Spear Hero #002 - 'Kuro-chan'

Nov 14th, 2014
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  1. *************************************************
  2. 【Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi】
  4. 『Chapter 2 / 411 - 'Kuro-chan'』
  5. === Loop 1 - Tutorial Arc ===
  6. *************************************************
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. TLNOTE:
  10. Motoyasu sometimes talk in 3rd person like Firo.
  11. He say some bizarre, random, and incomprehensible? Deal with it, he IS insane incarnation japanese Deadpool. You have my word.
  12. English is my 3rd language, and I know my english is TERRIBLE. I won't make any excuse and please accept my apologize.
  13. Your help is appreciated.
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. "Now, let's leave this place!" (Motoyasu)
  18. Dear father take my hand.
  19. I grab his hand and help him stand up.
  21. "Motoyasu-san, you...." (Itsuki)
  23. Speechless at my action, Itsuki start glare to me.
  24. Stop that, you can't do anything to this Motoyasu.
  25. For world's sake, for dear father's sake, for Firo-tan's sake, this Motoyasu will face everything.
  26. Even Itsuki and Ren became my enemy, or if I must defeat God, I will never stand back.
  28. "You shouldn't believe anything that witch say, Itsuki." (Motoyasu)
  30. Now Itsuki won't believe me anymore.
  31. There's still hope in Ren's case, he look at me and Itsuki suspiciously.
  32. I grip dear father's hand and leave the castle.
  34. "Thank you so much! Kitamura-kun!" (Naofumi)
  36. Dear father express his deepest gratitude when we reach plaza-town.
  37. I can saved him from Red Pig's conspiracy.
  39. "Kitamura-kun.... Frankly speaking, you have difficult and complex personality and I'm not too good with people like you. But you still believe in me." (Naofumi)
  40. "I am The Love Hunter from future. Dear father's word is absolute!" (Motoyasu)
  42. I see something unbelievable, he make embarassed expression while scratching his head, not to mention he said kind word to me.
  43. Firo-tan's father thank me, highest honor!
  45. "I have a request dear father, will you hear it?" (Motoyasu)
  47. At first, he just called me 'Motoyasu' without any honorific, the way he call me right now, I feel distance.
  48. Which means....
  50. "By your mercy, please call me 'Motoyasu' and drop honorific" (Motoyasu)
  51. "Eh...." (Naofumi)
  53. He made troubled expression.
  54. It'll be strange if he call me, his future son-in-law with a honorific.
  56. "Is there something wrong?" (Motoyasu)
  57. "That is, what should I say.... It's very rude for me if I act over-familiar to the only person who believed in me." (Naofumi)
  58. "I'll be happy if you want to get close to me." (Motoyasu)
  59. "Is, that so? Okay then, Motoyasu...kun" (Naofumi)
  60. "That 'kun' is unnecessary, you just call me 'Motoyasu'." (Motoyasu)
  61. "Ermhh.... Sorry, I'll call you that later as time goes on." (Naofumi)
  63. He held himself and show unnecessary manner.
  64. Hummm... I felt like some self-punishment or guilt, that over-familiar thing is make me happy you know~.
  65. Now I really forget about it, his appearance is pitiful.
  66. He only use his underwear.
  68. That Red Pig take everything from dear father!
  69. What should I do? Go back to castle and murder that Red Pig?
  70. Yep, let's do that.
  71. Dear father will show his brightest smile and praise me later after I do that.
  72. He always smile when Red Pig in grave situation.
  74. "Please wait here for a while." (Motoyasu)
  75. "Ah, wait Motoyasu-kun." (Naofumi)
  77. When I go back to castle, he stopped me.
  78. A troubled and worried expression on his face.
  80. "Do you need something?" (Motoyasu)
  81. "Why you go back to castle?" (Naofumi)
  82. "Ha Ha Ha, you say obvious thing, sir. I just passing by to take back all your stolen stuff while murder that Red Pig on the way. Nay, I promise it'll be quick. If Itsuki and Ren get in my way I'll beat them mercilessly and left them barely alive. RIGHTEOUSNESS IS TO US!" (Motoyasu)
  83. "Hi!? He, hey, Motoyasu-kun. I'm alright, it's okay now.... yep..." (Naofumi)
  85. He frightened at my words. After a while, he see castle behind us in distant eyes.
  86. This kindness, this is unthinkable.
  87. Before, he made delight expression when saw Red Pig's torture in Fobrey King's hand.
  88. Oh, now I understand. I know he is good person at heart, he just lost his kindness because this world keep betray him.
