Human Sexuality : Pleasure Given Form

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  1. This is Twilight's cloppy, or rather, fappy book.
  2. Since her romantic knowledge is limited to trashy romance novels, it's supposed to be cheesy, this was the intent.
  10. Human Sexuality: Pleasure given form
  11. Written by Twilight sparkle
  12. Research assistants: Anon Y. Mous and Fluttershy Mous
  15. Intro
  17.         This book was designed to grant the public information on the mating capabilities and sexual tendencies of Humans. It contains information from two sessions of study with Equestria's only human Anon Y. Mous, and his wife Fluttershy Mous. This book also contains theoretical chapters on how a human would be able to take care of a different mate. Note that the aforementioned chapters are a work of pure fiction and does not in any way shape or form represent an act performed by Anon Y. Mous.
  20. Chapter 1 Biology.
  22.         Humans are a bipedal race of intelligent simians lacking fur, standing roughly 5'10" when fully grown.
  23.         More specifically, they are part of the great ape family and, according to Anon himself, are most closely related to chimpanzees.
  24.         While little is properly known of human history or evolution as my assistant, Anon Y. Mous is the only known one in Equestria, and thus the only source of information on them, we are not completely ignorant in the matter. As of the time when Anon was brought here, there were approximately six to seven billion humans on their planet. This owed to their ability to adapt to any survival situation, and having no other sapient species to compete with.
  25.         As previously mentioned, humans are mostly hairless, the only noticeable patches being on the top of their head, in the underside of the joint between the arm and the body, and around the genitals. Most of their body is covered by a sparse layer of hair, but these hairs are thin and closely match their skin in tone. Of course this information is only about males, as females are relatively unknown to ponykind. For the most part, the hair, or lack thereof makes little difference when it comes to human on human sex, according to Anon, but we have found that it does when it is a human with an Equine partner, which will be discussed later in this chapter.
  26.         Their skin color comes in roughly the same variety of shades as most species, varying from shades of pale pink/white, browns, and sometimes black. However, both human skin and hair are monotone, unless dyed, or marked by things like birthmarks or scars.
  27.         Humans weigh an average of about 180 to 220 pounds. While this may seem rather large, their weight is well balanced along their form, and it would be entirely possible for a human to lie on a pony without the pony suffering much discomfort. On the other hoof, a human male is rather flat and broad, allowing for a pony to easily and comfortably fall asleep on their human partner's chest or back.
  28.         While not proportionately as strong as ponies in terms of leg strength, humans still have a tremendous amount at their disposal from size alone. The average full grown human would have no problems carrying their Equine partner around, as many in Ponyville have often seen Anon do. In conjunction with their hands, they are able to perform sexual acts and positions un-thought of for Equine pairs. (1)
  30.         Human hands are similar to Minotaur hands, but there are several key differences. Firstly, Humans have 5 digits (Four fingers of varying length and one thumb) compared to the four digits of minotaurs (Three fingers of the same length and one thumb). The human hand and digits are also much larger and longer, and seem to display a wider array of movement. These digits are extremely powerful, owing to humans simian ancestry. Anon himself has been observed to easily push even a grown pony with a single digit or support his entire body weight by them. Actual size fold out diagrams are included further into this book to show anatomy and give a sense of scale.
  31.         They are a humans method of manipulating and interacting with the world, and, as you will see later they are one of their greatest sex tools.
  33.         It is possible that humans and minotaurs are capable of successfully conceiving, based on speculation by Anon Y. Mous. In human mythology, minotaurs are half human, half bull. While his description of these mythological versions and actual minotaurs differ somewhat in appearance, there are also several key similarities. For more information, Look for my soon to come out research paper "Minotaurs, human mythology and modern fact."
  35.         With the basics covered, we can move on to the things you are truly interested in. Humans, unlike Ponys have quite a different array of sex skills. Most predominantly, they have their hands. like hooves, they are used for grabbing objects and so forth, but when humans mate, their hands become amazing tools of pleasure.
  36.         Their fingers are obviously strong enough to create high pressure in small areas allowing for incredible massages, working out stress and loosening muscles with ease. At the same time, they are also gentle enough to use on a pony's ears and other delicate areas without making it uncomfortable.
  40.         This subsection will cover many of the different ways human hands can bring pleasure to a pony before, during, and after sex.
  42.         Massaging: As briefly stated before, human hands can perform massages quite differently from hooves. They excel at easing tension from delicate or sensitive areas like wings or horns. Even simpler places, like the frogs of a pony's hooves can grant pleasure (2). The more obvious sexual areas, like the teats and vagina, draw Immense pleasure from hand based massages, even to the point of a full Maregasm(3).
  44.         Clawing: This is something that ponys cannot easily experience with another pony partner. In equine evolution, wild (pre-intelligence) equines (4) were hunted as food by big cats (Lions, Tigers and the like). Because of this, they developed a kick reflex in response to the feeling of claws on the haunches.
  45.         Though this reflex is now of little use, vestigial traces of it remain. The action of "clawing" down a pony's haunches, especially towards the tail, will bring up different responses, depending on the state of mind of the pony.
  46.         While the pony is in a normal state, it will generally cause uncomfortable shivers at most, or a small scare if they were previously unaware of the offender, but little else.
  47.         While the pony is being sufficiently stimulated, it is treated as a very dominant act and has a subduing effect on the pony, making them obedient (5).
  48.         If the pony is in a state of bliss, when the mind is not functioning at its highest, such as during/after a orgasm or maregasm, their rear legs will often kick softly.
  49.         While this may not hurt due to the general weakness of the body during this state, it is advised the male is careful when performing such acts.
  51.         Additional checking of sources such as guides for interspecies relationships, and interviewing ponies in relationships species such as gryphons or minotaurs who engage in this practice reveals that the strength, large hand size, and lack of actual claws seems to point to humans being an ideal candidate for this sort of play.
  53.         Multiple Stimulation Sources: Humans are gifted with the incredible ability to use their hands during sexual acts. This allows them to increase the pleasure of their partner greatly. It can vary from simple things, like gently petting her mane, or rubbing her haunches(6), all the way to adding fingers into her vagina during sex to add stimulation to her G-spot and/or Clit.(7)
  55.         Post-Sex Pleasure: Even after sex, human hands can be a source of calming pleasure. Anon displayed a very large amount of cuddling behavior such as petting, running his hands slowly through the mane, hugging, and cradling.
  56.         Questioning caused him some amount of confusion, during which he stated such tender post coitus behavior is normal, even expected among humans.
  60.         While I was not able to observer much in terms of tongue usage, based on some things I viewed, I can make several educated speculations. Human tongues are not as long as Equine ones, only protruding one and a half to two inches out. While they may not be as long, humans have a far greater range of control over their tongues movement and shape, able to change them from pointed and narrow for small precise licks, to broad and flat for wider strokes. In terms of Oral sex, Humans may provide a different, but not necessarily better partner in terms of pleasure.
  61.         It is possible that the human tongue evolved to its current state because of humans omnivorous diet. The need to direct food to the proper teeth for breaking down requires a more dexterous tongue, unlike herbivores and carnivores, who's teeth all are designed for their respective food source. They have a fairly balanced diet, unlike known omnivores, like gryphons and Minotaurs who focus on one or the other.
  62.         Likely, the closest tongue to match a humans would be that of a gryphon or dragon. While their tongues are longer, a humans is stronger and lack the dangers of razor sharp teeth or beaks.
  66.         This is likely the part most of you have been most interested in. The average human penis measures six to seven inches long when fully erect. While this may seem small given their impressive stature, the scant evidence points to this simply being an attribute of true bipeds.
  67.         Minotaurs for example, are significantly smaller than their hooved brothers and sisters, cattle and buffalo.
  68.         Others such as dragons and diamond dogs who switch stance tend to also have slightly undersized genitals by proportion and comparison to their nearest quadruped cousins.
  70.         The human penis, when fully erect is stiff, slightly curved and has a mushroom shaped tip. Generally resembling a slightly streamlined stallion, their shape allowing easy entry into mares.
  71.         Despite these similarities, there are some notable differences.
  72.         First, and most obvious, is that they lack a normal sheath, but have a part called a foreskin with presents itself as a miniature sheath that covers only the head of the penis.
  74.         This lack of sheath means that rather than their penis pulling out from within the body, it normally exists in a shriveled state, most easily described as a deflated balloon. When aroused, it engorges, becoming erect and much larger, similar to how a stallions flare works. Despite this comparison and strange anatomy, the human penis is much harder than a fully erect stallion, on par with species such as diamond dogs who have an actual bone in their penis, something Anon insists humans do not have.
  76.         Another attribute shared only with minotaurs, human males are capable of fully inserting, or hilting during sex with complete ease, an action that is difficult if not impossible for many. This allows them to bring more pleasure to their partner, as their genital hair will rub against the mares sensitive outer lips.
  77.         In addition, the ability to hilt actually gives humans as much or more usable length than the average stallion. Given most stallions have a length of approximately nine inches, but can only accomplish 60% penetration, they only have a usable length of 5.4 inches, putting them just under the human average of 6 inches.
  79.         Also notable is that, other than simply using their hands themselves to hold their partner in place, humans lack any special locking tricks such as flares, knots, or spines. This fact places them in a small minority, and allows them to better service non-vaginally. But they also cannot make full use of the Equine flare cavern, a hole designed to allow a stallions flare to do its job (8), this is potentially a draw back as many mares claim to find a stallion flare to provide a very pleasant "full" sensation.
  81.         This book will include anatomical illustrations further in.
  85. Stamina
  86.         This is where Humans truly set themselves apart from every other known species in existence. The average human male lasts FIFTEEN minutes! I must stress that minutes was NOT an error.
  88.         Not only that, they can go again in minutes. Each successive run lasts on average 5-8 minutes longer. They can often go three or four rounds before needing a proper breather, but even that only takes a half hour to an hour to recover. Both oral (9) and anal take less time for a male to orgasm, but only by a few minutes less. Even after a several hour long session, humans show very little tiredness and can continue on with their day as if they didn't just spent the last few hours having sex.
  90. Skill
  91.         With only second hoof experience to go on, I can’t give truly accurate measures of a Humans sexual skill, but given a rate of on average 4 maregasms every ten minutes, and an almost constant state of normal orgasm during our research session, which lasted a total of 65 minutes for plain sex, and another 20 or so for anal, his measure of skill would score well above anything even the most gifted of stallions could ever dream of performing.
  93. Human Estrus
  94.         This is likely something else many female readers are interested in. Another truly unique feature of human sexuality is that humans do not have an estrus, heat, or mating season proper of any kind.
  95.         Once a human reaches sexual maturity, their sex drives are always the same, even when the females ovulate. The exact quote from Anon on this subject is "Once we reach sexual maturity, that's it for the rest of our lives. There's no high and low like with you. Depending on your point of view, we're never in heat. Or we're always in heat."
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  106. (5)They only become obedient of there is a high level of trust between the partners. Otherwise, it may trigger a different response, which involves the rather dangerous flailing of the ponys rear hooves.
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  115. Chapter 2 Skill Demonstration
  117. One important thing to note is the partner is a pegasus, though this becomes apparent later on.
  120.         Two beings, a man and a mare find themselves in a strange room, a singular presence observing them. The room lay sparse, the sole feature a magnificent queen sized bed, yet this did little to dampen the emotions coursing between the two beings. The man, tall, strong and yet gentle, steps over, gently caressing his nervous partner. As she relaxes, he begins divesting himself of his clothes, revealing his toned form and smooth skin. The last of his apparel removed, his semi-rigid member hangs free, its size matching closer to the proportions of his equine lover.
  121.         Taking his partner, he lays her gently on her back, his dexterous hands running over her wings, massaging them, the stress seeping from her body. He spends the most time on her wings, always careful not to damage anything. His lips work over hers, occasionally trailing down her neck or on her forehead. Moving on from the wings one hand moves downward, massaging and gently striking her tender flanks. As his hands make it over her Cutie Mark, he gives them a tickle, causing her to go into a giggle fit. He stops, before giving both marks a quick slap, eliciting an "Eeep!" from his mare. He spreads his fingers, curling them into imitation claws, which he runs down her sides, causing her to tense up. The other makes its way northward, to begin teasing and scratching her ears, soft sound coming from his partner.
  122.         Having finished his work with the ears, the man focuses is attention on her more sensitive areas. One hand keeps making clawing motions down her flanks, while the other moves to her nether lips, teasing them, spreading them. Under even these light ministrations, her body has begun winking, and he holds up his wet hand. Bringing it to her face, he needs hardly more than to say "Lick it" and she wordlessly complies with his request.
  123.         Her teats grow stiff as his soft, yet strong hands work them over, kneading, tweaking, pulling and the occasional light pinch, all the while she lets off occasional squeaks of pleasure. One hand trails slowly up her leg, eliciting shivers the whole way, before he begins working the frog of her hoof. After a minute, he switches sides to another hoof, still working her nipples with the occasional tease to her nethers. By the time he has finished all four hooves, her nether lips are winking at a rapid rate.
  124.         For a stallion, this would be good enough, but he is much more than that, She deserves much more than that. He continues his work on her nipples, and moves one hand down to line up with her winking slit, More specifically, the spot where her clit pokes out. As soon as it appears, his hand moves in with both power and precision, pressing it with the perfect pressure, bringing her over the edge, her juices flowing freely. Still working her tender nipples, he lines up his fully erect manhood with her eagerly awaiting slit.
  125.         His rounded tip slides easily into her soft folds, and he slides further and further in until their pelvises meet. He holds this position for a moment, allowing his partner to adjust to his presence, before pulling almost entirely out. In a smooth motion, he plunges back in, fully to the hilt eliciting an adorable moan from his enamored partner. This process repeats, and it takes less than half a minute before she peaks, a gush of semi-clear fluid leaking from her. This skill takes the presence by surprise, and the man feels its confusion.
  126.         Her mind fogged by the pleasure of her maregasm, she doesn't notice for a moment that her partner has continued his pace, thrusting at a perfect pace. His hands resume their work, increasing the mares pleasure twofold, and it is barely a few minutes before her next maregasm arrives. Within ten minutes, she has been reduced to a puddle of orgasmic bliss, and he is still thrusting, not skipping a beat. It takes another ten minutes and another half dozen maregasms, but the man feels his peak approach. Pushing into her deepest depths, he releases his seed with a heavy sigh, the winking motions and contractions of her lips pulling all his release deep into her.
  127.         Pulling out nearly immediately, his lack of flaring allowing such maneuvers to be possible, he takes a moment to stroke his lover, before plunging right back in. She doesn't protest, the immediate pleasure taking over her mind, and the puddle of juices below her only continues to grow. Nearing the twenty five minute mark this time, the male one again releases into her depths, before taking a short breather.
  128. In this time, he takes a moment to fetch his tired mare a large glass of water, in an effort to replace the fluids she lost in her immeasurable pleasure.
  129.         Having spent only moments out, he readies his lover again, before, for the third time sliding his rigid member into her soft depths. The man continued to thrust his tireless shaft into his mare, his effortless skill and imposing form leaving no doubt that she WAS his. Her mind, lost in the sea of pleasure notices not when he releases for the third and final time nearly thirty minutes since re-insertion. As the man looks over his lovers moaning, squeaking form, he smiles. She was the true love of his life, and he knew that he had done the most perfect job in pleasing her.
  130.         Taking his barely conscious mare in his arms, he carries her up to the bathroom, and starts a warm shower for the two. Even in something as simple as this, he still keeps her pleased, his fingers running through her mane, massaging shampoo into her coat. His expert hands pull clumps of sticky fluids from her coat and mane, and elicit moans from her when they brush over a sensitive area. Soon, the loving couple is finished, and have made their way back down to the room.
  131.         The Presence has cleaned the mess somewhat, and the Mare takes the lead this time. Guiding her lover to the bed, she gets him to sit on the edge, legs open. Her tongue deftly moves around his shaft, already nearing full attention. She plays carefully with the object of her affections shaft and sack, gently kissing, licking and nuzzling it, before going to take the head in her mouth. Her skills in this act have continually improved under his direction, and even though she is working on pleasing him, he provides direction and compliments for her. Ever the affectionate lover, he rubs her ears and pets her mane to thank her, occasionally tugging her forward when she starts to slack under his attentions.
  132.         As her tongue worked his rod, wanting nothing more than to show him the same pleasure she'd received, she felt a slight change in the feeling of his hands. He begins clenching up, and she goes at it with renewed vigor, knowing her efforts are about to pay off. A manly grunt escapes his lips, and his thick musky seed pours down her awaiting throat. Sucking and licking, she does everything in her power to milk the last of his love juices from his twitching member, before releasing it with a sigh. His compliments at her job bring a blush to her cheeks, and she climbs onto the bed, her forbidden hole presented.
  133.         As soon as she took this pose, he knew what was next. They had performed this act many times before, both rather enjoyed it. Taking a moment, he applies proper lubrication to his manhood, as well as some to his hand. Rubbing along and around her little black ring, he coats the area in lubricant, before sliding the first finger in. It takes only a moment before she begins moaning and he uses this as a sign to insert a second. Working these two fingers, he loosens her up, and prepares for the full deal.
  134.         Slowly, he inserts his rod, inch by inch, always allowing her time to adjust if he feels it. Once he hilts, he stops, letting her grow accustom to having his length inside her, once again. Adding some lubrication, he begins to slowly thrust, gradually picking up speed until he reached a rate quite pleasing for both, if her squeaks and moans were anything to go by. Plunging into her most forbidden depths, the man, peerless in skill, still inflicts more pleasure upon his lover than the equine body was ever meant to handle. His ever skilled and dexterous hands begin working over her cutie mark, before coming down in a firm, yet gentle smack. She squeals, and her black ring tightens, before she goes back to moaning from the sheer pleasure.
  135.         One hand moves to rub her back, flank and wings, working out stress, and helping keep her relaxed, while the other moves to a darker place. Two fingers slide inside, just enough to press on her G-spot, and his thumb works her clit at the same time. Ceasing the massaging, that hand instead moves to slap her flank, causing her to give pleasured yelps, and reach another full maregasm. He continues at this pace, giving the occasional slap, before he feels his time coming. Both hands move to pick her up, adding gravity to the power of his thrusts, before he lets loose in the depths of her bowels, causing her to reach a final maregasm with a meek yell at the same time. For a moment time seemed to stand still, as he simply stood there, buried up to the hilt in his lovers anus, before he gently pulls out, and lowers her to the bed. The entity informing them of their performance, Twenty five minutes since they started the second go.
  136.         "You did wonderful Love" He says, picking up his lethargic, half asleep mare. Giving her a tender kiss. She curls up in his strong arms, oblivious to everything but the warmth of his body and the steady beat of his heart as she drifts slowly to sleep. The presence is pleased, and the man takes his reward, and his love, and starts the long walk home, carrying the exhausted mare all the while.
  141. Chapter 3 (Unicorn Partner)
  144.         In the shadows of the night, the lone figure sprints across the street, avoiding the lights given off by lamps. He knew they were searching for him, and he knew what would happen if he got caught. A patrol passes nearby, and he presses himself into the shadows. "Not much time left" He mutters to himself, glancing up at the moon. Silence once again reigns, and he starts moving again.
  145.         Coming to a door, he pauses for a moment, ear pressed to it. Hearing nothing, he taps his fingers on it in a pattern only he, and the other knows. That other, replies with a series of knocks, and he smiles. The door quickly opens, and he slides inside, shutting it quickly but quietly behind him. "You shouldn't be here" She says "You know the punishment for a human out after curfew."
  146.         He shakes his head, sitting down on a cushion beside her. "It's too late for that. "They" have arrived." The look of horror on her face was matched only by the look of sadness on his. "Everyone else was caught. I managed to slip out, but they saw me and now... I really need your help. You are the only one with enough power that I trust to save me."
  147.         She stands, before searching through her bookshelf. Pulling out the sought after book, she says "I can't precisely pinpoint where you will come out, but it will be a safer place then here. Now let me see..." Her sentence is cut off when his lips press against hers and his hands run along her mane and back. As he pulls back for a moment, she manages*moan*"What was that for?"
  148.         "Thanks. For everything." His mouth closes on hers again, and this time she is completely receptive. Their tongues intertwine, his far more pliable one playing with hers as his hands slowly work their way down her back. A deep warmth spreads through her body, especially her nethers. "I want to leave you with the knowledge of why humans are being wiped out." Before she can open her mouth to say anything, his once again covers hers and she can feel herself being lifted by his strong arms. His confident strides quickly carry him through the small house.
  149.         The man lays her down on the bed and quickly removes his shirt before moving back on top of her. "So those rumors?" She whispers, her legs curling up over her chest, tail tight against her privates. His smile confirms her suspicions and he slowly runs a hand down her face; gently outlining her contours. A pleasurable shiver runs down her spine as he lifts her and turns so he is sitting on the bed, her on his lap. One hand begins gently massaging her cutie mark and flank, while the other pulls her face close, before stroking and lightly tweaking her ears. As her mouth opens to moan, he shoots forward, taking control again.
  150.         His fingers perform their magic and she is quickly blushing a deep crimson, and he can feel and see her need in the form of a wet spot and a slowly raising tail. Laying her down on her back again, he quickly drops his pants, leaving his member barely concealed behind the fabric of his boxers. Her eyes become locked on the cloth wrapping, almost willing it to vanish. That is until his hands began slowly crawling up her stomach like a pair of spiders. Each fingertip only touching with enough force to be felt, but not enough to tickle. The mare finds herself unable to react as his hands make their way upwards. When they reach her shoulders, they slide down her sides, a soft moan following their path. The man slides his hands in between her rear legs, gently pulling them apart, revealing her small teats, black slit and ring; before her tail shoots up to cover them.
