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Screaming at You and Also the Void (STAFF fill for Fenes)

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Jul 7th, 2021
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  1. 吼向你,吼向虚空
  3. 队内对外永是爱,总是平衡无例外。
  4. 最佳搭档双鬼兄,长年累月互依赖。
  5. 逢山鬼泣与鬼刻,一偏辅助一主宰。
  6. 双鬼拍阵强如斯,却未扫平季后赛。
  8. 若是让他重新来,是否还会双鬼排?
  9. 或许各自奔东西,冠军不会被掩埋。
  10. 至少光荣能独享,第一鬼剑会明白。
  11. 现在胡思有何用?李轩叹息感无奈。
  13. 脑子逐渐开始痛、四肢越来越沉重。
  14. 多年配合得了奖,走到最后还无用。
  15. 不甘是道无底洞,一旦坠入被其溶。
  16. 虚无浮现吴羽策,吼向你而向虚空。
  19. Screaming at You and Also the Void
  21. Within the team and to the world there always was rapport,
  22. With both as equals, never stepping past or seeking more.
  23. Together, these two Ghostblade brothers formed an easy pair,
  24. And through the years they each would shoulder their apportioned share.
  25. By using Crying Devil and the contrasting Carved Ghost,
  26. Primarily controlling buffs so Yuce damaged most.
  27. The Ghostblade duo and their interwoven Rings were strong,
  28. But in the end, come playoff time, it seemed to all go wrong.
  30. If Li Xuan were to start again, a whole career redone,
  31. Would he still choose to line up with two Ghostblades, or just one?
  32. Perhaps if he and Wu Yuce went on their separate ways,
  33. A champion would not be buried deep in purple haze.
  34. At least for one of them, he might have undivided fame,
  35. And Ghostblade Number One his indisputable nickname.
  36. "But what good is it now to ponder all this useless mess?"
  37. Thought Li Xuan, who then breathed a heavy sigh, feeling helpless.
  39. So Li Xuan's head sank to his hands, accumulating pain,
  40. While all his limbs grew wearier as though burdened with chains.
  41. Their many years of synergy at long last brought a prize,
  42. But even now, he'd only "held" the trophy with his eyes.
  43. Dissatisfaction, an abyss of endless, deep despair,
  44. Consumes its victims with no way to flee its piercing glare.
  45. From darkness, Wu Yuce appeared, and Li Xuan, quite annoyed,
  46. Unleashed it all by screaming at you; screaming at the void.
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