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Mossad Message for Anonymous

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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2.       H                                                                                          H      
  3.      H H                                                                                        H H    
  4. HHHHHHHHHHHHH                            Message for Anonymous                             HHHHHHHHHHHHH
  5.  H H     H H                                  From Mossad                                   H H     H H
  6.   H       H                                                                                  H       H  
  7.  H H     H H                            If you want to be a hero                            H H     H H
  8. HHHHHHHHHHHHH                       start with saving your own lives.                      HHHHHHHHHHHHH
  9.      H H                                                                                        H H    
  10.       H                                                                                          H      
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  14. As I sit here writing this up, I can look at the wide screen at no less than 13 different hackers that
  15. truly believe they are anonymous and are hacking this computer. I'm watching their programs do it's
  16. thing, It's sad they don't know I'm looking right at them, including the one wearing a yellow shirt with
  17. Che Guevara on it. He is constantly picking his nose and twice ate the boogers. 0xOmar is not an
  18. individual but several people. The concept, however, was created by a homosexual pedophile from Dubai
  19. UAE and picked up by others of his group in Mexico, the US, UK, Canada, Romania and various Russian
  20. states. They don't realize that tons of "Anonymous" have already been captured.  The Israeli Mossad
  21. quietly watches as each hacker links to each other. Mossad remains silent. Hacktivist are unaware that
  22. inside every computer, there is a "built in" that whispers where you are, and who you are. It also
  23. allows intelligence community to actually watch you 100% in real time. Hacktivist love to boast, they
  24. love the "spot light" and brag. Intelligence agencies will allow them to commit crimes and thus they
  25. give up their "fingerprint" or exact MO. Hacktivist who partake in online child porn don't realize that
  26. the digital images have a code embedded that reveal the origin of the image, whether it is film that has
  27. been digitized or originally digital. Also within these "embedded" items is the first date the camera
  28. was activated after sale and it's exact GPS location of each use and activation.
  30. It is impossible to be anonymous on the internet due to the design of the components within a computer
  31. itself. Multiple backup and redundant hardware including "circuits" and chips" whisper all your
  32. information. Also, built in AI will tell if you are "lying" about your registration or IP. You computer
  33. "whispers" you exact real time GPS location no matter how great you think you are, you are holding in
  34. your hands a "Judas" that is "whispering" all things about you.
  36. There is even a rhythm to your key strokes, sort of like a "signature" which can't be faked or
  37. duplicated. Even in a  "paste bin" site, that signature is there. Some of the information it reveals is
  38. how hard you "tap" the keys. Intelligence agencies in the US and Israel are the most advanced. You can
  39. even turn off your cell phone and it is still possible to listen to your real time conversations even if
  40. you remove the battery. Hacktivist are creatures of habit and share the same psycho-sexual profiles. The
  41. same conflicts and rage if you will. As such, they will always do what their "superior intellect" guides
  42. them to do. The are all paranoid which works to the advantage of the Intelligence services. Mossad is
  43. able to predict with 100% accuracy all the events that an individual "hacker' will execute during a day,
  44. including their "cash" purchases and where. They go into out of the way shops to purchase food and think
  45. it's a safe place. They always use, distinctive disguises like sun glasses, hats and other head
  46. coverings, and they all have the same "walk" about them, so they are easy to spot in a crowd. Their
  47. posture and demeanor are the same. Let the "hacktivist" watch a video of their fellow hacktivist and
  48. they will finally take notice of these "non-verbal" communications. They will also attempt to "alter"
  49. them, but, it's impossible to get their feet to go along with this even though the "upper body" is quite
  50. willing.
  52. Jake Davis, a small minded little kid hacktivist who is angry at the world is a prime example. A hero to
  53. many, he was tracked from the beginning and his attempts to be anonymous, like others, was a fruitless
  54. endeavor. He appeared at his first court appearance in "wrap around" sun glasses, a stoic facial
  55. expression, utterly terrified, humilated and disillusioned. Mommy in tow defending him.
  57. Intelligence communities are firing a warning shot over the bows of their hacktivist boats and these
  58. people, mostly young left wing indoctrinated pawns, still don't get it. They can't feel the knife in
  59. their backs put their by their best friends. Their computers.
  61. You can however totally destroy your computer and hard drive by melting it down but, there is an exact
  62. copy of your hard drive already stored in the US, UK and Israel.  You young people need to realize, that
  63. it is you that declared war, and if a shot over the bow doesn't get you to "heave to" then a round into
  64. your "screws' will. Then if you still persist, their is the bottom of the sea.  A sad and pathetic case
  65. of Eduard Lucian Mandru.
  67. In his daily life, Eduard Lucian Mandru is studying for a masters degree in Banks and Financial Markets
  68. at the local Faculty of Economy and Business Management. However, the student is also very passionate
  69. about computers and the Linux operating system.
  71. According to the U.S. investigators, Mr. Mandru is the hacker calling himself Wolfenstein, who broke
  72. into a secure computer network belonging to the Department of Defense in 2006 and infected several
  73. systems with an information-stealing trojan. This is a VERY foolish mistake. Why? Not only did his
  74. computer "rat him out" so did his own "trojan". It's like a stupid dog that follows you back home to
  75. bring you a bone.
  77. "Do you young people get it now?"
  79. For public consumptions, media reports run like this: "The authorities had a very hard time locating
  80. him, as the hacker was accessing the network through compromised servers in Japan. In addition, he was
  81. covering his tracks by deleting all access logs. One solid lead that the investigators had was a yahoo
  82. e-mail address associated with the perpetrator, which eventually led to his identification."
