. 06[21:33] * Nyx bows deeply at 80 degrees with an awful hat flourish
  84. [21:36] <Narcisa> She returned with that same smile, following down with a shallow bow of her own to the psyker. "And nice to meet you as well."
  85. [21:37] <Petrus> "I believe I'll need something for this next mission."
  86. 01[21:38] <@Staffen> A few days later, Kith and the Lady Inquisitor and their company leave the Wrath of Justice for the Valkyrie again. The Lady, however, leaves each of you a purse containing 500 thrones.
  87. [21:39] <Nyx> "My thanks, My Lady.  Your favors are shall suffice me a small meal, for which my palate is grateful."
  88. 06[21:39] * Nyx tosses the weighty bag from hand to hand
  89. [21:39] <Petrus> "My thanks my lady."
  90. 06[21:47] * Ezekiah is still angry about all of this.
  91. 01[21:56] <@Staffen> A few weeks later, however, after a stormy passage through the immaterium, your ship translates in a system that is as devoid as you would have expected Cryptus to be.
  92. 01[21:56] <@Staffen> Captain Anders calls you all to the bridge.
  93. 06[21:56] * Varian heads there, having spent the passage recalling the taste of a great vintage.
  94. 06[21:57] * Narcisa would arrive as succintly as possible, likely torn away from whatever devices or mechanisms she might study within the ship without interrupting their passage through the warp.
  95. 06[21:58] * Petrus arrives on the bridge
  96. 06[21:58] * @Plex comes at the captain's call as well.
  97. 06[21:58] * Ezekiah is once again in the red robes of the redemption. Ready to bring flames and steel to their opponents. Of course, he hasn't been rather talkative recently.
  98. 01[21:59] <@Staffen> "I don't know what happened," the Navigator sputters, clutching her astromancy staff tight. The girl is red in her face, the visor hiding her third eye mercifully lowered. Her fingers are long and spindly, but otherwise she appears normal.
  99. 01[21:59] <@Staffen> Anders is drumming his fingers against the rail overlooking the operations pit. The helmsman, meanwhile, is consulting star charts.
  100. 01[21:59] <@Staffen> "Put them away," the Captain grumbles. "We don't need them to know where we are."
  101. [22:00] <Ezekiah> "... we're lost, aren't we? LOST IN SPACE!?"
  102. 06[22:00] * Nyx hides behind an open doorframe upon seeing the Navigator
  103. [22:00] <Nyx> "Danger?"
  104. [22:00] <Nyx> "Danger."
  105. 06[22:01] * @Plex rolls her eyes at Nyx's melodrama. As usual.
  106. 01[22:01] <@Staffen> Anders turns to you all. "As you might suspect, we are not at Cryptus. Someone turn that signal on."
  107. 01[22:01] <@Staffen> The intervox screeches.
  108. 01[22:01] <@Staffen> You hear a monotone, feminine voice call out,
  109. 01[22:03] <@Staffen> "Warning. You are within a quarantine-zone established by order of His Holy Ordos of the Inquisition. Any proximity is subject to persecution. Any persistent presence beyond three hours' time will be recorded by satellite and tracked."
  110. [22:03] <Petrus> "That does not sound good."
  111. 01[22:03] <@Staffen> "Enough, ensign. Shut it off." Anders waves his hand down to the pit. "We're over Mara at the moment, which suffice it to say is the different direction entirely."
  112. [22:04] <Nyx> "Oh dear God-Emperor, what?"
  113. 01[22:04] <@Staffen> "I didn't mean to!" the Navigator insists.
  114. [22:05] <Ezekiah> "What the hell is Mara?"
  115. [22:05] <Narcisa> "A forbidden world by the sounds of things."
  116. 01[22:06] <@Staffen> Anders looks to the Navigator. "Return to your tower. Have some tea if you must. Rest for a short while but be ready because I'll be sending us back to warp as soon as the drive cools down."
  117. 01[22:06] <@Staffen> She nods and backs out, bowing repeatedly before hurrying away.
