The Eternal War, session 23

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  1. Session Start: Fri Nov 09 20:29:38 2012
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  8. Session Ident: #eternalwar
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  21. 01[19:47] <Staffen> You leave the havoc sowed on Scintilla and head at last for the Ixaniad - Trojus, and a force of the Adeptus Astartes await you.
  22. 01[19:49] <Staffen> On-route, Narcisa calls the group together...
  23. [19:51] <Narcisa> "From my time sifting through that partisans memory banks, I believe I have learned something interesting and perhaps pertinent to our hunt of Vok."
  24. [19:51] <Van> "And what's that?" Vanessa asks, for once not in her arbitrator armor, but her uniform instead, badge gleaming in the light.
  25. [19:52] <Plex> "Probably the location of his pornography stash," Plex mutters to Nyx, in the back of the room.
  26. [19:53] <Narcisa> "You were..." She would purse her lips, pausing a moment to think before nodding "That our Lady was captured by Vok? Served for a time as his well, slave? Well the event that allowed her to escape from his clutches was orchestrated by a particular tech-adept by the name of Sevanar."
  27. 06[19:53] * Nyx smirks, staring at her deck of cards
  28. [19:56] <Plex> "Sevanar..." Plex taps her chin. "Do you know anything about him?"
  29. [19:56] <Narcisa> "Apparently accessing his cogitation core and allowing her and a paritcular Kriegs guardsman to escape. Now, I have actually personally studied some of Lunelles Sevanar's works--revised of course, but she was a master of the relation of biology and electronica before her excommunication as a heretek. I cannot place how it was she came into being as Voks personal head-adept, but there you
  30. [19:56] <Narcisa> go."
  31. [19:57] <Nyx> "So how will this leader to the arch-traitor?"
  32. [19:58] <Narcisa> "Not too much, no. What I do no was that she had a sister, Atrielle. Bright but supposedly succumed to the weakness of flesh and was eventually sent away to Krieg after a century in a low position for her weaknesses."
  33. [19:59] <Narcisa> "Krieg, of course, popular for their production of Guardsmen of a particular regiment, yes? Eventually, she was to be recalled to Calixis after something happened, she was supposed to be excommunicated but she disppeared en route with the rest of her vessel into the warp. It might be prudent to look into the matter with our Lady about Magos Sevanar, and what role this Krieg guardsman might've
  34. [19:59] <Narcisa> played in all this."
  35. [19:59] <Van> "She was sent across the galaxy because she wanted to keep her tits?"
  36. [20:00] <Nyx> "Are we cleared in this action, then?  To go seek this lead out?"
  37. 06[20:01] * Narcisa would give Van a bit of a look, before a nond "Atrielle subjected herself to numerous juvenats as well, yes."
  38. [20:04] <Narcisa> "We might be. If we are done here with Varians issues. It is not... particularly pressing so I imagine we have the time to finish whatever it is you have planned with the Astartes? Unless you would wish to pursue it before our departure?"
  39. 01[20:13] <Staffen> Another month and a half later of astoundingly fast travel, you arrive at Trojus.
  40. [20:14] <Nyx> "Well, that was fast."
  41. [20:15] <Van> "We went from the almost dead center of the Calixis sector to it's trailing neighbor. Yes. That is fast."
  42. 01[20:16] <Staffen> Within an hour of your arrival a Astartes frigate comes alongside the Wrath of Justice - it announces you are recognized already. It requests permission to send over a shuttle to transport you.
  43. [20:17] <Narcisa> "I do not think anyone would object."
  44. [20:20] <Van> "No objections here." And she was back in her armor.
  45. [20:21] <Nyx> "Objection to the requests of Angels of Death is heresy.  Also, asking for death."
  46. 01[20:24] <Staffen> Another thirty minutes and the "shuttle" arrives. It is a massive craft -- easily big enough to carry a few tanks -- with a cannon mounted to its topside and heavy sponsons.
  47. [20:24] <Van> "Why did they send over a thunderhawk?"
  48. 01[20:25] <Staffen> The front hatch opens, and a single Marine in blue and silver steps out with a squad of men in carapace.
  49. [20:25] <Plex> "Ours is not to question why, et cetera," Plex says quietly as the hatch opens. "Now quiet."
  50. 01[20:25] <Staffen> "Friends!" the Marine calls out -- you realize it's Ramsay.
  51. [20:26] <Narcisa> "Ah, you're friends with astartes." She would speak lowly to the others
  52. [20:27] <Van> "Of course they are..."
  53. 06[20:27] * Nyx does a bow, and kisses an Imperial Cult icon
  54. [20:27] <Plex> "Lord Ramsay," Plex says deferentially. "We are glad to see you are well."
  55. 01[20:28] <Staffen> Ramsay pulls off his helmet. "Lady Nyx, why do you bow?"
  56. [20:29] <Nyx> "You are one of His Majesty's Angels, and higher than myself, than the pure nobility from commoners, mighty Astartes."
  57. [20:32] <Van> "Are you a Storm Warden?"
  58. 01[20:33] <Staffen> Ramsay gives an confused look to Plex. "Well, the war council has dispatched me to bring you to them. Inquisitor Odin and the Lady wish to brief you on the situation."
  59. 01[20:34] <Staffen> Ramsay then looks to Frydborne. "I am indeed, Arbitrator."
  60. [20:34] <Plex> "Then we shall go. Enough time has already passed."
  61. 01[20:36] <Staffen> Ramsay quickly facepalms. "In his presence, please refer to the Inquisitor -- er, Odin -- refer to him as Octavius."
  62. [20:36] <Narcisa> "Is there a reason for that you'd be willing to share or do I court death simply by showing mild curiosity?"
  63. [20:37] <Van> "A bad warp jump when I was ten left us stranded in the same system as Sacris for 2 months while we tried to fix the warp drive. I didn't see any astartes, but the Captain said some of your brothers investigated our stranded vessel." She would nod. "Octavius it is, then."
