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Chapter 4

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  1. Chapter 4: Lesbian Lolis
  3. Once upon a time, there existed lolis in the 3rd grade. They would one day have lesbian relationship and adopt a child just because they could. They would interact in rough play before getting down on each other. Thankfully for loli lovers everywhere such as Trop somebody decided to write a story about it and title it Magic Girl Lyrical Nanoha. But enough about godlike lesbian lolis, what you came here for is gay buttsex... One time in the land of TAONU user wiitle, renounced as the best posted on Smogon was fantasizing about how godlike it would be to have Sword Trunks's super saiyan dick inside of him. Just the sheer though of Trunks shoving his Swords like the masamune in the full-on homo RPGs made his penis tingle with excitement. Some people would say wish upon a star, but wiitle was no sentimental faggot. He would wish upon his own cum that one day Sword Trunks would fly over to his house and brutally rape him in his tight underage butthole. Out of nowhere Trunks burst into his house the same way he would eventually burst into wiitle's asshole. Just like how me split apart Mech Frieza, Trunks came prepared and turned super saiyan to split apart wiitle delicate ass. After having his ass absolutely destroyed, Trunks decided that he would step it up. He took his raging super saiyan penis and shoved straight into wiitle earhole, clearly Trunks played very rough and didn't give a fuck about anything. As the cruel raping occured his compatriot imanalt find him lying on the floor begging for mercy. Imanalt tries his best to stop the powerful and godlike Sword Trunks, but to no avail.
  4.  The mighty saiyan has claimed his 2nd victim and Imanalt had to prepare himself for the might of his powerful glowing penis.
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