Shin Godzilla spoilers

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  1. Random stuff posted before in no particular order:
  4. The entire first half of the movie is pretty much a black comedy making fun of everything Japan- Old politicians insisting on doing things by the book and wailing about how there're no precedents or manuals for them to fall back on, the PM putting on his blue bousaifuku just for the press conference, civilians ignoring evacuation announcements to climb up to rooftops and stream videos of Godzilla to Niconico (and even the ones that DO evacuate take douchey selfie videos of themselves while doing so), politicians thinking that the first thing they should do do in a time of crisis is not to handle the crisis but to have a press conference, politicians saying stupid things, the PM announcing that there's no way Godzilla will come on land only to have an aide come up to him and whisper in his ear to say that he just came up on land, needlessly long chains of command, pointless meetings, SEALDs-style throngs of misguided left-wingers banging on drums yelling "PROTECT GODZILLA", TV Tokyo showing anime while all the other stations are reporting on Godzilla... The works. The funny bits fade out and are nonexistent in the latter half of the film, but the early parts managed to elicit a bunch of chuckles from the audience I was seeing it with and myself.
  5. Of course, you need to be fluent in Japanese and familiar enough with Japan to get most of this, which is why a lot of English reviews online are "it's all talking not enough monsters fighting wahhhh".
  7. The second half of the film is basically a cross between Godzilla 1954 and God-Warrior in Tokyo. It's very clearly nothing like the majority of Godzilla films but I felt that it was better than them.
  9. The camerawork and music are top notch (though using recycled Evangelion music something like FIVE TIMES was a bit silly; It wasn't out of place, but prior knowledge of it just makes you go "really, Anno?"). They also used recycled music from the old Godzilla films 2-3 times but that was handled tastefully enough.
  11. The depiction of Godzilla is very unique, but I liked it. The midpoint of the film where he uses his breath for the first time is really the climax of the film and one of the best single scenes in the entire franchise.
  13. The sci-fi elements are kind of weak, especially the bits with the missing ex-professor who's probably the mastermind behind everything. The way they "defeat" Godzilla is kind of boring too, I guess, and people will definitely complain about a lack of action there. But it fits thematically, since he's "defeated" with the same water pump spray crane vehicle things (I have no idea what they're actually called) used at Fukushima. That being said the science itself sounded reasonable enough ("he's basically a reactor, thus he has to have a cooling system, and if it's stopped he'll go into a SCRAM and shut himself down").
  14.  The climax does feel a bit lacking- The tail laser is the biggest "surprise", otherwise there's nothing really flashy. But this is a Godzilla movie, not a Godzilla VS Whatever The Fuck movie, and because it sticks mostly to being realistic they can't whip a giant flying drill submarine out of their asses either. So of course it isn't going to be anything flashy. But it keeps in line with the tone of the rest of the film, and the tone of the film is what makes it good.
  15. It's not action-centric, but that's not to say that there's no action at all: There's plenty of military hardware porn with the SDF (and a bit with the US stuff), and Godzilla himself does a load of cool new stuff.
  17. Oh and Ishihara's English is terrible.
  19. >hurrrr leaks
  20. they're from the fucking pamphlet
  22. > that consumes all life it comes into contact with and first comes to the surface as a tadpole after having already assimilated a ton of marine life.
  23. These is literally absolutely fucking nothing like this in the film you retard.
  25. >SciFi Japan forum spoilers
  26. Someone linked me spoilers from Scifi Japan's forums. This " GiganGoji " guy clearly did see the movie, but also clearly doesn't understand Japanese at all but is passing off a load of fucking bullshit he made up as fact.
  28. >Dur hur right wing militaristic constitution anti-US hurrrrr
  29. The SDF literally throw ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING THEY HAVE AT HIM (this is an actual line in the movie, that they used EVERYTHING they had) and can't scratch him. The bits about the constitution seemed to me to be more about Japanese bureaucracy (as if it isn't obvious with all the bits making fun of the chain of command) and conservatism ("but there's no precedent"). In the end a bunch of SDF officers themselves say that fighting isn't all they're good for, they should go help civilians evacuate and such.  In other words: The SDF does fight but fails to achieve anything by doing so. SDF personnel themselves say that they'd be better off just helping with disaster relief. WHAT A LOAD OF MILITARISTIC RIGHT WING GARBAGE.