  64. 01[20:38] <Staffen> Ramsay shrugs. "It was... well, it was a joke, I think. Master Bruno's Champion, or Guard Master -- whatever he is, he started calling him Odin around other Marines."
  65. 01[20:44] <Staffen> The Storm Warden shouts to the men in carapace, "Scouts, at attention!"
  66. 01[20:44] <Staffen> Ramsay gestures to the craft. "Everyone get aboard. We'll take you to the council."
  67. 06[20:45] * Plex nods, then boards the over-large shuttle.
  68. [20:46] <Van> As would Vanessa.
  69. 06[20:47] * Narcisa quickly follows, offering a bow of her head to the marine and his retinue of scouts as she passed, offering a quick "Remember, shotguns against melee, sniper rifles against heavy weapons."
  70. 01[20:54] <Staffen> Once everyone is aboard the craft's hatch closes up and it takes off.
  71. 01[20:58] <Staffen> After another 45 minutes of flight the craft puts down once more. The hatch opens to a pair of Marines clad in white and black, who step aside to allow people off.
  72. 06[21:00] * Plex disembarks after Ramsay, following him down to the deck.
  73. 01[21:01] <Staffen> Ramsay clomps off down the landing pad, past the Marines. The white-armored Astartes lingeringly watch you pass.
  74. 06[21:02] * Narcisa follows after Plex, her hands clasped infront of her stomach as she followed
  75. 01[21:06] <Staffen> The Storm Warden leads you across the compound a ways - you get the impression you've put down in a fortress. Ramsay stops before a box-like structure with a cluster of antennae and receiver dishes.
  76. 01[21:07] <Staffen> "I must warn you," Ramsay says, "the council may seem like it's... dysfunctional, but it is highly efficient. Respect is demanded."
  77. [21:09] <Van> "How dysfunctional can it be? These are highly respected peers of the Imperium and the commanders of Astartes armies. You make it sound like they'll be squabbling like juves."
  78. [21:09] <Narcisa> "I do not think anyone here is of sufficient rank to complain."
  79. [21:11] <Plex> "Before we arrive, Lord Ramsay--if I may ask, how is it the Astartes came to use this system? I was under the impression that would be...difficult."
  80. 01[21:13] <Staffen> "As I understand Inquisitor Octavius gave us clearance," Ramsay says, "because the Inquisition had been accepting restricted access by the Guard to act as reinforcement. Now..."
  81. [21:14] <Plex> "Ah," she nods, understanding. "Suddenly it makes sense. Thank you."
  82. 06[21:17] * Narcisa looks to Plex at this, a look of perplexity on her features "What about this system makes it difficult to use?"
  83. [21:19] <Plex> "Trojus has been under Inquisitorial Quarantine for some time. As Lord Ramsay said, they granted clearance to the Astartes due to the importance of the mission."
  84. 01[21:20] <Staffen> Ramsay nods to the blue-and-gold Marines standing at attention on both sides of the door. He presses a few keys on the control, and the doors open up. Instantly you are blasted by no less than four voices trying to shout over one-another.
  85. 01[21:21] <Staffen> Somehow a fifth individual is able to call out over even this yelling-match. "Brothers! Silence! We are visited!"
  86. 01[21:22] <Staffen> This does nothing, and so a sixth individual cries out, "SILENCE!"
  87. [21:22] <Narcisa> "A huh." She winces as she hears the voices
  88. 06[21:22] * Plex glances at Ramsay, then the rest of her team.
  89. 01[21:23] <Staffen> The giants inside slowly stop shouting, and turn their heads. There is a wide variety of colors and standards shown here: light grey, blue, black, yellow...
  90. [21:23] <Van> "... well..."
  91. 01[21:23] <Staffen> The Lady sits in silence besides a man. The two of them watch you enter with indifference.
  92. 01[21:24] <Staffen> The entirety of the room looks to you expectantly.
  93. 01[21:24] <Staffen> "My Lords," Ramsay announces, bowing, "I bring you our respected Lady's servants."
  94. 06[21:24] * Plex bows after Ramsay's introduction.
  95. 06[21:25] * Nyx bows low, her hat off
  96. 06[21:26] * Narcisa follows suit, bowing deeply at the waist
  97. 01[21:26] <Staffen> Beside the man and the Lady stands a man in black-and-red carapace.
  98. 06[21:26] * Six-Jay is standing in perfect parade rest slightly behind the Inquisitor Octavious, his carapace armor is incredibly well maintained and painted in inquisitorial black and red.  He nods slightly to the group.
  99. 06[21:27] * Van gives a nod. Bowing isn't exactly easy in her armor.
  100. 01[21:29] <Staffen> "Well," snarls a particular, bearded Marine in grey, "maybe now we can make some progress, eh Octavius? Perhaps we can finally tell Erwin and his Sword-Brethren, 'rejoice! We march for vindication!'"
  101. 01[21:30] <Staffen> "I don't appreciate your tongue, Lord Dragongaze," a yellow Marine grunts. "Show some respect. These mortals have been through hell."
  102. 06[21:30] * Six-Jay closes his eyes for the briefest of moments as if he were recognizeing a familier pattern in the discussion and was lamenting it.
  103. 06[21:31] * Van nudges Nyx in the side. "This is not how astartes meetings go in the holoreels."
  104. 06[21:31] * Nyx is too busy wearing a gentle smiling face, for fear of death from insulting the Astartes in some manner
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  107. 06[21:35] * Narcisa lowers her head, bowing it perhaps as she mouthed the word "Dragongaze" to herself.
  108. [21:36] <Van> With no reply from Nyx, Vanessa voices her concern. "I may be a... mere mortal compared to you Angels of Death, but arguing like a bunch of underhive juves hopped up on stimm seems quite unbecoming for the defenders of the Imperium."
  109. 06[21:37] * Nyx jumps nearly two feet in the air as she scrambles far away from the offender, then falls to the ground, her forehead to the floor in a bomb-crouch
  110. 06[21:38] * Six-Jay raises an eyebrow and glances to the inquisitors.
