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  1. My name is Jafar but I used to go by Brendan, I'm enrolled in Economics at Lafayette, and my year has been awful. Starting in early 2018 my grandfather passed away, my girlfriend broke up with me due to complications and I was lost. I found faith and healing in Allah, and I learned that in this life that natural selection is a beauty that Islam embraces. I've pledged my allegiance to ISIS and have been planning to visit Syria for some time but I have been in contact with several other supporters of the caliphate through apps on my cellphone and they have helped me coordinate and orchestrate the attack I'm going to unleash on Lafayette.
  3. I've been mocked and ridiculed for taking up my faith in Islam, this school is liberal to an extent, however it's Christianity liberalism that I cannot stand. I'm going to kill all of those who mocked me, my faith, Muhammad my savior and Allah. By the time you read this, my attack will already be putting into effect, and when word spreads and students attempt to evacuate, they'll be playing right into my plan. I have set up several pipe bombs, pressure cookers and nail bombs around the campus and plan to inflict the utmost damage possible.
  5. I am sorry to my family, and my loved ones as I will go down with a fight. I love you all.
  6. Allah will show the world that Christianity is the devil.
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