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[Halo CE - TSC:E] Scripts in your map - Shades and Phantoms

FtDLulz Jun 12th, 2015 40 Never
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  1. Shades and phantoms are a bit different. Shades consist of two parts: the base (which is a device_machine) and the ball turret. When naming your shade turret, suffix it with _base or _ball, to make it easier to identify. Do the same things as above, except in the spot it says for the names, put the ball name first and a comma, then the base name. You don't have to do this for the PLAYER_UPDATE, just put the shade ball name.
  3. Phantoms are the most different from them all. They consist of six parts: the base vehicle, the gravity lift, the two troop doors, and then the two gun doors (the middle of the troop doors). Each one needs to be specifically suffixed. When placing the doors in Sapien, suffix one with '_troop_l' and the other with '_troop_r'. Same thing with the gun doors, except suffix them with '_gun_l' and '_gun_r'. The gravity lift needs a suffix of '_grav'. I'm pretty sure you have to name them the same as the base vehicle, and adding the suffixes on to that name.
  5. Example:
  6. • shade_name_ball
  7. • shade_name_base
  8. • VEHICLE_UPDATE_SHADE(shade_name_ball, shade_name_base)
  10. Example:
  11. • phantom_name
  12. • phantom_name_grav
  13. • phantom_name_troop_r
  14. • phantom_name_troop_l
  15. • phantom_name_gun_r
  16. • phantom_name_gun_l
  18. After doing that, just put the base name in the scripts like you would any other vehicle. You don't need a PLAYER_UPDATE for it, even though the default player can drive them (yes, they can!)
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