Methods to download NASCAR images from various sources.

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  1. Autoweek: Look at the link you copied for the image you want. It should look like this. EXAMPLE:
  2. Delete everything between "/styles to public/" so that it looks like this instead.
  3. Then, go to the new URL and then save the image to wherever you want to save your images at.
  5. Flickr: search for whatever your want to download. Click on the image and then click on "Download this photo". If it's allowed, then select your size and save your image. If not, then click on "View all sizes". Select the image size you want and then Inspect Element by right-clicking on the image and select on Inspect Element or using what shortcut is assigned to your browser. Press Ctrl+F and search for "_letter.jpg" (O for original size, H for 1600 pixels, etc). Then open image in new tab and save wherever you want to save your images at.
  7. Fox Sports: Open image in new tab/window. Remove "vresize.size#1.size#2.high.0" between image name and jpg/png. Press Enter. Then save image to wherever you want to save images at.
  9. Google: Image search for NASCAR or whatever you want to search. Then click on "Tools" and then on "size". Select "Large" or "Larger Than..." for any images above a specific size. Then click on the image(s) you want and click "view image". Save wherever you want your images to save at. To filter images to within 24 hours or a week, click on "Time" and click on the appropriate filter. If you want to search between a custom date range, select "Custom Range" and set it up however you want. If you want to search through a specific site, add "site:URL" to the end of your search terms. *SOMEWHAT OBSOLETE AS OF FEBURARY 9, 2018 BECAUSE OF THE SETTLEMENT BETWEEN GETTY IMAGES AND GOOGLE.* You will need to view the image in it's original page to try to save it; there is no view image option anymore.
  11. Hendrick Motorsports: Open your image from one of their photo galleries in a new tab. It should look like this:
  12. Then delete "/_1000x700_fit_center-center_95". Open the new URL, and save it to wherever you want.
  14. (for images from 2017-current): Open your image in a new tab. It should look something like this:
  15. What you need to do is remove all the text that dictates the cropped image size ("_1296x518_5-2" and "&w=570"). Then go through the new URL. Depending on the type of image it is (showroom render, layout or on-track photo), the image will be in it's original size when it was uploaded. Works best for on-track images.
  17. Look for an image from one of their image galleries and open that in a new window. EXAMPLE:
  18. Then change "big_thumbnail" to "original". Save the image wherever you want to. *NOTE* This only works for images from mid-2017 to current. Using this URL fix with any images older than that will make the image not show up at all.
  20. NBC Sports: Open image in new tab/window. Delete all text after ".jpg". Press enter. Save image to wherever you want to save images at.
  22. SmugMug: If possible, right-click and save wherever you want you image saved. If Javascript doesn't allow it (i.e. a message appears when right-clicking on the page), then Inspect Element (shortcut depends on the browser you use but usually involves Ctrl+Shift+whatever key). Then press Ctrl+F and search for "L.jpg" or "O.jpg". Open link in new tab and save or right click and save link as image to wherever you want to save your images at.
  24. Twitter: Open image in new tab/window. add ":orig" to end of URL (usually .jpg) and then press enter. Then, drag the image (zoomed-out) to wherever you want to save your images at. *UPDATE* For an easier method, look for a "Twitter View Original Images" plug-in/extension. That way it can do the work for you.
  26. USA Today: Open the image in a new tab (either from a photo gallery or the thumbnail in the article). It should looks similar to this:
  28. Then, delete everything between the slash after the URL and the slash before media so that it now looks like this:
  30. Then go to that new URL, and save the image wherever you want. This is how you save the original sized photos from USA Today.
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