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  1. [16:34:19] <~Mons> WELL! It's pretty much like last time, then, right after you exited Tower 'normally'--back into the chalky featureless tunnels that make up the highway of the dream world.
  2. [16:36:26] <Mikaela> "Oh hey Trice, you're gonna give this shit a shot too?" Mika looks arouund the dull landscape. "Tower, Oberon, how's this work?"
  3. [16:36:55] <~Mons> Did you not try last time?
  4. [16:37:21] <~Mons> Bzzz. It's still a little weird how the screens fade in from nowhere and constantly hover around you.
  5. [16:37:45] * Mikaela thinks really hard about a big rock concert auditorium. Pretends there is one there as she steps forward into the dreamscape.
  6. [16:38:13] <~Mons> Have you ever been in control of a dream? You imagine what you wish, how it works, how it moves...
  7. [16:38:13] <Beatrice> "It sounds interesting, of course."  Beatrice stares at the screen, a bit confused what it means, and then starts thinking really hard about that friggen golden braizer again.
  8. [16:38:29] <~Mons> A section of tunnel turns and shifts, its pathway moving along.
  9. [16:40:43] <~Mons> The lamp pops right next to Beato, and the tunnel's mouth opens into... wow pretty much exactly what you thought of.
  10. [16:41:04] <~Mons> Or is it? No, it's not exact...
  11. [16:41:20] * Beatrice paces around it a little. "Huh...Zat was...easier zan I expected."
  12. [16:41:21] <~Mons> There are even some changes going on as you walk through it, like the color of the seats, the shape of the stage...
  13. [16:41:28] <Mikaela> "So it's just like lucid dreamin'?" Mika pauses. "Well, do all the usual techniques apply then? An' do these structures persist?"
  14. [16:42:00] * Mikaela starts spinning in place, arms held out to balance herself, only stopping after she's rendered the landscape a swirling blur in her vision for a while.
  15. [16:42:08] <~Mons> Yes. In a real sense, this is not yours alone. Everyone dreaming in or about something similar shapes this place and all places like it with their unconscious mind.
  16. [16:42:20] <~Mons> intplease
  17. [16:42:28] <Mikaela> 1d20+5
  18. [16:42:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Mikaela, 1d20+5: 24 [1d20=19]
  19. [16:42:45] <~Mons> Things start to blur wildly before they snap right back into place. The seats change color again.
  20. [16:43:06] <Beatrice> 1d20+6
  21. [16:43:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Beatrice, 1d20+6: 8 [1d20=2]
  22. [16:43:10] <Beatrice> (pht.)
  23. [16:43:15] <~Mons> The lamp goes out.
  24. [16:43:37] <Beatrice> "Ah. Hm."
  25. [16:44:19] * Mikaela walks onto the center of the stage and focuses, reaching down to the floor and miming pulling a sword out of the ground, excalibur style.
  26. [16:45:19] <Beatrice> "So it is more we are giving ze collective image of what others are currently dreaming of solid"
  27. [16:45:20] <~Mons> As with the other locations, some pokemon litter the landscape. A Scraggy clapping in time to absolutely nothing, a few magnemites swirling around a damaged power cable, the sandbag pile backstage stinks of grimer...
  28. [16:45:23] <~Mons> Oh a sword's easy.
  29. [16:45:44] * Mikaela takes it in her mech hand and nicks her other thumb with it, testing.
  30. [16:45:50] <~Mons> You are exploring and altering it, rather than entirely creating it yourself.
  31. [16:45:56] <~Mons> Sharp as you wanted it to be.
  32. [16:46:02] <~Mons> The pain... is real.
  33. [16:46:31] * Mikaela winces a bit but has a satisfied look in her eyes. Now she imagines the sword is ON FIRE. >:O
  34. [16:47:32] <~Mons> Again, easy. Fire is simple. No moving parts, no difficulty in imagining how it holds up, fire is fire.
  35. [16:49:29] <Mikaela> "So, what kinda principles are at work with constructin' these items? Can someone disbelieve in a weapon I call up or somethin' to negate it?" Mika tries a more complicated test this time, slowly molding with her hands the outline of a mechanical computer. Think Antikythera Mechanism or Babbage's machine. Translucent material too, to see all the workings.
  36. [16:50:02] <~Mons> Many do not have a reason to, unless they see it.
