Losing Her Self(respect) - Rarity x Trixie - Valentine's Day

Mar 1st, 2019
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  1. >The light from a colored-glass lamp cast a ruddy, slightly depressing pallor over the bar area of the Canterlot Budget Inn, where Rarity sat swirling an alcohol-free mohito
  2. >The bar area, really just a few tables set up in the corner of the budget inn's lobby and sharing the space with faux-leather couches and two bowls of fake fruit, was empty aside from Rarity
  3. >This was really not the place she expected to be spending Hearts and Hooves
  4. >She clenched her fists, really wishing her drink were stronger than, well, not strong at all, being totally free of any alcohol whatsoever
  5. >"Oh ho ho!" a familiar and far-too-loud voice called from behind Rarity. "Well, aren't you a lucky girl tonight. Rarity, right?"
  6. "You've gone to school with me for four years, Trixie," Rarity grumbled as Trixie plopped herself into the bar seat next to her
  7. >She was dressed in only pajama pants and a baggy blue hoodie, with her hair free of any styling or ornamentation, just falling over her shoulders in chaotic silver-blue waves
  8. >Rarity was a stark contrast, her pale complexion highlighted with makeup and contrasted by a deep, sensuous red dress that she'd had tailored specifically to hug every enticing curve, of which her body had plenty
  9. >"Yes, well, Trixie finds it hard to remember every single one of her many, many friends. But she tries her best."
  10. "I'm flattered."
  11. >"Please, think nothing of it! It's simply in Trixie's generous nature. Oh, waiter! Please bring Trixie and her wing-girl here your best vodka-Red Bull's. Mix 'em stiff."
  12. "Trixie! You're going to get us thrown out."
  13. >The waiter, who was actually just the hotel's lobby guy, grabbed some Red Bull and a bottle of vodka out of the bar's fridge, which was really just the lobby break room's fridge
  14. >Trixie flashed Rarity a painfully smug grin
  15. "...and how did you do that?"
  16. >"Trixie knows people. Thank you, Jim," she said to the waiter
  17. >"It's Hay Fever, actually," the waiter said with a sniffle
  18. >"Ah, of course. Keep them coming, Trixie is feeling quite generous tonight."
  19. >"Uh, okay."
  20. >He left both girls with a glass full of electric-orange liquid
  21. >Rarity eyed hers suspiciously
  22. >"What? Don't tell me you're afraid to turn up with Trixie."
  23. "One, please don't ever refer to it that way again. One and a half, please don't refer to me as your wing-girl. And two, I simply have to ask, what on earth are you doing here?"
  24. >"Trixie could ask you the same question."
  25. "I don't doubt it, but I believe I asked first."
  26. >"But Trixie brought you a drink," Trixie said with a wink
  27. "Ugh, you're impossible. If you must know, I'm here waiting for a date."
  28. >"Oh, Trixie hopes she's not interrupting anything."
  29. "Well, not yet."
  30. >"Who's this stunning gentleman? Or lady~?"
  31. "As if. He's nobody you'd know. He insisted on meeting me here."
  32. >"Cool! Trixie will totally wing-girl for you. She's gonna get you so, so laid, you'll probably end up thinking of *her* while you--"
  33. "Trixie, darling, I appreciate the offer, but please stop talking."
  34. >"Ho ho, well, Trixie will let you keep your secrets, for now. Let's drink up."
  35. >She took a long swig of her Red Bull concoction, while Rarity took a dainty sip
  36. >It was her first real alcoholic drink, aside from a few times sneaking wine from the pantry back home, when she was about thirteen
  37. >"To a perfect girl's night out."
  38. "Yay..."
  39. >Rarity sighed, glancing at her watch
  40. >"Date coming soon?"
