Hinata x Bahamut C

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  1. [17:23:57] <Nagare_Shinobu> I'm ready, Shinny isn't ready, and I'm not ready.
  2. [17:24:01] <Giantree> no promises i won't troll you with pop-ins
  3. [17:24:15] <Giantree> but i at least won't do it immediately
  4. [17:24:30] <Giantree> ... actually anyone can probs pop in and get sweet rankz with others if they want 'em i guess
  5. [17:25:22] <Claire-chan> ok
  6. [17:25:36] <Claire-chan> so sasuke has to be the one to initiate because I am cold and aloof
  7. [17:25:38] <Nagare_Shinobu> Shinobu... Well, he wasn't anywhere around the hot springs anymore, which is good, because that's at least 25% less edge there. Instead, he's taking his shuriken, and doing target practice in some nearby woods, like a weirdo. Because, you know, he's a weirdo. And apparently a retired spy?
  8. [17:25:58] <Claire-chan> >inawoods
  9. [17:26:03] <Giantree> nice
  10. [17:26:22] <Claire-chan> ok so fine
  11. [17:26:29] <Claire-chan> claire goes looking for /k/akashi
  12. [17:26:40] <Giantree> yeah after getting rejected by all the girls
  13. [17:26:43] <Claire-chan> because everyone else is passed out or hostile
  14. [17:26:56] <Giantree> tielle finally feels safe, and is then assaulted by krisse instead
  15. [17:26:57] <Giantree> ftb
  16. [17:27:16] <Claire-chan> As a tank, she pulls aggro too easily
  17. [17:27:49] <Nagare_Shinobu> He's... actually not hard to find, actually! With all the grunting and swearing, and grunt-swearing, you'd think he wasn't a Sirrolantian Shinobi. Which he totally isn't.
  18. [17:28:23] <Claire-chan> In fact Claire does think he's not a Sirrolantian Shinobi
  19. [17:28:28] <Claire-chan> considering she is sirrolantian
  20. [17:28:41] <Claire-chan> and like
  21. [17:28:46] <Giantree> yeah, that term is archaic and was only used hundreds of years ago anyway
  22. [17:28:48] <Claire-chan> sister to one of the highest military leaders
  23. [17:28:56] <Giantree> but most modern citizens don't know the ninja are a thing that even exists
  24. [17:29:12] <Giantree> because they operate under authority that isn't DIRECTLY connected to the military
  25. [17:29:16] <Claire-chan> "'re that ninja..."
  26. [17:29:23] <Claire-chan> no not really
  27. [17:29:59] <Claire-chan> oh hmm
  28. [17:30:05] <Claire-chan> who do they operate under
  29. [17:30:07] <Claire-chan> also
  30. [17:30:20] <Claire-chan> why is the spy pretending to be something that most people don't know exist
  31. [17:30:25] <Claire-chan> who is he playing dress up for
  32. [17:30:42] <Claire-chan> a mystery within an enigma
  33. [17:30:55] <Nagare_Shinobu> Eckhart, as he referred to himself as, throws a shuriken towards Claire's general direction, which hits the tree behind her instead. "Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT! Go away! I haven't got time for you."
  34. [17:31:01] <Giantree> Well the R&D division has rights to them now, which is sort of part of the military because they research weapons and shit i guess, but they USUALLY report directly to the country's ruling party (who, since it wasn't wartime, gave them to the R&D dudes for a while)
  35. [17:31:16] <Giantree> (and now that it is wartime they don't really know what the fuck and this guy just happened to be sent on a mission earlier)
  36. [17:32:47] <Claire-chan> "Woah, somebody is more angry and irrational than usual"
  37. [17:32:49] <Claire-chan> or is he
  38. [17:32:54] <Claire-chan> this might just be average
  39. [17:33:14] <Giantree> confirming he's angrier, but the irrationality is normal
  40. [17:34:23] <Nagare_Shinobu> Another shot is taken, but it goes even further off the mark. "What do you want with me?!"