  37. [16:50:12] <~Mons> Hard enough for intplease.
  38. [16:50:18] <Mikaela> 1d20+5
  39. [16:50:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Mikaela, 1d20+5: 12 [1d20=7]
  40. [16:51:10] <Mikaela> (hrm, so dream buildan is an int-only activity, eh? Poor Rica. only person in Tuesday who isn't an INT stick)
  41. [16:51:14] <~Mons> It's there... But no wait, you thought too much on the inner workings to have the functions right. The keys are haphazard and in no clear language, and it doesn't really DO anything besides having right-looking tubes and such.
  42. [16:51:56] * Mikaela does the spinning in place thing again, seeing if the structure is stable enough to persist even as she reorients her senses.
  43. [16:51:59] <~Mons> For practical purposes, most of the time it is simply easier to imagine a machine that works, rather than HOW it works.
  44. [16:52:23] <~Mons> Jetpacks are reasonable and possible, so long as nobody bothers to ask how it is stable.
  45. [16:52:37] <~Mons> This is, after all, a dream.
  46. [16:52:54] <Beatrice> "Hm." She hops up on the stage herself, imagines a stringed puppet.
  47. [16:53:04] <~Mons> Easy.
  48. [16:53:26] <Beatrice> She makes it dance around a bit...and then imagines it without the strings, continuing to dance the pattern.
  49. [16:53:32] <Mikaela> "Beatrice, try to imagine this sword outta existence, will ya?" Mika holds it up. "Quickly too, just a flash of thought like you're in the middle of a rough an' tumble battle or somethin'."
  50. [16:54:12] <Aeros> "You speak too much." A strange, gutteral voice announces; one portion of the stage you did not notice before seems to melt into the white tunnel; it came from there. "And teach them more than much."
  51. [16:54:36] <~Mons> It is my duty to their kind in this form.
  52. [16:54:47] <Beatrice> "You mean like...*poof*?" She snaps her fingers, imagining the sword poofing in smoke.
  53. [16:54:56] <~Mons> POOF it does!
  54. [16:55:12] <Mikaela> "Yikes, this ain't reliable for combat th- who's there?"
  55. [16:55:16] <Aeros> "Quiet! Your form irritates me...primitive..."
  56. [16:55:20] <~Mons> The rest of what Tower types after that, though, is just a mess of symbols and punctuation, like the books in the library.
  57. [16:55:59] <Mikaela> "Uh, shit." Mika turns to her pokemon. "Quick aura scan 'round here guys, whatcha see?"
  58. [16:56:55] <~Mons> <Bright...> <The pokemon seem scared?> <That screen is sort of mashed into it.>
  59. [16:57:00] <Beatrice> "Hm, I was more interested in trying to create something zat moved on its own intentions, or how others would interpret it moving...but yes it seems we are not alone."  She looks around calmly.
  60. [16:57:06] <Aeros> a white shape emerges from the white tunnel. its body round, with eight spider-like bulky legs ending in hands. Its neck and head seems to stick out of its body, forming almost a sharp-knife like head..
  61. [16:57:24] <Aeros> ( I really need to go and make an actual nice looking picture of it.)
  62. [16:57:50] <~Mons> I never noticed the creeperface to the left
  63. [16:58:01] <Aeros> (:B)
  64. [16:58:09] <Mikaela> "well, HI." Mika waves at it. "So, this gonna be 'nother 'thou shalt not mortal' kinda thing here?"
  65. [16:58:48] <Mikaela> (does it have the eye things all along its skin?)
  66. [16:59:03] <Mikaela> (or whatever those shapes are supposed to be)
  67. [16:59:12] <Aeros> "I do not know what you reference, and do not care." its teeth are crimson red, as are its many eyes. it closes them.
  68. [16:59:25] <Aeros> (not at the moment, its skin is an unnaturally bright white)
  69. [16:59:41] <Beatrice> "...It's sort of cute in a murderous way." She tilts her head.
  70. [17:00:15] <Aeros> it slowly moves up to you two; about twice as tall, "Humans. it has been long since I have seen humans."
  71. [17:01:09] <Mikaela> "An' whatcha call yourself?" Mika taps the ground with her footing, imagining a large tower structure extending from deep underground to meet up where she and Trice are standing.
  72. [17:01:33] <Mikaela> ready to imagine it rising high in the air, but for now just sitting dormant below their feet.