  30. The US bombers are the ONLY THINGS IN THE WHOLE FILM THAT MANAGE TO DAMAGE GODZILLA. Wouldn't they be shown as useless or something if the film wanted to complain about the yanks? Also, it seems very convenient how the scene with the American ambassador talking about the situation (the planned nuclear strike) and saying it's fucked up, and bits where it's mentioned that there are factions in the US too against the strike, are completely left out by people making this claim for seemingly no reason, aside from how they don't fit the "wahhhh anno is an evil right wing abe shill" narrative (these scenes are in English too so they don't have the "the japaneses was too hard so i misunderstoods" excuse). The American dignitary Kayoko talks to near the end also says he's been trying to convince the president not to use nukes. The drones at the end are US air force. Kayoko also mentions how a bunch of US army personnel volunteer to help out. Also the Shinkansen and Zairaisen bombs don't really do much, he uses up most of his energy shooting down drones with his back beams.
  32. The liquid they feed him is a blood coagulant. The fins and his blood work as a cooling system, and by stopping the blood he freezes himself over completely as a countermeasure (he goes into a SCRAM state).
  34. It's a Japanese guy, Maki Gorou (an ex- professor who went missing) who was working for the US energy research institute that was investigating Godzilla, who names Godzilla. Gojira is the name of an angry god from his hometown, and he also gave it the English name Godzilla because angry GOD duh. The yanks get hold of his info first so they know the name before Japan. Japan ends up calling it Gojira because Godzilla is hard to pronounce.
  36. >the boat
  37. The boat belongs to a professor who went missing named Maki Gorou. He's the guy who discovered and may or may not have "unleashed" Godzilla as a test for Japan, because he thinks Japan failed and killed his wife with radioactive waste (I can't quite recall the fine details regarding his wife).
  39. He'd been "exiled" from Japanese academia and had been working at an American energy research organisation, and when Godzilla was discovered it was that research organisation that was in charge of investigating it. So yeah, the Americans had his research data (and thus had known about Godzilla for some time).
  41. He seems to be really important to the plot and yet is barely mentioned, and it's never confirmed what exactly happened to him (his empty boat was found with the message "I did as I wanted. Now it's your turn.", but that's it). May or may not be stuff left for a sequel.
  43. Oh right I forgot to mention: The coagulant they'd been working on had a high possibility of being neutralised by Godzilla, and when they go through Maki's data they discover that some of it is of the molecular structure of an extremophile that can hold back the effects of Godzilla's cell membrane that would make the coagulant stop working, and so they use the data to make a suppressant so that the coagulant will work. What the data is is a mystery for the most part of the film because it's a load of data printed out on a massive sheet of paper and they have no idea what it means, but it turns out that the paper was supposed to be folded like origami to be properly understood.
  45.  Oh and regarding Godzilla himself: The initial research data the Americans had was that he was some sort of ancient aquatic life-form that ate radioactive waste. It turns out that he's a mixotroph with some sort of thermonuclear conversation organ thing that can survive for as long as he has air and water.
  47.  Oh right, Godzilla spreads tons of radiation all over but after he's frozen they find out that it has a really short half-life and should be totally gone in 2-3 years.
  49. Godzilla is some sort of radioactive waste eating ultimate life-form. Analysis reveals that he's literally the most advanced lifeform on the planet, with genetic data that's eight  times more complex than humans'.  The waste he ate was from dumping from multiple countries 60 years ago. No mention of 3/11 and Fukushima though some imagery was clearly taken from it (his first attack looks like a tsunami, the PM in blue disaster gear, the crane pump truck things they use at the end, etc.)  They do speculate that since he ate radioactive waste he might go after a reactor and cause a huge disaster, but he only kind of waddles around Tokyo with no real goal. They never really determine what he's after.
  51. Attacking a reactor is speculated early on because he ate radioactive waste before but it's later discovered that he can survive with perpetually with just air and water. He doesn't acknowledge humans at all until the US drops the bunker busters on him.
  53. Oh right, I forgot to mention- After he goes dormant after spending all his energy wrecking the three wards, he still has some sort of phased array radar and CIWS active. At one point we're shown footage of him taken by a drone, and when it gets too close a beam just shoots out of his back and destroys it (he doesn't wake up, himself).
