Fallout: Beyond Equestria 187: Black Rose (Part 5)

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  1. [2016-07-06 13:39:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Previously...
  2. [2016-07-06 13:39:15] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat bites her lip. "I... I really think we should talk to the pegasi. In person. There are things we need to explain."
  3. [2016-07-06 13:39:24] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Golden_Dream  grumbles. "Fine. But I'm bringin' the bomb with me, and I /ain't/ doin' the talkin' there. Far as I'm concerned, I'm not doing it 'cause I want them t' survive, I'm doin' it fer' Equestria."
  4. [2016-07-06 13:39:26] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  5. [2016-07-06 13:40:03] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The military pegasus introduces himself, "Major Fog Bank.  I am in charge of groundside operations at base camp.  I share command down here with Major Tripwire, who is in command of off-site field operations, particularly in regards to scouting and reconnaissance.
  6. [2016-07-06 13:40:12] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Unfortunately, Major Tripwire is unavailable."  He looks over to Doctor Sonica.  "Doctor Sonica is in charge of the Citizen Science Initiative.  If the information you have is in regards to the phenomenon that drew us here, then she is the one with whom you should share that intelligence."
  7. [2016-07-06 13:40:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Otherwise," he says sternly, "She should go back about her work."  Doctor Sonica huffs in protest.
  8. [2016-07-06 13:40:40] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Major Fog Bank asks (slightly hopefully), "Is the information you wished to share of a military nature?"
  9. [2016-07-06 13:40:49] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Golden_Dream  snerks. "Oh, sure. We made a time portal to back in the Discordian era using th' Griffon's Goblet, accidentally made th' Elements of Harmony, met Rasdon. It was a great time." Believe me. I dare you.
  10. [2016-07-06 13:40:57] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  11. [2016-07-06 13:41:24] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Major Fog Bank nods.  "I will report this to the Captain, along with your recommendation to pack up camp.  You can assist us by following Star Dust.  The quicker we can close the book on the disturbance, the more easily we can justify vacating the area so soon after our arrival."
  12. [2016-07-06 13:41:30] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright finds it disconcerting that the Enclave aren't more concerned by the invisible zebras that have already destroyed a communication drone and killed several of their troops.
  13. [2016-07-06 13:41:45] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost says, "sure, let's do it fast and clean so we can go on with our personal war with roam"
  14. [2016-07-06 13:41:54] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Golden_Dream  gives Get Lost a look. "It's everyone's personal war, Get."
  15. [2016-07-06 13:42:00] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Major Fog Bank seems to read Bookwright's expression.  "The proper response to something worrisome is not panic."  
  16. [2016-07-06 13:42:08] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Noble_Heart sighs quietly. "We agree. Faster is better. Miss Doo requires our aid, and she may not have much time left. We hope she has any time at all."
  17. [2016-07-06 13:42:18] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  18. [2016-07-06 13:42:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright looks over the recollecters with interest. "A curious method of recording testimony. Why wouldn't a holotape recording be good enough?"
  19. [2016-07-06 13:42:40] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Noble_Heart frowns, "Likely because they are harder to forge. Recordings can be edited, spliced, re-recorded. Recollectors are one-use only."
  20. [2016-07-06 13:42:49] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright nods. "That does make sense, put that way."
  21. [2016-07-06 13:43:02] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Shatara looks a little sceptical over the brain-tapping process.
  22. [2016-07-06 13:43:07] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright sees Shatara's skepticism in his eyes. "Don't worry about it. It's not invasive. Just put the crown on and talk."
  23. [2016-07-06 13:43:15] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Golden_Dream  lifts one, then slowly puts it on as if she were dealing with a bomb.
  24. [2016-07-06 13:43:36] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  25. [2016-07-06 13:44:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session One Hundred and Eighty-Seven: Black Rose (Part 5)
  26. [2016-07-06 13:44:13] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- Session Begins ---
  27. [2016-07-06 13:44:23] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Short hours later...
  28. [2016-07-06 13:44:50] * Shatara picks up one of the recollectors. "These aren't going to, like...steal our memories or something...will they?"