  41. "Oh, any minute now, I'm sure~" Rarity answered, trying to put a confident trill in her voice
  42. >He was supposed to meet her two hours ago
  43. >And he was supposed to meet her at the Greek restaurant across the street, which had just closed, leaving Rarity stranded here
  44. >"You can enjoy Trixie's company until then, you lucky gal."
  45. "Believe me, darling, I'm simply thrilled. But please, once he gets here, you need to..."
  46. >Rarity didn't even feel confident enough to finish that sentence
  47. >She quickly gulped down a long drought from her glass, leaving a bright red lipstick mark on the rim
  48. >The caffeine hit her, followed quickly by the alcohol, in a one-two bunch that left Rarity jittery and a little more loose-lipped
  49. "Gah, where is he!?"
  50. >"Traffic?"
  51. "It's ten at night!"
  52. >"Anything can happen in Canterlot."
  53. "Nobody is two hours late to a date they want to be at."
  54. >"Ooooh..."
  55. >Trixie laid a warm hand on Rarity's bare shoulder
  56. >"Rarity. Trixie hates to do this, but she thinks she should be honest with you. Your date... might not be coming."
  57. "I was beginning to piece that together, dear," Rarity said, perfectly collected
  58. >Then she burst into tears
  59. "Oh, it's not f-fair! I've looked forward to Hearts and Hooves all year! I spent hours on this makeup, darling, hours! All I do to look perfect, b-be perfect, and there isn't a man in all of C-C-Canterlot who can appreciate it!"
  60. >Rarity lay her head on her hands, shaking with sobs
  61. >Her mascara was running down her cheeks in long, dark streaks
  62. >Trixie awkwardly patted Rarity's back with one hand and drank the rest of her RB-and-V with the other
  63. "I'm s-supposed to be in the arms of my prince right now! Not s-s-sitting with Trixie Lulamoon, of all people, in some dingy bar."
  64. >"Dunno, Trixie kinds thinks you hit the jackpot."
  65. >Rarity raised her head up just enough to glare at Trixie
  66. "You could try and be a *little* more sympathetic, you know."
  67. >Trixie shrugged
  68. >"Trixie feels for you, Rarity. But look on the bright side. You get a free pass to have drinks with a *pretty* highly-demanded magician."
  69. "Trixie, I mean this in the nicest possible way. But I was hoping for a little more than just drinks with a classmate. I want romance! And, dammit, I wanted to be ravaged!"
  70. >"Oh ho ho, the secrets come out! Hay Bale, another round, please!"
  71. >Rarity was shaking from caffeine, crying, and anger now, and she greedily began drinking when her next glass came
  72. "Is that so much to ask? Look at me! I'm gorgeous! Why is it so impossibly hard to get someone to want me, just once! Even Twilight Sparkle gets laid more than I do!"
  73. >"What? No way!" Trixie said. "Anyone but Twilight Sparkle!"
  74. "Nothing I do is e-ever enough. Why couldn't I get lucky, even if just for today? Am I going to be alone forever?"
  75. >Trixie gently stroked Rarity's back
  76. >"Of course not. You have Trixie, after all."
  77. >Trixie's hand flew to her chest, which she thumped proudly
  78. >"And, generous soul that Trixie is, she is one-hundred percent willing to ravage you far better than any internet blind date ever could!"
  79. "H-how did you know he was from the internet!? Wait, and what did you just say?"
  80. >It took a moment for Trixie's words to catch up with Rarity's brain, which was now buzzing from multiple conflicting chemicals
  81. "Please tell me you're not serious."
  82. >Trixie crossed her legs, flashing a confident grin in Rarity's direction
  83. >"Every promise Trixie makes is seriously."
  84. "Ha. This evening cannot possibly get any more depressing."
  85. >"Are you rejecting Trixie's generous offer?"
  86. "Your offer to sleep with me? You really think I'm that desperate?"
  87. >"Trixie has to admit, it does kinda look that way."
  88. "Well, the answer is no! I would never, especially with you!"
  89. >"Rarity, Rarity, there's nothing wrong with a little experimentation."