  111. 06[21:39] * Plex takes a subtle step sideways.
  112. 01[21:39] <Staffen> Another Space Marine in similar colors to Dragongaze scoffs. "Aye, Arbiter, and, while I am not some petty enforcer, talking up to a group of people twice your size does not seem becoming of a Inquisitorial agent. But you're right."
  113. 01[21:40] <Staffen> The Marine looks over his fellows. "You see, friends? These mortals know better than we do our own folly."
  114. 06[21:40] * Nyx slowly shifts upwards back into her original posture, still maintaining distance
  115. [21:40] <Nyx> "Unless that would offend you!"
  116. 06[21:40] * Narcisa looks over to Vanessa "You will in time learn the importance of holding your tongue." her eyes flicked to the space marine that spoke and back to Vanessa "Though fate has its mercies, and today will not be that day."
  117. 01[21:40] <Staffen> "Indeed. Acolytes of the Inquisition," a Marine in similar colors to Ramsay stands, "I am Lorgath Maclir, Chapter Master of the Storm Wardens. I understand we have you to thank for instigating this crusade."
  118. 06[21:40] * Six-Jay lets out soft breath he had been holding as the sudden tension the woman's remark caused had been diffused.
  119. 06[21:44] * Six-Jay nods slightly at something Inquisitor Octavious says, but makes no movements.
  120. [21:44] <Plex> "If by that you mean the vortex bomb and the secrets it gave up, milord, then yes."
  121. 01[21:45] <Staffen> Master Lorgath nods. "My friends? Perhaps you might be so polite as to introduce yourselves?"
  122. 06[21:47] * Plex sketches another bow. "I am known as Flavia Pellagri, formerly of Askelphion Secundus, pledged to the service of the Emperor in His mercy. If it pleases My Lords and Lady, I prefer the moniker of 'Plex.'"
  123. 06[21:48] * Nyx goes to a knee, her face down
  124. [21:49] <Nyx> "I am Nyx Fortuna, thirdborn of the rightful heirs to the holdings of the Trader Haarlock, in far Quaddis, should His Majesty will it.  My holdings are open should m'lord desire to visit our famed holdings of the performance district."
  125. 01[21:50] <Staffen> The Marine in dark grey and gold trim groans. "Charming. Another Haarlock pretender."
  126. 06[21:50] * Nyx bows lower
  127. [21:50] <Nyx> "Of course, m'lord, we number as the stars, showing the strength of our progenitor's 'line.'"
  128. 06[21:50] * Nyx looks up with a smirk
  129. 01[21:51] <Staffen> The one known as Dragongaze laughs.
  130. [21:51] <Van> "Arbitrator Vanessa Frydborne. I... am a recent transfer to this cell." She would get down to one knee as well.
  131. 06[21:53] * Narcisa bows again as she was last to speak "Former Liaison of the Forge Forth, Designate Narcisa."
  132. 06[21:53] * Petrus bows before the astartes "I am Petrus Cain of Tansvaal Lord Astartes."
  133. 01[21:56] <Staffen> "I am Wolf Lord Gunnar Redmoon of the Space Wolves," the other grey Marine announces. "My idiot of a Brother here is Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze."
  134. 01[21:56] <Staffen> One of Redmoon's guards, a Space Wolf in a fittingly canine-shaped helm, snorts at this, although Dragongaze flushes.
  135. 06[21:57] * Van doesn't know what to say about this. A space marine commander blushing like a schola juve. She bites her tongue, though.
  136. 06[21:58] * Six-Jay listens to all of the individuals as they introduce themselves, amused slightly by Nyx's introduction as he was he fought very hard to keep the small quirk of a smile off his face.
  137. 01[21:59] <Staffen> "I am Dragoth, Captain of the Imperial Fists," the yellow Marine announces.
  138. 01[21:59] <Staffen> The dark grey Astartes rolls his eyes. "Grand Master Vandemon Bruno of the Knights Teutonic."
  139. 01[22:00] <Staffen> A particularly gruesome sample of Space Marine nods at you. Half of his face is a hideous mess. "Thanatos, Master of the Death Spirits. It pleases me to meet you -- Moerchen tells me much."
  140. 01[22:05] <Staffen> "Well," the Lady stands, "gentlemen, this is my associate, Inquisitor Octavius."
  141. 01[22:06] <Staffen> The man smiles to you all. His head seems to almost "stick out" from beneath thick layers of clothing, armor and a heavy leather coat. He looks tired, but young.
  142. 01[22:06] <Staffen> "He has been instrumental in the organization of this Crusade," the Lady adds.
  143. [22:06] <Plex> "Well-met, my Lord Octavius."
  144. 01[22:08] <Staffen> "You as well, Lady Pellagri," Octavius says. "I am honored to finally meet this Cell. And your presence is vital to the survival of this crusade -- perhaps this region of space, yes?"
  145. 01[22:10] <Staffen> "Aye," Redmoon pipes up, "you'll be instrumental in saving us all from the abandonment of Erwin and his Sword-Brethren. Were that they were all that mattered here..."
  146. 01[22:10] <Staffen> "Indeed," the Lady says, "we've run into a small snag. When we arrived Vok had already moved on to another point. But he left a ship behind..."
  147. 06[22:11] * Six-Jay casts a slightly look towards the Space Wolf, clearly unhappy with the lack of respect shown his inquisitor, but unwilling to say anything about it.
  148. [22:11] <Van> "What kind of ship? Do you have a pict of it?"
  149. [22:11] <Plex> "Anything Vok 'leaves behind' is dangerous and most likely a purposeful act..."
  150. [22:12] <Narcisa> "Likely laden with explosives and archeotech."
  151. 01[22:12] <Staffen> "Better, it's in orbit still," Octavius dryly remarks before standing. "More to the point, the Astartes essentially forced a restraining order on the vessels present in orbit, but they lacked authority to properly investigate them."