  55. Also his first retreat is because he hasn't evolved fully yet and his cooling system isn't fully functional (he has to go back into the sea to cool himself off)
  57. Supposedly his first form is a tadpole thing, but this is never seen aside from the tail. When he first attacks Yokohama and Kamata he's already in his second form. After smashing stuff up a bit he stops, and then his surface starts shimmering (REALLY bad CG there, worst in the whole film) and he stands upright, and his arm-stubs unfold from the chest to reveal that they're actual arms. That's his third form.
  59. First half mostly follows the Japanese government under the PM. They get wiped out by Godzilla and the second half follows the protagonist Yaguchi and his team.
  61. It's a group effort by his team, one guy realises how Maki's data is supposed to be read, another notices the link between Godzilla and radiation, another goes around persuading factories to help produce the coagulant in time, etc. And of course they don't actually do anything besides watch in the showdown which is carried out by SDF forces and US drones.
  63. >other countries
  64. China and Russia are first mentioned as wanting to take "control" of Godzilla away from Japan and put it under an international committee, then later on they lead the charge in wanting to nuke Godzilla (though that's something US president Charles Ross wants as well). Do note that while the president wants to nuke him the US military personnel, ambassador, some "dignitary" Ishihara's character knows, and Ishihara's character herself are all against it.
  66. France helps to delay the nuclear strike after the replacement PM asks them for help, and Germany lends Yaguchi's team use of their supercomputers' processing power to go through Maki's data.
  68. Before the final confrontation Kayoko mentions that the navy and marines and air force all want to help out with the operation to freeze Godzilla.
  70. Air force drones and cruise missiles fired from ships are used (the drones are used to make him waste energy shooting them and their missiles down, the cruise missiles are helped to knock buildings down on him).
  72. The back beams can move independently to sweep areas, and he can move while they're firing to have them sweep around faster.  All of Godzilla's beams are more like lasers than beams- They cut and slice instead of burning. They're pretty much the god-warrior beams except without the explosions.
  74. It is mentioned that he can probably reproduce asexually
  76. Japan is given two weeks to evacuate Tokyo before the nuclear strike commences (it's also the time it takes for Godzilla to wake up again after recharging).  Some of the japanese characters even WANT the nuking because it guarantees sympathy and thus aid and investment from other coubtries after the fact. The yen goes into a freefall and there's a threat of defaulting as a result of Godzilla's attack.
  78. So yeah, I watched Shin Godzilla a second time. It holds up to a second viewing within such a short time perfectly fine- The film constantly bombards you with loads of audio and visual information (dozens of people talking at the same time, loads of text on the screen, etc.), and I'd say it's impossible to pick up everything in one viewing.
  80. There's also lots of attention to small details, like how when a guy in an electronics store is watching a press conference on Godzilla, all of the TVs are set to different channels but one of them has a cartoon playing instead of the conference, a reference to how TV Tokyo doesn't give a shit about anything and leaves their scheduled programming on regardless of what happens (if you understand Japanese, google テレ東伝説).
  82. Godzilla's basically a living fission reactor, and his blood and fins are the reactor's cooling system. They need to make a thing that forces his blood to coagulate, so that he goes into a SCRAM and freezes himself (in the end it's stated that he's down to -195℃).
  84. Godzilla's second form's arm stubs are actually the arms folded up to the chest, and they unfold from the chest when he evolves. It's kind of like Eva #13 I guess.
  86. One thing I'm worried about is how the film is VERY Japanese. It may be being released overseas but it clearly wasn't made with that in mind at all- It's filled with stuff only people living here would get, like the PM putting on blue overalls for press conferences, or the TV Tokyo thing I mentioned above.
  88. The film's climax is really the midpoint where Godzilla uses his beam for the first time, the final confrontation just isn't as impressive.
