Apr 20th, 2012
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  1. # todo.txt configuration for Conky highlighting.
  2. export BLACK='${color black}'
  3. export RED='${color #942a36}'
  4. export GREEN='${color #32a445}'
  5. export BROWN='${color brown}'
  6. export BLUE='${color #348a8f}'
  7. export ORANGE='${color #b55511}'
  8. export PURPLE='${color #7365BC}'
  9. export CYAN='${color cyan}'
  10. export LIGHT_GREY='${color LightGrey}'
  11. export DARK_GREY='${color DarkGrey}'
  12. export LIGHT_RED='${color LightRed}'
  13. export LIGHT_GREEN='${color LightGreen}'
  14. export YELLOW='${color #a49a30}'
  15. export LIGHT_BLUE='${color LightBlue}'
  16. export LIGHT_PURPLE='${color LightPurple}'
  17. export LIGHT_CYAN='${color LightCyan}'
  18. export WHITE='${color white}'
  19. export DEFAULT='${color #7365BC}'
  20. source ~/.todo/config
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