  151.         Leaning down, he gently takes an ear in his teeth, lightly licking the tip. while just slightly rubbing it between his incisors. Under him, the mare tenses slightly, but at the same time feels the heat flaring in her nethers. As he pulls off, he slides his tongue along its length, her tenseness turning into a throaty moan. "Don't worry" He whispers, a finger tracing a line around her ear "This is all. For. You."
  152.         She lowers her tail, and as her partner moves down, she softly says "Just... Just be gentle." As he passes her lips, he steals a quick kiss before working his lips down her neck. One hand has already begun working her sensitive teats, and the other up the back of her neck, through her mane to touch the tip of her horn. She can’t help but moan, the combination of kisses, the tweaking of her nipples and the finger now running along the groove in her horn is giving far more pleasure than she could have ever imagined. The soft feeling of his fingers trailing along her horn cause it to start giving off small sparks of pleasure.
  153.         Having given up all resistance, her body begins showing all its signs of pleasure. Her moans increase in volume and frequency, her nether lips begin winking rapidly, and the sparks coming off her horn increase in size. The man responds by abandoning her horn, instead it moves down and begins brushing her outer lips. In the middle of a wink the man  inserts his fingers, drawing a moan from his partner, and he holds her open, her clit in full view.
  154.         "My, my. What a cute little flower." The tip of his nose runs over her exposed clit, a sharp gasp and a long moan is her response. "Not much smell: He runs his tongue over it, another moan escaping her "But a wonderful taste." His lips wrap around the sensitive folds of her flower, and his tongue starts playing with it. Licking, encircling, pulling, her body convulses under his skills, a gush of fluids running into his mouth.
  155.         Panting for breath, she says "That was *Pant* Amazing! I never knew..."
  156.         He pulls back and presses his clean fingers to her lips, silencing her. "You are talking like it’s over." Opening her mouth to say something, she is cut short as he removes the last article of his clothing. Looking over his fully erect and revealed member, she is both curious and a little disappointed. Gazing deeply in her eyes, he asks "Are you ready?" She gives a faint nod, still eying his manhood.
  157.         Stepping forward, one hand goes and starts gently rubbing up and down her stomach, the other moves his member to her black slit. Instead of penetrating, he slides his manhood up and down along her sensitive outer lips and clit. Her winking, having only slowed down from her earlier maregasm, picks up speed again, sliding her mind into a state of bliss. A moment later, he can tell she is on the edge of another climax and he stops, lining up with her rapidly winking slit.
  158.         She winks, and he thrusts all the way to the hilt. The pleasure sends her over the edge as he first penetrates, and very nearly sends her over again as he hilts. Giving his lover a moment to regain her senses, the man starts running a single finger along her horn, which starts sparking again. Slowly, he starts making long thrusts that hilt each time, each drawing a squeak or moan of pleasure. It is only moments before she hits her next maregasm, leaving her panting for breath.
  159.         The ever tireless man continues thrusting, bringing her to maregasm after maregasm, until he feels his peak approach. Releasing her horn, he uses both hands to grab hold of her, just in front of the flanks. This new grip allows him to pump deeper and harder than before, until he hilts and sprays his seed deep within her. She simply lies there, enjoying the blissful feeling of his warmth inside her, until he adjusts his grip and lifts her up.
  160.         She opens her mouth to say something but is quickly cut off when he takes her horn in his mouth. His hands may have felt good, but his tongue... He grips her waist, and starts slowly lifting her up. Her mind blanks at the pure pleasure of having her horn slowly engulfed and the feeling of his still rigid member inside her. When he is nearly out, and her horn is completely in his mouth, he lowers her, slightly faster than when he raised her. Her pleasure is expressed in the form of the gush of a maregasm, a veritable storm of sparks in his mouth and an intense and lusty moan.
  161.         Continually picking up speed, his sexual skill combined with the impossibly amazing position turn the lucky mare into a veritable fountain of orgasmic bliss. Finally reaching his second orgasm, which shoots deep inside her joining the first, he slowly pulls out. A few drops drip out, and he carries the tired, but satisfied mare to the washroom and starts cleaning her up.
  162.         She slowly comes to as he washes the saliva off her horn, before working on her mane. The sensation is pleasant, and she leans into him, reveling in the dexterity of those marvelous digits. "Hopefully you will be able to cast that spell soon" He says, one hand working her tail now "They have probably realized I am in a house now and are probably going door to door." To emphasize his point, a loud knock comes from the front door.
  163.         This snaps her out of her blissful stupor and she yells to the door "Just a moment, I am in the washroom" Running to the bedroom, he grabs his clothes while she grabs the book. The door begins banging again, and she rushes to charge the spell. A pony sticks its face in a window right as he runs into the room, still naked. Its eyes meet his, and the banging becomes solid thumps. The door blasts down, and he runs to her, dropping his clothes in the rush. His arms wrap around her as the spell discharges, pulling them both through.
  164.         She is the first to re-orient herself, and turns to her dazed partner. Gently nuzzling his leg, she finds his hand comes down and strokes her mane. Wherever they are, she is glad she is with him.
  168. Chapter 4 (Unicorn Partner and Gryphon lead up)
  172.         Its been three days since the man and mare vanished from town, and patrols of nearby town have increased twofold. In the end though, it is futile since the two are hundreds of miles away.
  173.         Food has been scarce, especially for the mare who had little but the basest, roughest plants.
  174. However, water had been plentiful, so the man had kindly allowed her to supplement her diet by feeding on the one thing he had plenty of, his seed. An offer she graciously accepted.
  175.         "You know *Gulp* we should try and find some way to start growing food" She says, finishing her feeding. His hand runs through her mane, silently complimenting her work.
  176.         "That probably won’t work" He replies, lifting her into his lap. "The temperature has slowly been dropping, so we probably don’t have much longer till fall and winter. Unless we can find a proper shelter and some sort of food store, we are probably in trouble."
  177.         She sighs and curls up against him "I know... Can you promise me one thing?" She looks up into his eyes "If I go first, please promise you will eat me to survive. There is no reason for both of us to die, and you stand a better chance, being human and all." He opens his mouth to protest, but she stops him with a kiss. "Please?" Her eyes gaze deeply into his soul, and he feels the warmth and affection coming from them.
  178.         "I promise." He says with a sigh "But I also promise this. I will not give up on saving both of us until that hour comes that one of us dies." She sighs happily, burying her head in his bare, toned chest. The sound of a landing creature and a pigs squeal snaps them out of their loving moment. To him, the squeal was the sound of a meal. For her, it was the sound of a predator nearby.
  179.         Quickly getting up, the man sets the nervous unicorn down beside him and creeps towards the sound. The plants silently part as he passes, before revealing a gryphon and a freshly slain pig. His mouth starts watering a bit, and he involuntarily steps forward
  180.         *CRACK*
  181.         The Gryphon immediately turns and lunges at him; claws bared and ready to rend his flesh from his bones. The unicorn panics, knowing her magic is too slow to help, but the human simply catches the gryphon mid-air and flips it onto its back, pinning it by the wrists. "What... What are you going to do to me" The Gryphon asks, obviously female, the quivering in her voice a sign of severe fear.
  182.         "Nothing, if you calm down." He says, still holding her down but moving away a bit. He could tell she had never been put in a situation like this, and she was clueless to what was going on. "Now if you promise not to try anything and answer a few questions, I have no problem releasing you." The gryphoness nods, and he releases her.
  183.         She quickly flies back a short distance, before sitting and staring at him. The three of them stand silently for a minute, before the Gryphoness says "Well, aren't you going to ask me questions?"
  184.         "Yes. First, and perhaps most important, could you tell us where we are?" He says, taking a seat.
  185.         "You are in MY private hunting grounds, near the border of Equestria and Gryphonia." She replies, rather angrily.
  186.         He nods, and continues "Next, where would be the closest town where we could find work and shelter. Gryphon, pony or otherwise?"
  187.         The Gryphoness laughs "You want to find work... in gryphon lands. You would have done better staying in your little pony towns." The man stays silent, and a moment later She continues "But, you are a decent  fighter. Maybe you could join the arena for a few rounds, make some money and get yourself a place for the time being. The closest one is in Fort Eirie, but since you probable don’t have much time to make money, we should skip straight to the capitol."
  188.         "You said we, correct" The unicorn says "That means you are taking us there?"
  189.         The gryphoness stares at her, causing her to flinch a bit. "Any why should I help you? You haven't proven anything. Gryphon code demands I help him, but I could care less about you."
  190.         "She is mine." The man says, a blush creeping across the unicorns features. "She goes wherever I go, so if you take me to your capitol, she will come too." The gryphoness gives an exasperated sigh, before turning and motioning for them to follow.
  191.         The journey is uneventful, and a few days later, the group finds itself outside a large city. The moment they are in view of the place, a number of Gryphons swarm out and surround the group.
  192.         One particularly large specimen steps into the circle saying "Daughter, Where have you been?" The Gryphoness shrinks back a bit, and he presses forward. "You have been missing for several days, and now you come back with a Unicorn and this thing" He says gesturing at the human. "No matter. Guards, dispose of them."
  193.         The Gryphons ready to jump, the human takes a defensive stance with the unicorn cowering against his legs, but before they attack, the Gryphoness yells "STOP!" The gryphons eyes flicker between her and her father, before she speaks up again "Please, let me explain. Father, I have decided to take a mate."
  194.         Almost immediately the fathers face turns furious "You wish to mate with this thing? Preposterous. It hardly looks like it could put up a fight."
  195.         "Father! "She snaps "He will enter the arena tournament. If he is beaten, I will gladly accept whatever Gryphon who wins as my husband. If he wins, you will let me marry whoever I choose."
  196.         A vein throbs in his forehead for a moment, before he becomes perfectly happy. "Fine then Daughter. I agree to your terms. We will see how well this champion of yours can fight. Guards, take them to the combatants barracks." The Man and unicorn are taken away, and the Gryphoness is left with her father to suffer with her situation.
  197.         "Daughter of mine, Are you sure you want to do this? If that thing loses, you will be stuck with a husband you probably don’t even like. Is that wise?"
  198.         Having already made those assumptions, she puts on a brave face, trying to make her father pull out of the deal. "Of course I'm not worried. That "Thing" as you put it is a far better fighter than I, as he already proved to me." She can see a flicker of worry cross her father’s face, and she allows herself an internal cheer. She is one of the best fighters, and her father knows that. Considering she just told him that that Human was better, well, she hopes he won’t be sleeping well tonight.
  199.         That night, under the cover of darkness, she slips from her room and flies down to the barracks. Sure, he could have visited during daylight hours, but with her father’s guards there, she wouldn't be able to say or explain anything. The doors are never locked or guarded, since all fighters are there voluntarily. She quickly checks the fighter log, and heads to the listed room number. Her claw raises to knock when she hears voices inside, The door swings open a little, but neither occupant notices. She peers inside to see the unicorn on the man’s lap
  200.         "Can we... You know ummm...." The unicorn fumbles on her words, and the man simply responds with a kiss. Her shoulders go slack, one of his hands runs through her mane and the other slowly slides down her back onto her rump. The mare feels something rub up her stomach, and looks down to see his manhood standing fully erect. Her giggle turns into a moan as his lips wrap around her lowered horn, his tongue working along the groove. Slowly, the man leans forward, adjusting himself and her so that she was on her back. Pulling away from her horn, a thin strand of saliva attaches it to his mouth, before it breaks and drips onto her nose.
  201.         Standing, the man moves the mare to the end of the bed, before kneeling down and sucking on her teats. One hand works between her thighs, massaging her outer lips and black ring. The other kneads her flanks and cutie mark. He quickly brings her to the edge, and with a few deft strokes of her clit, sends her over. Her fluids soak his hand, and its movements shift. Two fingers slip inside, and his thumb works its way into her other hole.
  202.         The Gryphoness feels the heat rising in her cheeks and nethers, and a talon subconsciously moves downward. She can do little but watch as the man’s skills once again conquer the mares body. The hand on her thigh moves up, along with his face until his hand is behind her shoulders and his face is over hers. His mouth teases her ears, licking the tips, before whispering something the Gryphoness can’t hear. The pony's eyes go wide, but she makes a small nod, and the man makes his way back down, kissing her the whole way. With both hands working, he quickly brings her to another maregasm, which he uses to lubricate himself. The gryphoness has to bite her tongue to avoid making a sound as a scaled knuckle brushes her lips.
  203.         One hand gently rubs the ponys belly, as the other makes sure both his rod and her nethers are properly lubricated. As he lines up, the Gryphoness’s eyes widen. Slowly, his manhood slides into her black ring, and the pony grits her teeth. He only enters halfway before he stops, and reaches up to pet her mane. "Relax, it will feel good and I promise I will be gentle." The mare visibly relaxes, and he slowly begins inserting again. When he hilts, both the Gryphoness and the unicorn let out a soft moan. "Told you" he says, before starting to move slowly. Aside from the occasional squeak of pain, he is able to pick up a fair pace before his fingers get to work on her slit. The combined skill of his fingers, and the new sensation of his manhood in her forbidden depths brings her mind to a state of perpetual pleasure, spiked occasionally by the mind numbing sensation of a maregasm.
  204.         The sound of a door opening startles the Gryphoness, and she shoots into the room, closing the door behind her. The suddenness of her entry causes the man to quickly pull out, eliciting a scream of pain from the unfortunate mare. He quickly picks her up, cradling her against his chest as he runs his fingers through her coat. "I'm sorry" he whispers, kissing her on the cheek before turning to glare at the Gryphoness.
  205. "And what is the meaning of coming in here like that?"
  206.         If it was at all possible for a gryphon to look sheepish, for a moment, that’s what she looked like. "I was coming here to wish you luck and give you a few pointers without my dad’s guards around, but if you are going to be like that..." Her attitude quickly changes to arrogant, and the man sighs, still consoling the crying unicorn in his arms.
  207.         "EVER HEARD OF KNOCKING!" He snaps, sitting down on the bed "Maybe you should try being polite. I don't have to fight for you, you know. I could just throw the last match and watch as you get stuck with whatever fool who wins as your mate." He can see each word affect her, and by the time he finishes, she is nearly in tears.
  208.         Her head hangs low and her voice is barely a whisper "I... I know... I'm sorry. When I got here, I heard you two starting and peeked in. I couldn't help myself. It was so... and when I heard a noise, I kind of... well, panicked." She looks up at him, and he whispers to his partner.
  209.         After a moments consideration, the man motions her over. As she nears, he moves over on the bed and indicates for her to join him. "Now, I want you to answer the following question truthfully. Do you wish to mate with me?" The Gryphoness is shocked at his forwardness, but meekly nods her head. His hand slowly runs along the side of her face, and she leans into it, a faint sound coming from her. The unicorn leans over and begins nuzzling her from the other side and the sound increases. The man chuckles a bit. "Are you purring?" Crimson streaks across her features and she quickly recoils from them.
  210.         "Umm... well, sorry for bothering you, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye" She says, quickly running out of the room.
  211.         The couple relaxes on the bed, before the man asks "Are you sure you don't mind sharing?"
  212.         "For you" The unicorn says, snuggling up tight against him "Anything." The two of them cuddle and fall asleep wrapped in each others grasp.
  215.         The mid afternoon sun bears down on the mans exposed back as he circles his opponent in the ring. This is the fourth today, and by far the hardest. His foe lunges again, sticking low to the ground to avoid his waiting fists. Instead of dodging, the man sweeps out with his leg, catching the unsuspecting gryphon in the side of the head. Before it can rise, he has it pinned, front legs and back, a lesson learned in an earlier fight.
  216.         The gong sounding the end of the fight goes off, and he rises, helping his foe up. Through the matches, he has earned the respect of a number of gryphons, and cheers run through the crowd. Making his way back to the waiting area, he is met by his unicorn and gryphoness. They both anxiously look over his wounds, but he shrugs them off.
  217.         "Don't worry, I'm fine." He says, grabbing a glass of water from the table.
  218.         "You say that, but still..." The Unicorn says, rubbing against his leg. "We can’t help but worry. You are doing this for us, not for you, so we want to support you in any way possible." He smiles, and wraps them both in a hug, which gets more than a few jealous stares from fighters and crowd alike.
  219.         Letting them go, he asks "How many more rounds do we have to go?" The Gryphoness quickly flies off to check the chart, before coming back with a horrified look on her face. "What’s wrong?" He asks, uncertainty crossing his features
  220.         "He did..." She slumps down, and he pulls her over. "He set this all up."
  221.         "What did he set up?"
  222.         "Your final opponent... He set the whole tournament up..." She is shaking against his chest "I'm doomed... There's no way you can win..." The last match is called, and he leaves the distraught Gryphoness in the care of his unicorn partner.
  223.         A cloud of dust rises and his final opponent lands in the ring. He stands, his face showing no emotion as the dust slowly clears. Across from him sands a female gryphon who looks not much older than the one he is fighting for.
  224.         She looks at him with a sneer, before bursting into laughter. "YOU are my sisters champion... What a joke. I'm going to beat you, and then I get to put that little pussy of a sister in her place." Nothing but a slight eye twitch reveals the man’s true emotions, when the bell marking the start of the fight rings.
  225.         Claws out, she lunges straight for him and he prepares to receive her, when she redirects herself with a mighty flap and rakes her talons over an unprotected shoulder. Licking the blood from her claws, she glances at him and is slightly disturbed at the lack of response from him. His stance shifts, and he charges, swinging a mighty right that parts the air in front of her face as she dodges back. A left crashes into her side, sending her tumbling and gasping for air.
  226.         She barely has time to roll away before his foot comes down where her chest was moments ago. Looking u, she is only able to get a glance at his face before she feels an impact on her chest, knocking the wind out of her again. Sprawled out of her stomach, she feels his foot press down on her back, between her wings, and a hand reaches down and pulls her chin up. He stares into her eyes, seeing her fear, and he says "You will come with me and apologize to your sister, RIGHT." The heel on her back pushes down to emphasize his point and she quickly nods.
  227.         His hand releases her chin, and goes to the back of her neck. half dragging, half walking her over, he throws her at the younger sisters feet. "Now, apologize." He says, setting one foot on her back again. She mumbles something inaudible, and he digs his heel in. "So we can hear you."
  228.         A squeak comes out of her before she cries "I'm sorry for calling you a pussy.” He nods, before letting her go. She quickly scrambles away, a few tears dripping from her eyes. The younger sister looks ecstatic, and jumps into his arms, rubbing against his face. Carrying her, he steps back into the arena, and sees her father standing there. The older sister stands submissively at his side, eyes downcast, but occasionally glancing up to look at the man.
  229.         "It seems my daughter’s faith in you was well founded. Unfortunately, since the challenge was not made publicly, it has no weight. Now if you will give me back my daughter, we can get you your winnings." The father says, gesturing to the Gryphoness in the man’s arms. The man whispers something to the Gryphoness, and sets her down. She runs behind him, and he steps forward. The father smiles, before it is wiped off his face by a powerful right hook.  A heavy silence penetrates the crowd, and the man lifts the father by the throat.
  230. "This man" He says, his voice carrying across the stadium. "This man, not only was he willing to give away his daughter to whoever won this tournament if I lost." A few murmurs run through the gathered gryphons "No, not only that, since I did win, he is trying to pull out of the deal by saying it wasn’t made publicly." The murmurs increase in volume and take a negative tone. "I ask you, do you feel he has the right to take away his daughters happiness, just because she wishes to be with someone he doesn’t approve of?" He throws the gryphon to the ground and walks back to HIS Gryphoness.
  231.         She looks nervously at her father, before the crowd erupts into a sea of chanting, They all seem to be encouraging her to seize her happiness and go with the man. Her father has sat up, and the man has sat down several feet behind her, so she is now in between them. Her father glares at her, and the man simply sits stoically. She sits there a moment, and the murmurs of the crowd quiet. Her eyes keep flicking back and forth between her father, and the man she has fallen in love with. Closing her eyes, she sighs before walking unerringly towards him. The crowd cheers at her choice, and her father storms off in a huff, but not before yelling for the older sister to follow.
  232.         She doesn't listen; instead she walks over with her sister. "No. I'm tired of having to listen to you. Always trying to force us to do things your way. ENOUGH!" She flies off into the crowd. The man takes his new partner, and his old one and walks out of the arena.
  233.         Making their way back to the barracks, they are congratulated by many gryphons, even offered jobs by some. When they make it back to his room, they all flop on the bed. "You know" He says "I may not have gotten the cash reward, but I got one that’s better." Both girls give him a curious look, until he pulls them both close. The Unicorn sighs, and a blush crosses the Gryphoness's face.
  234.         "Do you... Ummm..." They Gryphoness stutters "Do you want to enjoy your reward now?" Her tail wraps around his thigh, the tip brushing against his crotch.
  235.         The door flies open and the older sister walks in. "Too bad you're gonna have to wait, little sis. I get first go at him." The younger jumps up and glares at her older sister while he is left in the background, whispering to the Unicorn. Before feathers can start to fly, both gryphonesses find themselves trapped in magic bubbles.
