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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love discord. I love what they do and how they work. This isn't a hate directly on the program itself, more the Trust & Safety team.
  3. So, I'm a Minecraft Server Manager who contacts most server owners and I run my communities via Discord. It's an amazing way to interact with my players. However, when it comes to business I need a reliable messenger, which discord has been for the last two years after switching from Skype.
  5. On Friday my account got disabled, they sent me this message via email:
  9. Straight away, I was shocked, I had a small idea on why I could've been disabled and thats because one of my community members invited me to a discord, where I spoke (Presumably in an attempt to get me banned) before hundreds of stolen accounts flooded the server. I left and intended to report it.
  11. I sent this message to
  13. Dear Discord Staff,
  15. My name is Fawks (Discord tag: Fawks#0001) and I am a Minecraft Server Owner and Manager who runs multiple communities on discord.
  17. Unfortunately, a few days ago my account was disabled for "Violation of TOS/Community Guidelines" for "participating in a server dedicated to the spam and abuse of discord". This obviously comes as a huge shock and problem, as I have an extensive history with Discord (been using your services for over two years, nitro subscriber for close to a year, applied for the original Hypesquad system where I dedicated a solid two hours writing an application) I assumed this was some sort of mistake, however, when I wrote a support ticket it is yet to be responded to after three days.
  19. I believe the reason why I got disabled is because I joined a server from one of my community members who already has a bad history with Doxing, DDOSing and other illegal activities on your platform from what I could gather (He has been banned multiple times, but I did not realise who it was until I joined the discord and a call with him). I found that this was a stupid mistake and I should not have joined the server. As I've had exams this week I have not found the time to report the server or user as I had planned, which I assume is why my account was flagged.
  21. I appreciate that you guys are busy making everyone happy (I love what you guys are doing by the way, you do amazing work) however as I can't login to my account,some of my work partners have no other contact with me and I am unable to continue developing my minecraft communities as I have been for the past couple of years, which has actually caused one of my communities to die completely (Go from around 40 members a day, to 0 members and a large amount of people leave the discord).
  23. I'd appreciate it if this is responded to quickly, as members of my communities are getting alarmed now I've been offline for over three days straight.
  25. Kindest Regards,
  27. This pretty much outlined my situation. I sent this off and recieved a response earlier today which said:
  31. As normal, a copied and pasted message. I doubt they even looked over my situation at all. My largest problem isn't that my discord was disabled, as I know hundreds of people get false disabled weekly, but the fact I now have friends which I knew personally who moved away that I can no longer contact.
  33. Since then, I've responded asking for an explanation or a supervisor to further assist me, but they seem to be ignoring the email or something. Any suggestions on what I should do? I really need this account back as I had some friends who I cannot contact in any other way, or remember their tags on that account.
  35. Thanks,
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