  90. "Listen darling, experimentation I have no qualms with. I'm simply not ready to give my first time to you, of all people."
  91. >"Oh, is that so?" Trixie asked, wriggling her eyebrows as she played with the collar of her sweatshirt
  92. >She pulled it down enough to reveal her cleavage-- or rather, she would have revealed her cleavage, had she not been wearing an Akira shirt beneath the sweater
  93. >Rarity rolled her eyes
  94. "This is pathetic."
  95. >"So, you truly believe you have no interest in Trixie's offer?"
  96. "Less than none."
  97. >"Hmm. Trixie is a little sad. She supposes she should head to her room then, if her night's ending here."
  98. "Wait, already?"
  99. >"Ho ho, reluctant to see Trixie go, eh?"
  100. "As if! But you have to admit it's a little rude. Just leaving me here, like this. Alone."
  101. >Trixie wriggled her eyebrows
  102. "It is absolutely, certainly, nothing like what you're thinking! Even your company is better than nothing, is all I'm saying."
  103. >"Well, you're always welcome to join Trixie," she said with a wink
  104. "Don't think I can't see what game you're playing! You think I'll come chasing after you! Like I'm putty in your crafty little hands. Hmph. Sorry darling, but it just so happens I do still have *some* dignity."
  105. >"Trixie understands. She'll leave you to your dignity then," she said as she got up
  106. "But... I don't want to be... agh, fine! You know what, you do just that. See if I care."
  107. >"Trixie thinks she will. Nighty night~"
  108. >As Trixie walked away, she ran her finger along Rarity's arm
  109. >Unbidden, an electrifying sensation coursed down Rarity's spine, settling in the small of her back
  110. >She shivered a little, and Trixie definitely noticed
  111. >Rarity's face felt hot, and she refused to watch as Trixie confidently skipped back over to the elevator
  113. >Rarity shook her head after Trixie left, shaking with rage
  114. >...and from caffeine; the energy form the Red Bull was still coursing through her, making her foot tap like mad underneath the bar
  115. >The goosebumps that sprung up from Trixie's touch wouldn't go away, and the sudden sensation that the touch had brought on melded with the coursing of caffeine and alcohol, sending Rarity's thoughts into a whirl
  116. >She picked up her half-empty glass, and was surprised to find a small stack of folded papers below it
  117. "How did she..."
  118. >Magician, right
  119. >There were a few dollar bills, ostensibly to pay for the drinks, and a torn out slip of notebook paper
  120. >On the slip was scribbled the numbers 269, and a heart with a tiny winking face
  121. >Rarity rolled her eyes
  122. >That girl was really about as subtle as a freight train, wasn't she?
  123. >Desperately lonely or not, she wouldn't even *consider* such a degrading act
  124. >She was perfectly happy to head home right now
  125. >Alone
  126. >Slightly drunk
  127. >Being driven in the back of her mom's station wagon, wrapped in her winter coat and keeping silent the entire way...
  128. "It's not fa-a-air," Rarity whined under her breath
  129. >She glanced back at the elevator Trixie had left through, running her arm along the spot where the magician had touched her
  130. >Even if it was by such an arrogant, obnoxious girl as Trixie, it did feel good to be touched...
  132. >Rarity's knuckles rapped against the hotel-room door, sounding distant and echoy in the empty hallway
  133. >From behind the door, Rarity heard Trixie's voice
  134. >"Coming~!"
  135. >The door was thrown open, revealing a beaming Trixie
  136. >A self-satisfied grin stretched across her face, the grin of someone who's seeing all their playing pieces fall perfectly into place
  137. "Don't even start," Rarity said
  138. >"Trixie wasn't going to say anything."
  139. "I'm only here because you found me in a moment of weakness. I would never, ever do something this, under normal circumstances. You're really taking advantage of me, at the end of the day."