  41. [17:35:24] <Claire-chan> "I was bored and exhausted the patience of everyone around me. Also did you know practicing when you're angry is counterproductive?"
  42. [17:35:33] <Claire-chan> Unless you're a berserker or something
  43. [17:35:36] <Claire-chan> then it helps
  44. [17:39:41] <Nagare_Shinobu> "You're exhausting my patience," He looks back into his clothes. Shuriken adorn the clearing around him, and he appears to have no more shuriken to throw! "Quit telling me how to train. You don't even know me."
  45. [17:40:36] <Claire-chan> "What were you even aiming at..."
  46. [17:40:47] <Claire-chan> "...don't tell me you were just throwing those things around"
  47. [17:42:02] <Nagare_Shinobu> "I'm not. You don't need to know how I train. Just know that I'm not going to aim at you," His face doesn't even look smug. More like a miserable pile of secrets.
  48. [17:42:23] <Claire-chan> disgusting
  49. [17:42:54] <Nagare_Shinobu> Also, he's not mentioning that he's the best.
  50. [17:43:03] <Claire-chan> he's angsty
  51. [17:43:15] <Claire-chan> good heavens just look at the time
  52. [17:43:20] <Claire-chan> angst angst angst angst
  53. [17:43:30] <Giantree> do you want me to go google that image for you
  54. [17:43:39] <Claire-chan> please
  55. [17:44:19] <Giantree> man fuck the first result was instead
  56. [17:44:20] <Giantree> damn
  57. [17:46:43] <Nagare_Shinobu> Amazing.
  58. [17:46:52] <Nagare_Shinobu> Post this on Lucas/Kiuru A.
  59. [17:47:20] <Giantree> k
  60. [17:47:41] <Claire-chan> who is tipping whose scales
  61. [17:47:46] <Giantree> Yes.
  62. [17:47:56] <Raitaki> 1,1that better not be some kind of euphemism for cucking
  63. [17:48:25] <Giantree> SURELY everybody's tired of that by now
  64. [17:48:27] <Giantree> r-right?
  65. [17:48:32] <Raitaki> \o/
  66. [17:48:34] <Claire-chan> Nihi is tipping her own scales and making nanashi flustered
  67. [17:49:01] <Vena> 1,1fat
  68. [17:49:02] <Giantree> wow it took me like 30 seconds to get that
  69. [17:49:12] <Claire-chan> dragon with scales instead of body hair is A+ stuff btw
  70. [17:49:35] <Giantree> Yeah?  Want me to stream a marathon of every episode of zettai bouei leviathan?
  71. [17:49:35] <Claire-chan> but still hair on their head for some reason
  72. [17:49:48] <Raitaki> 1,1wig
  73. [17:49:50] <Claire-chan> the reason is because it's cute
  74. [17:49:55] <Giantree> they have fucking
  75. [17:49:58] <Giantree> scales as like underwear
  76. [17:49:59] <Nagare_Shinobu> Can we go on with this support, instead of memes?
  77. [17:50:04] <Giantree> yeah
  78. [17:50:08] <Giantree> move the party into #trees, kids
  79. [17:50:13] <Claire-chan> oh right
  80. [17:51:15] <Claire-chan> "I wouldn't worry about hitting me, just keep going with whatever you were doing"
  81. [17:51:28] <Claire-chan> hopefully training means less angst and more sweat
  82. [17:51:36] <Claire-chan> and like
  83. [17:51:39] <Claire-chan> muscles and stuff
  84. [17:53:20] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Then go away," He turns his back to the wyvern rider. "I work best when flirts like you aren't around."
  85. [17:55:34] <Claire-chan> and then she leaves
  86. [17:55:37] <Claire-chan> RANK C
  87. [17:55:40] <Claire-chan> or not
  88. [17:56:16] <Nagare_Shinobu> He probably wouldn't notice you as he picks back up his shuriken. Stay?