  89. Maybe that's the reason Firo-tan grow up as a wonderful angel.
  90. But this Motoyasu can't calm this bloodlust if I just leave this thing be.
  92. "You don't want it? If you wish, I can do it from here and annihilate entire throne room in an instant. Less Trash and Witch make the world better place." (Motoyasu)
  93. "Just leave them be.... I believe that Motoyasu-kun can do that thing. But still.... just leave them be. I'm okay...." (Naofumi)
  94. "What is this compassionate heart.... Motoyasu's tears can't stop, your mercy deeper than ocean!" (Motoyasu)
  95. "Wha, people watch us, please stop it. I'm really okay, so please stop it!" (Naofumi)
  97. I give my salute while tears flow from my eye. Passerby start crowd around us wondering what's wrong with me.
  98. Dear father really need to fix his shyness.
  100. "But.... Dear father. You walk just in underwear is unbefitting for you." (Motoyasu)
  101. "It can't be helped, she took all my money." (Naofumi)
  102. "Rest easy. Here, please use this money." (Motoyasu)
  103. "Eh? You sure!?" (Naofumi)
  105. I hand the pouch to him.
  106. He open the pouch and shocked at my action.
  107. There's less money there because I bought philorial-sama, but there's more than enough for his armor.
  109. "Don't hesitate, just use it. I am your friend you know." (Motoyasu)
  110. "But if you don't have any money, what would you do? I will troublesome for you." (Naofumi)
  111. "Ha Ha Ha, not a slightest trouble." (Motoyasu)
  112. "I mean... Seriously, what do mean with not a slightest trouble?" (Naofumi)
  113. "Ha Ha Ha" (Motoyasu)
  114. "Don't answer me with a smile. And... Thank you. I'll borrow half from you." (Naofumi)
  116. He take half coin from the pouch and return the rest.
  117. As one would expect from dear father. He is very modest.
  119. "Now let's buy your equipment!" (Motoyasu)
  120. "O.. okay." (Naofumi)
  122. I lead him in castle-town's road, he hasn't accustomed to this world yet.
  123. And we arrived at his long good acquaintance's place, Oldman's weapon shop.
  125. "Oi, Shield-boy." (Oldman)
  126. "Uuu...." (Naofumi)
  128. The storekeeper glare at us. He show troubled expression because he didn't know why he treated like this.
  129. I stood in front of dear father to stop that unjustified treatment.
  131. "I heard it, you rape your comrade. Let me give you one punch." (Oldman)
  132. "That's wrong!" (Motoyasu)
  133. "Hm? Who are you boy? That unique spear, are you that Spear Hero?" (Oldman)
  134. "You're right. But you mistaken about one thing. Dear father never rape his comrade!" (Motoyasu)
  135. "I didn't ask you. I ask that boy over there." (Oldman)
  136. "I... Didn't do it." (Naofumi)
  138. Dear father started irritated with this treatment and he stare back at Oldman.
  139. After glare at him for a while, Oldman give deep sight and lost his hostility.
  141. "I suppose that's true. Shield-boy isn't the one who will do something like that." (Oldman)
  142. "You believe in me!?" (Naofumi)
  143. "Honestly, I feel something off from her when you came with her. I can guess what kind of customer I have, call it merchant's intuition." (Oldman)
  144. "Oldman....." (Naofumi)
  145. "Moreover... What kind of criminal walk in daylight with underwear? They will run right away after finished with their crime." (Oldman)
  146. "You have a point." (Naofumi)
  147. "And? What do you want to do with that appearance?" (Oldman)
  148. "We have the money." (Motoyasu)
  150. I hand the pouch to him.
  152. "My wish is dear father choose armor you like with this money." (Motoyasu)
  153. "Motoyasu-kun, that is rest of your money...." (Naofumi)
  154. "Ha Ha Ha." (Motoyasu)
  155. "Don't answer me with a smile." (Naofumi)
  156. "This is complicated.... But I know both of you are good friend." (Storekeeper)
  158. The storekeeper seems understand our situation and change his attitude to us. He start find appropriate armor for dear father.