  140. >"Don't worry, Trixie won't do anything to you that you don't want."
  141. "I never said I wanted this in the first place."
  142. >Trixie's grin widened
  143. "Stop looking at me like that! Ugh, just... let's just get started. This had better be worth the humiliation."
  144. >"Oh, Trixie's worth a lot more than that. Welcome to her Magical Realm~"
  145. "I'll ask you to never call it that again," Rarity said as she stepped inside
  146. >The room was normal hotel affair; a single bathroom, thin ren carpet with some mystery stains, and a double-bed scattered with Trixie's clothes, most of them purple with a star pattern stitched on
  147. >Across from the bed, a positively huge mirror stood propped up on the hotel's writing desk
  148. >In it, you could see the entirely of the room reflected, and it was angled quite conspicuously towards the bed
  149. "Did you... did you bring this with you?"
  150. >"Trixie never leaves home without it. Isn't it perfect?"
  151. >Trixie paused in front of the mirror, striking a pose
  152. >"Trixie needs it to motivate her."
  153. "I can't fault your self-esteem, that's for sure."
  154. >Rarity sat down on the bed and slipped her feet out of her high heels
  155. >She half felt like she were in a dream; there was absolutely no way she were really going to do this, was there?
  156. >Any moment she'd snap to her senses and run like hell out of this room
  157. >Trixie stepped in front of her, her hands on her hips
  158. >"Soooooo?" she asked with a wink
  159. >Rarity groaned
  160. "Just... let's get started. I guess," she said with a grimace
  161. >"Oh? You don't sound so confident..."
  162. "Of course not! This is not how I envisioned my first time!"
  163. >"You never thought you'd get so lucky. Trixie understands. Well, she has no problem taking the reins, of course," Trixie said
  164. >Without warning, she took Rarity's face in her hands and moved in to kiss her
  165. "W-wait!"
  166. >Rarity held up a hand, blocking her
  167. "We're going to be kissing too?"
  168. >"Uh, duh?"
  169. "That just seems too, well, romantic for an encounter like this, don't you think?"
  170. >"Rarity, Rarity," Trixie said, shaking her head. "Trixie is a *lover*. You're getting the full package!"
  171. "I... hmph. Fine. But I'd better not feel your tongue in my mouth."
  172. >"Trixie makes zero promises."
  173. >And with that, Trixie brought their mouths together, and Rarity kissed a girl for the first time
  174. >Her first kiss, and her only kiss until just now, had been a quick, embarrassed peck shared with Blueblood, out of obligation at a middle school dance
  175. >It had been fast, tight-lipped, and extremely disappointing
  176. >Kissing Trixie was the exact opposite
  177. >Trixie's lips were surprisingly soft, and despite her resistance, Rarity found her own mouth melding to the shape of Trixie's
  178. >The kiss was slightly wet, and soft smacks escaped both girl's lips as Trixie deepened the kiss
  179. >Rarity broke away just long enough to catch her breath, then Trixie pushed her backwards onto the bed
  180. >With a yelp, she landed amidst the pillows and clothes, and felt Trixie clambering on top of her
  181. "D-darling, this is going a little fast, don't you thin-- oh m-my stars~"
  182. >She shuddered as Trixie's mouth met her neck, peppering it with soft, breathy kisses that made Rarity wriggle amidst the bedding
  183. >Trixie was lying on top of Rarity now, and Rarity was acutely aware of the girl's various soft, squishy areas that were now pressing up against her
  184. >She realized with a start that she would soon be experiencing a lot of Trixie up close
  185. >As if sensing this, Trixie sat up, straddling Rarity
  186. >"I bet your anxious to see Trixie's goods, right? Trixie doesn't blame you."
  187. "You... I am *not*," Rarity insisted, aware now that she was blushing furiously. "It's not like you have anything I haven't seen before."
  188. >"Oh, you haven't seen anything like what Trixie's got."