  152. 01[22:13] <Staffen> "In my infinite ignorance I neglected the detail of these ships," Octavius continues, "but when Lord Winterscale arrived with his fleet he recognized one of them as a Mandus-Kormon vessel. Given he has the power to do such things he acted on impulse and seized the vessel."
  153. 01[22:16] <Staffen> "It went down with little fight, I'm told," Octavius gives you an assuring look. "We found enough goods aboard to maintain an Imperial armored battalion for an efficient planetary blitzkrieg's duration."
  154. [22:16] <Plex> "I sense a 'but' coming."
  155. [22:16] <Van> "And Winterscale went to claim his prize, and is now enthralled to some hideous device from the Koronus Expanse. I've seen this holoreel before... it wasn't very good."
  156. 01[22:17] <Staffen> "You are being spoken to," Bruno says, coldly, "I advise you listen, Mortiurge."
  157. 01[22:19] <Staffen> The other Astartes become silent at this. The Lady steps forward and coughs.
  158. 01[22:21] <Staffen> "We also found one interesting individual," the Lady says. She presses a rune on the holo-table the Marines are gathered around. The profile of a man pops up -- his face does not seem to properly fit his skull and he smiles wide and dumbly. "He calls himself Magos Sierck. We have contacted the Adeptus Mechanicus to confirm his identity, but there has not yet been a response."
  159. 06[22:22] * Six-Jay keeps his attention focused on the group, clearly having had this briefing already.
  160. 01[22:22] <Staffen> "So-far, Sierck has refused our questioning. He insists he knows nothing of Vok, and demands that he be treated with the respect afforded to his position," Octavius tells you. "But time is running out. He was aboard a traitor vessel. Investigator Plex, I understand you are adept at interrogations?"
  161. [22:23] <Plex> "Yes, milady." She nods.
  162. [22:23] <Van> "If he's a Magos, can you not just kill him and turn his head over to Larmortes to pick through?"
  163. [22:23] <Van> (*tech-priest, not Magos)
  164. 01[22:26] <Staffen> Octavius sighs. "Because, dear Frydborne, the Adeptus Mechanicus does not appreciate the irresponsible murder of its associated Tech-priests by the Inquisition. Any incautious handling of this could cause the Lathes to cease shipment of their goods to the Sector, which will mean a certain, definite end to civilization in this region of space."
  165. [22:29] <Petrus> "What if he were to accidentally die in the crossfire? Accidents happen."
  166. 06[22:29] * Narcisa issues a fake cough at Petrus' question
  167. 06[22:30] * Plex quietly ignores her trigger-happy compatriots. "Then when this business is concluded, I shall get to work on our...guest."
  168. 01[22:30] <Staffen> Octavius nods to Narcisa. "This is, perhaps, why the Lady avoids putting you to more subtle operations. Your tact astounds me, Lord Cain."
  169. 06[22:31] * Six-Jay leans down to whisper something to Inquisitor Octavious.
  170. 06[22:32] * Narcisa speaks lowly, mostly to herself "Master of ocular bionics. Sevanar an expert of biological and electronica implantation and communication. Certainly obsessed with those the best in their fields."
  171. 06[22:32] * Petrus tries to figure out of astartes can be sarcastic
  172. 01[22:33] <Staffen> Octavius takes a piece of paper from his seat and writes on it. "This is an executive docket for access to Sierck's cell. If you require security or for him to be put in more fitting circumstances for 'interview,' let me know now so that I can call it in."
  173. [22:34] <Van> "We don't even have to fetch him?"
  174. 06[22:34] * Narcisa would look to their Lady as things seemed to be winding down, speaking after Octavius does "My Lady, might I have a moment of your time when this has concluded?"
  175. 01[22:34] <Staffen> The Lady nods. "Of course."
  176. 06[22:35] * Plex mulls over the circumstances. "If you have a dedicated facility for the task, that should suffice, milord."
  177. 01[22:35] <Staffen> Maclir looks around. "Master Bruno? I would request you inform respected Brother Erwin that we are making headway with our plans. As usual, ask for his patients. Otherwise, friends, I believe this council is adjourned."
  178. 01[22:36] <Staffen> *patience
  179. 01[22:38] <Staffen>
  180. 01[22:38] <Staffen> (whoops)
  181. 06[22:39] * Plex bows to the chapter master, waits for leave to leave, and departs for the cells where Sierck is held.
  182. 01[22:39] <Staffen> The Marines begin to file out. One of the two black-armored Knights behind Bruno approaches you, as does the canine-masked Space Wolf.
  183. 06[22:40] * Narcisa looks to Plex "If you need me for whatever reason, for example if that fool only speaks in the Mechanicus techna tongue or the like, do let me know, yes?"
  184. [22:41] <Plex> "I will, though I suspect my...preferred method may make that requirement unnecessary."
  185. 01[22:41] <Staffen> "I find your abrasiveness amusing," the Knight remarks. Atop his helm is a laurel -- and a handprint scars his breastplate.
  186. 01[22:42] <Staffen> "Aye," grunts the Space Wolf, "even Dragongaze's tail drops between his legs when he has to disrespect old Orion."
  187. 01[22:43] <Staffen> "Anselm, Balmung," Octavius calls, "if you would leave us with the Cell, please?"
  188. 06[22:44] * Six-Jay sticks close to his master, his attention is focused on the Cell still however.
  189. 01[22:44] <Staffen> The two Marines nod to him. "I suppose we'll meet later. I'll see you later, Brother," the Knight says.
  190. 01[22:44] <Staffen> They clasp hands and pat one-another on the shoulder before leaving with their individual masters.
  191. [22:44] <Van> "... Anselm... Anselm... wait a tick! You're the astartes that wanted to put a damn statue on in the main meeting hall on the Bonney Lass! My father told me stories about you!"
  192. 06[22:45] * Van has her cries fall upon deaf ears as they walk away. "Baaah."