  160. "I have another chain mail for you. Do you want it? You got it rough, I'll give you service." (Oldman)
  161. "No.... Anything but that." (Naofumi)
  163. He make very stern expression. Refusing chain mail's offer, he choose armor instead.
  164. This is inevitable to feel resentment wearing something similar that has been lost before.
  166. "If that's what you want." (Oldman)
  167. "Motoyasu-kun, I'll return this money to you then." (Naofumi)
  169. His consciousness told him to not be greedy bastard and he return half money he receive to me.
  171. "I don't really mind if you take everything, just telling." (Motoyasu)
  172. "If I don't do it, it'll weight my mind." (Naofumi)
  173. "Then, what you boys want to do after this?" (Oldman)
  174. "I already strong and I don't have particular thing to do. My first priority is help dear father getting stronger." (Motoyasu)
  175. "Didn't you say before that heroes can't hunt together?" (Naofumi)
  176. "I keep forgetting that..... Still, unlocking weapon need material from hunting." (Motoyasu)
  177. "Then how about Motoyasu-kun gather unlocking material, I will practice your reinforcement method while grind alone?" (Naofumi)
  178. "I think that's our best course for now." (Motoyasu)
  179. "Yep, we'll be together for a while right." (Naofumi)
  180. "Of course! At your command dear father." (Motoyasu)
  182. I bow my head to show I swore my loyalty to him.
  183. Then he makes that troubled expression again and step back a little.
  185. "Motoyasu-kun, please stop it!" (Naofumi)
  186. "Boy, you have talent to attract unique people." (Oldman)
  187. "And kept increasing misunderstanding...." (Naofumi)
  189. Dear father muttering something and make a deep sigh.
  190. Suddenly I felt some change in incubator.
  192. "Mu..." (Motoyasu)
  194. I take out the incubator and put it on shop's counter.
  196. "Hmm? Spear-boy, is that some monster egg?" (Oldman)
  197. "Yes, philorial-sama egg sir." (Motoyasu)
  198. "The bird who pull wagon, right?" (Naofumi)
  199. "Yes, same divine bird species like Firo-tan." (Motoyasu)
  200. "Heee~... So this is Motoyasu-kun's favorite monster." (Naofumi)
  201. "YES!" (Motoyasu)
  203. Egg's movement getting more visible, there's a little crack in the one place. The crack getting bigger, and this child hatched.
  205. "Pii!" (Kuro)
  207. Philorial-sama greet me with energetic voice.
  208. ――――black... This kid is a male.
  210. "Pii!" (Kuro)
  212. This child already have Monster Crest engraved on its body.
  213. Monster that raised from egg have tendency to follow the master until the end.
  214. Needless to say, that's bond between philorial-sama and me. Together until death come.
  216. "Uwaaaa.... Cute. Motoyasu..kun? What's with that disappointment face?" (Naofumi)
  217. "I'm not disappointed at all." (Motoyasu)
  219. I didn't got Firo-tan.
  220. But it can't be helped.
  221. I use my finger to pat his throat gently.
  223. "Piiii...." (Kuro)
  224. "Your name is... You're black, so your name is 'Kuro-chan'" (Motoyasu)
  225. "You give name color-based? It's too simple..." (Naofumi)
  227. [TLNOTE: Yet, Firo's name cames from "philorial -> philo -> Firo"]
  229. I will find Firo-tan no matter what and I will buy all those monster merchant have. Right now, I got black philorial-sama. Not a big deal.
  230. The most important thing when giving name is chemistry.
  231. But if dear father want to give another name, it'll be okay.
  233. "If you didn't like that name.... Oh yea, is 'Black Thunder' good enough?" (Motoyasu)
  234. "That.................. Your name is Kuro-chan, okay." (Naofumi)
  235. "Pii!" (Kuro)
  237. With that, this child's name is decided, Kuro-chan.
  238. I'm sure he will grow into good angel.
  240. "Now we have new comrade." (Motoyasu)
  241. "Not a pet?" (Naofumi)
  242. "Philorial-sama is a very reliable comrade. No, they are family!" (Motoyasu)
  243. "Motoyasu-kun is incredible, in a many ways." (Naofumi)
  244. "Anyway, this Motoyasu will devote myself for dear father and raising philorial-sama to make better future."
  245. "Good luck both of you. Shield-boy and Spear-boy." (Oldman)
  246. "Yes, I'll do my best." (Naofumi)
  247. "Let's go then~!" (Motoyasu)
  248. "Phii!" (Kuro)
  250. Philorial-sama ride myself and we leave the castletown.
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