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  1. spinal now adds 50% more e required to the weapon placed on it
  2. spinal range 500m -> 600m
  3. spinal cost 30$
  4. ring 20t -> 22t
  5. reload mod 25$
  6. pd 18 damage
  7. shield is just changed entirely
  8. stasis can be used with cloak
  9. stasis does not reset jump
  10. jump now actively requres energy
  11. jump now decloaks the ship it's on slightly
  12. volumetric weight 1.3->1.5
  13. flak firerate doubled
  14. flak damage halved
  15. flak e cost halved
  16. orb e was halved
  17. orb fire rate doubled
  18. orb damage halved
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