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  1. ==Alraune==
  3. Beware the forests young lad, for you may never return once the Alraune find you.
  5. ===Physical Description===
  7. The beautiful men and women veiled by enormous flowers with huge petals are called Alraune. On the outside of those giant bulbs they grow a large quantity of vines, originating from their lower limbs. Those vines are used for movement and to absorb nutrients from the soil, while their petals cover their slender humanoid body all the way up to their lower abdomen. Their skin has various shades of green. Distinctly, individual Alraune are decorated by leaves and flowers that grow out of their humanoid shape.
  9. Their anatomy is more similar to a plant than a humanoid, therefore their occurrence is limited to a number of biospheres where climate is not under constant change. Although they can receive food from photosynthesis, they are also omnivores, able to digest meat and other plants through their humanoid body.
  11. {{5e Image|float:right| |<!--Caption, art credit, link to source-->}}
  13. ===History===
  15. The Alraune are created by deceased humans that bodies were long forgotten. If certain type of enchantment, found only in the deepest of the forests, is present, the plants are able to absorb the life essences of the dead and infuse them in their seeds. These seeds are spread into the soil and, although rare, they sometimes grow into a bulb. It takes many years for the bulb to mature, after which it blossoms into the form called Alraune.
  17. Alraune don't practice history or scribble their exploits. Their tales, shared by the word of mouth, carry little significance as a whole. If anything, Alraune existence is only recorded by the faint whispers of the forest. Their collective memory is yet to be archived.
  19. ===Society===
  21. Although they don't form societies, Alraune are still a part of the nature. They are willing to share their territory with allies, if they find that profitable for them. If they feel that their dominion is endangered they are able to fight with other Alraune over its control.
  23. They tend to be shy towards other races, hiding in the deeper parts of the forest whenever they meet a human. However, there are incidents when an Alraune finds a human of their liking and charms him or her.
  25. Their connection with other humanoids is a mystery, but some tell of stories where groups of adventures were taken captive by the Alraune. Those men were to be entangled and slowly digested throughout days until not even their bones were left. It is also speculated that consuming humans might be an important part of creating an offspring for Alraune, as their origin includes the descended.
  27. ===Alraune Names===
  29. The Alraune are not born with names, but borrow ones from gnomes, elves, or even flowers of the forest.
  31. '''Male:''' Glaemir, Bryn, Columbine, Del, Eldon, Erky, etc
  33. '''Female:''' Breena, Carlin, Drusilia, Enna, Keyleth, Rose, Etc
  35. ===Alraune Traits===
  36. {{5e Racial Traits
  37. |summary= A race of charismatic and deadly flower-people.
  38. |abilities= Your Charisma score increases by 1. Additionally you can choose to increase your Constitution or Wisdom score by 1.
  39. |age= The Alraune must stay in a bulb as a flower for about 20-30 years, after which they bloom into their mature state. Their bodies don't age after that and live up to 750 years.
  40. |alignment= The Alraune are feral and unpredictable, wild as the forest they live in, and therefore lean towards chaotic.
  41. |size= Alraune can height from 5 to 6 feet on average, and weight from 60 to 80, or up 200 pounds depending on their water reservoir. Your size is medium.
  42. |speed= Your base walking speed is 25 feet. Your climbing speed is 30 feet.
  43. |trait1= Plant Covered
  44. |description1= Your type is plant, but you are also vulnerable to fire damage.
  45. |trait2= Floral Body
  46. |description2= You are not required to have meals like humans do. As a substitute, you can absorb nutrients from soil to benefit from a day's worth of food and drink requirements. If the soil condition is favourable, spending 30 minutes in the sunlight while rooted provides you with an equivalent of a daily ration. If the conditions are not beneficial for you need to stay additional 30 minutes on consuming this way.
  48. Furthermore, you can choose to cover yourself entirely inside your petals, while rooted, as a substitute of sleeping. This way you only need to sleep for 4 hours to gain the benefit of a long rest. If you are also exposed to the sun while sleeping, your vines can feed you during your rest.
  50. Rooting yourself requires an action and can only be done on a patch of soil. While in this state your speed becomes 0 and you can uproot yourself at any time.
  52. Additionally, you can absorb water from your surroundings, either by drinking it or by using your vines and plant parts. You can swallow up or expel from your body up to one gallon per round, and have a reservoir that can carry up to 14 gallons of water (One gallon weights 8 pounds). As a plant you need 1 gallon of water a day to stay hydrated.
  53. |trait3= Alraune Pollen
  54. |description3= The Alraune produce a powerful pollen with an innate aphrodisiac. As an action, you can choose a humanoid target within 20 feet of you. That target must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + proficiency bonus + Charisma Modifier). On a failure, they will become charmed by you for 1 minute. Every time they take damage while under this effect they can reattempt their saving throw. At 6th level the number of targets you can pick from increases to 2, at 11th level to 3 targets and at 16th level to 4 targets. You can use this trait once. After finishing a long rest you regain the ability to use this trait again.
  55. |trait4= Floral Knowledge
  56. |description4= As a part of the forest it's only natural for you to be knowledgeable about the wilderness. You gain proficiency in the Nature skill.
  57. |languages= You understand and can speak Common, Sylvan, and Elven.