  89. [17:56:22] <Claire-chan> Actually she just sits there and watches
  90. [17:56:32] <Giantree> funnily, that actually would be a standard C support in actual FE
  91. [17:56:38] <Giantree> wait that's not funny at all i didn't laugh
  92. [17:56:52] <Claire-chan> that's actually longer than most C supports
  93. [17:56:58] <Claire-chan> it would be more like
  94. [17:57:01] <Claire-chan> GO AWAY TRAINING
  95. [17:57:04] <Claire-chan> yikes
  96. [17:57:07] <Claire-chan> scurries off
  97. [17:57:08] <Giantree> yeah
  98. [17:57:32] <Giantree> ... keep going though, this one has the most peanut gallery action and is therefore one of my favorites in a while
  99. [17:58:06] <Nagare_Shinobu> As he picks up his shuriken from the trees, he begins muttering to himself. "Dammit, I can't aim for shit. What the hell is wrong with me?! I won't let her get to me... I'm the best. No one can tell me that I'm useless..."
  100. [17:59:40] <Claire-chan> Claire just kind admires the view
  101. [18:00:00] <Claire-chan> I don't suppose you're like
  102. [18:00:08] <Claire-chan> not wearing a shirt or something
  103. [18:01:21] <Nagare_Shinobu> He's definitely wearing his normal clothes. No shirtless scenes here.
  104. [18:01:27] <Claire-chan> damn
  105. [18:01:40] <Claire-chan> well don't say that yet
  106. [18:01:45] <Claire-chan> I think I still have more alcohol
  107. [18:02:00] <Nagare_Shinobu> However, you could totally just slam him on the head, and unclothe him. Like, he unlocked his masochistic side akin to Eily.
  108. [18:02:16] <Claire-chan> woah
  109. [18:02:27] <Claire-chan> *sweats*
  110. [18:04:05] <Claire-chan> "ok madara lemme show you how to really work up a sweat"
  111. [18:04:06] <Claire-chan> nailed it
  112. [18:04:50] <Claire-chan> the C in Claire stand for Cexual assault
  113. [18:05:03] <Giantree> ok please
  114. [18:05:08] <Giantree> i'm going to interrupt this to ask you
  115. [18:05:13] <Giantree> have you, the player, actually been drinking
  116. [18:05:17] <Giantree> because if so i'm gonna get a shot too
  117. [18:05:30] <Nagare_Shinobu> Not like she knows that... yet! Shinobu picks up the last of his shuriken, and begins once more. "Alright, attempt no. 766... Let's go!" He... seems to be ignoring Claire! Or maybe he's just too focused? Either way, he proceeds to fire even less precisely than last you saw, resulting in a worse scattering of- And when he turns to face you, he doesn't even
  118. [18:05:30] <Nagare_Shinobu> throw. "... you've been here this whole time, haven't you?"
  119. [18:06:30] <Claire-chan> No of course no I have work tomorrow
  120. [18:07:05] <Giantree> damn
  121. [18:07:06] <Giantree> ok continue
  122. [18:07:33] <Claire-chan> trying to think of how to transition this into some sort of scene where I'm stepping on him
  123. [18:08:27] <Giantree> he's been drinking this whole time
  124. [18:08:35] <Giantree> people fall over when they're drunk
  125. [18:08:58] <Giantree> oh wait no he hasn't i just misread 'another shot'
  126. [18:08:59] <Giantree> shit nigga
  127. [18:09:21] <Claire-chan> it's ok I've been drinking and drunk people are clumsy
  128. [18:09:29] <Claire-chan> just like in chinese cartoons
  129. [18:09:30] <Giantree> yeah that was going to be my next suggestion
  130. [18:09:52] <Giantree> ninpou: boob smother no jutsu
  131. [18:09:59] <Claire-chan> nice
  132. [18:10:38] <Claire-chan> so him turning around surprised me and I trip a- this is some sick shit tbh
  133. [18:10:46] <Claire-chan> and fall on him
  134. [18:11:09] <Claire-chan> nice transition
  135. [18:11:16] <Claire-chan> I'll be writing eroge soon
  136. [18:12:27] <Giantree> i really like your writing style
  137. [18:12:33] <Giantree> i'd defs read an eroge written like that
  138. [18:12:38] <Giantree> wouldn't buy it
  139. [18:12:39] <Claire-chan> thanks pal
  140. [18:12:42] <Giantree> but i'd get it on hongfire and then read it
  141. [18:12:56] <Claire-chan> so you're saying I should do editing for some TL group
  142. [18:13:17] <Giantree> Yeah hey red he says he wants to edit instead of me
  143. [18:13:20] <Giantree> give him the script tomorrow
  144. [18:13:27] <RedXVII> k
  145. [18:13:30] <Raitaki> rip suppo
  146. [18:13:33] <RedXVII> welcome on board Claire-chan
  147. [18:13:45] <Giantree> ... seriously though yeah we need to stop interrupting like this
  148. [18:13:45] <Giantree> i mean
  149. [18:13:49] <Giantree> it's HILARIOUS
  150. [18:14:01] <Giantree> But let me recap:
  151. [18:14:22] <Claire-chan> sakura needs to reply with flustered embarrassment now
  152. [18:14:28] <Giantree> The edgy ninja gets angry, and then Claire, the big-tittied wyvern rider who is drunk as fuck, stumbles toward him and then her tits land in his face because she's probably taller than he is.