  73. [17:02:14] * Beatrice imagines a pink bow on top of its head :D
  74. [17:03:11] <Mikaela> "Careful, this thing can fuck with Tower's functions, y'know." Mika nods at the garbled text.
  75. [17:03:25] <Aeros> It seems to scowl; "I have been called many things. but all are irrelevant." The pink bow seems to disintegrate on contact, disappointingly, "I am the last of the All." When he says All, several other words seem to be whispered, Everything, Everyone, One, Many, Together.
  76. [17:03:52] <Aeros> "The Tower? Hah."
  77. [17:04:49] <Mikaela> "Whatcha want from us?" Mika imagines a bridge extending from the monolithic structure she imagined up, leading over to another area of the dreamworld and rooting into another monolith deep in the ground there as well.
  78. [17:05:19] <Mikaela> If the thing approaches too close, she'll imagine the whole structure rising up.
  79. [17:06:25] <Beatrice> "Bonjour, Last of ze All.  And yes, what can we do for you?"
  80. [17:08:08] <Aeros> It still approaches, "What I want? I want my network of tunnels revived! I want these damned copies stricken; I want my highway to the galaxy, I want my connection to the All back!" It shouts at you, but then stops approaching, and seems to calm, "But what I want from you? Nothing."
  81. [17:08:16] <Aeros> It looks at the screen, but says nothing.
  82. [17:09:07] <Aeros> "I am a shadow of what was."
  83. [17:09:16] <Mikaela> "Was there some sorta civilization in the dream world previous to this or somethin'?" Mika scans the All with her pokedex.
  84. [17:10:42] <Aeros> "I have no purpose, so I wander..." It looks at Mikaela, "No. The hypothesis I have come to is a section of where I was was taken, and moved."
  85. [17:11:11] <Aeros> "Possibly simply copied, instead of ripped out completely."
  86. [17:11:15] <Mikaela> "Moved from where?"
  87. [17:11:21] <Aeros> "To where here is."
  88. [17:11:21] <Beatrice> "Zat ze landscape of zis plane...came from elsewhere?"
  89. [17:12:38] <Beatrice> She poofs up a chair and sits down.  "Well, as we are to understand, zat is more zan a hypothesis.  Zat ze landscapes here are indeed mirriors of other locations."
  90. [17:12:47] <~Mons> Despite what you might be expecting, it doesn't register as a pokemon.
  91. [17:13:03] <Mikaela> "So, what's special 'bout these tunnels?" Mika gestures toward the recently unconstructed portion of the stage.
  92. [17:15:07] <Aeros> "I see no reason not to tell you this; as the information is irrelevant. These tunnels, rather, what the tunnels were simply a means. A network, a storage depository, a highway."
  93. [17:15:20] <Aeros> "As they are now; it is different, but I will not say more."
  94. [17:15:41] <Mikaela> "What were the nodes or hubs of this network then?"
  95. [17:16:22] <Beatrice> "Or what traversed zem."
  96. [17:16:50] <Aeros> It leans in close; close enough that if you were planning to make the structure rise up you may want to; "Me." Huh, it has two rows of teeth.
  97. [17:17:24] <Aeros> It answers that to both questions.
  98. [17:18:07] <Aeros> "A way to move across a galaxy. a way to gather and store information.
  99. [17:18:48] <Aeros> "I was simply there to guide and consume."
  100. [17:19:00] * Mikaela hesitates to do so yet, raising her hand to her head as if to scratch something but then lightly tapping her temple. She gives Trice a look.
  101. [17:19:29] <Aeros> "Low on the totem pole, as you humans say." It backs away a foot; so at the very least its not breathing on you.
  102. [17:20:36] <Aeros> "Must be nice," it looks at the screen, "To have such a small and pathetic sample to watch over. Simple, and quaint."
  103. [17:21:01] <Beatrice> Trice doesn't seem entirely phased by the toothy grin or its distance.  
  104. [17:21:16] <Beatrice> "I find it curious zat ze Baron did not mention your prescence here."
  105. [17:21:32] <Mikaela> "An' whatcha do now then? Just wander the dreamworld? Are we really the first humans you've been seein' in here? There's some others, broke in an' set up shop with big tanks an' all, y'know."