  90. The things at the end coming out of the tail are NOT human- they have Godzilla's back fins and weird xenomorph like heads (no eyes). They are clear humanoids, I thought they were just human skeletons on my first viewing because they're only seen for like five seconds. They're partially embedded, I don't THINK any legs are seen but once again, roughly five seconds, could be wrong. Entire upper torsos are definitely seen though.  All of them are reaching upwards (towards the tip of the tail which is pointing up, or perhaps towards the sky). They don't do anything, they're completely stationary, just in poses in which they're reaching upwards. This is obviously just my opinion, but I got the impression that it looked very religious, somewhat resembling Rodin's Gates of Hell.  The scene is completely silent, with the camera just panning upwards on the tail until you see them. It cuts to black before it reaches the tip. No eyes, tops of heads are smooth with just one line down the middle. Pretty much xenomorphs, except with the heads not elongated. The tip of the tail isn't shown either, it cuts to black halfway up.
  92. >The film's climax is really the midpoint where Godzilla uses his beam for the first time, the final confrontation just isn't as impressive.
  94. The scene where he uses the beam for the first time is the bit where you see him glowing in the middle of Tokyo where all the powers is out.
  96. The US B2 bombers hit him with bunker busters which do damage to him for the first time. He suddenly starts glowing, bends over, and this starts playing
  98. [Embed]
  100. He starts breathing a black smog (also his eyes kind of glaze over with some liquid which looks really creepy) which covers a massive area, and then it ignites into fire which basically has the same effect as the wall of fire caused by Independence Day's city destroyers' beams. The fire he's breathing then starts to concentrate into a purple beam, and then he raises his head and cuts through one of the bombers.
  102. The remaining two bombers circle round and drop more bombs but then he stops firing the beam and bends over again and fires tons of beams from his back which destroy all the bombs and bombers. He then starts going nuts with his mouth beam again slicing through buildings and such and this also hits the helicopter the PM and most of the cabinet are on. The last shot is that one picture that was also in the pamphlet that has been posted here before, of Godzilla in the middle of a sea of fire in front of Tokyo station.
  104. The sound effects fade out midway through the scene too so in the end it's just the music and visuals.
  106. I really think it's the one single best scene I've ever seen in a Godzilla movie.
  108. ------------------------------------------------------------
  112. … 無題 Name 名無し 16/07/30(土)06:56:49 No.56454 del
  114. >シンゴジラはまだ会議シーンとかの怪獣が実際に登場したら?っていうシミュレートが面白いから怪獣いなくてもいいってのは分かるけど
  115. >ギャレゴジの怪獣出ないパートは大して面白くないだろ
  116. >っていうかつまんないだろ
  118. ギャレゴジは人間パートがダメダメ過ぎたな確かに
  119. シンのほうはクローバーフィールドみたいに怪獣が全然出てこなくても充分成り立つ映画だと思う
  121. >>The meetings in Shin are great, as a simulation of what would happen if a monster showed up in real life, so you don't really need a monster. But 2014's bits without the monsters weren't very good... They were really bad, in fact.
  123. >This. 2014's human drama was just terrible
  124. >On the other hand, Shin would be a great movie even if it were a Cloverfield-style thing where the monster barely even appears.
  127. >シン・ゴジラの石原さとみがガッジーラと言い、ギャレゴジの渡辺謙がゴジラ!と言うのって、なんか面白かったな。
  129. It's interesting how Ishihara says Godzilla in 2016 while Watanabe says Gojira in 2014.
  131. >俺も第二形態は
  132. >いきなり敵怪獣出たのかと思ったわ
  134. When the second form showed up I thought it was some new enemy monster.
  136. >公開前、しっぽの先に何かある!これは一体!?みたいなのでかなり楽しみにしてたが機能は割と想定内というか、まじで?!!ってほどではなかった。ラストのアレことだとしてもちょい弱かったな。
  138. I was looking forward to seeing the secret of the tail, but what actually happened was something totally expectable and didn't really surprise me. The thing at the end was kind of weak too.
  140. >映画としては面白かったがゴジラとしてはどうかって感じだな
  141. >ギャレゴジはすぐ受け入れられたけど、こいつはまだ無理
  142. >あと危惧していたことではあったが
  143. >劇中にここまでエヴァ要素ぶち込んでくるとは思わなかった
  145. This is a great movie, but I'm not sure if it's a Godzilla. I could accept 2014, but not this. Also, while I was worried about it, I didn't think he'd ACTUALLY stick Evangelion in.