  118. 01[22:11] <@Staffen> Anders shakes his hand, and then slaps his leg in frustration. "I don't know what to do here. Her inexperience is a serious problem."
  119. 06[22:13] * @Plex focuses on something else for a number of seconds before blinking and shaking her head. "It doesn't help that the Warp here is...ugh. Twisty. It's...easy to focus on as being different?"
  120. [22:14] <Ezekiah> "Bah. The longer we stay here, the further Proga gets away."
  121. [22:14] <Nyx> "Better that than we brave the open Warp..."
  122. [22:14] <Nyx> "This many psykers and psychic's like being next to a sea, and all the creatures inside?  All waiting for the next capricious typhoon to surge up and eat you."
  123. [22:15] <Nyx> "But first they'll play with you.
  124. 06[22:15] * Nyx retreats, headed towards the ship shrine
  125. 01[22:17] <@Staffen> Soon after, you are away without incident. Captain Anders is fuming, because the Navigator insists the travel will be delayed another few months.
  126. 06[22:17] * Narcisa would watch her go, commenting with a "Huh."
  127. 01[22:18] <@Staffen> However, another two weeks later she insists you've arrived, and drops the ship out of warp once again. You've eaten through half your stocks, but otherwise are ready to go.
  128. [22:19] <Ezekiah> "It is through the grace of the Emperor that such delays have not given our enemy the benefit."
  129. 01[22:19] <@Staffen> The Wrath of Justice translates to reality again and finds herself within dozens of kilometers of a raider-sized warship to port. Kilometers below you are a raider and transport.
  130. 01[22:20] <@Staffen> All across the ship warnings blare.
  131. [22:22] <Nyx> "...Well, that certainly seems to be trouble."
  132. [22:23] <Ezekiah> "They could be friendly."
  133. [22:23] <Nyx> "Oh my, that certainly is a friendly warning siren."
  134. 06[22:24] * Nyx stands from her pew, doing a light jog towards the bridge
  135. 06[22:24] * Petrus leaves his room and heads to the bridge disgruntled that his reading time has been interrupted
  136. [22:25] <Ezekiah> "What do you expect me to do? Go out and swipe my eviscerator at it a few times?"
  137. 01[22:26] <@Staffen> Anders is now frantically shouting orders. Outside, through the viewports, the ship is pitching into a roll. The graveyard-world slowly is rolling out of view.
  138. 06[22:26] * @Plex is standing on the bridge, having been watching the initial order, now staying back quietly out of the chaos.
  139. 01[22:27] <@Staffen> "You lot," the Captain looks back and shouts, "go down to Hangar 23-port! That one to our left is probably your target!"
  140. 06[22:28] * Petrus nods to the captain and heads to his room to get suited up
  141. 06[22:28] * @Plex doesn't even bother asking how he might know, following Petrus closely enough to almost trip on his heels.
  142. 01[22:28] <@Staffen> Anders looks back down into the pit. "I need a confirmation on that auspex-reading! And give the transport an augury, I don't want any surprises! And damn it all, cancel that order for the torpedo strike on the separate target, there's a VIP on there!"
  143. [22:29] <Ezekiah> "So how are we going to get aboard it, then?"
  144. 06[22:29] * Narcisa would be brought from reverie of further rote memorization and meditation upon the Omnissiah's works by the lights, the womna making her way to the bridge a bit belatedly compared to others of her newfound cell
  145. [22:29] <@Plex> "Assault craft, most likely," she answeres Ezekiah.
  146. 06[22:33] * Varian looks dubiously at Ezekiah at the idea of flying in a tin boat across to the ship during a void battle.
  147. [22:33] <Varian> "Merde"
  148. 06[22:34] * Petrus arrives at the hanger in his sneaking suit and his Nomad slung across his shoulder
  149. [22:35] <@Plex> ++Hangar 23-port, for everyone who might not already be there!++
  150. 06[22:36] * Ezekiah would begrudgedly head their as well.