  153. [18:14:30] <Claire-chan> then I'll get up and step on him in the process
  154. [18:14:32] <Giantree> nice
  155. [18:14:38] <RedXVII> nice
  156. [18:14:39] <Giantree> i'll paypal you money if you call him 'hinata' in the next line
  157. [18:14:40] <RedXVII> nice story
  158. [18:14:43] <RedXVII> i like it
  159. [18:15:02] <RedXVII> now what you do
  160. [18:15:11] <RedXVII> is that the big breasted wyvern ninja
  161. [18:15:15] <RedXVII> since she's drunk
  162. [18:15:17] <Giantree> but we're done interrupting unless flamy does the thing that he did when we played keep talking and nobody explodes again
  163. [18:15:26] <RedXVII> thinks she's tripped over her younger brother
  164. [18:15:34] <RedXVII> so she starts smothering him
  165. [18:15:38] <Nagare_Shinobu> Nah man, the DC was a one-time thing.
  166. [18:15:39] <Giantree> oh she just has a small-chested younger sister
  167. [18:15:47] <Giantree> ... might as well be a brother i guess
  168. [18:15:53] <Giantree> wait, did we ever decide which was older?
  169. [18:15:55] <Claire-chan> W O W
  170. [18:16:06] <Claire-chan> I think she's my older sister
  171. [18:16:13] <Giantree> i think it's funnier if claire is older and misty is just an overachiever
  172. [18:16:15] <Claire-chan> extra inferiority complex
  173. [18:16:17] <Giantree> oh wait no i have numbers for them
  174. [18:16:32] <RedXVII> tiny big sisters are good too
  175. [18:16:42] <RedXVII> the wyvern rider can go
  176. [18:16:50] <Giantree> oh shit yeah she's 33
  177. [18:16:53] <RedXVII> "stop treating me like a kid! i have thooose now!"
  178. [18:17:10] <Giantree> ok abandon that plan she's oneechan af
  179. [18:17:44] <Giantree> OKAY FUCKING
  180. [18:17:46] <Giantree> OOC IN #TALES
  181. [18:17:49] <Giantree> KEEP DOING THE SUPPO IN HERE
  182. [18:24:48] <Giantree> f-flammie are you still here
  183. [18:24:52] <Giantree> we're done interrupting
  184. [18:25:19] <Nagare_Shinobu> I am. Waiting for Maki.
  185. [18:25:34] <Nagare_Shinobu> Unless... they did just trip and bust bust.
  186. [18:25:48] <Giantree> i think that was the idea yeah
  187. [18:25:55] <Claire-chan> yeah it's time for the ERP to begin
  188. [18:26:02] <Giantree> i am here to be a translator for extreme stream-of-consciousness writing
  189. [18:29:03] <Nagare_Shinobu> "... get off of me," Shinobu tries to push the girl's ample chest off of him.