  147. >
  148. >ほう、『超映画批評』90点
  149. >ここの住人も上記サイトも概ね高評価なんて珍しい気がするね
  150. >月曜日に観に行く予定だけど大いに期待しよう
  152. Huh, 90 on Choueigahihyou. It's really rare for a film to get high ratings from both here and that site. I'm looking forward to seeing it on Monday.
  154. >人間ドラマ多めだったけどテンポ良く進むし全然退屈しなかった
  155. >ああやって個人の頑張りの積み重ねで巨大な怪獣を撃退するのはやっぱりいい
  156. >なんというか元気になる映画というか働きたくなる映画だった
  157. >明日の休出にやる気がでた…かな?
  159. There was a lot of human drama but it was well-paced and not boring at all. It's really great seeing how the work of multiple individuals builds up to the point that they can defeat a giant monster. Made me feel good and like working more. Now I don't feel so bad about having to work this weekend.
  161. >評判いい?
  162. >弟が観てきてゴジラがキモくなっただのブツクサ言ってたからスルーしようかと思ってた
  164. Wait, this is good? My brother watched it and said Godzilla is creepy now so I was planning on skipping it.
  166. >帰りに映画館のショップに寄ったら
  167. >小学生の男の子がゴジラの人形買って貰ってて
  168. >自分の小さい頃思い出したわ
  170. I stopped by the theatre's merch store on the way back and there was a grade school boy getting his parents to buy a Godzilla toy for
  171. him. Made me nostalgic.
  173. >尻尾のは叩き潰された人間の死骸が絡み付いたもんだと思ってたわ
  174. >でもそれだとサイズあわないか
  176. I thought it was the corpses of people that got stuck in the tail but the size is off.
  178. >「尻尾のオプジェ」が欲しくなったな
  180. I want a statue of the tail.
  182. >続編ありそうだけど、正直作らなくていいと思う
  184. >ミレゴジから東京SOSまでどれも最期にゴジラの脅威が消えていないことを匂わせるシーンあったし
  185. >今回もそれと同じようなもんでしょ
  187. Seems like they might make a sequel but it's not really necessary. 2000 and Tokyo SOS also did similar things to show that the threat of Godzilla might not be gone, Shin's probably something like that.
  189. >しかしこれで日米ゴジラの棲み分けが出来ればいいなぁ
  190. >ヒーロー的なゴジラはハリウッドで、シリアス的なゴジラは日本でみたいな感じで
  192. Hopefully this means Japan and America's Godzillas can work independently of each other. Hollywood can do hero Godzilla, and Japan can do serious Godzilla.
  194. >>それにしても初日の夕方の回で、おっさん10人ぐらいしか入っていなかったけど興業収益大丈夫か?
  195. >>初日とは言え、平日だからね
  196. >>土日に行くという人の方が多いんじゃない?
  198. >>I was there in the evening and there were only like ten middle aged guys. Can they really break even?
  199. Evening or not it is a weekday after all. There'll probably be more people on Saturday.
  201. (According to the app I use to book tickets more than half the seats are gone on all of today's = Saturday's non-weirdly-timed showings so yeah, people were waiting for the weekend. Then again, Star Wars opened on a Friday too and literally every single seat was sold out, but eh)
  203. >悪ふざけ自主製作感。
  204. >鉄男とか
  206. It felt to me like a self-made film that goes too far. Something like Tetsuo: The Iron Man.
  208. >尻尾からオギャったのは巨神兵・・・・
  209. >ってことでもいいよね
  211. Maybe the things being born from the tail are the God-Warriors.
  213. 柳川総一郎(岩間リュウ) @yfa16451 7時間7時間前
  215. #シン・ゴジラ 息子は「ゴジラは使徒だね」と言った。あのね、それは考えが逆立ちしてるよ。歴史を知れば、初代ゴジラから派生したバリエーションが使徒。エヴァやその他の「使徒達」をすべて吸収し、サイズアップしたのがシン・ゴジラ、とパパは思うぞ。
  217. >Shin Godzilla. My son said "Godzilla's an Angel now", but I think it's the other way round. If you know the history of Godzilla, then you should know that the Angels are a variation born from the original Godzilla. I think Shin Godzilla is just a powered up Godzilla that re-absorbed Eva and other offshoots.
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