  106. [17:22:56] <Aeros> "This 'dreamworld' is not mine, I do not care what you humans do with it. Burn it to the ground for all I care."
  107. [17:23:18] <Mikaela> "Even though you're kinda stuck here?" Mika shrugs.
  108. [17:23:22] <Aeros> "And be thankful, not many parasites were brought with me."
  109. [17:23:48] <Mikaela> "Not many means some were. Whatcha mean by parasite?"
  110. [17:24:01] <Aeros> "I do not have the resources; as I stated, my kind was low amongst the All. We were the ones who had to deal with lower species such as yourself."
  111. [17:24:56] <Aeros> "Questions, questions, so many damned questions." it grumbles, then suddenly gives a foxlike grin, "I would require something in return, for answering questions.
  112. [17:25:34] <Aeros> "Knowledge is a precious resource."
  113. [17:25:51] <Mikaela> "What could 'lower species' such as us offer someone who's been completely separated from anythin' they've ever cared for?"
  114. [17:27:33] <Aeros> "I care for nothing but consumption. I feel as if I have given this speech millions of times...But just like you humans are disgustingly made for reproduction, we were made to consume above all else; this includes knowledge."
  115. [17:28:03] <Mikaela> "You tryin' to say you'd like to eat some of our memories?"
  116. [17:28:54] <Aeros> "In such blunt terms, yes. I would enjoy having a copy of your memories; even though it ultimately would not be put to any use, It will bring me...some small pleasure."
  117. [17:31:58] <Mikaela> "What happens to memories you consume? We'd lose them, wouldn't we?"
  118. [17:37:18] <Beatrice> "Euuuuh..."
  119. [17:38:48] <Mikaela> "Whatcha thinkin' Trice?"
  120. [17:41:07] <Aeros> "Only if you offer a small portion. I can simply take a copy of your memory as well..."
  121. [17:41:40] <Mikaela> "An' what would ya do with a copy?"
  122. [17:42:04] <Mikaela> "What happens to me if you consume that? An' how can I trust ya won't just make some sorta fork of me wanderin' around?"
  123. [17:43:01] <Aeros> "Because I do not have the facilities to do so; its not so simple as thinking up them."
  124. [17:43:28] <Beatrice_> "It sounds not much different from a ghost consuming dreams, zough it is indeed a question of consumption versus copying."
  125. [17:43:30] <Aeros> "As such; it is simply in my nature to consume information; what you will do for me is as simple as handing me rice."
  126. [17:45:19] <Mikaela> "And what exactly would ya be offerin' us here? Just knowin' 'bout the parasites isn't much considering we haven't seen any 'round."
  127. [17:47:29] <Aeros> It seems to think, "normally I would make this pact in exchange for even stepping foot into the dream world, but as I said, I have no authority over that; or rather, my pact is ineffective."
  128. [17:48:14] <Mikaela> "So where you come from, you're some sorta gatekeeper for the dream world? Sounds like if you ain't got that authority here, there's not much you can offer us either, y'know?"
  129. [17:48:41] <Aeros> "Perhaps something more...physical? do you require any nonliving objects?"
  130. [17:49:29] <Aeros> it 'looks' at any pokemon you may have out. (i don't know #TA teams at all :B)
  131. [17:49:53] <Mikaela> (Mikaela has four Mawiles out.)
  132. [17:51:20] <Mikaela> "Kinda feels like anythin' we want in this dream realm we can imagine up without too much difficulty."
  133. [17:51:29] <Beatrice_> Trice doesn't have any out, she just seems very hesitant.
  134. [17:51:36] <Aeros> "You cannot transport it to the real world, can you?"
  135. [17:51:44] <Mikaela> "Nope."
  136. [17:51:50] <Aeros> "A sword here is just something your brain thinks its there."
  137. [17:52:01] <Mikaela> "But I can build damn near anythin' I need myself." Mika raises her mech arm in demonstration.
  138. [17:52:51] <Aeros> "I can bring you something real; something that you cannot find normally."
  139. [17:53:14] <Mikaela> "An example, then?"
  140. [17:53:45] <Beatrice_> "We just happen to have a habit of encountering existances zat want our souls, or servitute, our fate, or just want us dead.  I mean no offense but as stands your exchange sounds quite similar."
  141. [17:54:22] * Mikaela nods to Trice's statement. "Does. Gettin' kinda tired, actually, hearin' the same offer so much."
