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  1. 1:10 AM] Legal: me and my friend are using guardian helm, mage robe, scholar sandals, stew, healing pot, thetford cape
  2. [1:10 AM] Legal: against silences we switch helm passive to Tenacity and against non purgable builds we switch chest ability to frost shield
  3. [1:10 AM] Legal: we have died about 3 times
  4. [1:11 AM] Legal: out of 100+ gates
  5. [1:11 AM] klez: that's amazing, we'll try that right away!  all t8+ gear?  and are you 100/100?
  6. [1:11 AM] Legal: na
  7. [1:11 AM] Legal: nah
  8. [1:11 AM] Legal: 5.1 gear :smile:
  9. [1:11 AM] Legal: 4.2 cape
  10. [1:11 AM] Legal: t8 stew
  11. [1:11 AM] Legal: t4 healing pots
  12. [1:12 AM] Legal: siphoned energy
  13. [1:12 AM] Legal: oh and t6 and sometimes t6.1 warbow
  14. [1:12 AM] Legal: cuz t5 warbow doesnt have ray of light ability
  15. [1:12 AM] Legal: and we are around 60 spec right now
  16. [1:12 AM] klez: awesome, thanks very much for the info man that will help us noobs out a lot
  17. [1:12 AM] Legal: pretty low gear stuff
  18. [1:12 AM] klez: cool!  I'm not quite to 60 but I can get there soon
  19. [1:12 AM] Legal: u honestly dont need anything better than that
  20. [1:12 AM] Legal: this build is already powerful without having 400 spec and t8 items xD
  21. [1:13 AM] klez: I feel you, even doing it wrong like we were I can see the potential
  22. [1:13 AM] Legal: if u just started playing, u are probably gonna lose alot of gates xD
  23. [1:13 AM] klez: haha yeah I figure
  24. [1:13 AM] Legal: u gotta spend atleast 500 hours inside 2v2 gates
  25. [1:13 AM] Legal: to learn how to counter every build in this game
  26. [1:13 AM] Legal: and u can make over 10000 different builds
  27. [1:14 AM] klez: we joined for the pvp aspects of the game so we'll be grinding it out
  28. [1:14 AM] klez: much appreciated man I'll keep you posted on our progress
  29. [1:14 AM] Legal: oh also
  30. [1:14 AM] klez: too bad you can't get fame raising noobs :rofl:
  31. [1:15 AM] Legal: some people will be recommending a different warbow build with cultist robe and undead cape and omelettes
  32. [1:15 AM] Legal: dont listen to those people
  33. [1:15 AM] Legal: that build is shit
  34. [1:15 AM] Legal: me and my friend tried it
  35. [1:15 AM] Legal: this one i made is 100x cheaper and more effective
  36. [1:15 AM] klez: roger that, sounds good to me
  37. [1:15 AM] Legal: also pro tip
  38. [1:15 AM] Legal: 2 tips
  39. [1:15 AM] Legal: dont  buy flat quality items
  40. [1:15 AM] klez: please, I could use them haha
  41. [1:16 AM] Legal: u can see some items have quality like good, outstanding, excelent, masterpiece
  42. [1:16 AM] Legal: try to buy everything with quality Outstanding or higher
  43. [1:16 AM] Legal: second tip which i do every day
  44. [1:16 AM] Legal: i put buy orders for 5x warbow sets
  45. [1:17 AM] Legal: with buy orders u can get a full hg setup 2x cheaper
  46. [1:17 AM] Legal: but ofc u gotta wait a littl bit, so i usually put up buy orders before i go to sleep
  47. [1:17 AM] klez: good call man, I'll definitely do that tonight
  48. [1:17 AM] Legal: so next day i will have full 5 sets ready for hg which i bought 2x cheaper
  49. [1:17 AM] Legal: than if i would have bought all 5 sets straight off the market
  50. [1:18 AM] klez: yeah I don't mind losing to learn but that will help keep us funded for sure
  51. [1:18 AM] Legal: set buy orders for flat 5 - scholar sandals/mage robes / guardian helms / bags / flat capes all outstanding qualities
  52. [1:19 AM] Legal: and then set buy orders for 480 T5 Runes + 5 Stews + 10 T4 Healing pots + 5 Siphoned energys
  53. [1:19 AM] Legal: runes is to upgrade ur t5 armor sets
  54. [1:19 AM] Legal: u will be saving a ton of silver doing it with buy orders :slight_smile:
  55. [1:19 AM] klez: wew that's amazing
  56. [1:19 AM] klez: definitely will do
  57. [1:19 AM] klez: you're the best dude
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