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  1. In majoring in economics at NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences, I look forward to taking a wide range of classes across different departments. Unlike other institutions that focus exclusively on one area of study as preparation for a specific profession, NYU has an interdisciplinary arts and sciences program that allows students to gain broadly-applicable skills and find success in numerous fields.
  2. Two courses in the economics department that catch my eye are Game Theory and Strategy (ECON-UA 309) and Strategic Decision Theory (ECON-UA 310). Since economics is fundamentally about strategy and the strategic allocation of resources, I believe these courses will give me useful insights into predicting economic trends and consumer behavior. Ultimately, these courses will introduce me to the complex theoretical knowledge I need to better interpret microeconomic data and polish my business decision-making skills.
  3. Another appealing factor about NYU is the Research+ program. During high school, I conducted research on social enterprises to determine their effectiveness at alleviating poverty as compared to traditional charities. With Research+, I look forward to taking advantage of the wide range of resources available in this intellectually-stimulating environment to expand this research to include more locations around the globe. I also hope to find faculty who can help me link up with socially-conscious corporations in and around New York.
  4. I am also drawn to the economic department’s well-established study abroad program in Prague. During my economics research project, I investigated many places all over the world, but never Europe. As a result, I am interested in learning more about the culture and economics of European countries given the current state of the European Union. The study abroad program would give me an opportunity to experience the intersection of European economics and culture first-hand.
  5. Lastly, at NYU, I hope to join a rap group on campus and sign up for a music class like Expressive Culture: Sounds (CORE-UA 730). Listening to music has not only become a way for me to expand my worldview, but a way to escape from my rigorous academic schedule. Over the past three years, my deep interest in hip-hop has led me to explore the process of making beats and melodies on my own. As hip-hop was born in the Bronx, I hope to connect with other musically talented people at NYU to create music inspired by one of the greatest cities in the world.
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