  189. >And with that, Trixie pulled both her sweater and t-shirt off, tossing them aside
  190. >Her hair fell in a frizzy curtain along her bare shoulders, and her breasts hung naked and free against her chest
  191. >Rarity's mouth fell open
  192. >Trixie's baggy sweater had concealed some positively massive breasts, far more than Rarity herself ever even hoped to have
  193. >They were full and perfectly proportioned, sitting on her chest like two massive helpings of cherry-topped ice cream
  194. >Rarity considered herself mostly straight, even under the present circumstances, but she was pretty sure even most straight women would want a go at puppies like Trixie's
  195. >Trixie, of course, didn't fail to notice Rarity's expression
  196. >"Aha! You're realizing what a great choice you made, right about now, aren't you?"
  197. >Trixie turned to the mirror, playfully grabbing at her own chest as she admired herself
  198. >"Trixie has to admit, she's a little jealous of you right now. Getting to soak in so much of her beauty at once. Oh! And I bet you're wanting round two next..."
  199. >She stood up on the bed and slid down her pajama pants, revealing a round, pale ass that looked like it could cause structural damage, and some watermelon-crushing thighs
  200. >Rarity was starting to sweat a little
  201. >Why was this pest of a girl allowed to be so stupidly hot!?
  202. >Trixie let out a peal of haughty laughter, her breasts bouncing at her chest
  203. >"Please, feast your eyes all you want. There's plenty of Trixie to go around."
  204. "It's n-nothing impressive."
  205. >"Oh? Then let's see what you're packing," Trixie said with a wink
  206. "Right now? Hmm, of course, of course. I suppose this was inevitable. Just allow me to... there."
  207. >Rarity slipped easily out of her dress, then slid off her panties, making far less of a deal about it
  208. >She had always felt rather proud of her lithe, elegant figure, but in comparison to Trixie, she actually felt a little inferior
  209. >"Not bad, not bad. Trixie gives you a solid eight out of ten!"
  210. "I never agreed to being rated!"
  211. >"You should be flattered. That's high praise from Trixie."
  212. "Please do get over yourself darling. Just because you're-- ah!"
  213. >Before she could finish, Trixie pounced on her
  214. >She met Rarity's lips in another wet, energetic kiss, this time breaking her promise and flicking her tongue against Rarity's teeth, warning of its coming intrusion further into Rarity's mouth
  215. >Trixie's breasts squished against Rarity's chest, and her nude form lay atop Rarity in a hot embrace of skin and sweat
  216. >Rarity sucked in her breath, feeling Trixie's heartbeat practically matching her own
  217. >Both girls' legs were tangled together now, and Rarity gasped when Trixie's thigh met her vagina
  218. >"Touch Trixie~"
  219. "H-huh?"
  220. >"It's okay. Touch her."
  221. >Rarity's arms were lying awkwardly at her sides, and she gingerly placed her hands on the small of Trixie's back
  222. >"Touch Trixie *anywhere*."
  223. "I think I'm quite fine with here for-- MMF"
  224. >Trixie pressed Rarity's face between her melons, chuckling
  225. >"No, no. Trixie insists~"
  226. >Rarity was panting now, inhaling the raw, hormonal scent of Trixie's sweat
  227. >Trixie's thigh was still between Rarity's legs, stroking her as she gradually grew wetter and wetter, huffing the scent of Trixie's body
  228. >"You know? Trixie thinks she's about ready to make your perfect night even better."
  229. >Trixie pulled her breasts away from Rarity's face, then began to descend lower on Rarity's body
  230. >She flicked her tongue against Rarity's nipple, then continued lower, to Rarity's stomach, which she kissed, and then went ever lower...
  231. >Rarity, virgin that she was, still saw the writing on the wall
  232. "D-Darling, you can't be serious. Isn't that little much?"