  151. 06[22:37] * Petrus is standing in the hanger bay twirling his carnodon on his finger
  152. 06[22:37] * Narcisa would pause and about-face in her direction, heading down with haste, more than a light jog, down to the hangar bay as the order went out over her microbead, ariving in the same get-up as previously, this time with a pistol in a holster at her hip and mesh cowl drawn up to protect her head
  153. 06[22:38] * @Plex arrives in the hangar, seeing Petrus and their new ally already there.
  154. 01[22:38] <@Staffen> In 23-port, an assault boat sits ready for deployment. The hangar's void shield looks out on the solitary raider - it is a slim vessel, with a single conning tower at its stern, positioned just behind its raised bridge.
  155. 01[22:40] <@Staffen> A man in a flightsuit is shouting to menials rushing about with ammunition and fuel barrels. Long cables dangle from various points along his back. A pair of tech-priests stand close to him.
  156. 06[22:40] * Varian stands in the hangar, tightening the straps for a carapace breastplate under his flak cloak. The first proper armour the Malfian has ever worn in his life, he shifts uncomfortably in it as he twists his body to check the range of motion.
  157. 06[22:41] * Narcisa would catch her breath for the moment, eventually straightening "Would it be wise to bring void suits with us in the event of depressurization?"
  158. 01[22:43] <@Staffen> "Hail, acolytes," the man calls as he dons his helmet. "Flight Officer Krat. And no, they won't be necessary. We've already identified an open hangar bay on the opposing ship. It's our best bet of getting onboard, so I'm going to hit for it."
  159. 06[22:43] * Ezekiah has everything that he could possibly want. His chainsword and flamer. "Then we shall best get going."
  160. [22:44] <@Plex> "Hail, Mr. Krat. And the cleric is correct; we'd best not delay you. Point us to where we go and we'll be there."
  161. [22:44] <Narcisa> "if you insist then." She headed to board up into the assault craft prepared for them, sitting into and strapping into a seat
  162. 06[22:44] * Varian seems genuinely impressed with the man, heading to the shuttle to board.
  163. [22:45] <Petrus> "Always wanted to fly a voidship Varian?"
  164. [22:46] <Ezekiah> "What cleric? Where!?"
  165. [22:46] <Varian> "Less than a meter of metal between myself and the void? No thanks."
  166. 01[22:46] <@Staffen> "Up in front is a boarding ramp," Krat notes. "Its armor is thick enough to withstand collisions with hull of a thickness in excess of several meters, so you'll be safe from any weapons-fire that you'd likely encounter."
  167. 01[22:47] <@Staffen> The pilot climbs up atop the vessel, followed by the tech-priests. Krat rests his head back as the Mechanicus adepts connect him into the craft.
  168. 06[22:48] * Petrus boards the craft
  169. 06[22:48] * Varian heads into the shuttle and looks for a way to strap in.
  170. 06[22:49] * @Plex boards as well, settling into the area by the ramp.
  171. 06[22:49] * Ezekiah would head in as well.
  172. 06[22:49] * Petrus fires a spot to sit down
  173. 06[22:49] * Nyx gets on, gas-mask futilely strapped over her face
  174. 01[22:50] <@Staffen> The passenger bay is reminiscent of the chimera's interior. At the back of it, however, are two shotguns bearing Inquisitorial marks, held to the wall by equipment cradles.
  175. 01[22:50] <@Staffen> Beneath each weapon is a box of shells.
  176. 01[22:52] <@Staffen> ++Anders to away-team, come in.++
  177. [22:54] <Varian> ++We read you.++
  178. 06[22:54] * Ezekiah would examine the shotguns on the racks and see just what kind of killy death they are...
  179. 06[22:55] * Petrus is content with his Nomad
  180. [22:57] <Ezekiah> "This is a nice shotgun." He would take one and start busily loading it while he puts the inferno shells on his combat harness.
