Arc Witch Crafting Tutorial

Jan 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Enki's Arc Witch Crafting Tutorial
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  5. Just a small guide that's going through the process of crafting some of the higher end pieces for my Arc Witch build. I won't cover every single item slot, but rather just the basics to give you a general idea of how this works.
  7. I want to preface this with mentioning that i'm no crafting expert, for that you're better off looking for advice somewhere else.
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  11. Abbreviations:
  12. ilvl = item level; T(number) = affix tier; alting, regaling etc. = using that kind of currency; multimod = Can have 3 crafted modifiers
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  16. General Rule I: Crafting is RNG, you won't always succeed.
  18. General Rule II: Always check what's available on the market and compare it with expected crafting cost. If the former is cheaper, then obviously just buy that.
  20. General Rule III: If you hit two rare T1 affixes on a magic item, then it can be worth using Craicic Chimerals in the Menagerie to create an imprint before regaling. This will cost a beast for each try.
  22. General Rule IV: If a required affix (e.g. Life or Spell Damage) is present on the item but substantially worse than what's possible to be benchcrafted, then you should try to annul it off or restart the craft.
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  26. Example I: Weapon - Essence & Fossil Crafting
  28. This is a more generic craft, since we're not after a single affix but rather a good combination of affixes. There's two crafting methods to force a more favorable outcome - Essences and Fossils. The former ensure that a specific affix will be present, the latter increase probability of rolling specific affix groups while being able to block out other affixes.
  30. Before we go further into that, let's start with the base item. Wands, Sceptres and Rune Daggers all work, the best bases for us are: Profane Wand, Opal Wand, Sambar Sceptre, Opal Sceptre, Void Sceptre, Copper Kris or Platinum Kris. Don't craft anything else!
  31. No influence is totally fine, Shaper- or Crusader-Influence give us access to a few more powerful affixes. Item level should be 84 to be able to roll the highest tier of all affixes we care about, 85 if it's a Shaper base.
  33. Essences mainly come from Essence-trapped monsters that you will encounter while playing. They have several tiers, everything until Screaming works like an Orb of Alchemy, Shrieking and Deafening work like Chaos Orbs, and vendoring three of the same tier & type of Essence gives you that type at the next higher tier. Each Essence states which affixes it will ensure to roll on the item.
  35. For this craft we want to focus on Screaming-tier or above. The Essence types that are interesting to us are Woe, Fear, Spite and Scorn, simply use those until you hit atleast three good damage affixes, and add a benchcraft if possible.
  37. Fossils are mainly obtained within the Delve Mine. Most Fossils increase the probability of rolling affixes from a specific affix group while reducing that chance for another affix group, or even completely blocking it. They are used by socketing them inside Resonators, which can have up to 4 sockets and are also obtained within the Delve Mine or directly bought from Niko. Alchemical Resonators work like an Orb of Alchemy, Chaotic Resonators work like a Chaos Orb. Planning the right Fossil combination is pretty easy with the help of poedb.tw/mod, we can see all affix group tags and even directly choose Fossils and see how they affect the affixes we can roll.
  39. For this craft we want to focus on Lightning-based affixes. Using single Metallic Fossils can already result in a good weapon with some luck. Adding Scorched- and Frigid Fossils completely removes Fire- and Cold-based affixes and narrows it down to only Chaos- and Lightning-based affixes. We could further refine it by adding Aetheric Fossils to increase the probability of rolling Caster affixes, but that wouldn't be an economically smart choice so simply roll with Metallic Fossils, or Metallic + Scorched + Frigid Fossils until hitting atleast three good damage affixes, and add a benchcraft if possible.
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  43. Example II: Recover 5% of your maximum Mana when you Block Shield - Alteration Crafting
  45. Alteration crafting allows to aim for a specific affix fairly cheaply, but can require more investment to finish the item. Each affix has a required ilvl and weighting, which you can see on poedb.tw/mod. Lower weighting means it has a lower chance to roll, affixes listed within the same "ModGroup" block each other, which means if e.g. "+1 to Level of all Lightning Spell Skill Gems" is present on the item, it's not possible to roll any of the other "+1 to Level of all x Spell Skill Gems".
  47. The crafting process itself is pretty simple, apply Orbs of Alteration on a magic item until hitting the desired affix. It's also a good idea to use Orbs of Augmentation when rolling a good affix of the other type (e.g. prefix if desired affix is suffix) for the chance to hit it together with another useful affix. Once hitting the affix you want, the item needs to be turned rare with a Regal Orb to modify further.
  49. For this craft we aim for "Recover #% of your maximum Mana when you Block". It's a suffix and requires an ilvl of 68, however if possible we still want to use 84 to roll high tier affixes, this time on a Fossilised Spirit Shield with either Shaper or Redeemer influence. Its weighting is fairly good, you should see it within a few hundreds alterations.
  51. Once you've hit it, augment and regal the shield. If you've now got the desired affix and two affixes from the Affix Tier List in my guide with a good enough value continue reading, otherwise scour and start over.
  53. To finish the item, add "Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers" and add Life and Mana, or if one of those is already present add a resistance or "Gain 8% of Lightning Damage as Extra Chaos Damage". If you don't have the highest tier of those crafts on your Crafting Bench yet, just keep them open for now as you can't just replace them without readding the expensive multimod craft.
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  57. Example III: Offering Effect + Damage taken from Mana before Life Body Armour - Awakener Orb Crafting
  59. Awakener Orbs make crazy highend items possible by allowing them to roll affixes out of two influence types. They work by combining two items of different influence types, with the outcome being a rare item with both influences and one guaranteed influence affix of each item used. If there were multiple influence affixes on an item used, it will randomly choose one of them so make sure to never use items with more than one influence affix, poedb.tw/mod is once again your friend here. Item base, ilvl, sockets, links, colors and quality of the target item are retained, the other item disappears, so we want to use the better base as target item.
  61. For this craft we want to combine "(21–25)% increased effect of Offerings" with "(5–10)% of Damage is taken from Mana before Life".
  62. The former requires ilvl80 and Hunter influence, the latter needs ilvl80 aswell with Shaper influence. The target item should be either a Carnal Armour or Occultist Vestment.
  64. Once both items are ready, use the Awakener's Orb on the item you want to sacrifice and then apply it on the target item, and pray that it comes with a good life roll or has an open prefix to add life. If not, sell it and start over.
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