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  1. -in the craig rescue, loot both lockers near the first dragonshout, not just the first
  2. -eat a small mana potion in the menu before brass key
  3. -loot the dodgeball guy and the bag with a speed potion in it after the brass key
  4. -in the boss fight use speed > fire > dragonshout > butters lightning > power
  5. -when you are waiting for your parents to ground you in cartman's yard, sell everything don't need
  6. -buy 4 mana potions, 1 small mana potion and 1 speed potions
  9. -speed potions
  10. -mana potions
  11. -save at least 1 strength potion
  12. -any patches or strapons
  13. -sell literally everything else
  16. -in the spaceship loot the box near the fight where you get the gloves for a small mana potion and a power potion
  17. -when you do the shopping at tweek coffee for the goths, buy 10 dark roast
  18. -in the menu where you equip goth clothes, eat a regular mana potion so you can use the sneaky squeaker in the first nazi zombie fight
  19. -do not pick up the headgear
  20. -in the menu before the nazi zombie gingers fight, eat a regular mana potion, equip hat instead of headgear, and in the fight do speed > fire > sneaky squeaker
  21. -before you go to bed, eat a mana potion and a small mana potion and use sneaky squeaker in the 1st gnomes fight
  22. -in the 2nd gnomes fight, eat another regular mana potion so you can use it again
  23. -in the menu where you reequip stuff, eat 3 small mana potions so you can use it again in the next gnomes fight
  24. -before the bully girls eat a mana potion and use SS on them
  25. -in unplanned parenthood, loot the drawer before dr poonlover's room for a small mana potion and a speed potion
  26. -in the equip before the fetuses eat a mana potion and equip the hat instead of the headgear
  27. -in the fetuses fight use a strength potion then use SS
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