  236.         Sorry to burst your bubbles, but since someone.." He stares at the younger one "Interrupted last night, I owe my little unicorn a special treat before either of you get a go." Both girls grump, and when the bubbles are dropped, they begin quietly arguing to each other. Picking up the Unicorn, he lays her down on her back and begins kissing his way to her face. "Last night was supposed to be for me, but since you got hurt doing it, this time, it’s all about you."
  237.         She goes to protest, but her tongue is incapacitated as he sucks it into his mouth, toying with it. Pulling off, he quickly latches onto her horn with his magical lips. His tongue works it over, spiraling up the groove, flicking the tip, every action bringing with it a wave of pleasure for the mare.
  238.         His hands slide slowly down her stomach, eliciting shivers and moans, until they stop over her exposed and now erect teats. Gentle brushing brings her to normal orgasm, and one hand strays to brush across her clit, tipping her over into a full maregasm. The argument behind them stops, and they find themselves watching his incredible skills.
  239.         Switching a hand for his mouth, he begins licking and sucking her tender nipples, and starts slowly working his way down. His tongue agonizingly slowly runs over her outer lips. Even with her best attempts at winking, she can’t get him to lick inside. He gives her a quick grin, before driving his tongue into her folds, and gently rubbing her clit with a finger. This quickly brings her over the edge, and he drinks all her fluids. The simple act of sucking her juices brings moans to her lips, and he starts writing letters inside her with his tongue. He makes it to F before she has her next, and he drinks this, before pulling away.
  240.         "Does that make up for it?" He asks, licking his lips. She simply nods, lost in the bliss of her multiple maregasms. His fingers start tracing her cutie mark, and he lines up, before sliding in all the way to the hilt. The moan she releases has enough volume to echo through the room and down the hall. He slowly flips her over, the twisting sensation inside her causes her to release another gush of fluids.
  241.         Behind the two lovers, the sisters glance at each other, and sigh. The younger lies down on her back, and the older straddles her in reverse. Their tails pull each others heads down to their slits, and their long tongues get to work. The man, sparing a glance behind him before he starts thrusting, sees the sisters beginning their carnal and forbidden act, and gives an approving nod. Bringing both hands down, he gives his mare a quick slap on both flanks, making her clench up, before he slowly begins pulling out.
  242.         When only his tip is still left inside, he slams back in, causing the mare to moan in pleasure. He continues this rhythmic pace, pausing only when she maregasms. As his own orgasm approaches, he pulls out, and lifts her up. "Let's replenish some of those fluids you lost." Her mouth flops open, her tongue sticking out, and he slides his marejuice soaked member in. One hand behind her head, and one under her chin, he assists his mare in performing the act, until he releases all his seed down her throat.
  243.         She manages half a smile, and sleepily says "See, all gone" as she opens her mouth. He strokes her mane, and sets her down to sleep on the clean side of the bed.
  244.         Turning to the two panting, purring gryphonesses, he quickly gets their attention with a quick pat on the rear. "If you two want a turn, we are going to have to find somewhere else to do it, because she needs her sleep." The two of them look at each other before nodding.
  248. Chapter 5 (Gryphoness partner)
  250.         The man and the gryphon sisters confidently enter the girl’s home. A quick check reveals the house to be empty, the father likely off drowning his sorrows. Each girl wraps their tail around one of his wrists, and begin tugging him in different directions. With an exasperated sigh, he grabs both their tails and pulls them to him. "Since you" He indicates the younger sister "Are leaving, we will do it on your bed, since its going to get real messy."
  251.         They both look at each other, before smiling "How about we use 'His' bed then?" The older asks, giving him a wink.
  252.         He shakes his head, much to their disappointment. "Your father dislikes me enough already; there is no need to aggravate him further by ruining his bed." Still holding both tails, he says "Lead the way." The girls start moving, and he makes sure to hold their tails high, eying the fine Gryphoness booty that he was about to score. The older sister notices this and puts a little sway in her step, and he gives her tail a soft squeeze. Her sway increases, and he felt his member rising. Someone was definitely wanting some.
  253.         Inside the room, he drops their tails and grabs the older sister around the waist. "Sorry" he says to the younger one "She gets first, but you will get something extra instead." The younger one nods, only looking mildly disappointed. Laying the older down on her back, he leans over, moving in for a kiss. Before he makes contact, he pushes back, leaving her making the gryphon equivalent of a kissy face. One hand slowly runs down the two pairs of teats on her stomach, each one brushed drawing a quiet moan from her. With the other hand, he slides his fingers between the pads of her paws, making her claws retract and extend, a sure sign of feline pleasure.
  254.         The fur of her crotch slowly becomes wet, and he moves from her paws to rub down her slit. Lining up his hand, he slides two fingers into her slit and his thumb into her butt. She lets out a cry of pleasure, and he begins moving his fingers in sync, an outer one playing with her clit. His free hand draws shapes between her teats, flicking them as he runs over them. It takes less than a 10 seconds of this for him to bring her to a climax, and after several of them, he pulls his slippery fingers out. Quickly lubricating himself, he starts sliding into her incredibly tight sex. He barely makes it a third of the way in, before he hits a blockage.
  255.         Not saying a word, he pulls back, before thrusting through and bottoming out. Her scream of pain and pleasure draws a worried look from the younger, but the man simply says "It’s okay." He rests a moment, reveling in the tightness of his virgin partner as she grows accustom to his girth inside her. After a moment, he begins making long slow strokes, her depths contracting each time he pulls out, until they are stretched again as he hits her cervix. She is quickly brought to her next orgasm, and the man starts increasing his pace, only managing a moderate speed due to her incredible tightness. Grabbing her hips, his fingers press into her flesh, and her rear legs start squirming. He lets go, and grabs her by the ankles, pulling her against him as he tirelessly pounds into her depths.
  256.         By the time her twelfth orgasm rolls around, he shifts his grip, grabbing inner her shoulders and lifting her upright. Never slowing his relentless pace, he gives her MANY more peaks before he feels his own approach. Pulling out, he goes for her rear and presses into her tight ring. The amount of fluids ease the process, but her inability to relax in her sex addled state means he has to be a bit rough.
  257.         Hilting, he barely gives her a moment to adjust before starting again. Out of all the holes, this is his favorite and he thrusts mercilessly, the Gryphoness giving out mixed cries of pain and pleasure. While not as tight as her slit, her rear is far more comfortable, and he feels his peak approach rapidly. Going for power rather than speed, he pounds the last few thrusts, before hilting and pouring his seed deep into her bowels. Pulling out, he gives her a quick pat on the butt, and rolls across the bed to the clean side.
  258.         Giving his hands a quick wipe, the man pulls over the already dripping younger sister. "Now I don’t want you doing any work, okay?" he says, pressing a finger to her forehead. When she nods, he runs that hand down her side, before using both to pick her up and flip her upside down, her belly facing his. She finds herself dangling over his glistening, throbbing member, and it’s all she can do to keep from licking it then and there.
  259.         All thoughts are dispelled from her mind as his soft tongue begins caressing her outer lips. She is brought to an orgasm before he even penetrates, but as her juices started flowing, his tongue forces her lips open, the fluids seeping into her. He continues his godlike oral work, bringing her to nearly a dozen orgasms, each one slowly adding to the contents of her gryphonesshood. With his incredible strength and dexterity, he turns her around, so she is facing out, before attaching his mouth to her sensitive bits. in a further display of strength, he lifts her to vertical, drinking her fluids from her as though they were an expensive vintage poured in a feathered and furred goblet. One long deep lick sends her over once again, and he swallows all her juices, before lowering her down, holding her just above his awaiting maleness.
  260.         Laying her down, he wraps her tail around one hand and uses the other to line up. As he begins penetrating into her clenching depths, he gently massages her stomach and around her slit. Like with the older, he reaches the youngers hymen and stops. Instead of just breaking through like with the older, he slides one finger into her rear and begins stimulating her through the flesh in between. As she reaches an orgasm, he pushes through, the pain and pleasure mixing. The man stops again, and with his free hand, slowly rubs the side of her head, assuring her everything was okay. Slowly bottoming out, he gives a soft yank on her tail and a pat on the rear and draws back till only his head remained inside.
  261.         The door to the room opens, and the man sees the father in the doorway. Not breaking eye contact, the man thrusts fully into her depths, a carnal scream of pleasure coming from her throat, and a gush of fluid from her nethers. A smile slowly forms on his face as he slowly thrusts, the gryphoness under him moaning in pleasure, completely oblivious to everything. The fathers stare turns into a glare, which becomes a look of outright hatred when he sees the older sister in a purring pile of bliss.
  262.         The man turns back to his partner, and with a quick pull of the tail and a clawing down her side, he gets her to give off an adorable squeaky moan. He hears the father storm away again, and he slowly picks up the pace, always considerate of his extra tight, virgin partner. Her tail wraps around the base of his member, and constricts periodically, and as a reward, starts massaging both of her rear paws. Within moments, his dexterous hands and amazing member have reduced her to a purring orgasming kitty.
  263.         Without pulling out, he rolls her over, before resuming his assault on her depths. On one particularly deep thrust, he feels her cervix has begun dilating slightly. Every few thrusts, he bottoms out, checking her dilation again. She only opened about half an inch, but it gives him an idea for later. She reaches her fiftieth or so orgasm, and he decides to finish fast. Wrapping his hand around her tail, which is still wrapped around the base of his rod, he starts fucking her hole and tail at the same time. Grabbing her shoulders, he bottoms out and pumps his seed right through her cervix and into her womb.
  264.         Even in her clouded; sex addled state, she can tell he wanted her, the warmth inside her told her so. The man feels her cervix close, locking his seed inside her, and he slowly pulls out. Picking her up, he moves off the bed and begins running his hands through her feathers and coat, removing much of her spilt juices. Still incoherent, she merely purrs against his chest. After picking her mostly clean, he lifts her up, cradling her in one arm. With his free hand, he gives the older sister a quick smack on her tight lioness booty.
  265.         "Take care, and make sure to get a lot to drink." He says, and she lazily looks over at him "Hope you had fun, because that’s a one-time thing." He wraps his other hand around the younger sister "At least for you." With that, he calmly strolls out of the room, and out of the house. Confidently walking through town, smelling of sweat and sex, and carrying a dopey, purring gryphoness, he gets a fair share of both curious and approving looks. Back at the Barracks, he lays the now asleep Gryphoness beside the Unicorn, and heads back out.
  266.         Hitting the local bar, a number of Gryphons offer to buy him drinks, and he spends an enjoyable evening out socializing.
  267.         That is until he hears a curious rumor.
  271. Chapter 6 (unicorn partner, and minor changeling clop+Changeling lead up.)
  274.         "You’re sure that’s what they said?" The unicorn says, trotting alongside the man, who is now dressed in a manticore cloak, courtesy of his winnings.
  275.         "Yeah, sounds kinda fishy to me." The Gryphoness agrees, walking on his other side.
  276.         The man looks around, before pulling the hood over his head to help block the sun. "Yes, I'm quite sure. I know my way around bars and drunks, and if you get on a guy’s good side while sober, then get him drunk, well, he'll just about tell you anything." He says, placing a hand on each of their heads. Both still look unconvinced, but he was their alpha, so they trusted him.
  277.         "Still, to think the princess is way out here, near changeling lands." The unicorn comments and he nods. Looking up at the sun, they realize it’s about time to set up camp, and they all split off to do their jobs. The Unicorn sets up camp, the Gryphoness hunts and gathers food, and the man gathers firewood and potentially useful materials.
  278.         The man travels quickly through the woods, seeking higher elevation, and rivers to gather dry woods. As he searches, he hears a peculiar sound, almost like a ghost crying; A hollow, but soulful sound. He follows the sound, finally coming to a large dead tree. Slowly approaching, a twig snaps underfoot and the crying stops, replaced by quiet whimpering. In the base of the tree, the man can see a crack leading inside. Kneeling, he peers inside, and is shocked by what he sees
  279.         Lying there, curled into a fetal ball is a small black pony shaped thing. Its pupil less blue eyes look up at him, and it tries to squirm further back into the tree. "It’s okay" He says, slowly reaching in, but as his hand comes close, it bites down on it with surprisingly sharp teeth. Ignoring the pain, he wraps his other hand around behind it, and it bites at his other arm, just below the wrist. The injured hand gets in under its belly, and before it can react, he pulls it out and cradles it against its chest. Its teeth immediately sink into his shoulder, but he keeps cradling it, whispering "It’s okay." While holding it, he can feel how long it’s been lost, there's barely any muscle or fat on it, its stomach is sunk in.
  280.         Tears drip down his face, and the thing feels them hit its head. It gazes up at his face, and it can feel the sorrow directed at it. In its raspy voice, barely more than a whisper, it says "I'm sorry." He sits down, leaning against the tree, and holds up the thing, taking a good look at it. In the light, he can see it is a changeling, its previously blue carapace, now faded to a near greyish-black. Its wings were in tatters, and it was all around muddy and its shell had a few cracks and chips unrelated to the normal missing areas.
  281.         Cradling it to his chest again, he says "Come on, let’s get you cleaned up." The two of them wander a bit, until they find a river, and he removes his cloak. Stepping in, he sits down at the edge, keeping the changeling from going in. With his free hand, he scoops up a bit of water and pours it on the changelings back, scrubbing off some dirt before repeating the process. As he goes to wash its rear, it shies away nervously. Understandingly, he moves his hand away, and instead opts to pour water over the area. "Now that you're nice and clean, Let’s get you back to camp and get you something to eat, Okay?" The changeling looks up at him and nods, managing almost half a smile.
  282.         The walk back to camp is quiet, and as the man approaches, he calls out "I'm back!" The Changeling winces a bit, and he steps past the last few trees and into camp.
  283.         Immediately, the Unicorn comes running over, until she sees the changeling in his arms, and the blood dripping from new injuries. "Get rid of that thing!" She yells, making the Changeling flinch and cower into his arms. "You know what 'THEY' are like" She continues, practically spitting the word 'They'. Trying to squirm from the mans grip, the Changeling thinks to itself 'His queen doesn't want me here... I should go, so he doesn't get in trouble.'
  284.         As it is about to drop from his grasp, the man says "NO." Both the unicorn and the changeling look up at him in surprise. "Just like how you selflessly helped me and saved my life, I am going to do the same for it." The unicorn looks a little shocked, but the man motions her over. Gently setting the changeling down, he picks up the mare and locks his lips with hers, and she feels her complaints fade. As he looks into her eyes, he softly says "It has been lost out here for who knows how long, and besides its lost all ties to its family." The mares eyes flick to the changelings grey carapace, and back to his "Sure, it may have reacted a little bad when I first found it, but since then, it's calmed down; Right?" Both he and the unicorn look down at the changeling, who cowers a bit, but gives a quick nod.
  285.         The sound of flapping draws everyone's attention upward at the gryphoness, who is returning with food. The changeling immediately presses itself against the mans side, and the unicorn gives it an annoyed glance before turning back to the gryphoness. "I hope you brought a lot, because we have another mouth to feed." Dropping the basket of food, the gryphoness looks over and sees the changeling.
  286.         She bares her claws and takes an attack stance before the man raises his hand and orders her to stop.
  287.         She does as she's told, and instead steps over, and towers over it. "I hope you don't plan on trying anything funny" She says, driving her point home with a poke from a claw. Even though the poke wasn't hard, the changeling tumbles over, falling on its tattered wings. It manages a squeak of pain before it finds itself cradled in the mans strong arms.
  288.         "Look, I understand you're both concerned," He says, shifting his grip on the changeling "but I will take full responsibility for it, just like I do for you." He holds it up in front of him, and adds "Now I expect both of you to apologize." The way he holds it out, combined with its tattered and damaged tail gives them a full view of her bits. A faint blush crosses his face, and he lowers her to the ground, the image burned into his memory, alongside those of his mare, gryphoness and her sister.
  289.         He is distracted enough to miss the girls apologies, and the two of them notice his blank stare. The gryphoness flies up and prods his shoulder. "Hey! Did you get the firewood like you were supposed to?" She asks, poking him again.
  290.         "No." He replies, hanging his head a bit "Would you both be able to get some? I can prep dinner in the meantime."
  291.         Sighing, the unicorn says "Fine, but you owe us BOTH tonight." Both wander off to gather wood, leaving the man and the changeling alone.
  292.         Picking up the basket, the man gets to work prepping the assorted plants and meats, when the changeling speaks up. "Umm... Thank you, but why did you say no to your queen? She doesn't want me here, and I don't want you to get in trouble because of me." Her voice comes out as little more than a slightly raspy whisper, but distinctly female.
  293.         His laughter rings strong and true, and he pats her head. "Simple" He says "Because she isn't my 'Queen' as you put it." The changeling tilts her head, confused. "In our little group, you could say I am the Alpha, or king." He clarifies, and her eyes widen.
  294.         "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean... ummm...." Completely flustered, the changeling struggles to find the right words, but the man just pulls her next to him, pressing her thin form to his side. She can taste the care directed at her, and she slowly savors it; her first real meal in weeks, even if it's really little more than a snack. Seeing her smile, he picks her up and sets her on his lap, before continuing dinner prep.
  295.         When the two return, and see him with the changeling, content on his lap, they both feel a sharp twinge of jealousy. "We're back!" The gryphoness calls out, dumping her load of wood. The unicorn adds to the pile, and they walk over to where he is prepping. The man lifts the changeling off his lap and starts making a fire pit.
  296.         Dinner is quickly cooked and eaten, and the two girls run off, leaving the man alone with the changeling again. The entire time, the changeling has yet to say anything to anyone, only speaking when she is alone with him. Noticing this, he motions her over. "Why do you only talk when it's just us?" He asks, resting a hand on her head.
  297.         She pushes into his hand and side, before saying "Its... I'm just scared. If they wanted to hurt me, there's nothing I could do to stop them. Her horn lights up green, and a rock slowly floats up, before dropping "I barely have enough power to transform, and they don't like me so I wouldn't want to accidentally say something wrong." He can see her shrinking against him, and he enfolds her in a hug. Under the black of her shell, he sees a pink wave flare through it, leaving a small tinge in her carapace.
  298.         Holding her up, he gives a quick chuckle. "That's a pretty neat trick." He says, nodding to her back.
  299.         Her eyes go wide, and she jumps to the ground, spinning around while staring at it. "Oh... Oh no... How could this happen?" She says, before sitting on the ground dejected. Tears start forming, and soon the man has a crying changeling on his hands.
  300.         Picking her up, he stares deeply into its watery blue eyes, and says "It's okay, whatever is wrong, I will help you fix it." Pulling her in and hugging her, he sees another flush of pink, her carapace now showing a definite change from the grey it was. Slowly, her tears stop, and he calmly asks "Okay, now can you tell me what is wrong?"
  301.         With a few sniffles, she nods "A changelings carapace color shows what queen they serve under. It helps keep track of invaders and visitors, since its something that cant be changed easy. I... My Queen *Sniffle* her color is this... This wonderful blue, like our eyes, and now... It went grey because I was abandoned *Sniffle* and now.." Her tears begin again, and he holds her close, comforting her. Another flash of pink, and he starts connecting the dots. Once she has calmed down, he lowers her to the ground.
  302.         "I think I know what is happening" He says, patting her head. "I think you are bonding with me. I may not be a Queen, but maybe you see me as an Alpha figure, and you are slowly converting." She stops and thinks about this, and the gryphoness returns.
  303.         "You are wanted that way" She says, indicating the direction she just came from. "Don't worry, I promise not to hurt your new friend." He eyes her for a moment, but nods, and starts of in the indicated direction.
  304.         He quickly comes to a grove of trees, thick vines hanging down and obscuring the clearing beyond. Flickers of firelight and a faint tinkling of falling water come from within, and the man smiles. Pushing through the vines, he 'calls' out "Honey, I'm home!"
  305.         The unicorn smiles and plays along. Trotting over, she rears up and plants her hooves on his shoulders and her lips on his. After a brief, but sweet kiss, she pulls back and says "How was your day dear?"
  306.         Giving an over dramatic sigh, he groans "Awful. Work was busy and our extra help was sick. I could really do with something to relax right now."
  307.         She nods knowingly, and asks "Do you think you could wait here for a moment? I have a surprise for you." He raises an eyebrow, and she walks away with a pronounced sway in her rump and a tail that keeps dropping partial flashes of what lay beyond.
  308.         Unknown to the man, the gryphoness and the changeling are in the tree behind him, silently observing the happenings.
  309.         Moments later, the unicorn returns, ribbons wrapped around her. She gives a seductive wiggle of her flank, including a raised tail, revealing she is covered. "Are you going to come open your present?" She asks, her sultry tone getting a definite rise from him
  310.         "Well now" He says, running a hand through her mane, Tugging lightly at the ribbon wrapped around her horn. She moans lightly, and he continues "This is a wonderful present dear, so well wrapped. I Better be careful with this wrapping, in case we want to use it in the future." He punctuates the last word with a wink.
  311.         The mare feels a heavy blush cross her features, before she whispers "Why wait?" Her response come in the form of her horn ribbon being quickly untied, and slowly slid off, drawing a moan from her. Next he undoes the ribbon around her chest and foreleg. Using the ribbon, he creates a harness and leash he attaches around her chest. Giving the leash a pull, she feels her rear press against his legs, and he kneels down before pulling again.
  312.         This time, she feels his member pressing through the fabric, and she moans as it rubs against her sensitive outer lips. Using the small ribbon he ties up her tail, before removing the longest ribbon, the one around her nethers. With the last barrier gone, she tries to press against him, but he holds her away with the leash.