  142. [17:54:43] <Mikaela> "Still gonna hear ya out though."
  143. [17:55:34] <Aeros> "You insult me by putting me on the level of anything living here. including that." it nods in the direction of the screen.
  144. [17:57:12] <Mikaela> "Even the rulers of this realm? Darkrai, Cresselia, the low ones on your totem pole still higher than legendary pokemon like 'em?"
  145. [17:57:25] <Mikaela> "Anyhow, still waitin' on examples of what you could offer."
  146. [17:57:34] <Beatrice_> "And you are not ze humblest being we have encountered either, Last of ze All," she shrugs.
  147. [18:00:42] <Aeros> It lifts a hand, palm up; a black, heavy substance pulls up from his hand; forming a sphere. "This is the essence of a black hole. A supermassive density large enough that, when triggered, will cause a massive explosion; the subsequent implosion destroying whatever is left. I can make these, while I cannot make a sentient being such as yourself."
  148. [18:00:51] <Aeros> "If you want something, and it isn't alive, I can make it."
  149. [18:01:08] <Mikaela> "What 'bout technology beyond humanity's current means?"
  150. [18:01:18] <Aeros> "What do you think I am?"
  151. [18:01:28] <Mikaela> "Just checkin'."
  152. [18:01:32] <Aeros> "Biology is just another form of technology."
  153. [18:02:07] <Mikaela> "Then why the block on sentience? What happens if ya try to build superintelligent AI or somethin'?"
  154. [18:02:52] * Beatrice_ ponders a bit.
  155. [18:03:26] <Aeros> "This thing, right here? You could consider it a heart. My heart. If I make something like that, this thing will trigger." It closes its palm on it, making it seem to disappear.
  156. [18:03:32] <Aeros> "I know my limits very well."
  157. [18:04:22] <Mikaela> "Would your limits permit creating a repository of knowledge beyond humanity's current understandin' and a means to transmit it to a human brain?"
  158. [18:04:46] <Beatrice_> "An interesting metaphore."
  159. [18:05:27] <Aeros> "For a couple of human minds? I don't think I would make that agreement."
  160. [18:05:50] <Mikaela> "What happens to us, our current consciousness, if we do as you ask? What repercussions could we expect?"
  161. [18:06:08] <Aeros> "What happens to data on a computer when you copy it to disk?"
  162. [18:06:29] <Beatrice_> "I am trying to construct a homuculus; for it I need zree components: one to compose its soul, another its body, and another its mind.  I would allow you to make a copy of my zoughts in exchance for a sufficiently impressive heart to compose its soul."
  163. [18:07:01] <Mikaela> "Has anyone made this deal with you before? Would it be possible to trade a copy of my memories for theirs?"
  164. [18:07:38] <Aeros> "Millions...and yes, but with fair warning: You would be splintered. Schitzophrenic."
  165. [18:07:54] <Aeros> "Psychotic, with two minds actively trying to fight for your body."
  166. [18:08:10] <Aeros> "It is quite amusing to watch when sentients think they can handle such a thing."
  167. [18:08:41] <Mikaela> "Sounds a poor deal then, y'know, that choice in particular I mean. Do you barter in supernatural gifts as well?"
  168. [18:09:04] <Aeros> "There is no such thing as supernatural."
  169. [18:09:23] <Aeros> "Even here, there are strange things in place, but I still would not consider it supernatural."
  170. [18:09:57] <Mikaela> "Y'know what I mean. The ability to influence the material world beyond the natural mechanical means of human biology. Psionics, mystical connections, that sorta thing, y'know?"
  171. [18:10:44] <Aeros> It gives a slow grin, "Amusing. I honestly do not know, I have given into such requests before, with specific purpouses."
  172. [18:11:16] <Aeros> "But here, the laws binding me are fragile...what did you have in mind?"
  173. [18:11:47] * Mikaela pauses, hand on her chin. "Handle my friend's offer first. I'll need a moment of thought."
  174. [18:12:12] <Aeros> It looks at Beatrice, "Define a Soul."
  175. [18:12:51] <Aeros> "A personality? The way a primitive artifical brain functions like a natural organic one?"
  176. [18:13:26] <Aeros> "Some of this, 'supernatural' stuff your friend spoke of?" it says that last one a bit condescendingly.
