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  1. > Jesus, so pretty much all of the remarks she received were negative...
  3. Customer6 says he used to buy her videos back in the day, but not nowadays, and
  4. names several other S1 actresses he prefers. Then he says he's heard Kirara's
  5. handjobs are amazing, but it doesn't really reflect in the videos.
  7. Customer7 says she used to be really erotic. She's not bad now, but doesn't buy
  8. her vids. Maybe worth renting... There are so many new girls. He feels like betting on
  9. one of them...
  11. Customer8 is a hardcore fan. He likes her boobs, her waist, everything. He used
  12. to follow other girls, but only cares about Kirara now.
  14. Customer9 is not interested in her. He likes fellatio stuff, and does not acknowledge
  15. blowjobs from "standalone" actresses. They don't seem to like it. He prefers amateurs
  16. who're really into it.
  19. > Any news of a transfer?
  21. Nothing yet. I don't think she was doing that bad at S1, I'd bet she sells better now
  22. than shortly after she came to S1, thanks in part to her being the Muscats leader.
  25.     Take-D> What? <laughs> Why are you naked?
  26.     Kirara> Well, I got all drenched before, and it was cold, so I removed my
  27.             bikini.
  28.     Take-D> It's OK for us, but...
  29.     Kirara> Whether naked or not, it makes no difference.
  30.     Take-D> I see. That's commendable. As one would expect from you.
  31.     ...
  32.     Take-D> I've been told this one thing... Do you remember when you gave a
  33.             blowjob before? And the guy who came shake your hand. It seems some
  34.             people saw that. And now the word got around that if you're nearby
  35.             you can have sex with Kirara. So they're all waiting outside for you.
  36.     Kirara> That's why I told you it was risky... <opens the door> It's crowded!
  37.             Were there even this many people?
  38.     Take-D> They all somehow heard Asuka Kirara is here... And now that things
  39.             turned out this way, they won't tell us what they really think.
  40.             They're only going to say nice things for sure. Since we cannot do the
  41.             survey anymore, we're going to ask the shop manager instead. About
  42.             your valuation and such.
  43.     Kirara> O--kay
  44.     Take-D> and to end with, let's give the manager a surprise. I don't think
  45.             he'll say anything mean about you, but he might have misunderstood
  46.             you. It'd be best to gain his favor.
  47.     Kirara> hmmm yes, we could get him to make a corner for me
  48.     Take-D> So I'm going to call the manager, you go hide over there, and come out
  49.             after listening to his talk.
  50.     ...
  51.     Take-D> I'm sorry about what's going on outside.
  52.     Manager> It's OK. Anyway, are you done?
  53.     Take-D> Kirara is changing at the moment. Sorry about the fuss.
  54.             Lastly, I'd like to end with an interview to you, would that be OK?
  55.     Manager> Ok, as long as it's short.
  57.     <text: we got the manager to tell us what he really thinks>
  59.     Take-D> so, how is it with Asuka Kirara?
  60.     Manager> when it's good it's good, but when it's bad... the difference is
  61.             quite extreme
  62.     Take-D> so films that sell well do sell well, but those that don't really
  63.             don't
  64.     Manager> right
  65.     Take-D> and as for S1? all the other girls who keep debutting
  66.     Manager> yes, the fresh girls are selling fine. As for Kirara, when she was
  67.             with another studio things were going well, but after she changed...
  68.     Take-D> so, this smells like a generation shift
  69.     Manager> I can't deny there's something to that
  70.     Take-D> I see... Well, we'd like you to make an exclusive corner for Kirara
  71.     Manager> well you see, that is... there's a lot of girls, so it's going to be
  72.             difficult
  73.     <Kirara comes out>
  74.     Kirara> Manager, that's harsh. I heard you.
  75.     Take-D> What did you see before? about generation shift
  76.     Manager> right, well...
  77.     Kirara> generation shift? <points at her poster> I did that. It was larger,
  78.             and I was right in the middle.
  79.     Manager> yes, well, we had to store it here
  80.     Kirara> what... it was this very year
  81.     Manager> rotation is getting faster and faster nowadays
  82.     Kirara> that's heartless
  83.     Manager> I'm sorry
  84.     Kirara> I'm still giving my best... Manager, is my body not erotic?
  85.     Manager> no way, it's not that at all
  86.     Take-D> manager, you could judge Kirara's worth right here
  87.     Kirara> right right
  88.     ...