  313.         "I think we could do with one more ribbon, don't you think dear?" He says, and she quickly complies, conjuring a third long ribbon. Removing the leash and harness ribbon, he makes a different harness, this one with two "Leashes". He leads her to a sturdy, but short tree and lifts her up. With her already slick with juices, he lifts and slides her onto his member, a throaty moan escaping her
  314.         Taking the free ends, he ties them up to branches, leaving her supported by the tree. He slides out, and she gives a soft whimper. Taking the next longest ribbon, he ties her legs so her hooves are pressed to the tree, but as wide open as they can go, leaving her bits easy prey. Her fore hooves are attached to the tree, leaving her plot sticking out at an angle. Admiring his work, he gives her flank and cutie mark a few slaps, each drawing a gasp or moan.
  315.         Licking a finger, he slowly run it up her moist slit, and she tries to wink it inside. He immediately pulls back, giving her flank a painful slap this time. "Calm yourself" He says, running two fingers along this time. She shivers and twitches, but manages to avoid winking, and he rewards her by kneeling and giving her lips a kiss. Tilting his head, he starts making out with her slit his tongue invading her depths. As she winks, he begins sucking and pulling on her lips while his tongue toys with her clit.
  316.         His tremendous skills quickly bring her to a maregasm, and he stores it all in his mouth. He waits a moment for the afterglow o fade, before curling his tongue like a straw and sliding it into her black ring. She gasps as she feels him pump her juices through his tongue and into her. He says "Keep it there." and she manages to clench in time for only a few drops to spill out.
  317.         When he sees she no longer has to clench, he steps up and grabs her shoulders, sliding deep into her velvety depths. Dropping his grip to her sides, he gives her a few bounces on his rod. When no juices slip out, he starts a fair pace, and soon she is giving off a near continual stream of squeaks, moans and gasps. The ride is punctuated by a maregasm every few minutes, and at these times, he doubles his pace. During those moments, she feels as if she would float away; she was so lightheaded.
  318.         After a blissful ten minutes, he pulls out and tilts her head back, before taking her horn in his mouth. Her mind lost to pleasure, she barely notices his rod probing her black ring. She can only manage a gasp before he slides in, the stored fluids acting as additional lubricant. She feels him slowly fill her up, and she tries to focus on whats going on, but between the hornjob and his member, she can barely form a coherent thought.
  319.         Slowly sucking as he pulls off her horn, he gives it one final lick, sending her over the edge. As she rides out the maregasm, he starts thrusting into her forbidden hole. Every third thrust is punctuated be a quick slap on the flank, causing her to clench up. This hole isn’t as pleasurable for her, but she manages another maregasm before he finishes. Holding her down on his rod, he pours his seed deep within her.
  320.         One hand around her waist, he undoes the ribbons and carefully turns her around. The warmth of his seed and his manhood inside her is matched only by the warmth of the kiss he plants on her lips. "Thank you for the wonderful gift dear." He says, cradling her against his chest. She gives a content sigh, which turns into a gasp as he pulls out, their mixed fluids seeping out. He lowers her gently, and leaves her to rest on a clean patch of grass.
  321.         Making his way back to camp, he sees the gryphoness and changeling headed his way. "How'd it go tiger?" The gryphoness asks, giving him, and his glistening member, a wink. She gives the changeling a light push towards him, before saying "I'm going to go make sure she's alright." As she walks past, she gives his toned but a flick with her tail.
  322.         "Ummm... Can we go back to camp to talk?" The changeling asks, brushing against his leg. He nods, and the pair make their way back to camp. Taking a seat against a tree, he looks over at the changeling, who is shuffling nervously. "Could you... Ummm... Maybe close your eyes? I have a gift for you but..." He doesn't respond, and instead just closes his eyes and relaxes. The sound of the changeling moving is the only warning he has, before something engulfs his member.
  323.         His eyes shoot open, and he sees the changeling, her mouth wrapped around his manhood, looking up at him. Any protests he may have had vanish as her long tongue wraps around his member, and she begins slowly bobbing. A hand moves onto her head, gently petting her along with the occasional ear tweak. He hears the other two return, and he hears the unicorn comment "So, you actually managed to convince her to do it, huh."
  324.         The man glares at the two, but his hand keeps comforting and encouraging the changeling, who's carapace is slowly turning more and more pink. "I'm guessing you assumed if you could get her to do something inappropriate or weird, I'd get rid of her?" A few tears hit his lap, and he looks down to see her crying, but still trying to please him. He runs a finger under her eyes, wiping away her tears. "Don't worry, I don't hate you or think you're weird for doing this. In fact, I rather like it." She perks up, and continues with a renewed vigor. "And *Moan* you are doing a wonderful job as well." This was all the encouragement she needed, and she starts bobbing her tongue out of sync with her head, pushing his pleasure through the roof.
  325.         Both the other girls look nervous, especially at his obvious signs of pleasure. He manages to say, between moans "We are going to *Moan* Head to her hive, and when we get there *Gasp* We are going to let her decide if she want to come with us, or stay." The two look at him like he is crazy, but the changeling is ecstatic, and starts sucking and bobbing like never before. He quickly reaches his peak, and though he tries to gently pull her off, she has practically latched onto his rod. his seed sprays into her mouth, and she happily drinks it all down, before jumping up and wrapping her forehooves around his neck.
  326.         "OH thank you soo much!" She says, nuzzling against his face "This means so much to me!" It takes a few moments of petting and hugging, but she eventually calms down a bit. "I was wondering" She says, now sitting beside him, the unicorn on his lap, and the gryphoness on the other side "What are you all doing out here anyways?"
  327.         Looking over at her, the man idly notes how pink her carapace is, before he says "We heard a rumor, back in the gryphon lands, that the Pony Princess was seen in this direction, and we are looking for her currently."
  328.         "Hey, I think she might be the pony that was in my hive before I got lost." The changeling says, thinking back "Maybe she'll still be there when we get back."
  329.         His arms wrap around the three, and he holds them all in a hug. "We can only hope." He says, looking up at the just appearing stars.
  331. Chapter 7 (Changeling clop and Alicorn Clop)
  333.         During the past day or so of travel, the trees have become less dense, and the changeling has become happier. The unicorn and gryphoness have both been a little withdrawn, obviously embarrassed by the whole ordeal, despite the man saying it was fine several times. It is nearing sunset, but the changeling is excitedly pulling them onward
  334.         "Hurry! We are almost there!" She calls running a ways ahead of the rest. "If we hurry, we might see the pony raise the moon and drop the sun!" Realizing her logic, the unicorn runs to catch up, the man and gryphoness chasing after. Coming out into the open, they are greeted by an amazing sight.
  335.         On the horizon, they see a silhouetted figure fly up, a brilliant aura surrounding it. As it moves, the sun slides below the horizon and the moon rises to its nightly place. The unicorn excitedly shoots up a series of magical fireworks, and the figure seems to turn towards them. It lands a distance from them, still shadowed by the moon. A calming voice rings out across the field "Who are you, and what do you seek of me?"
  336.         The mans strong voice replies "We are a group of travelers, searching for the missing princess of the ponys. Something bad is happening within Equestria, and we need her to return."
  337.         Silence hangs in the air a moment, before the voice speaks again. "Follow me." It says simply, and it begins moving away. Looking down at his group, the man nods, and they begin following the silhouette.
  338.         While following, the changeling is constantly looking around, until she gives a surprised gasp, and runs off. The man turns and runs after her, calling out "Hey! Wait!"
  339.         The Alicorn walks over to the unicorn and Gryphoness, who are standing there, unsure of what to do. "We must go after them" She says, shaking them out of their confusion. "There is a large changeling hive that way, and if they get caught they will be in serious trouble without our help." The two girls exchange glances, before giggling. "What may I ask, is so funny?" The Alicorn asks, eying the two.
  340.         "One of those two" The gryphoness replies "is a changeling, and the other is our human, who won a rigged against him tournament in the gryphon capital. Neither of us are particularly worried about them." The unicorn nods in agreement, and the alicorn stares at them a moment, before sighing. "Still, we should follow, just in case." She says, and the other two nod in agreement.
  342.         The man, after a good hard chase manages to catch his changeling, but as he stands up, he notices something. All around him are a bunch of blue carapaced changelings. His changeling suddenly becomes subdued, and he remembers why. Standing tall, he asks "I would like to speak with the queen of this hive. Would it be possible for one of you to fetch her for me?"
  343.         Before any of them can do a thing, a voice rings out "There is no need for that. What is it you wish to say to me?" Turning, the man sees a large female changeling, standing roughly five feet minus her horn. The queen sees the changeling in his arms, and adds "And why are you holding one of my subjects in your arms?"
  344.         Lowering the changeling, he gives a curt bow to the queen. "The reason I am here is twofold. First, I promised this changeling here I would bring her back to her old hive. Second, I felt it would be impolite to ask her if she wanted to stay with me without consulting her prior queen."
  345.         "Your respect is admirable, as is your care for this changeling, though she is not one of mine." The queen motions one of the other changelings over. "You see, changelings in my service have a blue carapace, unlike that ones pink."
  346.         The man nods and replies "An excellent point, but you see, her circumstances are unusual. She assures me she used to belong to this hive, before she got lost. She isn't sure exactly how long she was lost, but I would hazard a guess at three or more weeks. When I found her, her carapace was grey, and she was in pretty rough shape." He pets the changeling before continuing "The reason her carapace is pink, or at least what we think is why, is that she has been bonding to me as her new king or leader."
  347.         "Interesting..." The queen says, eying him and the changeling. "Well, I must ask, Do you wish to go with him?" she asks the changeling. Being put on the spot, the changeling visibly cowers, and he sits down, before wrapping her in a hug. A small wave of pink flows across her, and she gently pushes out of his grip, before nodding to the queen. "I see." The queen says, only partially surprised "If I may ask, why do you want to go with him?"
  348.         Pink crawls across her face, and her eyes briefly focus on his member, though it is hard to tell without pupils. "Well... Ummm... He is really nice, and he cares for me. He has lots of love, and he even makes...*Mumble Mumble*" The queen steps forward and tilts her head, and the man gently encourages her. "Ummm... He makes a liquid love..." Both the man and queen look confused, and she elaborates a bit "You see when you... Ummm ... When he cums, its like liquid love. Its super tasty and really filling!"
  349.         A loud growl echoes through the chamber, and the queen looks down, embarrassed. Whispering to the man and getting a nod in response, the changeling runs over to the queen and pulls her over. Lying down, the man relaxes and the changeling starts nudging and licking his semi-erect shaft. Soon he is fully erect, and the changeling motions the queen down.The queen kneels, and nervously eyes his member, and the changeling stops for a moment. "Don't worry, your majesty, I will help." Before working the base of his shaft and balls. The queen lowers herself over his head, and a tooth grazes the side of his rod, a pained gasp coming from him. A small dribble of blood leaks out, and the queen immediately pulls back in a state of panic.
  350.         Before anything goes wrong, the changeling wraps her mouth and tongue over the injury, before pulling away. On the cut, she left a green substance that is adhering well, and she says "You have to be careful your majesty. Try using your lips to cover your teeth, and your tongue to please." Motioning the queen to try again, she resumes her work on his base. The Queen is able to avoid injuring him this time, but her overall skills are mediocre at best.
  351.         Realizing it will take forever for them to get their treat, he says to the changeling "Maybe you should lead, and let the queen support till the end. She needs some practice to be as good as you." The changeling agrees and quickly takes over, the queen moving down to the supporting role. After about ten minutes of bliss, he feels himself getting close, and says so to the changeling.. She and the queen quickly switch jobs, and the mans hips buck, and his hand wraps around the back of her head, forcing his seed into her mouth. Her tongue grabs every drop it can as she swallows and pulls away. She can feel a few drops slip out, and almost panics, but they are caught by the mans changeling.
  352.         "Oh my. You are right little one, his fluids are quite like liquid love." The queen says, licking her lips. A voice calling for the man draws their attention, and he rises, picking up his changeling.
  354.         In moment, the Unicorn, Gryphoness and Alicorn find themselves in the hive entrance, and they come across a most unusual sight. The man is lying, in the open, getting a joint blowjob from the changeling, and a larger one which is likely the queen.
  355.         What looks like every other changeling in the hive is around them, calmly watching. He says something, and the two changelings switch positions, the queen on the tip now. His hips buck, and he holds the queens head for a moment before she pulls back. A few drops of his juices drip from her mouth, to be caught by the little one under her.
  356.         The Alicorn looks down at the man, her jaw almost on the ground. "Did he just?" She asks, and both girls smile and nod, before calling out to him.
  357.         Standing, he picks up his changeling and walks over to the three of them. "Good timing girls, I just finished paying for our stay here." The changeling in his arms nuzzles against him "Oh, and getting permission to keep her." He add, cuddling her back.
  358.         The queen joins them, licking her lips. "Is this 'delectable' man and his friends acquaintances of yours princess?" She asks. A brief glance around, and she adds "Perhaps we should take this somewhere more, ahem, private?" The group collectively nods, and the queen leads them to a private chamber and closes the entrance.
  359.         Speaking first, the alicorn asks "Okay, now you mentioned something about an awful happening in the pony kingdoms. Please explain?"
  360.         The man motions the unicorn to explain, and she does so. "With the government you left in charge and because of the laws they set up, humans are not protected by anything. An anti human group has been systematically traveling from place to place, wiping out all the humans, since they can't fight back." Shocked the Alicorn is about to ask why, but the unicorn continues "And its all under the guise of 'removing a dangerous species', when actually the group is just a bunch of jealous stallions."
  361.         "Are you sure?" The Alicorn asks, an eyebrow raised. "And what, perchance could they be so jealous of that they would seek to wipe out an entire race?"
  362.         Nervously glancing at the man, the unicorn says "It might be best just to show you."
  363.         "Fine" The man sighs "But I get to choose who." Both the unicorn and the gryphoness nod, confident that he will choose them. the Alicorn, the changeling and the queen all look confused, and become even more so when both girls develop a blush.
  364.         Giving a small table in the room a measure, he clears it off before turning to the girls. Without hesitation, he walks toward them, and picks up the changeling. The other two open their mouths to protest, but quickly remember he's the alpha and say nothing. As he lays the changeling on the desk, the Alicorn asks, confused "What... Is he going to...?"
  365.         Starting with her shoulders, the man slowly works his way down, massaging her muscles through her shell, occasionally teasing with gentle caresses. Going up one of her rear legs, his fingers dance in her holes, sending shivers down her spine ans he gently touches the sensitive skin inside. Working back down, his finger lightly brush her inner thighs before he pulls back, and delivers a quick, but gentle smack to her flanks. She gives off a cute half-Squeak, half-moan, and he leans down, planting a quick kiss on her lips. As he pulls off, his tongue draws a trail down her neck, across her chest and stomach, before coming to rest just above her moist hole.
  366.         Another kiss, this one just brushing her lower lips, and he slides two fingers into her. The feeling of her inner walls is unique, almost like a slime filled tube. She makes a soft gasp as he starts moving his fingers around, and her tunnel slowly shifts to feel like the unicorns. The other hand goes to stroke her horn, and she is quickly brought to a state of pleasure, a stream of thin fluids leaking from her. Removing his fingers, he gives them a lick, enjoying her unique flavor.
  367.         Pressing his tip to her slit, she winces, and he moves his hand from her sparking horn to stroke the side of her face. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle." She meekly nods and he slowly presses into her, drawing a long gasp from her and the queen.
  368.         At full depth, he cant quite hilt, until he feels her inner walls moving and lengthening her tunnel. It reaches the point where he can both hilt and bottom out, and he gives her a quick pat. Reaching under her back, he lifts her, and slides her up his member till only his head is in. After a deep, loving kiss, he says "That's a wonderful little trick you can do, but I've got a few myself." Lowering her a bit, he runs his tongue slowly up her horn, and a small puff of flame comes off the tip, along with the normal sparks.
  369.         She gives another cute squeak, and he drives her down to the hilt. As he lifts her again, he begins sucking on her horn, increasing her flow of juices. He feels another change in the changelings loins, and she begins to wink, he responds by starting a fair pace of pounding into her. Each of the changeling's moans, squeaks and gasps are matched by the queen. Two minutes in, the two changelings let off a loud moan, and a gush of fluids from their slits.
  370.         Out of the corner of his eye, the man sees a green glow come from the queens horn, which covers her before vanishing. His changeling's next 'orgasm' has no effect on the queen, and he lowers her to the table. One hand on her stomach, and one holding a rear leg, he picks up speed again. Another three or four bugmaregasms, and he pauses, slowing down drastically, and he flips her over onto her stomach, rear legs dangling off the table. His pace is enough to keep them both pleased, and he waits for her to regain some focus. "Do you think you could tighten up a bit?" He asks, slowly rubbing her flanks. When she complies, he immediately picks up to full speed.
  371.         The combination of pleasure and love quickly turns the changeling into a panting pile of sex, and the man, enjoying the increased tightness, feels himself get close, fast. Grabbing just in front of her flanks, he increases the power of his thrusts, the desk shifting slowly under them. One final, powerful thrust, and he pumps his seed into her perfectly sized hole. As he pulls out, he feels a light suction, and watches as the changelings stomach distends a bit, before returning to normal. With a wet pop, he pulls out and lifts her up, carrying her back over to the girls.
  372.         Setting her down, he turns to the gryphoness. Before anything is said, the Alicorn speaks "Wait. While that display was impressive, I believe it would be best to test his skills myself." Her horn glows, and the man feels her magic engulf him and pin him to a wall.
  373.         'she wants to play a little rough, huh' He thinks, testing the strength of her hold. He can tell she isn't trying too hard, and he waits till she is almost on him. Breaking her hold, he quickly grabs her flanks and thrusts in, making her let out a combination of an annoyed moan and a squeak of pain. One hand moves forward and grabs her shoulder, and he starts thrusting, turning her protests into moans of pleasure.
  374.         Compared to his other females, the alicorn is a fair bit more loose, but it is easily compensated by the heavenly feeling of her depths. It almost felt like he was wrapped in a blanket of stars, his tip alternately being kissed by the sun and moon.
  375.         Before she can try anything more, he unleashes a deep thrust, his pelvis pressing against her lips, and the sensation of his hairs on her sensitive parts sending her to her first maregasm in nearly a hundred years. He rides out the pleasure with her, stroking her sides gently. Truthfully, he was acclimatizing himself to the feeling of her amazing slit during a maregasm, which nearly brought on an orgasm for him.
  376.         Starting up again, he slides his middle two finger into her as well, pressing her G-spot, while his thumb plays with her clit when it pokes out. The pleasure is nearly too much for her, and she tries to magic is hand out. As she does, his other hand slaps her cutie mark causing her to lose focus, and he redoubles his efforts, bringing her to another maregasm.
  377.         Afterwards, she starts simply trying to push him off with magic, but him sliding a thumb into her rear, causes her to lose all control. He slowly starts moving her, till he has her belly across the table. Pulling back, he slams in, making her release another gush of fluids. Switching the hand teasing her clit and G-spot with the hand in her end, he starts lubing up her other hole.
  378.         Her incoherent protests are cut off as he pulls out of her slit and swaps the fingers in her anus for his rock hard member. Pounding into her soft, bouncy plot, he continues fingering her and she cant help but have maregasm after glorious maregasm. Despite it being the third time in under an hour, the Alicorns heavenly nethers means it takes him only around seventeen minutes to near his peak.
  379.         Just as he is about to blow, his arms reach under her chest and lift her up, before lowering her down to the hilt. He releases his seed deep into her rear, the first time anyone has, and at that moment, she decided he would be the only one privileged to do so.
  380.         Setting her down on shaking hooves, he slowly pulls out, and gives her cutie mark one final pat. Turning to the changeling queen, who is practically drooling at the amount of love in the air, he asks "Do you have some place I could clean up?" Giving a nod, the Queen teleports them all to her private chambers, and leads the man into an attached room.
  381.         As they enter, a bell rings and half a dozen changelings, all female and especially feminine, come out of a small side door. "I want you to clean him up. He is an important guest, and should be treated as such." They all nod, and the queen steps out, leaving the man alone with them.
  383. Chapter 8 (Dragon Clop)
  385.         Having been thoroughly and enjoyably cleaned by the changelings, the man steps back out into the main room. The princess seems to have gathered herself, and they all gaze at him as he enters.The princess is the first to speak, and all listen. "After that, shall we say exceptional, display we have decided to go back, and attempt to protect what few humans remain. Upon returning, we wish for you and your group to act as diplomats, forming alliances with the different species."
  386.         Curious, the man asks "But why me specifically? Wouldn't somebody more experienced be a better option?"
  387.         "Normally, yes, but with the races I wish to have you help align us with, a different skill set is needed. One that you have. As you have experienced with the gryphons, a number of species place a large amount of respect in combat ability. As well, you don't have the stigma of being a plant or meat eater, and can easily appear as one or the other. And... Well..."
  388.         "I have the equivalent sexual skills of a god?" He provides, giving her a suggestive wink. A blush crosses her features and she nods. "well, I suppose the next question is how are we all going to get back?"
  389.         "Oooh! Oooooh! I can explain!" The unicorn says, jumping about. "Since the princess can't focus very well, She will be our conduit, directing us home. The changeling queen is going to power the spell, and I will shape it. Together, we should be able to teleport us all but the queen to the throne room in Canterlot!"