  193. 06[22:45] * Narcisa would watch the marines, looking to Vanessa and shaking her head "Oh, they find her remarks amusing." She sighs and shakes her head again, heading to the side of their lady Inquisitor to speak with her as things were concluded
  194. 01[22:47] <Staffen> The Marines are soon gone, leaving you with the Lady and Octavius.
  195. 01[22:47] <Staffen> "Rude as ever, those two," Octavius sighs. "I suppose explanations are in order for you all."
  196. 06[22:48] * Plex simply awaits, listening.
  197. [22:49] <Nyx> "Pssst, that was someone famous."
  198. [22:49] <Van> "I knew that."
  199. [22:49] <Nyx> "He is even known in the legend of a living saint.  To see him walk, in life...!"
  200. [22:49] <Petrus> "I know"
  201. 01[22:51] <Staffen> "I wouldn't inflate Anselm's deeds, not in his presence," Octavius warns. "He hates it. Broke into a rant when one of Maclir's men asked him questions about the war for the Iron Collar. Ironic -- his ego is too large to let him accept all the credit. But anyway..."
  202. 06[22:52] * Six-Jay has dropped into a slightly more alert posture now that the space marines have left and one hand rests on a Fury holstered at his hip.
  203. [22:53] <Van> "... most of what I know is from the holoreel. Anselm on Crusade, it was called. I doubt he really rode a whirlwind missle into a low orbiting chaos controlled vessel."
  204. 01[22:54] <Staffen> "I will say nothing on the factuality of that. This is my bodyguard, Six-Jay." Octavius motions to the storm trooper next to him. "A few months ago once rogue Inquisitor by the name of Anxo set a trap for me. My dearest Lady was understood to have killed him several decades ago after an open denouncement, but to my misfortune his rosette was never properly frozen."
  205. 06[22:55] * Six-Jay steps forwards and snaps a brisk salute as Octavious introduces him and seems to bristle at the name his inquisitor mentions. "Bastard Traitor."
  206. 01[22:55] <Staffen> "I am here because Anxo's trail leads to one Yrtzen Vok," Octavius tells you. "It's a small galaxy, isn't it?"
  207. [22:56] <Nyx> "With him involved, everyone and their mother is either in his pocket, or against him."
  208. 06[22:56] * Nyx blushes in sudden remebrance of the truthfulness of that statement, and coughs in shame
  209. 01[22:56] <Staffen> "Very poor humor given your recent affairs, Nyx," the Lady says, darkly.
  210. 06[22:56] * Nyx looks down
  211. [22:57] <Nyx> "I apologize; my tongue had gotten further than the leash of my mind, mistress."
  212. 06[22:57] * Six-Jay looks upon closer inspection to be older than Inquisitor Octavious, with weatherd features and salt and pepper hair that has far more salt than pepper in it these days.
  213. 06[22:58] * Petrus raises and eyebrow
  214. 01[22:59] <Staffen> "I must warn you all: something is amiss," Octavius says. "Lord Winterscale's loyalty is as doubtful as any of the Chapter Masters assembled here. He's too hot-headed to even consider betraying the Throne's trust. However, I cannot say the same of some of his banners. I worry someone in his fleet may be accepting payment from Vok."
  215. 01[22:59] <Staffen> "If that's the case," he continues, "you must be careful. Be on the watch for anything suspicious while you're here. That is all I have to tell you."
  216. 01[22:59] <Staffen> "You said you wished to ask me something, Factor," the Lady says, looking to Narcisa. "What is it?"
  217. [23:00] <Plex> "With your permission, Lord, Lady." Plex bows out of the conversation and turns to leave.
  218. 01[23:01] <Staffen> Octavius and the Lady simultaneously nod.
  219. [23:01] <Nyx> "I must follow, in case there is resistance.  I beg your leave, my lord and ladies."
  220. 06[23:02] * Six-Jay glances to Inquisitor Octavius, his eyebrow arched slightly.
  221. 01[23:03] <Staffen> "Six-Jay," Octavius calls, "show Lady Plex and Lady Fortuna to Sierck. They do not seem to know where they are going."
  222. 01[23:03] <Staffen> The Inquisitor hands his subordinate the docket.
  223. [23:03] <Narcisa> "Well I would... rather ask in a more private setting, as I am certain it is a subject matter you would rather keep those pertinent to to a minimum."
  224. [23:03] <Van> "What do you need the rest of us to do?"
  225. [23:04] <Narcisa> "Though not wholly private, as I would also request the presence of that Kriegs Imperial Guardsman, if you have him on retainer?"
  226. 06[23:04] * Six-Jay nods quickly and sets off at a half-jog to catch up to the pair and to guide them to the location of the prisoner. "Follow me please Adept, Magos." He is impressivly polite.
  227. 01[23:05] <Staffen> "If you are referring to what I believe you are, Factor Narcisa, then do not worry. The Lady has been graciously open on the matter. But, ah, Arbiter Frydborne, Lord Cain, perhaps you should go with the others?"
  228. 01[23:05] <Staffen> ^ Octavius says.
  229. 06[23:06] * Plex nods and follows the guardsman.
  230. 06[23:07] * Narcisa would look down at herself, working her jaw in thought before returning her gaze to her Ladys own "Very well--during the time of your capture what role did that guardsman play in aiding your release from Voks grasp?"
  231. 06[23:08] * Van shrugs and does so, following the psykers.
  232. 06[23:08] * Petrus nods and follows the group
  233. [23:09] <Six-Jay> It is a pleasure to meet you all, your work has been greatly appreciated by Lord Octavious. Though I must say you are not quite what I expected hearing about you." He speaks as he leads them onwards.
  234. [23:09] <Six-Jay> octavius*
  235. [23:11] <Plex> "Now you've got me curious," Plex says as they walk, a smirk evident in her tone. "Better? Worse?"
  236. 06[23:12] * Six-Jay shrugs non-commitedly. "You are different, though you must be more effective than first impressions indicate for you to have acheived all that you have. I look forward to working with your cell in the future if my Lord wills it."
