Smug Server Info and rules

earthminer1 Sep 2nd, 2019 (edited) 285 Never
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  1. This is a temporary server we are going to be running for a month to determine if it's worth hosting full time.
  2. We will install multiple plugins to enhance the fun and hold random events when we feel like it.
  3. Join the discord if you want:
  5. Rules:
  6. - Racism and harassment is not acceptable
  7. - No mic spamming in death chat, SCP chat or over radio
  8. - Try not to mass team kill. If you do, expect retaliation
  10. Plugins:
  11. - SCP-343 (Immortal D-Boy)
  12. - SCP-008 (Zombie Attacks Infect)      
  13. - Tranq Gun
  14. - HS8 Shotgun
  15. - Lone 079
  16. - Later Join
  17. - Better Disarming
  18. - Item Manager
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