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Mar 21st, 2019
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  1. Quow's Minimap Plugin, for Mushclient
  2. =====================================
  3. You must extract the entire zip somewhere for Mushclient to open it. This could be a Discworld folder on your computer, or the Mushclient folder itself.
  5. The entire "maps" folder must be in the same location as the main plugin .xml file. The plugin will look for the /maps/ folder wherever it is running from. This does NOT mean that you should move the plugin INTO the maps folder, leave the file and folder structure as it is found when extracting! The .xml file should be sat next to the /maps/ folder, for example the directory structure after extracting might look something like this:
  7. C:\Discworld\QuowsMinimap.xml
  8. C:\Discworld\maps\_quowmap_database.db
  9. C:\Discworld\maps\*.png [60 files]
  10. C:\Discworld\maps\*.wav [5 files]
  12. NOTE: If you are installing over an old version of the plugin, be sure to choose "Yes" if asked if you wish to replace files - there may be updated map graphics or database files.
  15. Add Plugin to Mushclient:
  16. =========================
  17. Now in Mushclient, with the Discworld world/connection loaded in Mushclient, go to the File->Plugins menu, click "Add", locate the QuowMinimap.xml plugin file, and Open it.
  19. Optionally repeat this again for "QuowMDT.xml", if you have downloaded the MDT plugin and wish to use my parser plugin for the live written-map window of the Cow bar.
  21. You should see lots of new miniwindows appear - you can drag these window around by left-click-dragging the titlebars/windows, and access many layout and configuration options and features by right clicking on these windows and going through the options carefully.
  23. IMPORTANT NOTE: The minimap MUST be installed upon initial connection to the MUD - this is because it tells Discworld to send map data in the background.
  24. If you are already connected to the MUD, you must disconnect, and reconnect (you do not need to "quit" or log out first, just disconnect, reconnect, and log back in).
  26. Now go to any room recognised by the minimap (for example outside the Drum in Ankh-Morpork!), and the map should snap to your location and start following you around.
  28. Note that it will not recognise your location in the terrains, or inside of player houses, or any secret/far away locations not found on any of the graphical maps - these have not been mapped!
  31. Disconnect and Reconnect:
  32. =========================
  33. After installing or updating the plugin, you should always disconnect and reconnect to the Discworld MUD. This will let the plugin ask the Discworld MUD to send it the information it needs to keep everything running smoothly!
  36. Usage:
  37. ======
  38. Type "help minimap" into the mushclient window once the plugin is installed, for some essential usage instructions. Be sure to read these commands and features out, and experiment!
  40. Left click on a room on the minimap to select it, and then you can right click on the minimap to Bookmark, Show Information on, or Speedwalk to the room you have selected.
  42. Right click on any of the miniwindows for a large amount of options, usually specifically relevant to that window.
  44. You can "Lock" any miniwindow into place (so you cannot accidentally move or resize it), however any window that is NOT locked can be moved and resizes. To move, simply left click and drag the window around. To resize, move your mouse to any edge (EXCEPT the top edge) of a miniwindow, so the mouse cursor changes, and then drag it out to size. You can grab the two bottom corners, or the left, right, and bottom sides, individually.
  46. You can configure "Margins" that Discworld MUD output will not be sent to, to position your windows on out of the way, in any of the right click menus. You can have any or all of Left, Right, Top, and Bottom margins. These margin zones can be resized by unticking "Lock Screen Margins" in the Screen Margins submenus, and then dragging the white lines representing the margins to any size you wish. Be sure to re-lock the margins when done!
  49. Problems:
  50. =========
  51. If you get fatal errors on trying to install the plugin, then firstly ensure you are NOT using Mushclient 4.99 (anything from 4.84 to 5.03 and above, anything EXCEPT 4.99 which has fatal bugs within it). Secondly, ensure your /maps/ folder is located in the same place as the main plugin file, and make sure the folder contains the _quowmap_database.db file, and the 53 .PNG graphics.
  53. If the plugin runs without errors, but no map is visible, even if you right-click on the minimap window and select a map in the "Switch to map" options, then the plugin may be unable to find the map graphics, or you may have forgotten to disconnect and reconnect to the MUD after installing the plugin. Go back and check your /maps/ folder location, and ensure it contains all 53+ of the map images, and try to disconnect and reconnect with the plugin installed.
  55. If maps do display, but the plugin does not track your position as you move and you are definitely in a supported area (almost anywhere EXCEPT inside player houses or within terrains), then Discworld is not sending the GMCP data to Mushclient - simply Disconnect, and Reconnect, to the mud while the plugin is installed.
  58. Enjoy!
  59. ======
  60. I hope you enjoy, and I would welcome any feedback on the Discworld boards, or if you feel too shy to post publicly, you can MUD-Mail me!
  62. - Quow.
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