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Aug 14th, 2014
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  1. _ _ ___________
  2. __| || |______ ______\_ _____/__________ ____ __ __ __________ ____
  3. \ __ / _ \\____ \| __)/ __ \_ __ \/ ___\| | \/ ___/ _ \ / \
  4. | || ( <_> ) |_> > \\ ___/| | \/ /_/ > | /\___ ( <_> ) | \
  5. /_ ~~ _\____/| __/\___ / \___ >__| \___ /|____//____ >____/|___| /
  6. |_||_| |__| \/ \/ /_____/ \/ \/
  8. #OpFerguson
  10. Good people of Ferguson. Anonymous has seen your distress and has called on it's rowdy legions for support. For those of
  11. you unfamiliar with how Anonymous works, just be aware that drama, confusion, widely variant opinions, hilarity, trickery, arrests, brilliant success and equally epic fails are part of the package.
  13. FIRST, PLEASE NOTE: There appears to be a fake website set up to gather your information -called a "honeypot"- to identify the information (location and more) of those who browse there: <-- DO NOT GO HERE.
  15. SECONDLY, you may notice contradictory tweets and information about #Ferguson and #OpFerguson from various Anonymous twitter accounts.
  16. Part of why there is dissension about this particular #op is that CommanderX is considered a "namefag/facefag" -a known entity who enjoys or at least doesn't shun publicity- which is considered by most Anonymous to be bad form, for some probably fairly obvious reasons. The other big reason is that anything involving cops on one hand and new people unfamiliar with offensive tech on the other, spells "arrests" which we refer to as "v&" or "getting vanned" i.e. surveillance/arrests.
  18. #OpFerguson info:
  19. *** The actual Anonymous #OpFerguson appears to be using the twitter account @OpFerguson. The website is NOT .com!! The .com one is the honeypot.
  20. *** The IRC webchat link for #opFerguson is|?#OpFerguson - this is a well-established Anonymous IRC that is friendly and helpful to newcomers. The IRC admins are very happy to help with anything, just ask.
  23. 1. IF YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL ONLINE YOU WILL VERY LIKELY NOT BE ARRESTED FOR VISITING A WEBSITE OR AN IRC CHANNEL. JUST USE SOME F*ING COMMON SENSE. What you say there can be attributed to you unless you properly anonymize your connection.
  24. 2. ANYONE can be Anonymous, even government agents. There is no verification process.
  25. 3. Anyone can DDos (LOIC and lots of other tools, #stfw for info if desired - if you participate without knowing what you are doing, you can be indentified and arrested. Hacking is a lot more work than DDos'ing. Take your time, don't take shortcuts or you will probably get arrested and your have life highly disrupted. Again #stfw for info, knowledge is power. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR COMPETENCE.
  26. 4. SECURITY CULTURE SECURITY CULTURE SECURITY CULTURE. When you stand out in any way - like becoming an activist - it is very likely that someone actually is, or soon will be, out to get you. Save this very excellent instruction on how to conduct yourself as a h/activist. Re-read it regularly >>>
  27. *** The central principle of all security culture, the point that cannot be emphasized enough, is that people should NEVEr be privy to any sensitive information they do not need to know. SO DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL***
  29. In the eyes of the State <insert whichever>, we are all anonymous, faceless, voiceless. They fear us only when we are united.
  31. We are Anonymous
  32. We are Legion
  33. We do not forgive
  34. We do not forget
  35. Expect us.
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