  237. [23:13] <Plex> "Ah! The power of low expectations." She nudges Nyx in the ribs. "Sometimes it is better to be underestimated."
  238. [23:14] <Van> "I've not seen many soldiers. Did you serve with a PDF or an actual Guard regiment?"
  239. [23:14] <Nyx> "Disappointing my tutor was my goal for the first 20 years of life.  Kept me out of the more difficult studies."
  240. 06[23:15] * Six-Jay nods once, walking at a brisk and militant pace. "I am a Graduate of Drusus Holy Martyr of Him on Earth Schola Progenium." This is the only answer he gives, though clearlyt there is more to it than that.
  241. [23:16] <Six-Jay> clearly*
  242. 06[23:16] * Petrus mumbles "Oh great another fanatic"
  243. [23:17] <Van> "Another one?"
  244. [23:18] <Six-Jay> Anouther one what Ma'am?" He glances over his shoulder towards the pair in the back, barely breaking stride as he navigated the group around a corner.
  245. [23:18] <Van> "Never mind."
  246. 06[23:19] * Six-Jay shrugs again and leads the group down anouther hall, despite the weight of his armor and weapons his pace does not falter at the slightest. "Have your served your Mistress long?" He asks, his tone clearly an effort at small talk.
  247. [23:21] <Petrus> "About a year."
  248. [23:22] <Six-Jay> "Only a year? Truly you must be blessed by Him on Earth to have had the oppertuinity to serve as much as you have in that time." He seems genuinely surprised.
  249. [23:22] <Van> "I wouldn't call it blessed."
  250. [23:23] <Petrus> "I would hardly called it blessed. Being chased around the sector by lord Winterscale was not fun."
  251. [23:23] <Plex> "The time has its ups and downs, but I would far rather this be my fate than what awaited me before my sanctification."
  252. [23:23] <Plex> *sanctioning
  253. [23:23] <Six-Jay> "There is no greater cause then the service to our Almighty Emperor, that so many challenges have come your way is a sign of greatness etched in your future. They are so that you may not be found wanting when your true tests arise." He sounds like he is quoteing a passage from some script.
  254. 06[23:24] * Petrus rolls his eyes "You remind me of a tutor I had when I was younger."
  255. [23:24] <Van> "I see. Because even a borderling sociopath killing the people that need to be killed is doing a great service towards the betterment of man."
  256. [23:25] <Van> *borderline
  257. [23:26] <Plex> "I hesitate to know what those true tests involve," Plex says dryly, "given those we have undergone so far."
  258. [23:26] <Six-Jay> "I have little doubt your Tutor was taught from the same books I have read Master Cain, which means that you would have perhaps done well to heed his words." He states simply, not even bothering to glance back at the other man, though he does look to Plex. "None can know what lays ahead, but the things I have done and seen in service to the Inquisition leave me in doubt that more things yet lay in store for you."
  259. [23:27] <Six-Jay> no doubt*
  260. [23:28] <Plex> "Well," she shrugs, "far be it from me to beg off these nebulous 'things.' But I will feel much more optimistic about them once Vok is...dealt with."
  261. [23:28] <Van> "I think we all will."
  262. 06[23:29] * Six-Jay smiles slightly through his neatly trimmed mustache. "He will be beaten, the might of the Imperium is inexhaustable. I take comfort in knowing that even if we should somehow fail, he will be dealt with with all the fury of our Emperor. Does that thought not comfort you all as well?"
  263. 01[23:31] <Staffen> Six-Jay brings you at last to a cell guarded by one Knight. He turns his head to you. "State the purpose of your presence, mortals... ah, is this Inquisitorial business? I see you're the one called Odin's lapdog."
  264. 06[23:32] * Six-Jay 's smile vanishes and is replaced by a cold business-like expression, he holds out his badge of office and the docket. "We are here to interogate the prisoner, stand aside and allow the Inqusition to conduct it's business."
  265. 01[23:36] <Staffen> The Knight snorts. "Fine. Good luck getting this scum to talk for once. All he's done during my shift is sit in there and sing songs about how he wants to go back to his labs."
  266. 06[23:38] * Six-Jay inclines his head in respect. "Thank you for your understanding my Lord." He steps forwards and prepares to key open the door when the others give him the signal that they are ready to enter.
  267. 06[23:40] * Plex nods her assent.
  268. 06[23:41] * Six-Jay reaches down to unholster his fury pistol as he quickly keys in the door code and then steps inside, his weapon held at his side but ready in case the strange tech-priest has decided to make trouble.
  269. 06[23:44] * Petrus yawns
  270. 01[23:46] <Staffen> Immediately after you enter the occupant breaks into song: "What do you do with a locked-up magos, what do you do with a locked-up magos..."
  271. 01[23:47] <Staffen> He has his back turned to you. He turns his head in a snap to look over his shoulder at the Cell, and then he smiles -- it's unpleasant, especially since you can see the points where his face is pinned to his skull.
  272. 01[23:47] <Staffen> "Well, hello there!" Sierck exclaims. He stands, and outstretches his arms. "What can I do for you all?"
  273. [23:48] <Nyx> "Hi!"
  274. 06[23:48] * Nyx waves
  275. 06[23:49] * Six-Jay does not take his eyes off the Magos but twitches slightly as Nyx greets him.
  276. 01[23:49] <Staffen> "By all accounts you are not the typical Astartes. I must say I've never seen one with breasts before either."
  277. 01[23:49] <Staffen> Finding himself funny, he chuckles at this.
  278. [23:50] <Plex> "You can answer our questions," Plex responds, doing her best to ignore the obvious insanity. "Willingly, or otherwise."
  279. 06[23:50] * Narcisa quietly slips in behind the cell as she had finished her previous business. She seemed a bit out of breath, having jogged or simply ran to catch up. Her brow would furrow as she heard at least the second comment
  280. 01[23:50] <Staffen> The blue-and-gold Marine who followed Narcisa there turns and immediately heads back.
