First Part Of SuperDuper Summer before bridge

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  1. Wanna have myself a super duper summer
  2. If I think about you it might be a super bummer
  3. With your minimum wage.. and maximum hours
  4. Wanna fly myself away like I got super duper powers
  5. [x2]
  6. Wait why am I stressin´
  7. Oh because I haven´t even dated
  8. Is it just me or are relationships like overrated
  9. Always see these couples posting that shits kinda overstated
  10. I don´t know I mean I guess it´s kind of complicated?
  11. Anyways
  12. Old girls got a new man
  13. That shits not makin' me blue man
  14. Dafuq is you assumin'
  15. Don't know his name I'm like who the fuck is you man
  16. I just sit back and enjoy the fact that I'm the better human
  17. and I know it 'cause I'm wavy and he's not.
  18. I'm a balloon and you're about to make me pop
  19. I'm the whole fucking stage and buddy you're just a prop
  20. I got a lot on my top
  21. I'm the storm you a drop
  22. I'm the cream of the crop and listen you're just a flop.
  23. I could do this all day;
  24. Modern day Hemmingway
  25. Homies on my side its only going my way
  26. So get the fuck out my way
  27. You got somethin' to say?
  28. I didn't think so.
  29. I'mma be up up and away; see ya bitch.
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