  29. [2016-07-06 13:45:34] * Bookwright "Nope. They can only record what's going on right now from your point of view."
  30. [2016-07-06 13:49:14] * Get_Lost follows the others, is a lot less chatty now than before. cybernetics and integrated mind reading could give problems, or at least, she's not sure about it
  31. [2016-07-06 13:54:12] * Golden_Dream  looks around. "Fuckin' fine, whatever. Where's th' button t' turn this thing on, let's get this creepy shit over with."
  32. [2016-07-06 13:57:27] * CopyCat nods to her friends before putting on the recollector and preparing to give her testimony while recorded.
  33. [2016-07-06 14:07:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The recollectors are slightly uncomfortable, but no more than wearing a helmet.  
  34. [2016-07-06 14:12:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The experience isn't unpleasant... mostly, it is boring.  For a few hours, they sit and explain to the best of their ability everything pertinent...
  35. [2016-07-06 14:12:54] <Mare-Do-Well> 3By the time they are finished, the pegasi are breaking down the metal tent around them.  The rest of the site is packed up and being taken aboard the New Cumulus.
  36. [2016-07-06 14:13:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3((Please note anything you emphasized in your testimony and anything you purposefully avoided mentioning.))
  37. [2016-07-06 14:16:01] * Get_Lost talked mostly about the bugs, didn't explain very much about the pirates or ditzy
  38. [2016-07-06 14:16:45] * Bookwright talks in a calm voice and recounts /everything,/ leaving nothing out. He is a historian after all, and he knows how important unbiased first person accounts are.
  39. [2016-07-06 14:18:27] * Golden_Dream  very much avoids talking about the exact location of the crystal kingdom if it came up, the location of the Shield of Rasdon, and the entrance to actual Tartarus. She does, however, gush about Rainbow Dash and Mwana.
  40. [2016-07-06 14:25:41] * CopyCat agrees with Golden_Dream that certain things are better left unsaid, and definitely leaves out the location of the Crystal Empire... it wasn't even pertinent to the Enclave's question, after all. She also doesn't give the location of Shield of Rasdon. But she does gush about how cute and cuddly the Great Spirit of Loyalty was.
  41. [2016-07-06 14:27:59] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Star Dust swoops down through an opening in the quickly-disappearing tent.  She lands in front of the group.  "um... The Captain would like to meet with you," she announces, sounding surprised to be saying the words.  "On the New Culumus."
  42. [2016-07-06 14:28:35] * Get_Lost nos "sure..."
  43. [2016-07-06 14:28:36] <Mare-Do-Well> 3(( New Cumulus ))
  44. [2016-07-06 14:28:41] * Shatara concentrates more on narritive than exact locations. Though he tends to get vauge on the parts about himself, and getting into more detail with the mares.
  45. [2016-07-06 14:31:07] * Shatara perks a bit. "The skipper wants to see us?..." He blinks a bit, eyes widening. "We get to go on the giant sky crusier of doom!?"
  46. [2016-07-06 14:33:23] * CopyCat quickly shares a look with Golden_Dream when Star Dust drops in with her message. The look includes a mental message: [Do you have the Crux with you?]
  47. [2016-07-06 14:35:18] * Bookwright "Do we get free peanuts?"
  48. [2016-07-06 14:36:18] * CopyCat quickly adds, supportingly, "Snacks are very important."
  49. [2016-07-06 14:36:45] * Golden_Dream  smirks and removes the recollector. [Eeeyup.]
  50. [2016-07-06 14:39:23] * Bookwright sets the recollector down. "They are the most important part of any trip."
  51. [2016-07-06 14:41:05] * CopyCat confirms with her friends, [Then we have a trump card if things go sour. We will be far from helpless, even on their vessel. Bookwright or Noble Heart can teleport away with Get_Lost to a safe distance, if we do end up needing to use the Crux.]
  52. [2016-07-06 14:42:22] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Star Dust looks unsure.
  53. [2016-07-06 14:42:52] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"I'm sure they will have... something..." she offers.  "Nopony wants to declare war on an empty stomach."