  84. It was not hard at all. Intelligence agencies barely lift a finger or move a mouse, they don't have to.
  86. A plea for the "fallen":
  87. After more than two years since the attacks, being unemployed, Eduard Lucian Mandru decided to post his
  88. CV on several local job-seeking websites. He chose to use his old e-mail address,
  89. wolfenstein_ingrid@yahoo.com, probably in order to avoid his new ones being spammed, without thinking
  90. that it might still be monitored after all this time.
  92. According to a Police spokesperson, the damages he caused are currently estimated at over $35,000, but
  93. this amount might increase after the investigation is finalized. A judge has signed the temporary arrest
  94. proposal for 29 days under charges of unauthorized access to and unauthorized transfer of data from a
  95. computer system. The hacker risks a sentence between 3 and 12 years in prison where his life will be a
  96. living hell as predators will abuse him.
  98. Mr. Mandru's attorney, Ms. Claudia Ciofu, has appealed the decision of placing him under temporary
  99. arrest. "I do not think there is sufficient evidence. An e-mail address can be broken into or accessed
  100. by a lot of people, including friends. This young man is incredibly intelligent and I do not think he
  101. deserves to spend time under arrest," she comments for a local newspaper. His attorney has no clue what
  102. awaits this kid. Nor does he.
  104. Gabriel Bogdan Ionescu, a Romanian hacker, who is apparently also an informatics and mathematics whiz,
  105. is serving a prison sentence in Italy for online fraud. At the same time, he is studying at the
  106. Polytechnic University of Milano where he has amazed his professors with his intellect. As a result, the
  107. Italian Police is considering hiring him to help it fight and investigate cyber-crime. This will keep
  108. them from getting killed.
  110. It is not possible for the young to operate on logic, they operate on emotion. Emotion "moves" them.
  111. They MUST "feel" something. Now, the "man" they attack, is in fact deserving of it at times. But the
  112. methods employed by these young people are dangerous. They don't realize that these "globalist
  113. corporatist" are the worst of all Psychopaths and will come after them. They will spare no expense or
  114. effort in finding them. This is why it is imperative for intelligence communities to act first. The
  115. "real spies" know that they must strike first before the globalist do. To save the lives of misguided
  116. individuals.
  118. Do any of you ever stop long enough to think? Why is it that these idealistic "hacktivist" once captured
  119. all of a sudden decide to work for "governments?" Because during their captivity, the are shown proof of
  120. what I'm saying here now. They then realize the term "useful idiot" defines them.
  122. Harming a "hacktivist" is NOT what intelligence agencies want. It's a waste of "brain". A healthy dose
  123. of reality brings their "emotional IQ's up a few points" to where they can do good instead of stupid.
  125. When Anonymous hit PayPal with DDoS attacks on Dec. 6 2010, attacks which were in retaliation for
  126. PayPal’s shutting down the Wikileaks donation lifeline, the site was collecting traffic logs on the
  127. hackers all along. PayPal turned the logs, including Internet Protocol addresses, over to the FBI on
  128. Dec. 15, and a report today revealed the FBI used the logs to serve warrants on 40 hackers in January
  129. and arrest 14 in July.
  131. What the "hacktivist" didn't realize is, Pay Pal was actually trying to protect the idiot hackers. The
  132. FBI really didn't need Pay Pals data, it was just there and convenient and Pay Pal wanted their pound of
  133. flesh so they called the FBI and set a fire in the news media.
  135. PayPal installed a tool on their network called a Radware intrusion prevention system. This tool
  136. documented “approximately 1,000 IP addresses that sent malicious network packets to PayPal during the
  137. DDoS attacks.” PayPal turned the data over to the FBI in December, and the FBI used the IP addresses to
  138. locate involved computers.
  140. Anonymous responded to the news of PayPal’s complicity in the FBI investigation today. Uploading a
  141. “communique” to Pastebin, Anonymous called for a boycott of PayPal and decried the FBI’s investigation
  142. as an unjust clampdown on “those who are involved in ethical, modern cyber operations.”
  144. Christopher Wayne Cooper, 23, aka “Anthrophobic;” Joshua John Covelli, 26, aka “Absolem” and “Toxic;”
  145. Keith Wilson Downey, 26; Mercedes Renee Haefer, 20, aka “No” and “MMMM;” Donald Husband, 29, aka
  146. “Ananon;” Vincent Charles Kershaw, 27, aka “Trivette,” “Triv” and “Reaper;” Ethan Miles, 33; James C.
  147. Murphy, 36; Drew Alan Phillips, 26, aka “Drew010;” Jeffrey Puglisi, 28, aka “Jeffer,” “Jefferp” and
  148. “Ji;” Daniel Sullivan, 22; Tracy Ann Valenzuela, 42; and Christopher Quang Vo, 22. One individual’s
  149. name has been withheld by the court. (a juvenile with mental illness history) Scott Matthew Arciszewski,
  150. 21, Lance Moore, 21. The list goes on at a sickening pace.
  152. How "Anonymous" do you think they "feel now?"
  154. The metropolitan police in London arrested the first alleged member of the LulzSec group on June 20, a
  155. 19-year-old teen named Ryan Cleary. Subsequent sweeps through Italy and Switzerland in early July led to
  156. the arrests of 15 more people -- all between the ages of 15 and 28 years old. Jake Davis was also a
  157. "ring leader" was arrested as he was directly connected to Cleary. No one is laughing at these people.
  158. On the contrary, Mossad analyst find it extremely sad that their lives are being wasted by left wing
  159. manipulators.
  161. If you kids want an "enemy" to fight, get ready, and fight the "Beast" you are currently serving. If
  162. not, it will eat you alive and spit you back out. We wish you the best. Keep your head down and your
  163. hands off those keys.
  165. If you truly want to be a hero, start with saving your own lives.
  167.                                                                                                 - Mossad
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