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Apr 24th, 2019
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  5. faunusilva
  7. Ella Freya
  8. The Coin goblin without makeup
  10. Ella Freya (aka Ella Liefkes, Ella Silva, Ella Vannin, or Zaiger 2: Electric Boogaloo; none of these being her real name) is a 20-year-old sheckel-hoarding coin goblin who spends most of her time self-posting in every social media platform possible, botting Instagram followers, applying makeup for hours on end, and photoshopping herself to not look like Brian Peppers. When she's not busy with her usual hobbies, cat-fishing, blackmailing, scamming people on the internet, and counting her vast sheckel collection.
  11. Contents
  13. 1 Known Scams
  14. 1.1 Dummy Account Method
  15. 1.2 Blackmail Method
  16. 1.3 Dating Site Method
  17. 2 Paying Zaiger to Delete Her Previous ED Article
  18. 3 See Also
  20. Known Scams
  21. Dummy Account Method
  22. "never posted nudes"
  24. She will start off rubbing her hands together with a shit-eating grin and making dummy accounts in the dozens, and will then send messages to desperate neckbeards and weebs, offering them nudes in exchange for money or things on her amazon wish list. She includes a sample with this first message, which sane people would normally ignore. She will then crawl out of her cave and either contact them with her real account asking if they received any scam emails from anyone pretending to be her, or wait for them to contact her with dollar signs in her eyes. She will then either accuse them of being a hackerman and stealing the picture, or state that the picture was of her when she was younger, then accuse them of being a pedophile like any other over makeup-ed Hollywood whore who can't work a real job. Afterwards, she will ask for money from them, saying that she will drop the subject and that there will be no "drama" if they pay, also stating that she needs the money to, "treat herself so she can forget about the horribleness of the internet." If they refuse, she will create even more dummy accounts as well as reach out to her favorite orbiters over Snapchat to harass the individual on all their social media by calling them a pedophile/pervert. This will continue until they pay the goblin her well deserved sheckels, at which point she will retreat back into her cave.
  25. Blackmail Method
  27. The money muncher primarily targets people who are married or in a relationship (People who have their significant other or family on their profiles). Filled with rage that she will never understand how these emotions work, she begins with talking to them, and becoming flirty with them after a short period of time. She attempts earning their trust and tries to show them what she thinks affection is. She then goes into a coin craze and makes demands for either money or items to be purchased from her Amazon wish list. If they refuse, she threatens to send screenshots of their conversations to their significant other/family pointing out how she will end their relationship with their loved ones. Like most sheckel-hoarding goblins, she will often hit the same person a few more times until they delete their account. At that point, even though she has been paid, the goblin attacks and sends their loves ones photoshopped screenshots of conversations or texts taken out of context.
  28. Dating Site Method
  30. The last of the coin goblin's tricky tricks takes place on various dating apps/sites. She will start off by messaging her prey, complimenting their sense of humor that on one in this life or the next will find remotely funny, and then going on and on about their life. This lulls them into a false sense of security, being as most normal women do this bullshit too, which then turns in to sob story to gain sympathy. It can be anything from her pet being sick, her being stuck in Singapore with no way to get money and school books costing too much, all the way to her needing makeup or a dress. The message usually concludes with her giving them her, "personal email," and saying that she would like to speak with them soon. Electronic Arts uses this method to slowly drain the cash from her prey via (SURPRISE SURPRISE) having them send her money or buy things from her Amazon wish list. She will keep up the ruse for a little while longer before ultimately abandoning the email or account.
  32. you didn't even try
  34. Example of getting fans to harass other people
  36. thinly veiled threat
  38. Paying Zaiger to Delete Her Previous ED Article
  39. a drawing by Ella depicting her victim mentality
  41. During the shitty days of ED when Zaiger was still in charge, Ella had her very own ED page filled with people calling her out on her bullshit, but because Zaiger was in desperate need of some heroin, he happily accepted a deal to remove her page in exchange for some of that good shit. Most of the original content is still lost.
  43. (still) never posted nudes
  45. not nudes
  47. before and after makeup
  49. desperate for attention
  51. still desperate for attention
  53. desperate for attention part 2
  55. really desperate for attention
  57. without makeup
  59. See Also
  61. Camwhore
  62. Catfish
  63. Victim mentality
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