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  1. [12:15:27] <@Kain>
  2. [12:15:37] <~castfromhp> :o
  3. [12:16:53] <~castfromhp> ohgod Ammy is unconsciously creepy yandere stalker girl
  4. [12:17:13] <@Kain> more like yanbere
  5. [12:18:40] <~castfromhp> dohoho
  6. [12:18:43] <@Kain> tanbere
  7. [12:18:51] <@Kain> anyway
  8. [12:18:53] <@Kain> What do
  9. [12:18:57] <~castfromhp> But really, man, hearts drawn in blood? So yandere
  10. [12:20:48] <~castfromhp> Ammy would probably actually be SUPER EMBARRASSED for a moment before realizing no one else is there to see her husbando shrine.
  11. [12:21:31] <~castfromhp> And the slashed portraits woul make her queasy.
  12. [12:22:30] <~castfromhp> Is Lone Wolf among the portraits?
  13. [12:22:54] <@Kain> Indeed he is.
  14. [12:23:50] <@Kain> His looks rather ripped up, you barely recognize it. It seems to have been attacked more savagely than the others.
  15. [12:24:23] <@Kain> But it's right next to Damcyan's. which has a half-hearted scoring across it.
  16. [12:25:26] <~castfromhp> I just imagine this as one of those scenes where it's really somber and dark going past all the portraits, and then it gets punctuated by SUDDENLY HUSBANDO SHRINE and embarrassment.
  17. [12:25:52] <@Kain> <:3c
  18. [12:26:00] <@Kain> (Psst, look at the journal)
  19. [12:26:06] <~castfromhp> Yeah, was getting there.
  20. [12:26:26] <@Kain> Well, take your time.
  21. [12:26:28] <@Kain> What next?
  22. [12:28:46] <~castfromhp> I think though first, Ammy would fret a bit at the creepy yandere hearts. She'd probably scrub them out cause having them drawn in blood is creepy. (And then try to find some sort of ink to use if possible to redraw them.)
  23. [12:30:10] <~castfromhp> (THEN she picks up and reads the journal)
  24. [12:31:21] <@Kain> Its contents are different, for certain. It's written in a much shakier, wild hand, with entries as follows.
  25. [12:39:58] <@Kain> "I must cut away at him. I must cut and she does not let me. There is so much to be improved upon. Allow me the knife, I will improve his face. Give me the knife, I will give definition to his muscles. Hand me the knife, he will be beautiful in death." reads an early one. As they go on, however, their content starts to change. "I cannot cut at him anymore. His thread is proof against
  26. [12:39:59] <@Kain> the knife. So beautiful, his thread. I can see it glimmer softly. So fragile, and yet impervious, I covet it. " "Oh radiant sun, you simply cast your gaze upon the sheets of ice and they melt into giddy dew. The droplets reach up to caress, becoming clouds on the sky but never matching lofty heights. " "Every knife needs a well-oiled sheath, shall I not be yours?  Embers within my
  27. [12:39:59] <@Kain> lantern roar with secret passion, I cover my light lest someone else see it, this is for my eyes alone. These robes are no barrier for your touch."
  28. [12:42:22] <~castfromhp> Does it seem like a shakier version of Ammy's handwriting  or someone else's entirely?
  29. [12:42:26] <@Kain> Ammy's.
  30. [12:43:09] <~castfromhp> Okay, then this line "Every knife needs a well-oiled sheath, shall I not be yours?" probably completely mortifies her.
  31. [12:45:43] <~castfromhp> Like...drop the journal in shock all red-faced and spend a full minute contemplating never touching poetry again tier.
  32. [12:45:54] <@Kain> <:3
  33. [12:47:22] <@Kain> You can somehow tell that particular line was written while drunk.
  34. [12:48:09] <~castfromhp> Though it's a bit confusing now whether the journal started off as Tonberry's and became Ammy's later or whether Tonberry's desires are just mirroring Ammy's, or what
  35. [12:49:33] <@Kain> This is all written in the same wild handwriting that the earlier parts are written in, you think this is all Tonberry.
  36. [12:50:49] <@Kain> It shouldn't come to TOO much of a surprise, as on some level Tonberry and Ammy are the same, though holy shit Ammy is not this lewd.
  37. [12:53:04] <@Kain> It seems somewhere around Noah placing that protective geass on you, Tonberry's feelings, as seperate as they could have been, began to melt together with yours. ...It seems Tonberry has a fairly strong passion about things, though, and you find most of the rest of the journal is filled with romantic poetry, most not nearly as lewd, but more like the bit about the sun and clouds.
  38. [12:54:15] <~castfromhp> Hmm, well, Tonberry IS still Ammy yeah. So still super embarrassing.
  39. [12:54:36] <@Kain> Replacing the "Moogle Manifesto" is a "Murder Manifesto", containing very short bits of information of Ammy's victims, but not her targets.
  40. [12:54:56] <~castfromhp> Anything about 12GIL in that?
  41. [12:55:43] <@Kain> It seems to be noted when a victim is a member of 12GIL or otherwise affiliated, but it's kept very brief.
  42. [12:56:36] <~castfromhp> Huh, how many mentions are there of that?
  43. [12:56:41] <@Kain> Four.
  44. [12:56:58] <~castfromhp> Damcyan, Nezumi, (Lone Wolf?), ???
  45. [12:57:07] <~castfromhp> Oh! Is a name given for the Nezumi?
  46. [12:57:13] <@Kain> Nezumi is a target, not a victim
  47. [12:57:21] <~castfromhp> oh
  48. [12:58:50] <~castfromhp> Are names given for the others?