  281. [23:51] <Narcisa> Turning, she would call out "Thank you!"
  282. [23:52] <Plex> "Ah, more helpers..." Plex rubs her hands together and removes her gloves, displaying the aquila tattoo adorning the back of her left hand.
  283. 01[23:54] <Staffen> Sierck leans back and laughs, hard. "I see how it is, now! But sadly, my dear, as you do not look to be quite the unintelligent brute-type that so-far has presumed to pester me, I suspect you know as well as I do the punishment for the abuse of a Magos by non-Mechanicum AS PER THE DECREE of the Treaty of Mars! Your menacing movements do not particularly frighten me, my dear."
  284. 06[23:55] * Plex blinks innocently. "Who said I was going to abuse you? My hands were over-warm, is all."
  285. 01[23:57] <Staffen> The Magos shrugs. "A number of things. For instance, that nasty little sharp edge to your tone, the slightest inflection of the imperative statement, 'you CAN answer our questions,' as you said. There was that trained-and-tested-excruciator look you gave when you began to remove your gloves and comment on the presence of more... 'helpers.' You, my sweet, are a seasoned interrogator if I ever did lay eyes on one."
  286. [23:57] <Nyx> "He's a smart one."
  287. 01[23:58] <Staffen> He looks Nyx over. He bends slightly to the side.
  288. 06[23:58] * Nyx mimics his bending
  289. 06[23:59] * Six-Jay sighs slightly and fixes the Tech-priest with a look. "Please cease your unnesasary movements Magos."
  290. Session Time: Sun Nov 11 00:00:00 2012
  291. [00:00] <Nyx> "No, no, this is psychological battle.  I read about it in a book."
  292. 01[00:00] <Staffen> He grins at her, and then stands tall. "Impressive. That's a force-blade. Can tell from the handle -- there doesn't really appear to be any fuel-cell in that grip. You also keep it put away conservatively - you're a Templar."
  293. [00:00] <Nyx> "You're a Tech-Priest.  I can tell from the fact that you said you're a Magos."
  294. 06[00:01] * Nyx stands proudly, hands on her hips
  295. 01[00:02] <Staffen> "Indeed I am," he says, laughing, "although perhaps not the best one at that, given my situation. You though... you're a psyker, and likely a frightening one at that."
  296. 01[00:03] <Staffen> He looks over the others. "Let's just ignore the man in red and black carapace for a moment. A Factor, a Templar Calixis, an interrogator... some frightening tan gentleman with a gun as big as I am. This is the most offensively obvious Inquisitorial party I ever did see. Nice to meet you all."
  297. [00:03] <Plex> "Narcisa, please, be a dear and...convince our guest to reign in his insanity."
  298. 06[00:03] * Nyx smile drops, and she retreats to the vicinity of Plex
  299. [00:06] <Narcisa> "To be fair that's about as possible a task as would be me asking you to reign in the... pigment of your skin, or stop your face from being so offensive."
  300. [00:06] <Plex> "Fair enough."
  301. 06[00:07] * Six-Jay raises a hand towards the Magos and speaks in a calmly level tone. "Magos, can you tell me what the treaty of mars says in regards to the cooperation of members of your station with the Emperors Inquisition?"
  302. 01[00:10] <Staffen> He turns his head quickly to Six-Jay, and rolls on his heels. "Well, you must know that the Treaty of Mars predates the Inquisition by several centuries. But all it says is that the Adeptus Mechanicus is not inclined to heed the requests of Imperial agencies should they feel themselves put in a poorer position for such undertakings. Not the exact wording, or the least complicated for that matter, but if you dig through a couple dozen metric tonnes of lore in most copies of the Lex Imperialis you'll find a tidy passage discussing that."
  303. 06[00:10] * Plex slips a message into Narcisa's mind. <If you have any evidence...thought...even a gut feeling that he's not truly a part of the Mechanicus, nod your head. Elsewise shake it.> She sighs audibly. <...If not, I may need you to leave the room shortly.>
  304. 06[00:13] * Six-Jay shakes his head slightly and  glances to Plex, clearly much more keen on the expert beginging her interogation in earnest.
  305. 06[00:15] * Narcisa shakes her head after a pause. She would open her mouth, not really moving it as she spoke in likely offensive, beeping and static that was Techna-LIngua "<Magos Sierck, your rank, any secondary designation you might wish to add and speciality, if you might be so kind?>"
  306. 01[00:16] <Staffen> The Magos screeches back in identical techno-chatter.
  307. 06[00:17] * Six-Jay grits his teeth at the noise and lifts the barrel of his pistol slightly, still aiming it at the floor however.
  308. 06[00:17] * Petrus sighs quite bored with the situation
  309. 01[00:19] <Staffen> The Magos closes his mouth and smiled childishly.
  310. 06[00:20] * Narcisa closed her own and shrugged "Well he is a member of the Mechanicus." She opened it and spoke further "<By what rhyme or reason were you doing aboard that vessel?"
  311. [00:20] <Narcisa> >+
  312. 01[00:20] <Staffen> "Well, I'm the Magos," Sierck says. "Don't quite know what else to tell you. But I know things you don't - and if you slip up trying to get them out you'll never have them."
  313. 01[00:20] <Staffen> He screeches at Narcisa again.
  314. [00:21] <Narcisa> "Travelling." She shrugs and looks to Plex "In any case, go ahead--you would rather I be absent for this?"
  315. [00:22] <Plex> "I'd rather not you get in trouble with your own as an...accessory," she admits, eyes coldly staring at the smiling man.
  316. 01[00:23] <Staffen> Sierck almost rolls on his heels, grinning fiendishly now. "Oh, this is where the fun begins, isn't it, darling?"