  390.         The changeling is on the gryphoness's back, asleep, and the rest form a circle with the man and unicorn. The queen stands in the middle, and power starts flowing from her to the unicorn, and from her it spreads around the circle, focusing on the princess. With a massive crack, the magic releases, temporarily blinding everyone as they are pulled through the fabric of space.
  393.         Vision clearing, the man finds himself... Alone. The barren land around him is spiked with mountains and valleys. To one side, the edge of a verdant boral forest lies. His musings are cut short by a very feminine scream for help. Running in the direction of the scream, it is punctuated by an angry roar and another scream.
  394.         Jumping over an outcropping, he slides down a shallow slope into a valley where he finds a young dragoness pinned underneath a Manticore, it's penis visibly hanging out and erect. Grabbing a rock, he throws it with strength and accuracy rivaling a magically guided missile. It collides with the side of the beasts head, and it roars at him, not moving away from its prize.
  395.         The next stone is more pointed, and is thrown in such a way that it spins like a drill, stabbing into the manticores shoulder. This time its roar is of pain, and the man is already prepared with another rock. Realizing the man isn't just some idle threat, the manticore leaps off the dragoness and charges him.
  396.         Its razor sharp claws leave furrows in the hard ground as it runs, wings tight to its body and its stinger ready to strike. Rolling aside, the man avoids the beast charge, and he launches himself as soon as his foot is planted, crashing into its side. Following up with a kick to its side, the manticore barely stumbles before lashing out with its stinger.
  397.         It catches on his cloak as he spins, and he reaches into the paw of the cloak, grabbing the small handle there. The claws in the cloak are just as sharp as the live ones', and when he slashes at the stinger, it rips out three long bits of flesh. Crimson sprays from the wound, and the maticore slashes at his head. Unable to dodge in time, he manages to lean back enough the tips of the claws only rake across his cheekbone, a trio of red lines left in it's wake.
  398.         Driving the claws of his cloak into the beasts chest with a powerful uppercut, he drops back, releasing the cloak. Following with a knee to the beasts chin, he knocks it into a near vertical stance, and he tackles it onto its back. Its claws flail around until he grabs them by the wrists, and stands up on its chest. Stepping forward, his weight is now on the manticores neck, slowly crushing its windpipe. Pulling himself down with its arms, he feels the throat collapse under him, and he steps off, before grabbing the manticore's head and snapping its neck with a powerful twist.
  399.         Reaching down, he pulls the cloaks claws from the dead manticores chest and throws it over his shoulder. The dragoness is cowering on the other side of the valley, and as he approaches she covers herself with her wings. Each step he takes is a shudder she makes, and when he is right in front of her, he can hear faint whimpers from her. Instead of initiating, the man simply sits down in front of her.
  400.         After a minute or two, she realizes he hasn't done anything, and she folds back her wings. The look in her eyes changes from fear to curiosity, and she shifts forward, looking him over. "You... You aren't going to attack me or anything?" He shakes his head, and she moves closer, before jumping on him and wrapping him in a hug "ThankYou!ThankYou!ThankYou!" She cries out, her hard plated body rubbing against his soft hairless one. "
  401.         Her weight tilts him back, and the bleeding of the cuts splashes across his eyes. Pushing her up off him, he says "Give me a moment, I should clean my cuts. Do you know if there's a river nearby?"
  402.         She shakes her head "Sorry, mister, there aren't any nearby but... If you want, I could clean it for you." He nods, and she steps forward before adding "Just... Close your eyes please." Complying, he feels her tongue run over his injuries, lapping up the blood and leaving a thin saliva coating behind. After a few passes, she say "Okay. All done." When he opens his eyes, he is face to face with the dragoness, who is looking at his eyes.
  403.         "So, how did you end up being attacked and about to be raped by a manticore?" He asks, taking a few steps back.
  404.         "Well its egg laying season right now and all the females are together. The older ones guard and watch the nests, and the younger and unfertilized ones go and do all the hunting. I was one of the ones who got meat hunting duties, so I was doing that until..." Her wings droop and tears start forming until she suddenly perks up and is cheerful again. "But then you rescued me, and also killed the manticore so we can take it back."
  405.         "How are we going to get it back? Its way to big for the both of us in this terrain." He says, measuring up the dead beast. Behind him, she inhales deeply before shooting a small ball of fire straight up. After watching it vanish, he man feels compelled to ask "What was that for?"
  406.         "I just called for some help. Soon, there should be a few more dragons here, and then we can carry it back." As she speaks, heavy wing beats can be faintly heard and two small blips that can only be dragons are seen approaching. Both tower over him and the dragoness, yet after having killed a manticore, he is unperturbed.
  407.         "quite the catch you made, a manticore for dinner and a monkey for desert. The mothers will eat well tonight." One of the larger ones says, stepping towards the man.
  408.         "I don't think you would like being called an overgrown lizard, so I would appreciate not being called a monkey." He says, crossing his arms and staring down the tremendous creature in front of him.
  409.         Balking slightly, she turns to the other who came with her, who has started butchering the manticore. "Fine them, what should I call you?"
  410.         "I'm a human, and probably one of the last of my kind."
  411.         The three dragons group up and discuss something in hushed tones. From what he can tell, the dragons are having a quiet argument, the small one against the larger of the two who came. The other seems to be observing, occasionally adding a comment or two.
  412.         They finally come to a consensus, and they turn back to him. "We are going to take you back with us, and you will have to meet the elder. If you are what you say, and her story is true, your fate will be decided then." The man nods, and dons his cloak. The smaller of the two new dragons motions him over, and takes him in her claws. Between the two others, they carry the Manticore carcass and they all take off towards the nests.
  413.         The nests are unlike anything he was expecting, as rather than just simple depressions, in the ground, they often had roofed structures over them or wind breaks around them. Instead of taking him to the nests, they drop off the meat and take him to a nearby cliff.
  414.         The two larger ones move behind him and the younger one, forcing them into the cave. As the light the entrance begins to fade, a wise and weathered voice speaks. "Stop. For what reason do you bring this beast before me?"
  415.         The two older ones regale the story told to them, how the man slew the manticore, saving the dragoness. After the story is finished, the elder remains silent for several minutes, before speaking again. "So. Is this tale true young one?" She asks, turning her massive head toward the young dragoness.
  416.         "Yes he saved me, and I know the laws. By honor, I must repay him, despite not having much of a hoard." The elder nods, and dismisses them with a small wave of a massive claw. Leaving the cave, the dragoness guides him to a small cave near the nests.
  417.         Pulling him inside, she excitedly starts running around lighting small piles of wood and torches. The chamber is soon basked in a warm orange glow, revealing a nest and a small pile of things. Sitting him down on the edge of her nest, she goes to the pile and sits in front of it.
  418.         Feeling her nervousness, the man steps over and rests a hand on her head. "Don't worry, I don't need anything. If you have to repay me, I need help finding my way back to Equestria"
  419.         "Yeah, but..." She says, digging through the small pile. A collar falls off to the side, and the man picks it up, turning it over in his hands. "You like it? No-one could read whats on it, but it can only be opened by the one who closed it. Here." She takes the collar and opens it, before passing it back.
  420.         He runs his fingers over the words. "Eternally together." He says, reading off the human script. "Whoever wears this will remain eternally young. This collar protects the one who wears it, allowing them to reject any other. It can only be removed by the one who closed it, or if the one who closed it perishes."
  421.         "That's it!" The dragoness exclaims "I know what you deserve for saving me. You have to play along though." Leaning over, she whispers in his ear before digging through her treasure again. She comes out with a long, but dull, sword of minotaur design. Handing him the blade, she climbs into her nest and 'falls asleep'.
  422.         Hefting the blade, he steps over and grabs her by the base of the wing, and he holds the blade to her throat. "Flip over beast." He hisses, tightening his grip a touch. She complies, and he releases his grip on her wing and stands over her , one leg pinning an arm and the tip of the sword against her throat. "Your head will make an excellent addition to my collection."
  423.         "Please don't!" She cries out, shaking "Take my hoard, just please, let me live." He goes *Hmmphhh*, and the tip presses a little harder. "I will do anything, just please..."
  424.         A smile crosses his face. "Anything?" He asks, and she quickly nods. She feels the tip of the blade slowly run down her body before pulling up over her pelvic scales. "Open them" He demands "Or I will."
  425.         She cringes and the scales slide up, revealing her horizontal slit. "Try anything, and you will regret it." He says, as he shoves the sword into the ground. Sitting on her stomach, he plunges two fingers into her. Wiggling them for a bit, he takes them out and licks them. She is a little cooler than he expected, but her slightly spicy juices tingle on his tongue.
  426.         "Not bad, you just increased your chances." He says, before grabbing her by a leg and flipping her to her knees. Lifting her tail, he shoves three fingers inside and starts finger fucking her. She starts heating up, and her walls start rhythmically contracting, and he pulls out his fingers.
  427.         "Are... Are you done?" She pants, turning her head back. Seeing him lube up his member with her juices, she closes her eyes and lowers her head. Pulling her back by her tail, he impales her on his rod, a gasp of pleasure escaping her, before she "Withdraws" into herself again. As he begins thrusting, her head keeps slowly rising and moans start escaping her.
  428.         The warmth of her depths reaches a new peak, and a gush of liquids slip out, sending a tingling sensation over his rod. Speeding his thrusts, the contractions and pulling of her inner walls speeds to match his thrusts, increasing both their pleasure. Every couple minutes, she gives a heavy moan and her back arches, a small wave of juices comes and the contractions get tighter.
  429.         He lets off a few grunts, and shoves deep into her, filling her pulsating passage with his sticky fluids. Pulling out, he flips her onto her back and grabs the collar, fitting it around her neck. "I think I'll keep you." He says, patting her cheek. "Now, are you ready for round two?" All he gets is a moan, and he lifts her to her side, spreads her legs and penetrating again.
  430.         After she reaches a few more peaks, she manages to say "Mister dragonsl..." He cuts her off by squeezing the small scales in her joints, and she squeaks in pain. "Please Mist..." Again, she is cut off by a squeeze, and she says "Master..." She cringes, awaiting another spike of pain. When it doesn't come, she says "Master, could you please cum in your toys mouth? She wants to feel like the cum bucket she is."
  431.         "I will cum wherever I please, toy." He replies, before adjusting his position slightly. She feels the tip of his member press against her inner ring. Her body involuntarily relaxes it, and he thrusts into a place no partner, draconic or otherwise, could ever hope of going. As he pulls back, the bottom of his head pulls on her ring, giving her a strange but good feeling, and giving him sparks of pleasure due to sensitivity.
  432.         In this position, his thrusts become short and quick, so for her pleasure, he slides two fingers in around his rod, and starts toying with her inner walls. With his other hand, he starts probing around her hole, before finding a spot where he can press through, gently squeezing her sensitive flesh between his powerful, yet gentle fingers. Her pleasure shoots up, and its accompanied by a small surge of fluids. Some leak into her ring, and she experiences the tingling as well, making her giggle.
  433.         Every so often, he pops his head back into her "normal" tunnel, and he gives her a few deep thrusts before slipping back into her "Impossible" hole. She quickly finds herself liking this hole more and more, and she gasps as she feels him thrust as far as he can before dumping more seed into her "rear".
  434.         Too sensitive to pull out immediately, he kneels there, rubbing her belly until he can pull out. When he does, she rolls over and smiles at him. "That was amazing" She exclaims, jumping on him, forcing him to the ground. As he reaches to undo the collar, she pins his arms, before leaning in for a sloppy tongue kiss. "Lets keep up the game a little longer. Please?"
  435.         Pushing her off, he grabs the ring on her collar and drags her to the nest. "Lay down, I want to sleep, and you will be my mattress." She nods happily, and lays down on her back, arms and wings spread wide open. He notices her slit is still uncovered, and he gets a quick boner, and crawls over her. Sliding in his rod, he sprawls out and relaxes on her chest and neck, before muttering "Consider yourself lucky, Toy. You get to be my cock warmer for the night." She just giggles and wraps around her new "Master", warmth spreading between them.
  437.         Far away in Canterlot, a powerful spell is being prepared.
  439. Chapter 9 (Dragon clop and Alicorn Clop)
  442.         Flickers of magic run rampant in the air, the princess and the unicorn slowly building the layers of the translocation spell. Each layer they add brings them closer to their final goal of bringing back their human. As the final part completes, the magic all condenses into a brilliant white ball of light. It floats still for a moment, before phasing through a wall with tremendous speed.
  443.         Far away, a lone timber wolf would be the only being to see the ball of light shoot across the sky as it makes its way to dragon territory. The magic slows as it reaches its destination, floating through a mountain and into a cave. It slowly engulfs the sleeping pair, before the spell starts taking effect.
  444.         Back in Canterlot, a faint shimmer forms on the ground, before the two begin to fade into existence. As the first foggy shape is visible, the unicorn and Princess look at it confused. The unicorn runs off to get the others, and the princess erects a barrier around the spell platform.
  445.         Minutes pass, and more focus and definition come to the man and Dragoness. The princess lowers the barrier as she recognizes the man, also noting their positions and the dragoness's collar. She smiles and motions the other girls to be quiet as they enter the room. When the spell finishes, the man stirs, pulls out of the dragoness, and rolls over, looking at his collective girls.
  446.         "Hey princess, Did you come to save me from the big bad dragon?" He asks, gently patting the dragoness's belly. His joke draws a giggle from her, and his girls come running forward, before jumping and tackling him off his perch. Wrapping his strong arms around them, he presses them into a hug "I missed you girls too." He says, alternately petting them.
  447.         Feeling his rod poking her rear, the unicorn slides down, saying "I think you owe us for vanishing like that." She lines herself up, before impaling herself on his rod, a hearty moan coming from her throat.
  448.         "I think you're right" The gryphoness says, turning around and lowering her nethers to his face and awaiting tongue, which dives into her tight slit.
  449.         Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the changeling step back, so he grabs her by the tail. Pulling away from the gryphoness, he swallows her juices and says "Climb up between them. You deserve something too." before diving right back in. She obeys, and climbs up. His hands grab her rear, spreading her cheeks before his middle fingers plunge into her hole.
  450.         His tongue working the gryphoness, his fingers pleasing the changeling, and with the unicorn bouncing on his rod, his mind enters a near mechanical state of pleasure. The unicorn starts slowing down, and he helps her by making small thrusts with his hips, and she gasps as she reaches a maregasm. Leaning forward, she rests on the changelings back as she too orgasms.
  451.         By this point, the gryphoness has had a good half dozen orgasms, and she slumps forward, before all three slide off him, snuggling together. Rising, the man brushes off some of the juices off him, before striding over to where the dragoness and princess were now talking.
  452.         "...and then he dragged me to my nest and used me as a mattress and cockwarmer." The dragoness says, and the princess covers her mouth with a hoof.
  453.         "Realy now, I didn't know he could be so... Ah, are you done with the girls for now?" The alicorn asks, turning to him.
  454.         "Yeah. I have the feeling they were unable to sleep, with me gone, and they seem tired." He replies, before grabbing the dragoness's collar and yanking her over to his side. "Now, did I give you permission to talk to anyone, Toy?" She bows her head, and he pulls her into a hug. "I'm just kidding. You don't have to be my toy if you don't want to. He says, before leaning in and whispering in her ear "I did enjoy it though."
  455.         Her scales flush a little, and he runs a finger under her chin and plants a kiss on her snout. Her eyes flicker from him to the princess and back, before saying "Could you, umm... Excuse the princess and I for a moment? I have something I want to talk to her about."
  456.         "Of course. Princess, could you direct me to the nearest bedroom I can take the girls to? It cant be good for them, sleeping on the floor." The princess gives him directions, and he picks up the unicorn and gryphoness, before carrying them to the bedroom. When the two are set on the bed, they snuggle up to eachother again, and the man heads back for the changeling. Reaching down to pick her up, he is surprised when she wraps herself on his chest and starts licking his face like an ice cream cone, all while still asleep.
  457.         Setting her in the bed with the others, she gives faint whimpers as he releases her. Giving a half sigh, half smile, he tilts her head towards him and gives her a deep, passionate kiss. Putting as much love as he can into it, the changeling gives a contented sigh as he pulls away, before snuggling up with the others. After giving each of them a gentle pat on the head, he makes his way back to where the princess and dragoness were waiting.
  458.         A scream comes from inside as he turns the knob, and he throws the door open to see the dragoness pull the princess out the window and fly her away. Running over, he grabs the window ledge and stares out at the dragoness as she flies into a tower opposite his. Stepping back, his foot hits a puddle and he kneels next to it. Smelling it reveals a faintly spicy scent, and he dips two fingers in and tastes some.
  459.          Stepping back, he straightens up an storms up the last few steps. "Release the princess, Foul Beast!" He demands, his strong voice sending shivers down hers and the princess's spine, and a twinge and flush in their nethers.
  460.         "No." She declares, puffing up her chest and wings "I captured her, and she will be mine forever." The man steps toward her, and she responds by pouncing him, pinning his body to the ground. She feels his erection bump against her plating, and she say "What wrong with you? I'm about to eat you, and you want to have sex with me."
  461.         Using his strength he rolls her sideways, him ending up on top pinning her down. "Now what was that about eating me?" He taunts, a smile crossing his face. Her looks change to one of fear, and he releases her arms and pets her head. "I know why you did this. You are lonely, aren't you?"
  462.         "NO I'M NOT!" She snaps back, and he shakes his head before rubbing her pelvic scales.
  463.         They open, and she blushes heavily as he says "Your body begs to differ. Now..." He stands and spreads her legs, baring her privates to the world "do you want this nice and sweet, or..." He flips her over, and pulls her against him "do you want me to ravage you like the naughty beast you are?" Instead of a response, she has her tail grasps his wrist and try to pull it away. "As you wish..."
  464.         Grabbing the collar, he pulls her up and presses her face first into the wall, before yanking up her tail and slapping her, just below her dripping hole. Guiding his tip in. he moves his hand from the collar to the back of her head, pressing it into the wall. The other is grabbing tightly on the base of her tail, fingers digging into the small scales of the joint. The pressure at both points increases as he slams into her hole, before loosening as he pulls nearly entirely out. He continues this style of long, powerful thrusts as she gives grunts, groans and the occasional moan of pleasure.
  465.         This goes on for about five minutes, and she gets one, nearly two orgasms about it, be fore he changes his grip to her curvacious hips and drags her to her claw and knees. He continues his tireless, effortless pace, and one hand moves up her back before forcing her face to the ground. He keeps pressing, and is soon quite literally, pounding her into the ground, and she is loving every second of it. Another couple of minutes and he gives a sigh of frustration, shoving her off his rod. She collapses in a tired heap, her scales closing reflexively.
  466.         He looks for a chair or something, but finding nothing, he drags her over to the stairs and moves her down a few. Sitting on the top step, he sets her lap over his and says "You better open back up or you will be going down." Her scales shoot open with a wet *Schlick* and he grabs her by the tail. legs spread out to either side of him, he slowly slides into her , before reaching a familiar ring of muscles. Barely giving her time to relax, he pushes into her bowels and begins thrusting as fast and as hard as humanly possible.
  467.         She has to bite her claw to keep from screaming out his name due to the sheer carnal pleasure he was giving her. Her orgasms are longer, and her body hotter than ever before as he ravages her special hole. Every thrust, his balls slap against the small patch of skin between her hole and plates., and his hairs send shivers down her spine.
  468.         His occasional grunts become louder, and he thrusts in further than before, his balls actually entering her slit as he hilts in her rear and fills her with seed. He pulls her up the steps and removes himself, leaving her to flop on the ground. While she basks in the warmth he filled her with, he steps towards the door.
  470.         "Princess!" He calls out "Are you okay?" Muffled sounds come from within, and he pushes open the door. Inside, he finds the princess bound with spreader bars, a ball gag, a horn ring and a tail binding. Running forward, he pulls the gag from her mouth, and she leans forward and kisses him.
  471.         "Thank you so much! But there's a problem. The shackles are enchanted, and they only come off with a certain trigger, and I don't know what it is." He starts looking over them, and he finds a small carving on a shackle.
  472.         "I can see what needs to be done, but you're going to have to trust me." She nods, and he moves behind her and starts rubbing down her flank. His thumbs press into knotted muscles, slowly kneading tension out and contented sighs escape her lips. Slowly tracing her cutie mark with one hand, he starts brushing against her lower lips with his other.
  473.         She gasps and exclaims "Wait! You can't! I need to be a virgin for my future husband."
  474.         He walks around in front of her, catching her small wink, so he says "Well, we will just have to figure out another way to do it then." Moving to the bed behind her, he uses a sheet to clean himself, before ripping off a clean strip to use as a blindfold. Wrapping it around her head, he steps in front of her again and places a hand on the back of her head, her ethereal mane flowing through his fingers.
  475.         Pulling her head up, he locks lips with her, his strong tongue sliding into her mouth and pulling hers along with it as it explores every reachable nook and cranny. Their mouths separate, a thin strand of spit connecting them for a moment before it separates and drips to the floor. Pulling her head down, he uses his other hand to rub his member all over her soft face.
  476.         Crimson flares across her face, and he scratches behind her ears, while reciting what was on the lock. "In her lips, and then her rear. On her face when the end is near." For a moment, she pauses before opening her mouth, letting him guide his member in. She savors its entire length, his hand on the back of her head gently guiding her.
  477.         When he feels he has been sufficiently warmed up and lubricated, he pulls out and gives her a quick pat on the cheek. Moving behind her, he wraps her tail around his neck like a spectral scarf, before pressing the tip of his member against her tight ring. It takes barely a second for her to relax it, and he hilts in a single, fluid motion.