  181. 01[22:57] <@Staffen> ++You may want to know that we arrived just as the gun-deal was going down.++ The Captain states. ++There are two cargo craft on the planet's surface, and what we're reading suggests there are groups of people present. I think we spooked them into canceling their agreement, because we're reading renewed heat-signatures from both of them.++
  182. 06[22:58] * Nyx fishes around underneath her seat frantically, coming up with a look of triumph with a rebreather
  183. [22:59] <Varian> ++Understood++
  184. 06[23:01] * Ezekiah will put on his rebreather as well. He is bristling with weapons. Well... only the three. Shotgun. Flamer. Chainsword.
  185. 06[23:01] * Petrus puts on his rebreather
  186. 01[23:01] <@Staffen> "Prepare to cast off," the pilot announces. The fore hatch closes, and the hold is illuminated only by a dim red overhead light.
  187. 06[23:02] * Narcisa would reach under and take the rebreather, affixing it to her person as well as she double-checked the straps of her chosen seat as the warning was given
  188. 01[23:06] <@Staffen> The craft shudders. You feel gravity's pull leave you as the attack boat exits the Wrath of Justice.
  189. 01[23:07] <@Staffen> There is a concerning lack of any activity once you are past that. Only at one point does the craft shake in-flight.
  190. 01[23:07] <@Staffen> "Glancing strike off the fore," Krat is quick to comment.
  191. 06[23:08] * Varian looks gingerly around at that comment.
  192. 01[23:08] <@Staffen> A few moments later, gravity returns to you. The mouth of the craft opens and hard claxons, lower in pitch than the Wrath of Justice's, fill the compartment.
  193. 03[23:09] * @Plex (CelestialD@BB78B151.2A14F422.96B4FF0C.IP) has left #eternalwar
  194. 03[23:09] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  195. 03[23:09] * Staffen changes topic to 'Petrus, Nyx, Narcisa, NPC, Varian, NPC'
  196. 01[23:13] <@Staffen> Beyond is a hangar bay. A solitary, menacing-looking fightercraft sits in one corner. An armsman in heavy-looking armor, brandishing a chainsword and bolt pistol shouts to a squad of soldiers.
  197. 03[23:13] * Staffen changes topic to 'Ezekiah, Petrus, Nyx, Narcisa, NPC, Varian, NPC'
  198. 06[23:15] * Ezekiah brandishes his flamer and tries to keep from cackling, but this is too good, as he fires off a gout of FLAME at the bastards.
  199. 01[23:20] <@Staffen> Ezekiah's flamer hits almost all of the heretics, pouring burning promethium over them. Several of them are caught on fire, and begin desperately trying to put out the flames.
  200. 06[23:23] * Petrus stands up from his seat and fires a round into the Sergeant's head
  201. 06[23:25] * Nyx steps a foot ahead of the party, putting her hand at her rebreather
  202. [23:25] <Nyx> "Hi, boys!  Let me show you something I saw last night in my dreams."
  203. 06[23:25] * Nyx takes off her rebreather
  204. 01[23:29] <@Staffen> Between the death of their officer, being set on fire and now the psyker's horrific visions, the renegades break and scatter for different doorways.
  205. 06[23:33] * Narcisa would draw her pistol free of it's holster, a small wire connecting to a jack in her wrist as she took a quick snapshot at the one man who did not seem quite as terrified of their psyker as the others, slaying him with a single soldi red laser shot.
  206. 06[23:33] * Varian lets them run, no longer a threat to him.
  207. 01[23:34] <@Staffen> The room is now empty save you and the corpses of two traitors. The attack boat closes up behind you.
  208. 01[23:35] <@Staffen> "I'll wait here for you lot," Krat announces. "I can handle myself with my sponsons, but if anything requires me to back out, I'll let you know right way!"
  209. 01[23:36] <@Staffen> A trail of spattered promethium still burns from Ezekiah's flamer. The claxons continue to drone at your ears.
  210. [23:36] <Petrus> "I think we should grab one of the runners and see what he knows."
  211. [23:36] <Varian> "au revoir pour l'instant"
  212. [23:36] <Ezekiah> "Feel free to run after him..."
  213. 06[23:36] * Varian heads down the ramp
  214. 06[23:38] * Nyx looks down at the fallen sergeant, picking up his hand-weapons and bringing them back to the party
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