  317. [00:24] <Narcisa> "Very well. Off-handed muttering to myself, acquire a medicae auspex and a set of surgical tools. It is not rare for members of our kind to have mechanical blocks to psychic intrusions. Most basic of this, and open to the greater public and other insitutions, funnily enough, are those small devices that chant catcheteisms or phrases for one to focus on for greater mental fortitude." She
  318. [00:24] <Narcisa> wanders from the cell
  319. 06[00:25] * Nyx looks to Plex getting ready, and pulls out one of her own injectors
  320. [00:25] <Nyx> "Beginning now, sister."
  321. 01[00:26] <Staffen> The Magos eyes the injector and its contents. "That would be... sandstone. Oh, I see now. The two of you are psykers. I rather like where this is going."
  322. 06[00:26] * Nyx lowers her sandstone injector into her neck
  323. 06[00:27] * Six-Jay watches the proceedings impassivly, but when the Tech-Preistess leaves he levels the sidearm at the Magos with a dispassionate and steely gaze, aiming for his head. He does not fire and his finger remains safely off the trigger but the threat of reistance or sudden movements is clear.
  324. 06[00:28] * Nyx retreats to a back wall, eyes focusing on the tech-priest, and mumbling religious prayers
  325. 06[00:37] * Plex concentrates heavily for a moment, standing stock-still while staring at Sierck. The tattoo on her hand seems to shed light for a moment before she brushes her opposite hand's fingers against it...then reaches the same hand out to rest on Sierck's shoulder.
  326. 01[00:39] <Staffen> The Magos simply smiles unmovingly. "Finding me a bit difficult to penetrate, are we?"
  327. 06[00:44] * Plex doesn't give him the satisfaction of a response.
  328. 06[00:48] * Narcisa pokes her head in, having been waiting outside "Have you met with success yet?"
  329. [00:49] <Nyx> "Sister will be busy.  Let's move in ourselves from outside."
  330. 06[00:50] * Narcisa nods, retreiving her combi-tool as she approached "You will hold still."
  331. 01[00:50] <Staffen> Sierck shrugs. "Not like I have much of a choice."
  332. 06[00:58] * Narcisa pulls back after a violent surge "Gah! I...." she rubs at her head "Ugh. Yes, master Petrus is right." she would offer as an afterthought "The Inquisition not subject to the Treaty of Mars."
  333. 01[00:58] <Staffen> Sierck folds his lips childishly.
  334. [00:59] <Nyx> "...Can I have his augmetics?
  335. 06[00:59] * Nyx holds up her combi-tool
  336. 06[00:59] * Six-Jay shakes his head. "Magos Sierck, would you please just cooperate with us?" Since none of their threats seem to be working, he tries honey.
  337. 01[00:59] <Staffen> "I don't think you want them," Sierck warns.
  338. [01:00] <Nyx> "I'm thinking I might.  Unless you help out."
  339. 01[01:00] <Staffen> Sierck seems to consider Six-Jay's offer momentarily. "No," he says, simply.
  340. 06[01:00] * Petrus does a fake gasp "Six-Jay is that a weapon I see on him?"
  341. 06[01:00] * Narcisa approaches again, and attempts at least one last time
  342. 06[01:01] * Six-Jay curses softly and then glances at Petrus before tilting his head in an are you kidding kind of manner.
  343. 01[01:01] <Staffen> "If you're referring to my mechadendrites, then yes. That's a weapon.
  344. [01:02] <Narcisa> "The Medicae mechadendrite and standard utility mechadendrite both carry a weapon. Those are standard." She drones monotonely.
  345. 06[01:03] * Six-Jay ignoes the comments about the mechandrites being weapons, he knew that of course which is why he drew a GUN on the Magos the moment they entered the room.
  346. 06[01:14] * Six-Jay is at a total loss.
  347. [01:15] <Narcisa> "He has met vok. Considers him disgusting, but has worked with him and considers having done so a necessary evil." She drones "He has associated with a known heretek. He is guilty."
  348. 01[01:15] <Staffen> Still smiling, Sierck closes his eyes.
  349. 06[01:16] * Six-Jay does not pull the trigger but he places his finger on it and keeps the gun aimed levely at Siercks temple. "What else Magos?"
  350. 06[01:17] * Narcisa withdraws, holding her combi-tool to her person. She would look to 6-J "If you terminate him, do me a favor and aim for center-mass over his head, I would prefer as much of it as possible to remain intact for proof." She looks to the Magos "Your field is the ocular equivilent of vat-grown flesh. Little to be proud of." She said with malice, even if it might be wrong before she
  351. 06[01:17] * Narcisa retreated from the cell
  352. 01[01:18] <Staffen> "Put your weapon down, soldier," Sierck says. "It's a futile effort to point a gun at me."
  353. 06[01:19] * Six-Jay nods his head once to the Magos and then changes his position to line up a shot as she suggested. "You mistake me if you think I am attempting to threaten you Magos Sierck, that is for the others. I am merely executeing my duties in the most efficient manners possible." He states levely, he is not angry and if he is annoyed he does a good job hiding it.
  354. 01[01:21] <Staffen> "I just wish people would let me do mine," Magos Sierck sighs, rolling his head around.
  355. [01:21] <Nyx> "What would that be?"
  356. 01[01:22] <Staffen> "Wouldn't you like to know, little girl?" He grins at Nyx.
  357. [01:23] <Nyx> "Well...yes.  That's why I asked, yes."
  358. [01:23] <Nyx> "So...could you tell us?"
  359. [01:23] <Nyx> "Please?"
  360. [01:23] <Six-Jay> We would indeed magos, please. Enlighten us as to the nature of your duties and we could be persuaded to let you go on with them. As things stand... You will never be able to fulfill them no?
  361. [01:24] <Six-Jay> Your acting remarkably inefficient for a member of the Cult Mechanicus, arent you?
  362. 01[01:27] <Staffen> "I don't like being lied to -- or talked down to for that matter -- by some two-bit rookie swinging around a glorified battery-drainer," Sierck says.
  363. 01[01:27] <Staffen> He lifts his head. "I am the Magos. And trust me, I've been through this scenario before. I'll be out of here in a matter of days."
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