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  1. XaviourAngelXaviourAngel Whisper: be back in 15 minutes
  2. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: but ik you would want to know
  3. XaviourAngel has left the chat
  4. SamanthaCassamara has joined the chat
  5. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: good there you are
  6. SamanthaCassamara: Well I can only refuse so much...
  7. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: xaviour will be back he wishes to speacj to ou
  8. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: you not bad good he is worried and about to close rp down because of what they did to you
  9. ElunaElvalore: Thank you, for coming back, Sam. Please, just talk this out with us.
  10. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: he will be back in 15 teen mins
  11. SamanthaCassamara: Please. I cant see him. I have like no will power when it comes to your brother. I dont want him to block anyone.
  12. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: yes thank you for coming
  13. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: he will you know this is drama zone free
  14. SamanthaCassamara: He cant close this RP is is amazing
  15. SamanthaCassamara: it*
  16. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: and he done told you Nathan did anything else to upseat you he would be blocked
  17. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: well this is 2nd time this has happened to him
  18. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: he lost me and his daughter in last rp
  19. SamanthaCassamara: Aria doesnt even like me
  20. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: he wont go thru that again with out getting rid of the ones doing it
  21. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: no matter how much you dont want him to
  22. SamanthaCassamara: she told Serenity that the other day
  23. SamanthaCassamara: Aragon and Remora dont come around because of me
  24. SamanthaCassamara: I am hurting this RP
  25. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: well if she cant leave that shit outside the room than she dont need to be here
  26. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: did you see me letting temora and her hubby attuide bad attuide towards me stop me from coming
  27. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: no you not
  28. SamanthaCassamara: no ... but hes going to lose people keeping me
  29. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: how are you do blame for others actions
  30. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: if they are unwilling to leave drama out of rp we dont need them
  31. ElunaElvalore: You've brought people here as well, Sam. You brought me here, did you not?
  32. SamanthaCassamara: But thats just it. I keep soehow causeing drama
  33. SamanthaCassamara: YEs...
  34. SamanthaCassamara: I brought Aragon too lol
  35. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: Do you really believe i would train you if i did nt believe in you or thought you meant my brother harm?
  36. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: you are not to blame for what others do Sam
  37. SamanthaCassamara: I would never hurt your brother on purpose Never'
  38. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: and if you keep saying you are i will tickle you to death
  39. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: ik this
  40. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: you a good person with a big heart and huney those kind of people get hurt fast and alot
  41. SamanthaCassamara: Just tell him I am needing a break from IMVU for a bit.
  42. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: but please realize we are not like the others that turned on you
  43. SamanthaCassamara: DOnt let him close this family
  44. SamanthaCassamara: ...
  45. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: i am afarid if he doesnt talk to he will
  46. ElunaElvalore: I will say, I was not a fan of that Dany woman. She asked where I had my ivory gown made- I told her specifically that my colors were Ivory and gold and the dev who makes that stuff for me because of it-- she came in here the next day with my gown on calling us 'twins'
  47. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: then you devi needs to mark display so no others can by it
  48. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: i do my stuff i make for others
  49. SamanthaCassamara: Daenarys is unhappily married and made me think Nathan lied to us both. I felt bad for her. then she got angry through PM that its just RP and Nathans story line was great...
  50. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: that they want one of kind no other to have it
  51. SamanthaCassamara: Even if it meant humiliating me here apparently
  52. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: well she has a mark on her head
  53. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: i will soon have jerky
  54. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: and another skin to hag on my wall
  55. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: hang
  56. SamanthaCassamara: Listen I should go. He needs to unblock Daenarys shes pissed and wanting to know what I said to him.
  57. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: no not if she is the cause
  58. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: wh would you want s1 in his rp that causes issues
  59. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: why
  60. SamanthaCassamara: My leaving was my decision... I take rp relationships and friendship to seriously
  61. SamanthaCassamara: I got too close to the people here
  62. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: come on Sam stop with the excuses you and i both know better
  63. SamanthaCassamara: ...
  64. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: how do ik this because i have been through the same thing
  65. SamanthaCassamara: -sigh-
  66. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: any dam god rper goes through it
  67. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: good
  68. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: and you can keep running or woman up and gight to have the place you worked hard for
  69. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: or chhoose to let people like this run you off
  70. SamanthaCassamara: Im good at running lol
  71. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: i am sorry i am being blunt
  72. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: and hardcore
  73. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: but wasnt it you that said you was tried of running to other to fight your battles well now you have people willig to taech you and stand beside you
  74. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: and you want to rrun piff
  75. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: the time for letting people like this roll over and let them walk all over you needs to stop
  76. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: because if you dont take a stand it wont stop
  77. SamanthaCassamara: :/
  78. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: why do you think so many know not to push me
  79. ElunaElvalore: She is right, Sam...
  80. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: cause the time came i took a stand and showed them i was done of their lies drama and lies
  81. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: if you want this your rp ou want this you home then get pissed and fight for it
  82. GHEDiesIraeSolderine: you
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