  54. [2016-07-06 14:44:13] * Bookwright gives Star Dust a look that shows he was speaking only in jest.
  55. [2016-07-06 14:45:59] * CopyCat nods along with Star Dust. "Well, quite," then she stops nodding all of a sudden. "D-declare war? Oh my..."
  56. [2016-07-06 14:46:43] * Golden_Dream  gives Star Dust a strange look. "Oh, yeah. No, you're right. Can't decide to fuckin' fight to the last pony without a rocket and sunchoke soup with some tempura-fried burdock on the side."
  57. [2016-07-06 14:50:27] * Golden_Dream  grumbles and takes off her breastplate. "Where's th' kitchen? I needs t' school ya'll on how t' proper cook you some stuff."
  58. [2016-07-06 14:54:53] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Star Dust seems to take Golden_Dream at her word.  "Th-that does sound good."
  59. [2016-07-06 14:57:41] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Star Dust flexes her wings.  "Follow me... um, you can't all fly, can you?  Do you still have your firewagon?"
  60. [2016-07-06 15:04:03] * Get_Lost frowns "is... is something wrong?"
  61. [2016-07-06 15:07:10] * CopyCat composes herself, then smiles at Star Dust. "We have our ways." She turns to Shatara. "Would you mind carrying Get_Lost please, dear?" She looks at Noble_Heart. "I assume you will be bringing Golden_Dream, sister."
  62. [2016-07-06 15:08:40] * CopyCat lastly walks up to Bookwright and Mitzi. "I will be happy to assist you both, if you wish."
  63. [2016-07-06 15:10:14] * Golden_Dream  points at Star Dust. "Yer' damn right it does." She hops up on Noble_Heart and grouches. She's not even entirely sure if she's angry or just wants to show up the Enclave kitchen. Probably both. Hatecooking needs to be more of a thing.
  64. [2016-07-06 15:14:51] * Get_Lost waits for shataa to carry her, smiles a bit
  65. [2016-07-06 15:15:25] * Shatara stoops down for the cyberpony with a sheepish smile.
  66. [2016-07-06 15:17:04] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Seeing that everyone has flying arrangements, Star Dust takes to the air.  Soon, she is guiding them into the open maw of the Raptor and into the black vault of it's forward hanger.  All about pegasi in uniforms move about, securing pallets of supplies or loading bomber wagons (and a single sky tank).  The atmosphere has a low, anxious buzz to it.
  67. [2016-07-06 15:20:09] * Golden_Dream  just waits for Shatara to begin nerding out.
  68. [2016-07-06 15:23:45] * Bookwright is excited to finally see the inside of an Equestrian warship.
  69. [2016-07-06 15:24:34] * Shatara oooohs at all the warshipy bits, blushing and waving to the occasional enclavesus he catches the eye of.
  70. [2016-07-06 15:24:35] * CopyCat does her best to not share in Shatara's nerding out. She manages to only cast a few provocative, longing glances at the sleek, overly polished sky tank. You can totally pick up chicks in a tank.
  71. [2016-07-06 15:26:07] * Golden_Dream  points. "Star Dust, point me at yer' kitchen."
  72. [2016-07-06 15:28:22] * Get_Lost smiles seeing the big warship too "cool, uh? imagine with some improvement, what it could do"
  73. [2016-07-06 15:28:35] * Bookwright "I think it's technically called a 'galley' if it's in a ship."
  74. [2016-07-06 15:29:17] * Shatara can't help but imagine strapping the Raptor to their Umbra (in turn strapped to their firewagon)
  75. [2016-07-06 15:34:43] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Some of the pegasi wave back to Shatara.  Star Dust leads the group through the hanger, up two flights of stairs, and through a hallway adorned with Enclave flags and pictures of former halcyon glories.  One of the pictures is of Cloudsdale, gleaming white in the sun and full of rainbows.
  76. [2016-07-06 15:34:59] * Bookwright can't imagine what Shatara is imagining right now but he imagines it's pretty awesome.