  177. [18:14:32] <Mikaela> "S'just convenient terminology..." Mika mutters, still hanging back to let Beats finish her deal as she ponders.
  178. [18:17:01] <Aeros> "Why not go for something simpler? I cannot create a mind for you to use, but a body, would be very possible."
  179. [18:17:47] <Beatrice_> "I care for a discussion on semantics of one's abilities." she releases her haunt.  A black cat with the wings and crown of giratina, a spectral ninetales, a creature that may have once been a Blaziken but is now a hair covered Oni, an opaque diamond Steelix with a shadowy essance about it... "I do not require a soul in itself.  I am a necromancer.  I can bind one or create one as
  180. [18:17:47] <Beatrice_> required.  I simply need a vessel to bind it to.  A heart, so to say."
  181. [18:19:41] <Beatrice_> "Maybe not something as significant as your own, but something beyond what I would find from ze plane we dwell."
  182. [18:22:00] <Aeros> "Amusing. Do you simply wish for something like this?" It raises another hand, holding a round dull white orb that doesn't seem to cast a shadow, "Or something more along the lines of a humanoid body?"
  183. [18:23:14] <Beatrice_> She cackles as she sees the white sphere, wide grin.  "Like zat indeed.  Consider it a deal, Last of ze All," She holds a hand out.
  184. [18:27:46] <Aeros> "Note, this is simply a lump of matter, that will act as a basic computer in the barest sense...It will take a much more advanced 'mind' to take advantage of it." It approaches, and opens the crimson eyes on its head once again.
  185. [18:28:44] <Beatrice_> "I am quite choosy with ze components of zis creature, I am sure I could find a suitable match."
  186. [18:29:06] <Aeros> "Tell me, before I take your mind and learn it for myself, do you intend to make human life, or pokemon life?"
  187. [18:30:12] <Beatrice_> "I believe it would be more correct to call it a Pokemon, as I plan to use components from zem."
  188. [18:31:52] <Aeros> "Ah, a pity then, it will be used on such a creature..." Then, in an instant, it seems like all your senses are overloaded, you dont know what is up or down, which way you would point if you were asked which way is behind, what colors were what. all your eyes tell you is that the creature before you opened its mouth and bit onto your head.
  189. [18:32:01] <Aeros> then the next instant its as if that never happened.
  190. [18:32:45] <Aeros> " are an amusing human."
  191. [18:32:55] <Aeros> you look down, and the orb is in your hand.
  192. [18:33:10] <Mikaela> "As for me, if you are unwilling to permit me knowledge beyond humanity's current scientific understanding..." Mika steps up. "Beatrice, you alright? No feelin' of impending doom or anythin', right?"
  193. [18:34:22] <Aeros> "There is a beauty in such a mad mind; you would do well with another human I had the displeasure to do business with."
  194. [18:34:28] <Beatrice_> She blinks, looks down at the orb, then bags it.  She looks to Mikaela. "Let us see...Masque may want us dead, ze Baron just agreed to stop trying to kill us, I have no idea what Giratina will do once he hatches..." she counts off on her finger. "No, no more zan normal."
  195. [18:35:29] <Mikaela> "Gotcha." Mika grins.
  196. [18:35:36] <Beatrice_> "Less of a headache zan ghosts devouring your dreams as well.  Well, in zat...zere is none."
  197. [18:35:55] <Mikaela> "You're no doubt aware of psychics who can project their will unto fundamental forces like electromagnetism in a rough and crude manner. I have a great potential for psionics, or somethin' like that. You'll see once you get into my mind."
  198. [18:35:56] * Mikaela takes a deep breath. "I'd like to take it a step further, the ability to control fundamental forces on a base level to create sufficiently subtle and controlled effects that allow me to project my will unto complex technology."
  199. [18:39:09] <Aeros> "How cute. but no amount of human minds could make me impart such an amount of power to one sentient."
  200. [18:39:44] <Aeros> "Your pokemon, you favor one species above all others, yes?"
  201. [18:39:53] <Aeros> "Or, that is how it looks."
  202. [18:40:01] <Mikaela> "Pretty obvious yes."
  203. [18:41:07] <Aeros> "I cannot make a pokemon, as it technically violates my laws."
  204. [18:41:18] <Aeros> "However, I can give you an egg imbued with my power."
  205. [18:41:36] <Mikaela> "Oh?"