  190. [18:30:05] <Claire-chan> kya he is touching my chest
  191. [18:30:47] <Giantree> Note: Steyr has probably also gotten drunk and done this before because she has a chest too, but THAT was coupled with giving wacky intoxicated orders too and may or may not have gone full ERP tier (probably not because she's a lightweight and would just pass out).  Just FYI.
  192. [18:31:54] <Claire-chan> So Claire tries to get up but just ends up stepping all over him and falling on her ass
  193. [18:32:10] <Claire-chan> now is the time to decide whether I have been in a towel this entire time
  194. [18:32:49] <Claire-chan> Vote now on your phones!
  195. [18:33:53] <Claire-chan> ok maybe not a towel but definitely some kind of robe
  196. [18:34:16] <RedXVII> and then the entire channel voted so hard it exploded
  197. [18:34:25] <Raitaki> vote: face towel
  198. [18:34:45] <RedXVII> i vote for she had a towel, but tripping obviously removed it
  199. [18:34:57] <RedXVII> but she can not realize immediately she lost it
  200. [18:35:09] <Claire-chan> good vote
  201. [18:35:12] <Giantree> - WARNING -
  202. [18:35:15] <Giantree> HERE COMES THE JUDGE!
  203. [18:35:18] <Giantree> [ GIANTREE ]
  204. [18:35:38] <Giantree> Verdict: She tried to put her armor on while drunk and fucked up horrendously and now it's only half on, like, borderline nip-slip tier
  205. [18:35:42] <Raitaki> hier kommt der Junge!
  206. [18:35:55] <Giantree> ... nah bathrobe is cool too
  207. [18:35:56] <Giantree> remember
  208. [18:35:57] <Giantree> fucking
  209. [18:35:59] <Giantree> ramiel
  210. [18:36:00] <Giantree> made canon
  211. [18:36:07] <Giantree> that there are weeaboo hotspring yukatas there
  212. [18:36:10] <RedXVII> here's your character
  213. [18:36:11] <Claire-chan> oh right
  214. [18:36:12] <RedXVII> putting on a towel
  215. [18:36:13] <RedXVII>
  216. [18:36:14] <Giantree> and that's a verdict i can't overturn
  217. [18:36:24] <Giantree> because mimi already reacted to it
  218. [18:36:29] <Claire-chan> I'm in a weeb yukata but it's on very loosely
  219. [18:36:41] <Nagare_Shinobu> He really wasn't in the mood for this. "Disgusting. Out of my way." Turning his back to Claire once more, Eckhart runs off, without any way to let out his anger.
  220. [18:37:01] <Claire-chan> >doesn't take advantage of this chance
  221. [18:37:03] <RedXVII> Claire-chan goes into a rage from being called disgusting
  222. [18:37:08] <RedXVII> rape the shota
  223. [18:37:09] <Claire-chan> ok.bmp
  224. [18:37:09] <Giantree> that's because he's
  226. [18:37:21] <RedXVII> i vote for rape
  227. [18:37:23] <Claire-chan> oh
  228. [18:37:26] <Giantree> but shut up peanut gallery they can't hear us
  229. [18:37:26] <Claire-chan> he's going to find sabo
  230. [18:37:29] <Nagare_Shinobu> No, he's Shinobu-sexual.
  231. [18:37:40] <Nagare_Shinobu> (Or dragon-sexual?)
  232. [18:38:00] <Giantree> ... ok now i'm curious what would happen if marah flirted with him
  233. [18:38:46] <Claire-chan> anyway I'm not gonna chase that I'm not that desperate
  234. [18:38:48] <Giantree> But more importantly, is that the end of this, or does our wyvernslut pursue Lu Bu?
  235. [18:38:49] <Claire-chan> or coordinated
  236. [18:38:51] <Giantree> yeah ok
  237. [18:38:59] <Giantree> say it flamalam
  238. [18:39:08] <Vena> ...did it actually happen, though
  239. [18:39:15] <Nagare_Shinobu> > Claire and Shinobu have attained a Support Rank of C!
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