  233. >Trixie winked
  234. "You seriously don't... that's so... it... ah... a-ah~"
  235. >Trixie's tongue was slippery, and felt tantalizingly cool against the scorching heat now between Rarity's loins
  236. "O-oh my. W-wah... hah~"
  237. >Rarity tried to keep her voice down
  238. >But it was impossible, Trixie's tongue seemed to perfectly stroke every sensitive milimeter of Rarity's pussy
  239. >Reflexively, her hand went to Trixie's hair, squeezing the girl's head as she shuddered and came
  240. >Trixie waited until Rarity's twitching had died down, then raised her face, licking her wet lips
  241. "Trixie... that..."
  242. >"It was amazing. Trixie knows, and she's sure you can't wait to pay her back."
  243. "I really... wait, what?"
  244. >"Don't worry, Trixie won't make you wait any longer. Enjoy yourself~"
  245. >Trixie lay back and spread her legs, showing off her own sex
  246. "I, but... darling, you can't really expect me to."
  247. >"No, it's really okay. Trixie thinks you've earned it~"
  248. >Rarity gulped
  249. >After Trixie had done it for her, it would be selfish to leave the other girl waiting
  250. >But, this was far more than she'd been ready for
  251. >Another girl's vagina, in her mouth?
  252. >Trixie wriggled her eyebrows
  253. >Apprehensive, Rarity rolled onto her stomach, and crawled up to Trixie, until her face was inches from Trixie's dripping lower lips
  254. >The smell of Trixie's musk was overpowering now, and Rarity's head swam
  255. >She tried her best to make her mind go blank, then bent down and pressed her lips to Trixie's pussy, letting her tongue flick out to taste them
  256. >It wasn't too bad
  257. >Just skin, with a slightly strong, salty-tangy taste on top
  258. >Trixie let out a contented "mmm," encouraging Rarity to try a little more
  259. >She took a few cautious licks, not really sure how to make this work, trying mostly to repeat what Trixie had done to her
  260. >On either side of her head, Trixie's thighs pressed in, holding her cheeks in a prison of soft, muscular flesh and sweat
  261. >Half of Rarity wanted to throw up, overwhelmed with disgust at the fact that she currently had a mouthful of vagina
  262. >The other half wanted to finish this, to turn into an animal and service Trixie wildly until the other girl were the same kind of quivering mess that Rarity had been just moments ago
  263. >As if to encourage her, Trixie let out a low, loving, yet somehow still boisterous moan, and buried her fingers in Rarity's hair
  264. >That was enough to push her solidly towards her second option
  265. >She opened her mouth wide, letting her ragged breathing wash over Trixie's pussy as she bathed it in her tongue, running its tip between Trixie's lips, then around them, and then, when she finally worked up the nerve, swirling her tongue around Trixie's swollen, trembling clit
  266. >Trixie came, at least once, maybe more
  267. >Her juices flowed freely over Rarity's face, as she was powerless to pull away with Trixie's shuddering thighs clamped around her head
  268. >She gasped and gagged, and was freed only when Trixie's throes of pleasure had subsided
  269. >Rarity sat up, her head swimming and her face a wet mess of her own saliva and Trixie's juices
  270. >A very contented Trixie sat up across from her, grinning
  271. >She was slightly glass-eyed with pleasure, but still managed to flash a smug grin at Rarity
  272. >"Trixie trusts you enjoyed your first proper taste of her," she said, then took Rarity's hands in hers
  273. >Trixie leaned in close enough, and licked Rarity's cheek
  274. >"You truly are a lucky girl."
  275. "You're an absolute barbarian, you know that?"
  276. >"Trixie's ravenous appetite is part of what makes her so stellar. Speaking of..."
  277. >Trixie scooted closer to Rarity and pushed her thighs about
  278. >"Trixie think she has another trick to teach you. Unless you've had enough?" she asked with a wink
  279. "I... could maybe try a little more," Rarity replied, unable to meet Rarity's eye
  280. >"That's just what Trixie wants to hear. Now, just lean back a little, and let Trixie... aaah, just like that."