  77. [2016-07-06 15:44:10] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Star Dust leads to a room with a large planning table and a few austere chairs.  There are back-lit gridmaps on the wall, one of which has a magnifying glass panning over it.
  78. [2016-07-06 15:47:02] <Mare-Do-Well> 3In the room are two stallions and a mare.  The stallions are both Majors in the Enclave, and recognizable to the group: Major Fog Bank and Major Tripwire.  The mare is unfamiliar, but the rank on her uniform suggests she is the Captain.  Sitting in the corner of the room is the Enclave griffin.
  79. [2016-07-06 15:50:51] * Golden_Dream  grunts. "This ain
  80. [2016-07-06 15:50:54] <Golden_Dream> 't the kitchen."
  81. [2016-07-06 15:52:43] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Welcome aboard my ship.  My name Captain Fianchetto.  I am pleased to meet you."  The Captain motions with a wing.  "Do come in.  You already know Major Tripwire and Lieutenant Luft.  And you spoke with Major Fog Bank earlier."
  82. [2016-07-06 15:55:12] * Shatara kinda salutewaves to them. For some reason he can't help but wonder if the captain has a thing for gryphons...
  83. [2016-07-06 15:57:27] * CopyCat bows her head to the Captain and her officers. "Thank you for inviting us aboard."
  84. [2016-07-06 15:58:28] * Get_Lost nods her head and says nothing
  85. [2016-07-06 15:58:38] * Golden_Dream  raises an eyebrow and sits down. "I'm Golden Dream. We already met Doc Sonica." She smacks her lips. "Nice lady." The way she said it, one could imagine her ladling the concept of irony over it until the poor statement drowned.
  86. [2016-07-06 16:02:56] * CopyCat chuckles at Golden_Dream and adds, "Pleasant as hooves on a chalk board," before introducing herself. "I am CopyCat."
  87. [2016-07-06 16:06:14] * Bookwright nods a greeting. "I am Bookwright, unofficial historian and collector of exotic tales."
  88. [2016-07-06 16:12:28] <Pony_32684> Mitzi by no means allowed an enclave pegasus to put anything on her head, not that any of their recollectors would have fit. She doesn't take her eyes off Sonics until they board the ship, and even then she keeps her guard up.
  89. [2016-07-06 16:13:04] <Pony_32684> * Sonica
  90. [2016-07-06 16:13:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Captain Fianchetto nods to everyone in turn.  "To business.  I've heard the reports.  Obviously, I have not had the time yet to go over your testimony.  Acts of direct aggression against the enemy should wait until I have been able to absorb those stories.  More importantly, it will have to wait until we have re-established contact with home base."
  91. [2016-07-06 16:14:33] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"But rest assured, the E.L.R. does not respond to enemy action by laying on our backs and showing our bellies."  
  92. [2016-07-06 16:17:11] * Get_Lost tries visualizing the scene, has hard time not to laugh
  93. [2016-07-06 16:17:22] <Get_Lost> *trying not to
  94. [2016-07-06 16:19:49] * CopyCat finds her eyes wandering towards the Captain's (probably uniformed) tummy. "But belly rubs are so fun..." she mutters.
  95. [2016-07-06 16:20:33] * Golden_Dream  huffs. "Awesome. Then why are we here?" You filly beating filth consuming sneering imperialistic scumbag in a pressed uniform. She takes a moment to calm herself down.
  96. [2016-07-06 16:23:02] * Shatara tries very hard not to imagine giving the enclave captain a belly rub.
  97. [2016-07-06 16:24:05] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Two reasons," the Captain tells Golden_Dream.  "Our first priority has to be to re-establish contact with home base.  It would be foolish to drag the Enclave into a war without the agreement of the Generals.  The sooner we can do so, the sooner we can act."
  98. [2016-07-06 16:26:22] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"In the meantime, it behooves us to make preparations, so that when we are given the call to act, we can do so swiftly and decisively."  The Captain looks to the two Majors.  "At best speed, it will take a day to reach the communications net.  So that means we have two days before we are here again.  Two days to plan and prepare."
  99. [2016-07-06 16:27:13] <Shatara> "That's two days for them to plan and prepare, too..."