  478.         Each time his pelvis meets hers, she releases a moan of pleasure, her mind focused on feeling him deep in "His" hole. Her lower lips ache for his manhood between them, but she wants to keep up the act as long as possible. Quickly reaching a state of basic orgasm, her winking is now quite rapid, and one of his hands starts massaging her clit.
  479.         At the same time, he starts spreading and teasing her lower lips, and she cries "S...Stop! I'm *Moan* supposed to be a..." She is cut off as he gives her a hard thrust along with a clit pull, causing her to maregasm.
  480.         Continuing his assault, he says "Just because I can't *Grunt* penetrate, doesn't mean I can't make you feel good too." She tries to reply, but her body has already slipped into the state of ecstasy it enters when he ruts her.
  481.         Barely able to keep herself up, he suddenly pulls out and moves in front of her. Faintly, she can detect the sound of his masturbation behind his grunts of pleasure and she opens her mouth, tongue fully extended. He gives a final groan of satisfaction, and thick ropey strands of semen coat her face and tongue.
  482.         A click confirms their success, but the alicorn feels only one of her legs free. Kneeling, the man examines the rest, and comes up with a grin she can't see. "My lady, it appears each of these locks has a different key trigger." He doesn't get a response, as she is too busy cleaning her face with her tongue, savoring every thick drop of his musky essence. "Looks like we are in for a long night." He says, grabbing her flank and starting the process of opening the next lock.
  484. Chapter 10 (Gryphoness and Dragoness Clop)
  486.         Morning comes slightly later than usual that morning, and the man and his girls are sitting around, enjoying breakfast with the slightly tired princess. Having downed several pitchers of water, the princess lies across his lap, her slightly bloated belly up in the air. "After last night, I'm curious as to what kind of collar you have for your dragoness." She asks, before giving a contented sigh as he starts rubbing her belly, including her teats.
  487.         He motions the Dragoness over, and removes her collar, despite the sad eyes she gives him. Raising the princess back to sitting on her chair, he motions the dragoness onto his lap. She hops on, straddling him and rubbing her opened plates against his member, making him hard nearly instantly. Burying him in her, she relaxes and snuggles against his chest.
  488.         Her slow, pulling contractions are pleasant, even just sitting here, and he passes the collar to the princess. "It's enchanted so it can't be removed except by the one who closed it, the one wearing it doesn't age or change, and can reject anyone besides the one who closed it. It also unlocks if the one who closed it dies."
  489.         "Incredible. If you wish, I can try and create more of them for you, so you can protect your herd, or whatever a human calls it." She says, probing the collar with magic.
  490.         Looking at his other girls, they nod in agreement and he says "If you would, it would be much appreciated." Giving a pause, he adds "Though if you could make a few extra, just in case."
  491.         "At the rate you're going, you may end up mating with every sentient species on this planet." The princess says, giving him a seductive wink.
  492.         He returns it, and replies "A guy can dream, can't he." while rubbing the small scales at the base of the dragoness's wings. Her inner pulling speeds slightly, and she warms as well. "For this job, is there anywhere you want me to go first?"
  493.         Setting down the collar, the princess summons up a map "There are several starting candidates, as well as one request, even though it doesn't match your job. Here" She indicates and area out west of Equestria "there are the buffalo, and past them the minotaurs. neither have been aggressive, but there has been a bit of tension between them and the settler ponies on the border. Over here" She indicates an area in the mountains north of Equesria "There are the Draconequii. An unusual race, but they could be useful allies, and I would like you to try at least. My request is over here" Showing an area south of Canterlot "There have been a series of raids by Diamond dogs, and we want you to try and resolve it."
  494.         Examining all the points, he weighs his options, as well as who would be best to bring. The dogs are the most logical starting option, and as for who to bring... Definitely not the gryphoness, and not the unicorn either. Neither of them are particularly good in tunnels, and both are too tempting as workers for the dogs. The dragoness couldn't fly in the tunnels and might be too tempted to eat their gems, leaving the changeling.
  495.         "I will deal with the dogs first. If it's only one area, it may just be a pack of rogues, and getting the main packs permission may help eliminate them. I'm only bringing you" He indicates the changeling "because you are used to being in tunnels, and if something goes wrong, you can sneak out in disguise."
  496.         The others immediately protest, and he explains his reasoning, and in the end agrees to give them all a good hard rutting before he leaves to make up for it. "I'm first." The gryphoness states, and before anyone else can complain, she has pulled the dragoness off him and is pulling him to her bedroom.
  498.         Pushing him onto the bed, she takes the initiative, her tongue wrapping around his shaft and she starts slowly working it. After a minute, she lets go and the man takes this opportunity to ask "You seem rather dominant right now. Whats up?"
  499.         he plops down on his lap, her tight, toned rear grinding against his rod. "You are always doing all the work, especially with me, so I figured I would train myself to be a better partner. I have even been practicing the thing you wanted me to. Now if you would lay down, I can continue." He does so, and she lays on his chest, her rear legs over his stomach. Her paws wrap around his member, trapping it in the soft area between her toe pads and the main one.
  500.         As it is, its a wonderful feeling, but when she starts moving them up and down and flexing her toes, he releases a gasp of pleasure. She doesn't miss this, and pick up the pace, causing him to involuntarily buck his hips. One of his hands wraps around her paws, holding them there, and the other grabs her rear, fingers digging into tender flesh.
  501.         One of his fingers slides into her slit, and another into her rear and she lets out a soft coo. His fingers start thrusting a little, and she does everything in her power to keep from climaxing. She manages to hold off for thirty seconds before the first comes, but after that it is wave after wave of pleasure crashing against the cliffs of her mind. Flexing with a renewed vigor, she feels his breath grow hotter against her chest before he lets out a sigh and thick strand of his cum shoot out onto her lower back and rear.
  502.         Gently nipping at her neck, the man says "That was wonderful. How about we move on to something new?" Releasing her feet, he slides her down till his rod is probing her tight backdoor. After some lubrication, she gasps as he slowly penetrates, and then enjoys the sensation of him filling her. He makes it all the way to the hilt, and she cant help but purr at the incredible sensation. That is, until he starts thrusting.
  503.         Each thrust is like a pulse of heaven coursing through her body. Combined with the teasing nips he plants along her feathers, she melts into his strong arms. Her whole body is vibrating with the energy of her purring, adding to his stimulation, and his lap is soaked from all the times she has climaxed. Rolling over, the man forces her under him and he continues to pound into her no longer virgin rear.
  504.         Her mind loses itself to pleasure, until she feels his thrusts become short and quick, when he hilts and fills her with his essence. After pulling out, he rests his head on her stomach, listening to her heartbeat and her body trying to contain his seed. When she regains some sense, he starts sliding into her tight slit, and she smiles. Bottoming out, he feels her cervix start to dilate, and she reaches an excellent three quarters of an inch, and he presses further.
  505.         Pain courses through her, but she bites back a response until she feels his head enter her womb. The squawk of pain makes him stop, scoop her up and cradle her to his chest. He is nearly hilted in her, but his only concern at the moment was her, and the tears streaming down her face. Covering the tears in kisses, he whispers "I'm sorry, I got a bit ahead of myself."
  506.         Red flows under the white of her feathers, and she demands "RUT ME NOW! I need your seed in me!" Her tongue flops out, and she starts wiggling down. Her sudden lust gives him pause, but when she makes it all the way down to his hilt, he quickly begins thrusting. Her cervix creates a squeezing ring around his rod as he moves, never letting his head out of her womb.
  507.         Twisting her onto her stomach, he lays her back on the bed and begins mercilessly pounding into her, her face buried in the bed and her butt as high as it can go. Her rounded claws knead and dig into the blankets, and his hands grab her hips, maximizing his power. This primal sex, combined with the tightness of her soaking, clenching hole lets him reach his third peak within fifteen minutes. As he fills her womb with seed, she lets out a content sigh, her cervix relaxing long enough for him to pull out before shutting tight.
  508.         He lays down on the bed and pulls her onto his chest, before they both fall asleep for a quick nap.
  510.         Stirring, the man finds the gryphoness downing a pitcher of water, and he stretches, making the gryphoness eye his lean, muscular form. She finishes off the pitcher and says "Afternoon stud. After lunch, you're wanted in the princess's chambers." His curiosity piqued, the man makes his way to their private dining chamber. In the chamber, a delicious looking platter of steak, salad, potatoes and wine sits, its heavenly aroma wafting into his nostrils. Reaching for it, his hand is stopped by a barrier.
  511.         Frustrated, he notices a second, smaller table with a plate and a note on it. Opening the note, it reads *Sorry, the stuff on the main table is for later. Consider it a sneak peek into our date.* Setting it down, he grabs a sandwich off the plate and takes a bite. His mouth is bathed with the taste of sliced chicken, cheese, lettuce and a slightly spicy sauce. The taste of meat brings a smile to his face, and he quickly finishes it.
  512.         Heading to the princess's chambers, he notices a rack with a belt hanging off of just outside her door. All over the belt are whips, plugs, collars, chains and other bondage toys. Putting on the belt, he steps up to the door.
  513.         Entering the room, he gets a full view of the dragoness's pert plot as she dusts in a full maid outfit. She doesn't notice him until he closes the door and locks it, and she turns around. "Master!" She exclaims "I didn't expect you home so early. I wanted to clean your room for you, but I haven't finished yet..." He steps menacingly towards her, not saying anything. "Umm... Master?"
  514.         When he is right in front of her, he grabs the back of her head and forces her down. "What did I say about going into my room?" He demands, turning her face to look up at him.
  515.         "You... You told me not to go in here..." She says, tears starting.
  516.         "Correct, and since you broke the rule, I will have to punish you." Taking a collar from the belt, he affixes it around her neck and attaches a chain to it. Linking the chain to a bed post, he sits on her plot, while she is stuck on her hands and knees as he selects the proper tool from his belt.
  517.         First, a butt plug which he pushes inside her as she opens, sealing her secondary tunnel, but leaving her main one open.
  518.         Next, a number of chicken egg sized balls, which came from a bag on the belt. As the first ball enters her, she lets out a squeak of surprise. By the third, she is shivering in anticipation of the next, and by the fifth, the man feels resistance to more. Applying more pressure, the first enters her egg tunnel with a muffled pop, and he keeps adding more. When the tenth, and final enters her, he uses a whips handle to force them all into her tunnel, and from there, her ovary.
  519.         As the final makes it into her ovary, he takes a smooth dildo from the belt, fully inserts it and says "Close your scales." She complies, but slowly, every movement sending pleasure through her body. Yanking her up by the chain, she collapses to her knees from the stimulation. "Come on slave, I expect you to finish the room. If I catch you stopping, I will have to punish you further, and deprive you of your payment."
  520.         "Yes master." She whimpers, struggling to her feet. Slowly, she resumes her dusting, followed by moping up her spilling desire. Only twice does she stop, and he uses a paddle across her pelvic scales, making her give a scream of mixed pain and pleasure, and causing her knees to buckle. "I'm finished master." She moans out, before collapsing on the ground.
  521.         Strolling around the room, he examines the shelves and floor, and he steps back to her, face impassive. Laying her on her back, he slides open her scales and removes the slimy dildo. Next comes the plug, which elicits a quick moan, and he rubs her belly, right where her ball filled ovary is. "My, my. You are all full of eggs, no wonder you are so horny right now." One hand slips inside her, the tunnel expanding to accommodate his hand, until he pulls it out, coated in sticky fluids. He takes a long lick, savoring its unique flavor, and suddenly remembering lunch.
  522.         Her soft moans and whimpers draw his attention. "Master, can you please fill me up. I need to feel all your seed deep in me, fertilizing my eggs."
  523.         Her slit is practically oozing, and he gives it a pat. "Okay , but first I need to go get something." Taking her chain, he reattaches it to the bed post, and heads for the door. 'Be a good girl while I'm gone, or you'll be in trouble."
  524.         Making his way down, he soon arrives in the throne room, where the princess is sitting, bored, on her throne. "Ah, what brings you down here? I thought you'd be busy with your girls all day."
  525.         "I am, but right now, I need your help. More specifically..." Leaning over, he whispers in her ear and crimson slowly leaks across her face.
  526.         "I can do that, but you will owe me." She replies, her horn glowing faintly before a heart shoots from its tip to his.
  527.         He can feel the effects immediately and he smiles "Just don't expect a repeat of last night." Making his way back up, he stops outside the room. Taking only one thing from the belt, he removes it and places it back in its place. Entering the room, the dragoness perks up in an instant, scales opening automatically
  528.         "Were you a good girl while I was gone?" He asks, undoing the chain from her collar. She nods happily, the tip of her tail wagging. "Good, now, I' going to be a good master and fertilize all the eggs you are carrying." He say, rubbing her bumpy belly.
  529.         Lifting her onto the bed, he spreads her leg and slides smoothly into her dragonesshood. His long smooth strokes, which would normally turn her to jelly don't do anything for her this time.
  530.         "Master" She says "You need to be harder, More dominant. Here" She rolls over, and rears her head for him "Can you bite the back of my neck? Right behind my head."
  531.         Instead he grabs her neck, fingers digging into the smaller, transitional scales between her normal scales and chest/neck plates. She gives a deep moan which turns into a cry of pleasure as he starts slamming into her not so delicate hole, the bed creaking with the force. Each time she peaks, she lets out a primal roar that can be heard throughout the castle.
  532.         As his own orgasm starts, he taps his balls twice, activating the spell. Hilted inside her, he sprays load after load into her, the magic multiplying the sperm exponentially. Her stomach slowly inflates, her ovary filling to the brim with his sticky, warm cum. Pulling out, he sprays more and more of his white love all over her form and face before tapping he balls twice more, stopping the flow.
  533.         Stepping back, he looks over her panting, sperm coated form, before he notices her stomach shifting. At first, only a small dribble of seed leaks from her, but it gradually increases, punctuated by the occasional wet *Plunk* as one of the "Eggs" slides out. Slowly her stomach returns to normal, and she looks down at the mess on the floor, distraught.
  534.         Taking her by the collar, he pulls her off the bed and shoves her to the ground. "I'm disappointed. I thought you were better trained than this." Pulling her rear up and forcing her face down, he adds "While you're down there, you might as well start cleaning." Her tongue snakes out, lapping at his juices while he gets the dildo and butt plug again. Like a good slave, she kept her scales open, and he quickly re-inerts them and slides her closed.
  535.         With a final tap to his sack, the magically generated sperm vanishes, leaving a few stray strands on her face, which she greedily licks up and swallows. Sitting on the ground, he pulls her into his lap and holds her leg open with his own. slowly rubbing her stomach and pelvic scales with a hand, he rubs his face against hers. "Make sure you're a good girl while I'm gone, okay." He says, before giving a quick, but gentle, bite to the back of her neck.
  536.         She lets out a low, almost cooing sound and nods "Of course, I am always a good girl for my master."
  537.         Attaching a leash to her collar he says "We still have an hour or so till dinner. How would you like for me to take you for a walk?" Her tail wags happily, and he rises to his feet. As he starts walking, she walks on all fours next to him, bouncing with happiness, except for the occasional twitch when the toys stimulate her too much. Walking to the gardens, they get a couple weird looks from guards and maids, but they pay no mind.
  538.         When they get to the gardens, she runs around, never tugging on her leash as she sniffs flowers, and chasing butterflies and squirrels until he calls her over. He unclips her, saying "Don't go too far. I will be on the bench over there." Nodding, she bounces off chasing a butterfly and the man steps over to the bench and sits down.
  539.         Realizing he ha nothing to do, he lies down, gazing up at the sky until he hears the dragoness come up beside him. Looking over, he sees she has a stick in her mouth which she drops beside him her tail wagging happily. Taking the stick he immediately notices she drops down, ready to chase it. He throws it, managing a good 150 feet and she goes bounding after it, tail held high and plot jiggling for only him to see.
  540.         Faintly, the man can make out the strain of the toys in her and he smiles. 'she's doing so much to impress me.' he thinks 'I'll have to do something special when I return.' When she returns with the stick, the man spins her around, and she opens, always ready to please him. He removes the dildo, leaving the plug in place; knowing full well how much she loved the feeling of things in that hole.
  541.         She looks at him confused, until he picks up the stick again and throw it, letting her run after it. A few more throw, and the an sits down, leaning against a tree. The dragoness lays down next to him, resting her head on his lap as he idly strokes it. "Master?" She asks, looking up "Why did you take away my punishment?"
  542.         He pulls her up, sitting her on his lap facing away. "because I don't want our relationship to be just that. Playing like that is fun, and we both enjoy it, but i want us, all of us to be like a family." She turns around in his lap, smiling. Leaning in, she gives him a soft kiss, which he returns. No tongue, no hands running over each other, just a simple, affectionate kiss.
  543.         "I'd like that too." She says, snuggling against him. His arms wrap around her like a blanket of warmth and they lie there till dinner time, snuggling and sharing the occasional sweet kiss.
  545. Chapter 11 (Unicorn Clop)
  547.         The heady aroma of a well cooked manticore steak blends perfectly with the subtle accents of potatoes and salad as the man escorts the Unicorn to the dining room. Lit only by candles, the dim room sets a wonderfully romantic atmosphere, especially when a faint orchestra starts in the background.
  548.         Pulling out her chair, the man gracefully bows as she seats herself, before sliding it back into place. Taking his own seat he smiles warmly at her, a barely distinguishable blush forming on her cheeks. Levitating the decanter, she fills their glasses with a rosy wine. Gratefully taking his, he takes a sip and lets the sweet taste roll over his tongue along with the faint tingle of alcohol.
  549.         She nervously takes a sip as well before they turn to their meals. As he cuts into the steak, she finds herself fascinated by his teeth. The way they easily slice through the cooked meat, yet they were gentle enough to nibble her ear painlessly. Pleasurable shivers run down her spine as she finds herself imagining him gently biting along her body with those predatory teeth.
  550.         Quickly focusing on her salad, she tries to remove the erotic thoughts from her mind only to fail miserably as he takes another sip of wine. the way his tongue darts out to catch a drop on the rim makes her button peek out, wishing it was in the drops place.
  551.         Dessert is quickly rolled out, a pair of slices of freshly baked apple pie topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. She manages to keep down any further inappropriate thoughts until she notices him leaning over. Closing her eyes, she leans in until she feels his tongue run up the tip of her nose. On the tip of his tongue, she sees a small drop of whipped cream, which was on her nose. His calming smile quells any worries she had, and they rise.
  552.         He takes her hoof and kisses it quickly "That was wonderful. Where to next, my lady?" Giggling, she proffers her tail and starts leading him though the castle. Through a gateway and into the gardens, they follow a torch lit path. It leads them to a small grove of trees which surround a small, heated spring fed pond.
  553.         Leaping in, his streamline form slices through the surface and disappears under the foggy surface. The unicorn slips in at the edge, almost jumping out when the man pops up and steals a kiss before vanishing back into the depths. He resurfaces on the far side and relaxes against the edge.
  554.         Paddling her way across the pond, she struggles to keep herself above water, and he quickly swims over and slides under her. His powerful strokes pull them both to the edge, where he moves her off. Flipping over, he slides behind her and embraces her. "Your not a very good swimmer are you?" He asks, brushing a stray strand of hair from her face.
  555.         She blushes as he rests against his chest, the warmth of their body accentuated by the warmth of the water. "Not really..." She says as he pushes off, floating to the middle of the pond. Straightening, he rises slightly in the water as he stands while supporting her.
  556.         "As long as I'm around you need not fear drowning, for I will hold you safely in my arms." Adjusting his grip so she is facing away, he says "Hold your breath." Before slipping under the surface. His long, muscular legs propel them under the surface as they gaze up at the moon and stars, which flicker and dance in the shifting water. After scarcely half a minute he swims up to the surface to let her breathe.
  557.         Droplets of water glisten on his skin and in her coat, and they wrap around each other in a tender hug. For a while, they simply float there, basking in the moonlight as lazy strokes propel them around, until the mare remembers something. Her horn glowing, a tray floats out with a bottle and small glasses on it. The man takes his mare back to the edge, before slipping back out to recover the tray.
  558.         Pouring a clear liquid into the glasses, he takes one and proffers the other to the unicorn. The slightly fruity taste does little to hide the burn as it courses down his throat and draws a small cough from the mare. A second glass, and he feels the effects of the alcohol starting, and she has started giggling at the feeling of the waves around her body.
  559.         The blush spreading across her face increases as he slides under and behind her, his hands on her stomach. She wiggles further into his grip, sighing contently as his hands slide a bit lower. When he slides his hands back up a bit, she gives a quiet grunt of annoyance, and he smiles behind her. Moving his legs open, they open hers with them, and a hand shoots down, taking hold of her teats.
  560.         She lets out a soft moan as his deft fingers start toying with her small mounds, as his other hand slides up, gripping one of her forehooves. One finger slides around the inside, before gently massaging her frog. Practically melting in his hands, the unicorns head dips dangerously close to the water and the man decides it has been long enough.
  561.         Pulling her dripping form from the pond, he quickly spots several towels and wraps her in one before drying himself. She is still a little weak in the knees, so he picks her up, towel and all and carries her back into the castle, and to her bedroom. Removing the towel, he takes her and his to the bathroom and sets them in a hamper.
