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  1. Gather round kids, for I have a story to tell.
  3. Thing, a behemoth of a human and Onionz not really a human at all. The pair got along like on house fire from day 1. They ran this exact community together from the start until the fall out. But this story is about one night in particular...
  5. Somewhere in the outskirts of Bundaberg, Thing and Onionz had hit a bump in the road, quite literately. The steamy pair had broken down on the way back from their fish and chips run in Thing's trusty Land Cruiser.
  6. As car came to a stop on the side of the road, Thing was quick to get down and dirty whilst Onionz had the view of Things thicc ass protruding through his Jet Pilot three quarter shorts whilst keeping the chips warm on his lap. It was quick to be known that the two weren't going anywhere soon.
  8. Thing says to Onionz " Ughhh Onionz, we might be staying the night until my mate can give a tow in the morning" Onionz was scared but also excicted for what the might
  10. As the night grows old and the pair tuck into Things favourite Fish and Chip shop. Onionz accidentally spilt tartae sauce all over his red Billabong surf shirt making a mess of things. "Here come on, you'll have to get that shirt off otherwise you'll smell all night" demanded  thing. Onionz Firstly refused but quickly gave into Things persuasive lisped voice. Thing with his sharp eye quickly spotted the remaining white sauce on Onionz's chinless chin. "Let me just get that for you" as thing leaned in to clean his partner, the pairs eyes locked for what seemed like hours.
  11. Onionz stuttered as his heart fluttered "i i ii ii.." Thing quickly rose his shrek like fingers up Onionz's weak chin to his dry lips calming him down almost immediately. He leans in a whispers " Your chin is stronger to me then my addiction to double bacon cheeseburger pizzas from Domino's. Onionz knowing the extent of that statement was finally seduced by the behemoth. Things oily lips pressed up against Onionz's with pure emotion as he let out a growling moan. "you don't know how long i've been waiting for this Onionz, yet on cloud nine, his heart was pumping at a fast unfit 182bpm, couldn't help but think about what the damage this will have on the community if the DS staff would ever find out..
  13. Finally the sun rises for the new day to wake to cuddle duo which are parked up in the boot of the mighty Land cruiser to keep warm.
  14. Thing was not caring about anything other then the pure ecstacy of love flowing through his clogged arterie
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