  206. [18:41:43] <Mikaela> "Loophole, is it?"
  207. [18:42:27] <Aeros> "Not quite; it is something different,but I do not want to bother with an explanation."
  208. [18:43:08] <Mikaela> "Done. I'll pursue my potential in psionics the ol' fashioned way then." Mika grins and steps forward, head tilted toward the All.
  209. [18:44:33] <Aeros> "For all you need to know, it is as one of those pokemon." the same thing happens to Mikaela that happened to Beatrice; its disorientating and somewhat horrifying mess quickly over; as an egg appears in your arms.
  210. [18:44:53] <Mikaela> "Rad."
  211. [18:44:55] <Aeros> Its tongue licks in between its teeth, as if using a toothpick.
  212. [18:45:18] <Mikaela> "So, whatcha think? Do I stand out any, among the millions you've taken this way?"
  213. [18:46:30] <Aeros> "Only in the sense that you are a human species that is not the same as the millions my kind has encountered. Except that is still different."
  214. [18:47:05] <Mikaela> "What a shame. I'm gonna have to work harder to stand out then, I 'spose."
  215. [18:49:18] <Aeros> "As for 'parasites...' it looks at the screen, even as its eyes close again, "I'm sure IT knows of them; hard to get rid of, aren't they? They Are simply beings that lived in the dreamworld; evolved to 'stick' to it, beings that are neither pokemon nor human, despite appearances as such."
  216. [18:49:27] <Aeros> '"*
  217. [18:51:05] <Mikaela> "I don't 'spose you could show us. Are they gonna be a danger to us?"
  218. [18:52:48] <Aeros> "Only if you tend to stay in this place; you will meet them. They range from benigh to dangerous to deadly."
  219. [18:53:48] * Beatrice_ squints. "Zat sounds -terribly- familiar for all ze wrong reasons."
  220. [18:53:50] <Mikaela> "We do, unfortunately. There's a war goin' on over the thrones of the dreamlords is the best way to put it." Mika shrugs. "Guess we'll have to watch out."
  221. [18:54:47] <Aeros> "Ah, that."
  222. [18:55:10] <Aeros> "They could possibly align themselves, but normally they do not; the reason they were not assimilated with the All is because of their independence."
  223. [18:57:22] <Mikaela> "I'm not sure I understand, without some proper context on the All."
  224. [18:59:51] <Beatrice_>
  225. [18:59:56] <Beatrice_> (oops wrong channel.)
  227. [19:01:42] <Aeros> "it is irrelevant; all you need to know is that these parasites from my world may align themselves with these so called 'dreamlords'...bah, this is why we limit what so called 'legendaries' can do..."
  228. [19:01:51] <Aeros> "And they may not."
  229. [19:03:34] <Mikaela> "And might they ever align themselves with humans actin' against the dreamlords?"
  230. [19:03:44] <Mikaela> "That's the primary worry, least from our perspective."
  231. [19:04:12] <Aeros> "Possible."
  232. [19:05:32] <Beatrice_> She shrugs. "Just more beings out for our blood.  What's new."
  233. [19:05:35] <Mikaela> "Well then." Mika steps to the side, pulling Beatrice by the hand as she does. Then she imagines the tower structures she was imagining rising up. "Say we were to build some sorta fortress. There any way to make the structure 'stick' an' not be easy to dismantle or somethin'?"
  234. [19:07:06] <Aeros> "A place in the dreamworld is solidified by how many people are thinking and dreaming of it."
  235. [19:07:36] <Mikaela> "An' we're outnumbered. Figures." Mika looks over to Trice. "Anythin' else you wanted to try here?"
  236. [19:09:23] <Beatrice_> "Hm.  If zat is ze case zere does not seem to be much point in staying here further. A pity.  It makes one wonder how ze Baron's constructs were so formidable if all we would have to do is disbelieve zem."
  237. [19:10:17] <Mikaela> "I imagine a lord of the realm has much more force of will behind 'im than even a crowd of humans like us in here. Good doin' business then." Mika nods to the All. "Should we go back, Trice?"
  238. [19:11:12] <Beatrice_> "I suppose.  If my constructs could simply be dismissed by a mere zought zan I suppose we are done here for now."
  239. [19:12:50] <Mikaela> "Then Tower, bring us back."
  240. [19:13:05] <~Mons> Very well.
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