  563.         Turning back to the bedroom, he sees the unicorn lying on her side in a seductive pose and sultry eyes looking back at him. No words are said as he moves to the bed and forces her to her back. One hands fingers slide behind her head, pulling it up into a deep, passionate kiss as the other hand supports his upper body. Her hooves wrap around his neck, and she pulls herself closer to deepen the kiss.
  564.         Both hold it as long as possible, and when they break, he lowers her head back down and moves himself down a bit. Leaning in, his tongue and lips travel all over her neck and shoulders, before he lunges upward and catches an ear in his teeth. She immediately stiffens as both her prey instincts and arousal shoot through the roof.
  565.         Releasing her ear, he starts nipping her as he moves downward. Each love bite he makes as he nears her winking, dripping slit sends shudders through her. He spends extra time playing with her stiff nipples, sucking and licking them. Held gently between his incisors, he gives her a few tugs before releasing them and biting onto her clit. Her body freezes, this new sensation causing her to hold the wink, while subconsciously afraid of what might happen if she moves.
  566.         Ever the astute and caring lover, he quickly releases her and starts slowly licking her lower lips. He alternates between long licks around her slit and quick deft flicks on her button as is peeks out. He grips her flank, fingers kneading the flesh and making her squeak in pleasure and making her rear hooves twitch.
  567.         A gasp escapes her as his tongue darts inside her, his lips pressed to hers. She starts panting as his tongue explores her depths, his smooth face brushing along her sensitive slit. With the occasional nip on her folds, he brings her to her first maregasm of the night.
  568.         Running over her folds with his tongue as he pulls back, he moves to line up his rock hard rod. She bites her lip as he slowly slides in, all the way to the hilt. Without a word, he starts his pace of long, slow, hilting thrusts. The velvety folds of her inner walls caress his shaft, much the same way his hands caress her sides.
  569.         When her first peak hits, he pulls out till only his tip remains inside and lets her rapidly winking slit kiss his head. Having ridden out her climax, he begins again, his smooth shaft, incredible stamina and indomitable skills bring her to peak after peak as he continues. After her fifth, he pulls out and lines up with her tight little donut-hole. Clenching her eyes and focusing on relaxing her ring, she misses one of his hands sneaking up her side.
  570.         It wraps around her horn, making her eyes shoot open and causing her to moan. His rod has penetrated her hole in the next instant, and he slides two fingers into her slit at the same time. The three pronged assault is too much for the mare, and she becomes little more than a drooling, panting, moaning sex toy for the man. If not for her maregasms every couple minutes, he would have run out of lubricant, as he pounds her rear for nearly thirty minutes before he releases into her plot.
  571.         He slowly pulls out and picks her up, carrying her to the shower. The cool water flows over their heated bodies, a pleasant contrast. Relaxing at the bottom of the shower, the man rests the mare in his lap, his still hard phalus between her legs, rubbing her marehood. The mans hands run down her stomach, cleaning and toying with her teats, before working on the rest of her.
  572.         All too soon the shower is over and he wraps her in a towel, cradling her like an infant human. After drying her off, he leaver her in the bed for a moment before leaving to retrieve something. He returns with a small glowing gem, which he presses to her horn. The magic transfers, and the man sets the gem aside before picking her up.
  573.         Laying in the bed, his arms wrap around her stomach, the two of them spooning perfectly. She starts drifting to sleep, before she feels his lips wrap around her horn. He sucks and licks its length, enjoying the grape flavor it was magically infused with. The mare finds it isn't as stimulating as normal, probably caused by a deprivation spell added in. The man is soon asleep, gently sucking her horn, and she follows soon after.
  575. Chapter 12 (Crystal Pony clop, Diamond dog soft clop)
  577.         Buoyed by well wishes, the man and the changeling set out towards the Diamond Dog mine. The sun is warm against their skin, not too hot or too cold, courtesy of their celestial body controlling princess. Despite being in the open, the changeling feels comfortable and safe next to her king and lover. Speaking of, for the first time in a while, the man is properly dressed and equipped for such travel. Though the only equipment he requested was a small knife and some rope.
  578.         The journey is quiet, filled with talk of each other and the others, stories of their history and wishes for the future. Of course, they shared moments of passion along the way, but only every so often, as the mission comes first. Soon the ground starts changing, becoming rougher and more dry. "This must be the right area." The man says, and before he can react, a lasso of rope flies out of the trees, wrapping around his arms and torso.
  579.         In a moment of fear, the changeling takes off into the sky, narrowly avoiding a second lasso that comes from the forest. She looks back at her mate, but he motions her away, and she takes off towards the castle. With a final look back, she sees big, burly diamond dog surround her love and start dragging him into the forest. Her heart near breaking, she turns back, diving down and camouflaging at the edge of the trees. The dogs move fast, and she has to work to keep up with them, until a large camp comes into view.
  580.         She can only watch as he is dragged into camp, before being bound to a pole, next to another prisoner, a pony. With nothing to do, the changeling searches around, looking for a place to stay, somewhere to hide. The man, unable to move, can only look around at the diamond dogs in the camp. Two dozen visible, maybe a half dozen more in the tents and shelters. Most are armed and armored, and the chances of escape are slim.
  581.         A tent opens, and the man sees two very heavily armed and armored guards step out, and behind them, a much smaller diamond dog. This new dog, while not much shorter than the others, still standing just over five feet tall, is leaner, less muscled. It carries itself with an air of superiority, and the trio approaches him. Both guard dogs unbind him, holding him up while still restraining him.
  582.         As if checking out a pet for sale, the third dog examines him, checking his muscles and teeth, taking approximate measures of him. "Do you speak?" It asks in a very feminine voice. The man's only response is a penetrating glare, and she takes a half step back. "Tie it back up. I'll deal with it later." She says dismissively, before turning and heading back for her tent. Both guards pull him back to the pole and redo his bindings, before returning to guarding her tent.
  583.         He makes no moves to talk to the pony beside him, both for his own safety, and for theirs. Food is brought to them five hours later, though it is little more than table scraps and grass. His arms are unbound, but he is watched continually by two guards while he eats. Eating little, the man instead nudges some of his meal over to the pony, who appears to be suffering minor malnutrition. In doing this, he gets yanked back to his pole, back and head banging against it and his arms are re-tied. Vision swimming, he can't quite focus on the source of a voice berating the guards for their treatment of him.
  584.         A clawed paw pets his head a moment, but he is incapable of turning to look with his head swimming. A bowl is brought up to his mouth, and he drinks, cool water going down his throat. Slowly, everything refocuses for him and he looks around. Besides the guards, there are no other dogs, but out of the corner of his eye, he sees a tent flap close. The tent in question, the lead dog's tent. The pony has been re-bound next to him, and they have a bowl of water next to them. In the tree line, he can see a pair of vivid blue eyes, and the moment their eyes meet, the changeling vanishes back into the forest.
  585.         Night soon falls, and despite being decreased in numbers, the patrols around camp remain, torches continually orbiting like an impenetrable wall. On the edge of sleep, the man hears someone approaching, and he closes his eyes, faking sleep. Crouching down beside him, the leader dog says "Let’s see what you are, creature." Her paw rests on his head and makes small motions, which the man leans into. She lets out a pleased gasp, and shifts herself closer to him. Without missing a beat, his body leans against hers, and she starts petting him, until she sees a torch light approaching. Quickly moving away and retreating to her tent, the diamond dog spares a glance back at him, shifting in his supposed sleep. The guards torch lights up the prisoners, and she slips into her bed.
  586.         Sunlight cuts into the tent and the head dog steps out, intent on testing the information she learned last night. One guard immediately follows beside her as she approaches the man, tied up to the post. Despite the minimal amount of sleep he got, the man is still awake and aware, and as she approaches, he looks up at her, not with a glare, but curiosity. "Release it." She orders, and with some concern, her guard undoes the ropes binding him. "Your owner is gone. They abandoned you. I want you to be my pet instead."
  587.         Her paw reaches down, resting on his head, and his eyes close. Taking this as a positive sign, she steps back, and he looks at her again. "Follow me." Taking a few steps back, she watches how he reacts. He responds by rising, which makes the guards raise their weapons at him, but she orders them back. "Come, pet." He takes steps towards her, and she smiles, her sharp teeth visible to him. Stepping back a bit more, she motions him again, and he follows. Stopping outside her tent, she tells him "Stay" and he sits down, while she enters the tent.
  588.         After a few minutes, she comes back out and brings him inside. The tent is much like he had expected, fairly luxurious and homey, rather than the typical barebones style you find in most tents. There is one cot, obviously her bed, and there is a second pile of blankets, likely set up for him. This thought is confirmed as she sits down next to it and calls him over. Despite being able to deal with her with ease at this time, he chooses instead to continue the act, and moves over, stopping just in front of the pile.
  589.         "Such a well behaved pet, I wonder how trained you are." With some 'coaxing' she gets him onto the bed and she pats his head. He sits cross legged, and she shifts over onto his lap, petting him. Wrapping his arms around her, he rubs his face against the soft fur of her neck, and she smiles again. "Oh my, you are very affectionate." Freeing herself, she stands up and he tilts his head, looking at her. "It's time for breakfast; I'll bring you something better than that slop yesterday."
  590.         In the short time she is away, the man explores the tent silently, before hopping back onto the blanket nest before she returns. When the tent flap opens, he sits up, acting interested in her return. She lays a tin bowl on the ground, and in it is a small loaf of bread and a piece of meat. She sits on her cot, and watches him, while he simply looks back at her. "What's wrong?" She asks, before she realizes what he is waiting for. "You are waiting for me to eat?" He simply stares at her, before grabbing the dish and taking it over to the ground in front of her. Ripping off a piece of bread, he holds it up for her, and she looks at it, before opening her mouth. He puts the bread in her mouth, before pulling off another piece. Half of his meal, both bread and meat, he feeds to her, and she seems to enjoy the service.
  591.         When they finish, she strips off her leather clothing, leaving her in only a small pair of undergarments covering her parts, as well as a small vest. Stretching, she quietly says to him "Not even my guards are allowed see me without my full clothing on, it’s so restricting." She sits down on his lap, petting his head as he contently rubs against her. "I'm glad I took you, you're a wonderful pet." Gently pushing him onto his back, she lays down on his chest, relaxing, while he brings his arms around her. This feeling of safety is new to her, always having been dropped lower and lower, despite being a high-born noble.
  592.         "You may only be an animal, but you're pretty smart. That, or well trained." She remarks, rolling over onto her stomach. Even with the three layers of fabric between them, the man can't help but feel himself start to rise. She feels it too, and a sly smile forms on her face. She brings a claw under his chin and scratches gently, and the man twitches his leg, making his semi-hard erection rub against her. Smiling, she rubs back, before sitting up, straddling his waist. Her large eyes stare into his small ones, and seeing only innocence in them, her toothy smile grows.
  593.         Sliding her not insignificant plot across his clothed member is enough to get him to full attention, and she bites a claw, muffling her own moan. She starts grinding against him, muffled moans coming from her and his own face shows signs of pleasure. His tongue hanging out of his mouth like a dog, he gives off a soft groan of disappointment as she gets off him. "My my, you certainly are eager, big boy." Licking her lips, she slowly pulls down his pants and boxers, admiring his shaft. Her surprisingly soft pads brush it as she toys with it a bit, and the man closes his eyes.
  594.         He lets out a surprised sound as he feels a wet sensation wrap around his rod, and one eye shoots open. The dog leader’s mouth is covering his shaft down almost to the hilt, and one of her paws has slid inside her underwear. Despite her sharp teeth, she shows considerable skill, and the man’s eyes roll back in his head as she works him. After only a minute or two, she reaches her peak, and shifts off of him, leaving him hanging in the breeze, as it were. Gazing lazily at him, she sees he is still raring and ready to go, barely warmed up as it were, and she lets out a quiet laugh. "You are certainly insatiable, my new pet. It's too bad I can't truly play with you though, you must be a beast in bed." She laughs at her own supposed joke, and the man shifts to a sitting position.
  595.         Getting up, the diamond dog moves to a box where she bends over, giving the man a full view of her soaked nethers, barely concealed by her undergarments. Her plot wiggles enticingly as she digs around before pulling out a clean pair, and pulling off her dirty ones. Making sure the man has full view; she steps out of her dirty clothes and seductively pulls up a clean pair. "If only you were a Diamond dog, you'd make a great mate." She says moving to sit in his lap again.
  596.         "Leader, we have a problem! Hurry out here!" One of the guards calls, and she hops up before pulling on her leather clothes.
  597.         "Be a good boy while I'm gone, and I might just have a treat for you." She whispers to the man as she slips from the tent. "What's happening?" She demands as her guards close around her.
  598.         All around camp is chaos, as bees swarm the guards and cooking supplies fly around of seemingly their own will. Immediately she begins barking orders. "You and you, start putting green wood on the fires, we need to smoke the bees away. The rest of you, use blankets and tents to capture the cooking things, someone is controlling them. Having pulled up his pants, the man peeks out and sees not only the problems, but the cause as well. The dogs may not see it, but the dishes have a faint pink glow around them, matching his changeling's new colors.
  599.         "My king, are you okay?" A quiet voice from behind him asks, and he turns to see a faint movement of the tent. A pair of vivid blue eyes peek out from under the tent wall, and when they see the room clear, there is a quiet pop, and his Changeling teleports into the tent. She immediately lunges into his arms, curling up against his chest. "I was so worried master, especially after I saw their treatment of you. When I saw you gone from the pole, I feared the worst, and I had to try and rescue you."
  600.         Turning her face up, he kisses her deeply, and she sinks into his grip. "I'm more glad you are okay. Hurry and get somewhere safe, I'm working on a way to solve this problem." She moves to go, and he adds one last thing. "And if you can, could you save the pony out there? They don't look too well." She gives him a confident nod, before disappearing with another quiet pop. Barely half a minute later, one of the guards sneaks into the tent.
  601.         He looks at the man, before stepping to the side. "Alright ya stupid monkey, If ya do somethin stupid like try and stop me, yer gonna regret it." The man shows no inclination to do anything, and the guard crouches and turns to the doorway. Moments later, the dog leader returns, and the guard jumps forward, wrapping a paw over her mouth, and the other around her arms. "Don't try anything Bitch, I'm taking over and you are going to serve me." She struggles, but to no avail, and through this distraction, the man sneaks up behind the guard dog. Grabbing the dog by the sides of his head, the man gives a mighty twist, snapping its neck in a single motion.
  602.         Letting go so the body falls sideways, the female stumbles and falls forward and the man sits on the dead dog’s body. After clearing her head with a shake, the diamond dog sits up and looks over to see the man sitting on the corpse of the guard who betrayed her. "You... Killed him, to save me?" She approaches him, and a wave of blackness washes over everything for a moment. In these few seconds, the man shoots forward, grabbing hold of her and spinning her around so her back is facing him. "Huh? What are you doing pet?"
  603.         He sits down on his bed, arms wrapped around her, and she quickly finds herself warming to the act. She feels his hands grabbing at her clothes, and she squirms out of them with his help. Wearing only her small undergarments, she works his shirt off as well, and she starts marveling at how smooth his body is. She starts licking along his muscled chest, laying gentle bites as his strong arms hold her. "You're such a good pet, you deserve something special." She whispers, edging up towards his face. Hopping off, she redresses and gives him his shirt, before grabbing a rope from a box.
  604.         When she approaches the man, he moves back, eyeing the rope. She pets him, holding the rope away, saying "It's okay, we're just going for a walk." With deft movements, she carefully ties the rope around his neck, loose enough that he could put both his hands in it and still have space. "Come on pet, I want to go somewhere nice and private for your reward." Stepping out of the tent with the man following along, the female says to her guards "I'm going for a walk. While I'm gone, I want you to deal with the ex-traitor in my tent."
  605.         Her remaining guard looks into her tent, and seeing the dead body looks back to her. "M'lady, how?"
  606.         She pets the man's head and smiles. "My new pet saved me, and all without getting hurt." With a paw, she rubs his head, and he fakes contentment, tilting his head to the side. "Now, if you'll excuse me" The two of them, man and dog walk out of the camp unopposed. Moving through the trees, she leads with gentle tugs, until the two of them come out next to a small creek. Pushing him against a tree, she drops the rope and starts tugging on his pants.
  607.         Revealing her prize, the pants hit the ground and she licks her lips like a wolf eyeing it's next meal. Kneeling down and looking up, she gives a sharp toothed smile, before taking his length in her mouth. She immediately goes deep, his head poking the back of her mouth, before she starts with her tongue. Despite being rather long, she has fair control over it and it plays along the underside of his shaft, the rougher texture doing wonders to stimulate him. Sucking, licking and kissing, she uses all her skills to not only repay him for saving her, but to satisfy her own desires. Like before, a paw slips down, sliding into her undergarments and massaging her nethers.
  608.         Her eyes close as she stimulates herself and the man, but they shoot open when she feels one of his hands take hold on the back of her head. Immediately focusing on the man, she sees him smiling down at her, a serious look in his eyes. Trying to pull away, she gets held in place by his hand, and she lets out a scared whimper. "Don't worry, my little puppy, I'm not going to hurt you." Her teeth start to clench down, but he stops her short with a finger pressed into the side of her jaw. "None of that. You started this, and you are going to finish it."
  609.         With a resigned sigh, she starts back up, this time guided by his hand. She has stopped pleasuring herself, but gives a surprised gasp that sends pleasant sensations down his rod as his fingers start worming down her stomach. His fingers reach her teats, and the dog can't help but moan as they work their magic. Working with increased fervor, she feels herself on the verge, but she gets pulled away by a sharp pinch. "Ah ah ah. You have to finish me off first, before you get your reward." Seeing the truth of this statement in his eyes, she begins her work again, and this time, his fingers are much slower, more to keep her on her toes than to please her.
  610.         With no human experience, it takes her a full fifteen minutes of working while on the edge to get him to finally release, and the moment he does, he shifts down, slides his fingers further inside her clothes and into her hole, immediately hitting her G-Spot. She only has a moment to swallow his load, its salty sweet taste coursing down her throat before her eyes roll back in her head and she grabs onto him, back arching as his fingers rub all around inside her. It takes only a moment for his dexterous fingers and honed skills to bring her to the best orgasm she has ever had, and she lets out a half howl half cry as she shudders to the ground.
  611.         While she is too weak to do anything, he undoes the rope from his neck and loops it around hers. The free end, he uses to tie her hands together halfway down the rope, before pulling her up. Her knees are weak and she can barely stand, but for fear of angering him, she does. "Now, you are in a lot of trouble, and I'm the only one who can help you." The man says, looking down at her. She staggers a bit, and his arm wraps around her, supporting her.
  612.         "What did I do? Why am I in trouble?" She asks, awkwardly comfortable in his grip.
  613.         The man pulls her up a bit roughly "Let’s see... Raiding and kidnapping within Equestrian borders, endangering the life of a near extinct species and luckily you can avoid the third, bestiality." Her eyes shoot open, and even through her coat the man can see the pink of a blush. "Now, for the charge of kidnapping, I can get that removed if you help me, but for endangering my life, that I will leave up to the princess." She nods readily at his offer to help, and a faint pop is heard.
  614.         "My king, you escaped!" His changeling exclaims happily, buzzing over. He lowers the tied dog to the ground and wraps his arms around his mareling as she presses against his chest. "I was so worried, I sent a message back and the guard will be here soon, but you are amazing as always, escaping all on your own." A gentle tugging is felt on his leg, partly a reminder of his dropped pants, and he looks down to see the pony from before. "She wanted meet you to, the one who helped her and led to her rescue."
  615.         When the changeling hops out of his grip, the man quickly pulls back up his pants and kneels down to the pony’s level. She gives a small bow before smiling at him. "Thank you. I owe you my life."
  616.         Gently petting her head, he smiles back, until he sees how dirty his hand comes back. "You could do with a bath." He says, dusting his hand. "If you want, I can help clean you in the river."
  617.         The mare smells herself, before wincing. "You're right, and I would appreciate the help. It’s not easy to get clean alone without the proper tools." Taking the rope off from around her neck, the man ties the dog up to a low branch, so her arms are straight up but she doesn't have to strain to stand. Stripping down, the man steps into the creek, the mare close behind. The creek bed is smooth stones, so the man sits down, and the mare, in an act that surprises him, sits in his lap. "I'm... Unique here too, I thought you might not have a problem, taking me into your herd?"
  618.         Starting with her coat, he slowly cleans, saying "Why, you know little about me, and you don't seem unique or different." slowly, her coat starts to come clean, the brown of dust revealing a faint shimmering below. He starts on her mane, fingers digging through her mane and massaging her scalp. She responds by shifting back a bit, her rear rubbing against his waist and member. A scoop of water dumped over her head show her mane to be a shimmering mass, almost as if made of crystal, and yet, soft and pliable as a normal mane. "I take my prior comment back, you are certainly unique."
  619.         With a squeeze of her cheeks, she gets him to rock hard and says "And you are as well. Even if you don't want me for your herd, at least let me pleasure you as repayment for saving me, I have nothing else to offer." The man sees his changeling nodding, and the mare adds "She is the one who recommended it. She told me how much you like it, and it's been a long time since I last had a special somepony." Her body starts grinding against him, and she lets out soft moans. "And besides, I know you want it, just like I do."
  620.         One hand rests on her head, the other pressing into her sides. "Just so you know what you are getting yourself into, I'm not going to stop until I'm done, no matter what you say or how many times you orgasm." The mare’s ears point back at him as he says this, and to the side, the changeling is giving soft chuckles, inaudible to anyone but the diamond dog.