  89.     Kirara> manager, please make a corner for me
  90.     Manager> well
  91.     Kirara> not possible?
  92.     Manager> if you put it that way
  93.     Kirara> is my body really that unappealing? <places his hands on her boobs>
  94.     Manager> isn't this wrong?
  95.     Take-D> it's fine
  96.     Manager> if another employee comes...
  97.     Take-D> let's just do it, we'll put a mosaic on your face
  98.     Kirara> come on manager, how does it feel? can't do?
  99.     Manager> you're putting me in trouble
  100.     Kirara> it's ok, isn't it? It's great, isn't it?
  101.     Manager> yes, your body is great
  102.     Kirara> my tits are like this, and down there <moves his hand to her crotch>
  103.     Manager> amazing
  104.     Kirara> look! <sucks his finger and looks seductively at him>
  105.     ...
  106.     Take-D> let's take that apron out, if we remove it he's just a man
  107.     Kirara> yes yes just a man <touches his cock over his clothing> manager,
  108.             what's this? You talked about a generational change and stuff, yet
  109.             you're this hard
  110.     Manager> If I see you right there...
  111.     Kirara> it gets hard ... <plays with nipples> your nipples are also hard
  112.     Take-D> let's take his clothes off
  113.     Kirara> yes, I'm also naked so
  114.     Manager> I wonder if it'll be ok <looks around>
  115.     Kirara> hurry up, if we don't they'll find us. Quick quick! <starts stroking>
  116.             Manager, you have a huge hard-on. <raises her voice towards the door>
  117.             OOh the manager is so hard
  118.     Manager> please keep it down, if they find me...
  119.     Kirara> but it's so hard... I wonder what would happen if they find this
  120.             out...
  121.     Take-D> there's no choice but to make that corner
  122.     Kirara> will you build it?
  123.     Manager> that huh
  124.     Kirara> if you don't say yes I'll shout again <shouts> Manager, your dick is
  125.             so hard!
  126.     Manager> ssssh  I got it
  127.     Kirara> you'll do it
  128.     Manager> let me think about it
  129.     Take-D> Kirara, be careful <hands condom>
  130.     Kirara> yes, they might come after all, let's hurry up. If they find you,
  131.             they might fire you... <voices heard> The guys out there, it's getting
  132.             dangerous  IT'S GETTING DANGEROUS
  133.     Take-D> ssssshhh!
  134.     Kirara> he hasn't really said he'll do it
  135.     ...
  136.     Kirara> come here manager <she mounts him>
  137.     ...
  138.     <Kirara is on all fours and the manager pounds her doggy style>
  139.     Kirara> the manager is amazing... there right there ... the manager has become
  140.             a man... at the beginning, he was so reluctant, "what if they find
  141.             me", but now, he's thrusting like there's no tomorrow. Like, he
  142.             doesn't care if he's found out anymore. <giggles> Manager please, move
  143.             a bit ... yes right there.... <talks again to Take-D / the camera>
  144.             He's going to do that corner for meeeeeeeee <totally overacts>  Right
  145.             manager? <smiles> He says he's going to do it. <starts moaning loudly>
  146.     Take-D> manager, are you near your limit? Try to move as you want.
  147.     <they move to missionary>
  148.     Take-D> we've had but spontaneous discharges before, so, to end with, do
  149.             you think you could as in AV, take the condom off and cum on her?
  150.     ...
  151.     Kirara> <represses moan> ... hey, this is an adult shop, so it's not
  152.             unexpected to hear some moaning, right? <starts to moan louder>
  153.     ...
  154.     <the manager pulls out and cums without using his hands, there's no force
  155.     whatsoever in his ejaculation>
  156.     Kirara> Incredible! With no hands... Your cum is of the "hard" type? What a
  157.             surprise, this might be the first time I see cum so thick.
  158.     Take-D>  Thank you manager. Have any tissues?
  159.     Kirara> tissues? What about the apron? Get it here.... <wipes cum off>
  160.             Work with this today. With this, do your work, and make that corner
  161.             for me, right?
  162.     Manager> Understood.
  163.     Kirara> You'll do it?
  164.     Manager> I'll do.
  165.     Kirara> Build that corner and sells lots of DVDs of mine.
  166.     Manager> Yes, I'll be rooting for you.
  168.     <ending speech>
  169.     Kirara> ... and by meeting my fans, I think I got them to understand me a
  170.             bit better. I'm glad we did this. I'm going to do my best at S1,
  171.             so please root for me. Please buy my DVDs. I'm not passing the
  172.             torch to the next generation yet.
  173.     ...
  174.      "Paformed (sic) by  Asuka Kirara"  lol
  176. I really like when she acts within the act and finally convinces the
  177. manager to do that corner for her. She understands the meaning
  178. of the scene (seduce + manipulate the manager) and performs
  179. it flawlessly. It's a million light years away from Rion.
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