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  1. That would be a nice treat if they're working on it, but even still, wow, what a game!
  3. And in the short amount of time I've played it, I just can't find enough to praise, because I find it all so very fun and incredibly endearing. I'm reminded by Giants by some of it, because in Giants I'd jump around for the fun sound effects, and I find myself doing so just to occasionally hear the stranger's entertaining "Hoowah!" pop out.
  5. As for the horse and rider thing, yeah, I agree. I think there's a huge amount of 30/30 in that character (for those who remember 30/30) and that just makes me like him all the more. It's not often that you find a character that runs via quadrupedal locomotion, this is something that I've been making use of and having a lot of fun with.
  7. That and it's just the sort of original world one expects of Oddworld - every damn bit of it oozes character and charm. I really like the unique ammo types too, that sort of originality of weaponry harks back to Duke Nukem, but here the ammo types are cute critters I get to shoot from a crossbow, and hunt for! Hunting for ammo. Wow. I just have to ask myself what these guys were on when they came up with all this.
  9. I especially like that you can take everyone alive, too, which really works for me. If you're clever, you don't have to kill anyone, and... that makes for a happy Wulf. Why can't more games do that? Speaking for myself, I do enjoy the odd violent game, but at heart I'm something of a pacifist. If I can avoid killing in a game, then I will, and in Stranger's Wrath you're rewarded for putting in the effort of catching live bounty!
  11. Plus, those accents, the whole science-fantasy nature of the world and the Wild West theme. It's all so... unusual! Yep, I'm digging this game.
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