  49. [13:01:12] <@Kain> Lone Wolf (mentioned as killing Damcyan), Damcyan (given an extra stab just to make sure, a note also reads 'murder avenged'), as well as "Agatha Lain" and "Alwyn Aitchison". Looking up, you notice one of the portraits has been severely burned.
  50. [13:01:33] <~castfromhp> What.
  51. [13:01:42] <~castfromhp> D:
  52. [13:01:44] <~castfromhp> What.
  53. [13:02:30] <~castfromhp> Also how much does Ammy know about the nature of Tonberry's existence? Is it a portion of her personality that was portioned off at the time of death? A version of her former personality perhaps? Or is it like a totally external personality took hold of part of Ammy's mind?
  54. [13:04:46] <@Kain> For all intents and purposes, as Noah has told you before, it -shouldn't- be separate from your normal personality, aside from its own mythological biases. But the fact that it acts, at times, separate from how you'd expect suggests something else at work. It could be any of those.
  55. [13:06:10] <~castfromhp> What other details were given for Lord Aitchison's entry there? D:
  56. [13:09:40] <@Kain> "12GIL. Time Mage. Lindblun Noble. The catalyst for my true purpose." as you stare at that entry, your own arm moves independently of you, conjuring quill and ink out of nowhere, amending, "Mentor. Loved one. Father. Martyr." your arm hovers hestantly there, and then writes, "Rest in peace."
  57. [13:10:53] <~castfromhp> Ammy's chugging some spring day after she gets out of here
  58. [13:13:58] <@Kain> did you never cross your mind why you survived the fire and Lord Alwyn didn't?
  59. [13:14:08] <@Kain> *did it
  60. [13:17:05] <~castfromhp> Oh I always figured that was a thing that happened while Ammy was on an errand or something. that makes sense though.
  61. [13:18:05] <@Kain> One more thing before this ends, though, is that you feel a rumble as new parts of th e labyrinth open themselves.
  62. [13:18:39] <@Kain> And you feel, somewhere in the distance, Tonberry waiting.
  63. [13:20:01] <~castfromhp> Ammy's actually gonna try to communicate more directly here, leaving a note in the journal. "Who or what, exactly, are you? And what is meant by your true purpose?"
  64. [13:22:24] <@Kain> "I'm you. We are Tonberry. Our purpose is to hatch."
  65. [13:22:36] <~castfromhp> Oh, it responds?
  66. [13:23:01] <@Kain> A whispery voice that resembles yours echoes through the stone halls.
  67. [13:24:36] <~castfromhp> "Why do you fear the truth behind the tales then? The room of the knife and of the lantern?"
  68. [13:25:09] <@Kain> "Do you not fear death? Or even change?"
  69. [13:26:29] <@Kain> "The only form of death an eidolon can experience. To become something else entirely."
  70. [13:28:23] <~castfromhp> "All stories change or are forgotten. I have died once and changed already. Why should I fear it? Would you rather be forgotten? That is the true death an Eidolon faces."
  71. [13:29:57] <@Kain> "..."
  72. [13:33:13] <~castfromhp> "You made me kill my father. I should not forgive you for that, but I know I am bound by tales greater than I. It is hard to accept, but it is as if we were penned by two conflicting writers and what does good to one of us may do ill to the other. But once our story becomes one, then we too shall be as one. You shall not die. We shall not die."
  73. [13:33:40] <@Kain> "You are mistaken."
  74. [13:34:48] <@Kain> "It was by his own wish that we took his life."
  75. [13:36:13] <~castfromhp> "Why?"
  76. [13:36:15] <~castfromhp> "No, wait."
  77. [13:36:25] <~castfromhp> "Do not tell me."
  78. [13:36:52] <~castfromhp> "If he wished for me to know, then it would be by my own means of discovery, not such a simple telling."
  79. [13:37:24] <@Kain> "He gave his blood not once, but twice for us. The muses are unkind creatures... And now you are beginning to understand."
  80. [13:39:14] <~castfromhp> "The muses have only a duty to their tales. For the art, their characters must both suffer and feel joy, not simply one without the other."
  81. [13:39:40] <~castfromhp> "...I need a drink. We shall speak again later, perhaps."
  82. [13:40:23] <@Kain> "...Very well. It is not easy to seek the monster within."
  83. [13:40:24] <~castfromhp> (tempted to have Ammy add in an "And don't be so embarrassingly lewd!")
  84. [13:40:58] <~castfromhp> ("God, what if I bring Nat by and she finds the journal.")
  85. [13:41:05] <@Kain> (Pfffff)
  86. [13:41:18] <@Kain> (You -could- go ahead and say something if you like)
  87. [13:44:50] <~castfromhp> "...And please," Ammy's face turns beet-red and she mumbles "do not leave...such...lascivious writings simply laying about. I know they rest within our thoughts somewhere, but..." and then her voice is suddenly uncharacteristically frazzled "ergh, what if Nat wishes to see this realm and those are simply out there for anyone to read when she arrives?!"
  88. [13:48:30] <@Kain> "Only we may read that journal. ...but I will apologize anyway. ..that was not among my better moments."
  89. [13:48:51] <~castfromhp> "Thank you."
  90. [13:49:50] <@Kain> You sense a bit of embarassment coming from the direction of Tonberry herself, wherever she is in this lair.
  91. [13:50:39] <~castfromhp> And with that, Ammy's gonna leave and drown herself in Spring Day 1402. :D
  92. [13:51:54] <@Kain> You should know, the more you drink, the longer and more satisfying the vision seems to be.
  93. [13:52:35] <@Kain> In any case
  94. [13:53:03] <@Kain> Not quite how I wanted to reveal some things, but I think Ammy's own sense of curiosity will suit her in upcoming investigations.
  95. [13:53:13] <~castfromhp> Yeah, I figured. She'd be taking a pretty big swig.
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