  58. |subrace= Optionally, you can choose between Sunflower, Rose and Fly Trap Alraune as your subrace.
  59. }}
  61. ====Sunflower Alraune====
  62. {{5e Subrace Traits
  63. |abilities= Choose between Strength or Constitution. That ability score increases by 1.
  64. |trait1= Sun Power
  65. |description1= Drawing from the power of the sun, you can gather its strength to your advantage. As an action, you can heal yourself by 1d8 + your Constitution modifier. This healing increases to 2d8 + your Constitution modifier at 6th level, to 3d8 + your Constitution modifier at 11th level and to 4d8 + your Constitution modifier at 16th level. You can only use this trait once, and only if you are exposed to the sun. After finishing a long rest you can use this trait again.
  66. |trait2= Brave
  67. |description2= You gain advantage to saving throws when resisting fear effects.
  68. |trait3= Grabbing Vines
  69. |description3= As an action, you can use your vines to grapple a target within 10 feet. The target rolls Athletics or Acrobatics (Target's choice) against DC 8 + Your Constitution modifier + Your proficiency bonus. On failure the target is Grappled and takes 1d4 Piercing damage. If the target's result is 5 or more than the DC you are pulled towards the target, provoking opportunity attacks along the way. Until that grapple ends, the target is also Restrained. You may only hold grapple against up to one target using this trait. While the target stays Grappled, you can use your bonus action to deal additional 1d4 Piercing damage. Though your hands are free, maintaining this grapple requires Concentration.
  70. |trait4=
  71. |description4=
  72. |trait5=
  73. |description5=
  74. }}
  76. ====Rose Alraune====
  77. {{5e Subrace Traits
  78. |abilities= Choose between Wisdom or Charisma. That ability score increases by 1.
  79. |trait1= Perfect Flower
  80. |description1= You have a beautiful appearance, and a voice to match it. You gain proficiency in Persuasion. If you already have a proficiency in that skill, double your proficiency bonus when using Persuasion.
  81. |trait2= Thorny Vines
  82. |description2= There's no rose without a thorn. You can use a vine originating from your wrist as a natural melee weapon that deals 1d4 Piercing damage and 2 Poison damage. You are proficient with this weapon and can use it with one hand. Furthermore it has ''Finesse'' and ''Reach'' properties. Starting from the 6th level treat this weapon as magical for overcoming resistances and immunities.
  83. |trait3= Powerful Nectar
  84. |description3= You can produce a very potent and hard to resist nectar from your body. You can coat weapons and ammunition with it, but not your natural weapons. Coating requires an action. The nectar on a coated weapon will remain in effect for 1 minutes, while coated ammunition will last for 1 hour.
  86. If a humanoid target gets hit with the coated weapon or ammunition it must make a Wisdom save (DC 8 + proficiency bonus + Charisma Modifier) or becomes charmed towards you for 1 minute. Any damage taken by the target while under this effect grants it another saving throw.
  88. You can produce enough nectar to coat 1 weapon or up to 3 pieces of ammunition. After using up your nectar you must finish a long rest before being able to use it again. Others can't benefit from your nectar, only the coated weapons that you use can produce the effect of this trait.
  89. |trait4=
  90. |description4=
  91. |trait5=
  92. |description5=
  93. }}
  95. ====Fly Trap Alraune====
  96. {{5e Subrace Traits
  97. |abilities= Choose between Strength or Dexterity. That ability score increases by 1.
  98. |trait1= Natural Camouflage
  99. |description1= Your vines extended up to 20 feet. You can use them to hang from trees while staying hidden. You gain advantage to Stealth checks while in forests or within foliage.
  100. |trait2= Honey Trap
  101. |description2= A huge and powerful mouth covers your abdomen. You can use it as a natural 2-handed melee weapon, dealing 1d10 Acid damage. Alternatively you can attempt grappling a medium or smaller humanoid target with it. The target rolls Athletics or Acrobatics (Target's choice) against DC 8 + Your Strength modifier + Your proficiency bonus. On failure the target is Grappled and takes 1d6 Acid damage. Until that grapple ends, the target is also Restrained. You may only hold grapple against up to one target using this trait. While the target stays Grappled, you can use your action to deal additional 1d6 Acid damage. Maintaining this grapple requires Concentration and since you are partially covered by your trap, you suffer a disadvantage to attacking anyone but the target you are grappling.
  103. When you release your target or when it escapes your grapple, it emerges covered in your mucilage. They have to succeed a Constitution saving throw (DC 8 + Your Constitution modifier + Your proficiency bonus) or they become Restrained for 1 round.
  104. |trait3= Wilderness Survivor
  105. |description3= You gain resistance against Poison and Acid damage.
  106. |trait4=
  107. |description4=
  108. |trait5=
  109. |description5=
  110. }}
  112. ===Random Height and Weight===
  113. {| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="d20"
  114. |-
  115. |+ Table: Alraune Random Height and Weight
  116. |- style="white-space: nowrap;"
  117. ! style="text-align: left;" | Base Height || Height Modifier || Base Weight || Weight Modifier
  118. |- style="white-space: nowrap;"
  119. | style="text-align: left;" | 5′ || +2d6" || 60 lb || &times; 1 lb.
  120. |}
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