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  1. To the ones who are just here to mock, your malevolence is proving the point. Your selfishness is made public daily through your actions, please be rational. otherwise it's just like defecating on a bed and asking why does it smell awful. You must be thinking somehow you're making a good showing of intelligence by acting like spoiled children, there are people on this forum who could be looking to sponsor a tournament by chance.
  3. If that'd be the case who would want to give money to spoiled children who are still fighting in a sandbox over their toys, to those that actually have meaningful contribution and capable of conversation you could be ruining such an opportunity if someone cared to sponsor L4D2. Your works are your public judgment, your words are only poison meant to slow the mind and wound another soul that they become ill in thought just as you, they have no value much less your hearts of stone. If you cared at all to keep the community active by any means, you need leave the community for the sake of others, at least taste reality so that it'll form you into a man, preferably take such a note from me speaking from experience, stop playing the victim and do something about your mindset and condition.
  5. If you have a problem with me, that's fine I'll hardly be able to play with the work schedule I now have. Keep your problems with me, frankly I have no idea what I've done but I do apologize, (not for my belief in the truth being the word of God, or those who witnessed that his begotten son had come in the flesh, or for my faith in him and the father and the contract I've made with him, or that he will give me life if I hold to the contract, or that in the day of his return which the father shall grant his son the power of life and death in the great day of the resurrection unto judgment), but if there be any offense I've made by a true act of malevolence towards anyone I'd ask your forgiveness. But when you act this way on a public forum take it or leave it, the fact is you're acting like a selfish dullard, just as a thief always stealing and never giving. Your traps that you set for others, you will always fall into them yourself.
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