MGE Side III Eustine

Jan 30th, 2021
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  1. Diva Introduction
  2. • Diva: Eustine
  3. • Species: Merrow
  4. • Favorite Color: I like red, it’s the passionate color Nevia is proud of.
  5. • Favorite Type: “Hm, this is a rather difficult question. Since we will be going on stage together, a gentleman with flexibility would be ideal, but on the other hand, even gentlemen with conspicuous inflexibility and stubbornness can consistently deliver a brilliant performance.
  6. I, personally, am stubbornly assertive, and there is something about show-off men that I’m attracted to, but I also think that the shyness of a gentleman who is not good at expressing himself is cute.”
  7. • How to Spend a Holiday: “Besides acting, I also enjoy watching the stage, and on my days off, I go around visiting stages all over Nevia, viewing a great variety of operas. The theatrical scene of Nevia is rapidly advancing, constantly changing, and even a program that has long been loved and called noble has as many ways to bewitch you as there are stars in the sky. I can’t rest on my laurels just because I’m a Diva. Every day is a wonderful day of persistently studying. Fufu, of course, I’m often inspired by the operas I see, especially the ones with passionate love affairs of couples, and I wish to have a companion that will passionately “demonstrate” them with me right away later that night.”
  9. Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
  10. You’d like me to tell you about Lady Eustine? Why yes, I’d be delighted to.
  11. I am a song maiden of Nevia Theater, and will be the one graciously by your side, if I may be of any assistance, please let me know.
  12. Indeed, Lady Eustine is the greatest Diva of all time, in addition to her beautiful songs and acting, she also manages wonderful screenplays.
  14. She is a beautiful lady known for dressing like a man, and she often plays the role of a man on stage.
  15. The image of Lady Eustine on Nevia Theater’s stage, leading actors of all races, is so wonderful...♥
  16. It seems male customers often say they “understood a woman’s feelings”♥
  17. Also, she plays all sorts of roles, and no matter the role, she draws the audience into the world of the play, such is that lady’s power.
  18. The role of a knight as passionate as roses, the role of a prince who is cold but truly wants to be loved, the role of a great brave pirate... and the historical drama of the seven islands of Court Alf, in which she plays the starring role. For that reason, some call her “Seven Colors Eustine”.
  20. Moreover, she is the greediest seeker of beauty in Nevia... Every time she takes the stage, those who visit Nevia Theater shall discover a new form of beauty♥
  21. She is always greedy for beauty, and for the sake of preserving passion, setting aside her pride in her current position, she frequently visits the other islands, spying on love affairs... or rather, it seems she goes out collecting information by gathering news of romantic stories.
  22. Are you aware of the greatest masterpiece novel “Nevia’s Makai Rose”, written by Eustine, who knows many such secret stories of love?
  23. Ufufu♥ I suppose it’s understandable that a gentleman wouldn’t know.
  24. It’s a love story with a reputation for sympathizing with emotions and instincts, and it has earned popularity mainly among women, its wave of popularity has spread not only through Court Alf, but also to the Demon Lord in the Monster Realm, and even human cities. And then there’s the “Nevia’s Makai Rose” stage play!
  25. This is the play that raised the Diva Nevia is so proud of to the world stage.
  26. There are times when authority figure couples from the Royal Monster Realm come to Nevia Theater, and it’s even said that a bishop of The Order of the Chief God was begged by their daughter to see it incognito♪
  27. Because of all this, Lady Eustine has a “Fan Club” that spans the whole globe, and in addition to monster fans, there are even lots of female human fans who often come to see her on stage♥
  29. Also, Lady Eustine is a person very enthusiastic about instructing song maidens, and in screenplays written by her own hands, she selects a rookie song maiden as the leading role, giving us song maidens the opportunity to positively take the stage.
  30. ...Eh? She sounds friendly? Ah, no, ahem, pardon me.
  31. Calling her friendly is a little... N-no, I don’t mean to speak ill of her!
  32. She is a lady we admire, and she usually acts calm and gentlemanly towards everyone... However, generally speaking, she is a person with strong passion regarding the stage, and does not compromise at all... so it is said...
  33. This is also a part of her guidance... I believe she is fixated on making us song maidens look beautiful, and instructs us until very late.
  34. In particular, she educates us in various ways with aesthetic guidance on what to say when in front of the gentleman we will one day meet that will become our companion, so that we may show him our most beautiful and lascivious appearance♥
  35. If I were to do it, even though this lewd body of mine has never actually done it, what would happen to me if a gentleman stuck it in?... Ahh, Ahh...♥
  37. Hah! A-ahem! I’ve shown you a disgraceful side of me.
  38. There are many of Nevia’s song maidens in Lady Eustine’s fan club, and some apparently became song maidens because they wanted to be taught by her.
  39. Me? Naturally, I too adore Lady Eustine... Eh? You’ll root for me? N-no, I don’t have those kinds of feelings...!
  40. Rather, I’m interested in gentlemen, or more precisely, I’m very interested in you, you even look kind of delicious... I mean-! Awawa, such a shameful thing again! P-please forget that!
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