  281. >Rarity lay back, her legs apart, and Trixie moved forward until both girls' pussies were pressed together in a slippery, erotic kiss
  282. >Trixie turned to the mirror, flexing her right bicep
  283. >"Oh man, Trixie makes this look great."
  284. "Please get over yourself."
  285. >"Impatient? Trixie understands."
  286. >She watched herself in the mirror, and even Rarity stole a glance as Trixie began to rock back and forth, rubbing herself against Rarity's still-sensitive femininity
  287. >It was actually insanely erotic, and the fires of arousal crept over Rarity's skin
  288. >She dug her fingers into the bedspread, admiring the way her lithe body spread between the waves of fabric
  289. >Trixie's body was even more beautiful in action, and Rarity drank in the sight of her as she pressed Rarity into the bed
  290. >"Like what you see?"
  291. "Just s-shut up and fuck me."
  292. >"Heheh. Just, nnf, enjoy the show!"
  293. >She winked at their reflections and playfully grabbed at her left breast, lifted it up to her mouth, and kissed it
  294. >In the mirror, she could see her own face growing slack as she approached orgasm
  295. >Her eyes grew cloudy and, to her shame, her tongue lolled from her mouth
  296. >"Haha! Trixie's really doing you good! She is just... nf... the... best!"
  297. >Rarity came
  298. >She saw the whole process: it started with a twitching in her hips, then spread all the way along her body, to the tips of her fingers and toes
  299. >Her back arched, and a shriek of delight escaped her lips
  300. >Sloppy squelching sounds were emanating from the point where both girls' pussies met, and Rarity watched their mixed juices spilling between their thighs and staining the bed
  301. >And as soon as the first wave died down, Trixie pushed her towards a second, panting furiously as she increased her pace
  302. >Rarity came again
  303. >Tears were streaming from her eyes now, but she could make out enough of her reflection to see she panting like a bitch, her tongue lolling and her eyes dull with pleasure
  304. "Trixie, you're..."
  305. >She came again, and again, until she couldn't restrain herself from crying out
  306. "You're amazing!"
  307. >"Trixie... nnn... fucking... knows!"
  308. >Rarity sank into the bed surrendering herself to a white-hot, enveloping embrace
  310. >Even when Trixie herself reached her limit and sank to the bed, panting, Rarity twitched and gasped for a solid ten minutes before she was able to speak again
  311. >Trixie took a long time to admire herself in the mirror, now that she'd worked up a sheen of sweat that sparkled along her body's gentle curves
  312. >When she was satisfied, she lay beside Rarity, tracing a finger up the other girl's leg
  313. >"So? Trixie was the best you've had, Trixie presumes."
  314. "Technically, I suppose."
  315. >"Ha! All in a day's work. Now, don't think you're getting out of here without giving Trixie her afterglow cuddles!"
  316. >Rarity had been trying to roll out of bed, but Trixie grabbed her by the arm and pulled her against her chest, where her head ended up resting atop Trixie's massive breasts
  317. >They really did make a pretty perfect pillow, and Rarity's exhaustion seemed to all catch up with her at once as the caffeine wore off and the enticing plushiness of Trixie's body lulled her towards sleep
  318. "S-stop it, you..." she moaned, exhausted. "We still have school tomorrow."
  319. >"Oh ho. Trixie thinks you just might have to sleep here, then."
  320. "As if," Rarity said, her eyelids growing heavy. "I'm still technically straight, you know."
  321. >"Hah. After seeing Trixie naked, no girl is straight."
  322. >Trixie's grip on Rarity was actually pretty light, she could have easily broken out if she wanted to
  323. >But she was tired, and it was so very, very warm in the other girl's arms
  324. >So Rarity convinced herself that, well, escaping would be too much effort anyway, and she could hardly be blamed if she stayed like this a little longer
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