  621.         "I think I can handle anything you can give out, big boy." She says, grinding with increased vigor. This action is cut short though, as the man moves his hand from her side to his rod, letting the tip run down over her plot and pressing against her waiting slit. Biting her lips, she tries to press him in, but the hand on the back of her head prevents this. "Come on, or are you nervous?" She asks, taking on a teasing tone.
  622.         Instead of a response, the man leans forward and playfully bites her ear, eliciting a faint moan. "We are doing this on my terms, not yours. You gave those up the moment you asked me to use you." Giving the sensitive tip of her ear a final nip as he pulls back, he thrusts into her, driving as far as he can go. The combination of a moan and a scream the mare gives off bounces through the trees, and the Diamond dog finds herself blushing, imagining what is going on under the water. Their position, the mare sitting in his lap, means he can't get full penetration or power, so he starts shifting.
  623.         Subtle movements at first, but soon he is near shore, facing the middle of the creek. One hand holds her in place, bouncing on his rod like a rabbit, while the other reaches back and supports him as he lies down. Now lying flat, the man is able to hilt in the mare, and her occasional quiet moan amplifies in volume twofold, while he grabs her sides. This all happens in less than two minutes, and the mare feels herself reaching her first orgasm. Her body winking rapid fire, she suddenly screams as a particularly rough thrust, powered by his hands, brings her over the brink of a maregasm. She can barely keep focused, but the man plows on, quite literally in this case. Over the next fifteen minutes, she is forced to endure maregasm after maregasm as he relentlessly thrusts into her.
  624.         The man's release is short but warm, and the mare almost wishes he wasn't done. With no effort, the man pulls her off his still throbbing member, and lowers her gently into the shallow water. Sitting up, the man turns to shore before picking up the mare again. "You're not done yet." He says, setting her on unsteady hooves in front of him. She can barely focus on her own movements, let alone his, until she feels him overshadowing her. Still hard and ready to go, the man presses against her tight little plothole.
  625.         "W... Wait, you can't..." She stammers, before he starts penetration. Though initially tight, she quickly relaxes, her naturally slightly elastic hole expands to accommodate him, and without any further preparation, he begins pounding away. The mare's tongue flops from her open mouth, her body succumbing to his skills. Friction starts building, and the man speeds up, approaching his finish faster to prevent her any serious discomfort. On the brink, he pulls out and vigorously rubs his shaft, strands of semen spraying out all over the mare's back and plot.
  626.         Exhausted but pleased beyond her expectations, the mare lowers to the ground and drifts off for a nap. Turning to the Diamond Dog, the man sees her trying to get herself off by rubbing her thighs together. Stepping towards her, he places a hand on her cheek "Tisk tisk, the little doggy is being naughty. It looks like I'm going to have to find some punishment for you." Leaning in, his mouth by his ear he whispers "I'm sure I can find an animal that's looking for an easy fucking." He watches as her ears flatten and her eyes shoot open, and yet at the same time, he detects the lingering scent of her desire.
  627.         In much the same way she examined him, the man steps back before checking over her features. Opening her jaw to check her teeth, rubbing her arms and legs to check their muscle levels, even grabbing and pulling apart her butt cheeks, he goes over every inch of her body, much to her embarrassment. "Well, it’s up to the Princess to decide what to do with you, but I think you'll pass." When he undoes the rope, she drops to her knees, trying to curl within herself. "You're not that bad. I'm sure she will be lenient with you." Brilliant orbs look back at him, and her lips form a tiny smile.
  628.         "O...okay..." With his help, she gets to her paws, and he ties the rope back around his throat. The changeling jumps into his arms, taking over his lips with a kiss. As they break, the man takes the lead and gives a few soft nips on her neck before setting her down. Looking on longingly, the Diamond Dog can't help but feel jealous of their relationship. "Umm... when are we going?"
  629.         "Now. We can't be gone too long, despite how much I would rather stay here." Taking up the rope, the Dog gives a light pull, and the man glares, making her shrink. "I'll miss you, my little lovebug," He calls to his changeling, before turning and heading back towards the camp. Her entire demeanor has changed, and if it continues, it will blow his cover. "Act normal. Remember, the better this goes, the easier you will have it." Taking on more of her prior posture, she takes a firmer grip on the leash and taking the lead. Re-entry into camp is flawless, he pair moving straight to her tent.
  630.         Flopping onto her cot, her quiet voice drifts towards the ceiling "How did I get myself into this?" Turning, she sees the man's smaller eyes intently focused on her, and she feels very self-conscious. "What are you? I've seen almost every sentient species pass through here, and I've heard of most others, but you..."
  631.         "Human. There weren't many of us in Equestria in the first place, maybe a hundred at most, and recently, nearly all the others have been killed." The look on his face makes her regret asking, but he continues. "My kind, we were nearly wiped off this planet for a stupid reason. Sex." The images of him turning the pony to a pile of sex come back to her, making her blush. "Our skills, they made an elitist group of stallions who happened to control the government at the time to become jealous. One thing led to another, and they decided on a straight up purging of my kind."
  632.         His body sinks down into the pile of blankets, and he pulls one over his body. A paw opens and closes as she tries to formulate something to say, some way to make it better, and by proxy, help her in the long run. "You can... you can sleep on the bed with me. If you want." Nothing is heard from him as he curls up a little tighter in the nest. Resisting the urge to sigh and give up, the Dog kneels down and reaches out, almost touching him before flinching back. "I'm going to get us lunch," she says quietly before standing and slipping from the tent.
  633.         Not five minutes later, she comes back with two plates similar to breakfast. After setting one down next to him, she starts eating her own. "I wonder..." he starts, sitting up and taking hold of his plate, "What manner of punishment you're gonna get. You might get off with none, if you're lucky, or at worst... Well, I hear being her personal heated cushion isn't that bad." The Dog cringes and the man holds back a chuckle. "More than likely though, you'll be looking at jail time and service, or maybe forced labor."
  634.         Getting down to his level, she leans over and looks in his eyes. "Is there anything I can do? I don't want to be in trouble... I never knew..." her voice thick with fear, she tries to turn on her charms, ears flattening, eyes enlarging and lower lip quivering.
  635.         One hand on her head, he starts scratching, making her melt against him. "You can start by not acting like that. We have to keep up the act till the army gets here, or we will both be in trouble." She nods, mind filled with happy thoughts brought on by his heavenly fingers. Nearly falling over as he stops, she scrambles back and squats on her haunches.
  636.         "I could get used to that..." she says in soft tones, barely perceptible by the man. His fingers twitch, eager to rub her soft fur again, but in this situation, it would be counterproductive. "So... How do you know I won't just betray you here? I could reveal you to my troops, and we could pack up and leave."
  637.         "You could, but..." lying down on his pile, the man stares at the ceiling, "I think you're smarter than that. As it stands, you know you are going to be facing some minor charges if you help me. Now on the other hand..." He sits up, "if you were to leave, you would likely be pursued into your lands and hunted by us and your own kind, since there is a no poaching agreement between them." Reaching out, he takes hold of her by the throat and pulls her to his face. "And if you were to injure me or worse, you would be hunted to the ends of the earth by the eternal princess, my own dragoness and the entire equestrian guard." He lets go with a smile, and flops back down onto his temporary bed, while she recoils, her life and potential death flashing before her eyes. Crawling into her cot, she contemplates the problem she got herself into.
  638.         Over the next two days, little changes, the man and the Diamond dog going on as if they were still pet and master. The night before the guards are to arrive, boredom hits full force, and the man finds it difficult to sit still. Staring at the ceiling, he waits for the dog to return from her days work. The flap rustles, and he rolls over, acting the excited pet. Two dogs enter, his prisoner and another, younger or perhaps smaller male. Knuckles clench and he assumes a more defensive posture, untrusting of this newcomer. "Don't worry, it's *hic* alright," she says in defense of the new male, a slight slur in her voice.
  639.         "What in Tartarus is that thing?" the male dog exclaims, pointing at the man. Not willing to take the insult, he bares his teeth, rising to a low crouch.
  640.         Even while inebriated, the female dog can tell that if she doesn't diffuse the situation, everything will go wrong, and it will be her head on the proverbial, and possibly literal chopping block. "Hey, don't insult him, he's a great pet. He protected me, and he's..." she stumbles, and the man moves around and catches her, holding her gently.
  641.         Sitting on her cot, the male motions her over and says, "Come over here, I'm sure I'm a much nicer nighttime companion that 'he' is." Uncertainty shows on the females face, but she ends up rising and moving over, sitting next to the male. An arm wraps around her shoulder, pulling her over almost onto his lap, where the man can see the tip of his bright red cock starting to stick out. The man lets out a low grumble, drawing the female’s attention, but the male turns her face back to him. "Come, let's enjoy this..." he whispers, while fiddling with the buttons on her vest.
  642.         "But... I...' she stammers while trying to solidify a thought but at the same time being obstructed by alcohol, pheromones, and thoughts of the punishments she might face. Before she can come to a conclusion, the male has undone her entire vest, and pulled it off, leaving her in only her undershirt and underpants. Sliding a paw down, the male edges to the bottom of her undershirt, lightly brushing her teats as it passes. The light moan she gives is covered by a much louder growl from the man. Managing to push away, she shifts towards the man, much to the annoyance of the male. "I brought you here to... to tell the troops that we are packing up. We are moving tomorrow after lunch, this place is no good."
  643.         There is a twitch of annoyance in the male’s eye, but he nods, before standing. "As you say... Ma'am." He moves to leave, the man lowering his defensive posture, until he suddenly turns around, tackling her to the cot and covering her mouth. "You aren't getting out of this that easy. You can't just go inviting me into your tent, acting all slutty and then expect me to leave blue-balled." She whimpers under him as his free hand roughly grabs at her remaining clothes, and she closes her eyes. When the male's weight suddenly gets jerked off her, she braves peeking out of one eye. The male has been ripped off, pinned and restrained by the man, whose teeth are closed on the back of his neck.
  644.         Scrambling upright, the dog wraps a thin blanket around herself, a false shield from the male's eyes. "Pet, let him go," she commands, and the man removes his teeth from the males neck, before letting out an angry growl right in his ear. "Now!" Giving a low grumble, he gets off the male, moving over beside the female before glaring at the male. Dusting himself off, the male glares back, before leaving the tent in a huff. "Ah... that was close..." the dog sighs, sinking down onto her cot.
  645.         "You're lucky." the man snaps, sitting next to her. "If it wasn't for me, he would have had his way with you, and well, that wouldn't have sat well in my books." She winces, and the man continues, "And since I saved your sorry furry butt again, I think you owe me more again." Her ears flatten meekly, and she nods, moving to the ground, kneeling in front of him. Laying on his back, the man motions her up, and she climbs up, sitting on his legs. "Turn around and sit up here," he says, motioning to his chest. Moving into position, she is jolted as he pulls her butt towards him, making her drop to all fours. "Get to work, and don't stop unless I say so." Without nodding, she starts pulling his pants and boxers down, unveiling his semi-rigid member.
  646.         Her big floppy tongue comes out, and she starts gently licking and kissing, working him up, and he grabs her plot with one hand. There is almost a momentary pause, but she keeps on, starting on his head. While she does this, he pulls aside the crotch of her undergarments, revealing her moist slit and puckered anus. As she first takes any length of his rod into her mouth, he slides one finger up her slit, before poking against her tight hole, a small strand connecting the two for a moment. This causes her to give faint moans, which rumble in her throat and cause pleasant vibrations on his rod. A couple more swipes, and he pokes one finger into her rear, almost down to the second knuckle, and she clenches up, teeth just pressing in on his maleness.
  647.         The hand on her plot tightens, untrimmed nails digging into her soft flesh, not quite enough to draw blood, but enough to warn her. Her jaw immediately loosens, and so does his grip, which he switches as he pulls his finger from her anus. Two fingers from his free hand plunge into her now quite soaked vagina, and she lets out a much stronger moan. Twitching and spreading his finger makes her moan more, but she still keeps on sucking and licking his rod. Satisfied with her size and shape, the man pulls his fingers out, giving a quick sniff before taking a lick.
  648.         Her juices are more bitter than his mare, but not unduly so. They have a bit more of an earthy taste, but not something he would enjoy often, unlike his dragoness's spicy fluids. Giving her slit a final rub, he lets her undergarments move back into place before he reaches forward and rests a hand on the back of her head. Lightly scratching behind her ears, he says, "You're doing a good job, just a little more." With the knowledge her job is almost done, she starts working harder, going deeper and taking nearly his whole length in her mouth.
  649.         Feeling his rod starting to twitch, she tries to pull back, but the man forces her down, deeper than she had gone before. Almost gagging, she feels his slick, warm cum spurting into her throat, and she tries to swallow it as it comes. He doesn't let her go until he feels her finish swallowing, and she comes up gasping. "That's a good girl," he says, pilling her over so she is facing him. "We should get some sleep, you're gonna have a rather busy next few days." Curling up next to him, she slowly falls asleep, after he pulls back in his clothing, of course.
  650.         Her dreams that night are mixed, moving between scenes of her own execution, all the way to siting on the man’s lap as he gently pets and massages her, fawning over his new favourite girl. These dreams leave her confused, which becomes amplified, as she finds herself curled up, quite comfortably, in his arms. Almost falling from the small, slightly overloaded cot, she climbs off as fast as possible without waking him.
  651.         The moment her paws touch the ground, she lets out a sigh. "What's wrong? Never woken up next to a hot guy before?" the man asks, making her jump.
  652.         "No... I mean, yes, I mean... Ummmm...." flustered by not only his question, but the suddenness of his waking.
  653.         "Calm down, today is the day. If you screw up now..."
  654.         She nods, and moves to the tent flap. "I'm going to get breakfast. It might be the last good meal I have..." Grabbing a proper vest and putting it on, she steps out into where the camp has already begun preparations for moving. Thankfully, the kitchen tent is still up and going and she makes her way over.
  655.         In the tent, there is a soft pop as the changeling teleports in, risking messing up the plan, just to confirm the safety of her king. The moment she appears, she feels his arms wrap around her and pull her close. "What are you doing here?" he asks, amidst the kisses he gives her.
  656.         "The troops are here. I was sent to make sure everyone is still here, and that you are safe." His grip loosens a bit, and there is a sudden small pain on her forehead. "Ouch... What was that for?"
  657.         "Coming here without any warning. You should have sent a note, it would have been easier to hide if needed." He leans down and kisses the same spot he flicked, before running his tongue up and over her horn. "But, thanks for caring," he says, before pulling her up and locking her lips in a kiss. Tongues entering each other’s mouth, hers wraps around his, getting pulled around as his moves.
  658.         Breaking away, she smiles and steps back. "Thank you my love. I must leave though, but you will be saved within the hour." With another soft pop, she disappears, and the tent flap rustles. Muscles tightening, the man turns to the doorway, where the dog stands with their breakfasts.
  659.         "You should be more careful, if I was anyone else," she says, walking over and setting his tray down.
  660.         Taking his meal, he smiles at her, before saying, "The rescue is going to be within the hour, It wouldn't have made much of a difference." Popping the small loaf of bread into his mouth, he slowly eats while watching how she reacts. On the outside, she seems rather calm about the whole situation, but underneath, she is a tumult of emotions. She eats slowly as well, savoring what may be her last good meal. "Calm down, you are under my immediate protection, and so long as you don't do anything stupid, you'll be fine."
  661.         "Even if you say that..." she takes a big bite of bread, ripping into it slightly viciously. All around the tent, the sounds of packing and prep can be heard, every single one of them unaware of the coming army. Uninterrupted, the man and dog finish breakfast, and sit patiently. Agonizingly slow, the minutes tick by, and the dog starts shifting nervously. With a sigh, the man grabs her wrist, pulls her over and starts scratching behind her ears.
  662.         This calms her immediately, and they wait for the inevitable panic of the ambush. A moment of silence comes about, hanging heavy in the air. It's broken by a sudden trumpet sounding, and warcrys from the ponies. In his arms, she tenses and curls up, as if to hide from everything happening. Several groups of sounds are heard rushing towards the tent, and stop just outside, before cursing can be heard.
  663.         A rather loud pair of hooves can be heard, when suddenly there is a clang, and something goes tumbling into the side of the tent, nearly entirely collapsing it. Digging for the entrance, the man, with dog in tow, pulls up a fold of fabric and comes face to face with an upside down guard. "Hello, I was sent to help make sure you are safe for the time being." the guard, definitely a mare, says.
  664.         Getting past the last layers, the he pulls off the tent, and turns to the mare guard, who struggles to right herself, legs, stomach, and teats waving in the early morning sun. Reaching down, he helps turn her right side up. "I'm surprised; I didn't know they had Saddle Arabians in the guard, what's your story?"
  665.         "Nothing special, I was raised in Canterlot, and I ended up choosing the guard." she says with a small shrug of her withers. Looking around, she adds, "And thanks for finding these guys, they've been causing problems for quite some time, but our patrols could never pin them down." From behind the man, the dog pulls herself out, and the guard suddenly pounces her. "I gotcha! Trying to sneak up on us, are you?"
  666.         Underneath the overexcited mare, the dog squirms around, before being pulled out by the man. She opens her mouth to say thanks, but he covers it, and holds her in a slightly painful and very restricting grip. "Say nothing," he hisses into her ear, and she makes a subtle nod. All around them, the dogs are rounded up, pockets of resistance being quelled by the efficient guards.
  667.         The guards form a circle around the captured dogs, and from the woods, the princess slowly trots out, flanked by a half dozen more guards. "I see you have managed my request quite handily, my human," she says smiling at him. Pushing the dog into a near fetal position on the ground, he rests one foot on her as he bows.
  668.         "Thank you, princess. With one of your guards assistance, I was able to capture their leader as well." Beside him, the mare kneels as well, and the princess approaches. Stepping to her side, the man leans over and whispers to her, "Don't pass any immediate judgment, I wish to explain some things to you. Just keep her separate from the others."
  669.         With a nod, the princess turns to the prostrated dog, and says in a sharp, booming voice, "I will deal with you personally." All the other dogs cringe, and the man crosses his arms, a small smirk on his face. "Ah, before I forget, there is somebody waiting for you, back at our..." A large mass suddenly tackles him, pinning him to the ground.
  670.         The weight moves, and he rolls over to see his dragoness, collar in her mouth looking at him with happy eyes. Taking the collar out, she says, "Master, I couldn't wait, I wanted you to see you so you could umm...." Looking around, she suddenly becomes a bit self-conscious of her desire.
  671.         As he turns to the princess, she nods, and says, "Go ahead, you've earned some time alone, or at least some time with a bit of your herd." Excited by her permission, the dragoness immediately takes the collar in her mouth again and drops to all fours. Her tail wraps around his wrist, and she begins tugging him out to the tree line. As they pass the trees, her tail raises higher, and the man can't help but smile at her joy.
  672.         She soon stops, and turns to him, holding up the collar. "You really love this, don't you?" he asks, and she nods vigorously.
  673.         As he puts it on, she says, "It shows how much you love me, even if most everyone thinks its weird." As the lock clicks, she pounces forward, pinning him. "And besides, it keeps me the same size as the man I love, so it makes me luckier than any other dragoness." He reaches around her neck, and pulls her face down, engaging her lips in a soft, but deeply passionate kiss.
  675. Chapter 13 (
  680. END NOTES
  681.         Haunch Clawing: While this reaction has been long known, it's actual purpose was not.
  682.         Many of the reasoning’s here were based on the fact that on (the human version of) Earth, non-sapient equines are rather commonplace. Though no horned, winged, or otherwise magical variants exist, non-intelligent versions of many equines like zebra, donkeys, and even ponies do, with horses being the most common.
  683.         While only marginally more intelligent than the average animal, roughly equal to that of the common house dog, they are much enamored by mankind, having lived side by side with them for around 5000 years.
  684.         Based on his comments, and Equestrian fossil records, our ancestors are speculated to have been like them, so some instinctual behaviors that are far more pronounced in the human world equines may lie dormant in our minds. Because humans are in contact with this species so close to our ancestors, and can watch them in the wild.
  685.         This gives them an understanding of their minds one simply cannot learn from bones, such as the purpose of instincts, and may bring them to effect on ponies.
  687.         Flare Cavern: For our non-equine readers, the flare cavern in a mare is designed to accommodate a stallions flare when he climaxes. The flare fits specifically within the cavern, helping keep him in place, and leaving the semen only one direction to go, which is directly into the uterus.
  694. Authors notes
  696.         This book, save Chapter 3 to Chapter is entirely factual. While only one human was available for "Testing", he assured us that he was an average member of his species in every respect. The first session was Solely me observing them, while the second had four others observing to perform peer review. In this manner, they made sure there was no falsity in the first set of observations. In addition, they each gave a quick opinion of what they observed.
  699. Rainbow Dash: It took forever and it was really gross, mare juices everywhere.....It was also... kinda impressive.
  701. Applejack: It was the most amazin fuckin ah've ever seen! It puts stallions ta shame, that's fer sure.
  703. Rarity: Fluttershy is lucky to have, who's so helpful, reasonably polite, AND such an incredible lover.
  705. Pinkie Pie: He just keeps on, and every time you think he's done, he's NOT, until he was, and then he was like "I'm not tired, just sore.", and I was just like WOOOOOOOOOW!
  707. Please note that, while this may make Humans seem like the perfect partner, there is only one in Equestria, and he is incredibly happily married already. That said, consider using this to gain new ideas as to how to please your partner, or for your partner to please you.
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