  100. [2016-07-06 16:27:59] * Bookwright "There's got to be some way to make it faster. Perhaps we can help."
  101. [2016-07-06 16:28:49] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Turning to the group, "As you have been operating in zebra territory, we would like to be able to draw upon your knowledge.  So we offer you either a ride or an escort, whichever you prefer."
  102. [2016-07-06 16:30:03] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Major Fog Bank says, "I am given to understand you have a... very large number of passengers that you are looking to unload.  We can adjust our trip to put you within a short dash of where you wish to do so."
  103. [2016-07-06 16:36:39] * Golden_Dream  blinks. "That might be for the best." She still has no idea where to put these little drakes.
  104. [2016-07-06 16:37:10] * Mitzi looks to the pegasus pony who looks to be in charge. "Where eez [something gutteral sounding in Hellhound] und Wind Weaver?" Given the inflection in her voice, the word she used in Hellhound was not a pleasant one, and the person it referred to was pretty obvious.
  105. [2016-07-06 16:57:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Captain unfurls a map across the table and lays out a few markers, indicating a wide area of space between the Aerie and the peaks of the Dragonlands.  "This zone is where we need to get to.  It should all be within a day's travel, and anywhere within it will put is in range of the communications net."  
  106. [2016-07-06 16:57:42] <Mare-Do-Well> 3She looks to the group.  "So, within that range, where do you need to go?  Give me a heading."
  107. [2016-07-06 17:02:15] * Bookwright "Well, we have roughly two hundred non-combatants that we would like to get off our ship, and they all happen to be baby dragons. Are there any, er, enclaves in the Dragonlands that we can deposit the hatchlings at?"
  108. [2016-07-06 17:08:51] * Mitzi glances at Hunter perched on her shoulder, wondering if that would be better for him. She was kind of attached, but technically speaking he wasn't really hers, or her kind.
  109. [2016-07-06 17:13:47] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Captain chuckles at the pun.  "If they are baby dragons, maybe you should find a dragon to give them too?"
  110. [2016-07-06 17:14:35] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Major Fog Bank notes, "I'm certain you do not wish to leave them with the Enclave.  Although Doctor Sonica would adore the opportunity."
  111. [2016-07-06 17:17:14] * Mitzi snarls loudly at the mention of that name
  112. [2016-07-06 17:17:41] <Mitzi> *growls
  113. [2016-07-06 17:24:01] * Golden_Dream  very quickly replies with, "Well, tough for her." She nods. "Thanks fer' bein' understanding. Lemme show you where it's at..." She pops on her pipbuck and shows them her travel time.
  114. [2016-07-06 17:29:28] * Bookwright tries to come up with a variation on "tough titty said the kitty" but completely fails, so all he can do is give Fog Bank a sour look.
  115. [2016-07-06 17:39:58] * CopyCat bows her head towards the Captain. "Thank you, Captain Fianchetto. That sounds like an offer very beneficial to our passengers. We can give you a heading after we talk it over. In the mean time, can we request the use of your kitchen? Our resident chef extraordinaire, Golden_Dream, wished to show off some of her culinary skills."
  116. [2016-07-06 17:41:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Absolutely," Captain Fianchetto answers CopyCat.  "Star Dust will show you the way."
  117. [2016-07-06 17:42:50] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Star Dust," the Captain says.  "Since you already have an amiable relationship with these Equestrians, I am appointing you as their guide and making them your responsibility for the duration of their stay.  You are released from other duties in the interum."
  118. [2016-07-06 17:43:07] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"y-Yes, ma'am!"
  119. [2016-07-06 17:43:30] * Golden_Dream  inhales gravely. Oh, yes. It's time to explode on these uniformed chumps. "I'm grateful." That you're never going to have something this fucking fantastic again.
  120. [2016-07-06 17:45:17] * Bookwright nods graciously. "And thank /you/ for the excellent food."
  121. [2016-07-06 17:57:05] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- End of Session ---
  122. [2016-07-06 18:02:38] * CopyCat gasps, a smile on her face after the Captain's latest order. She saunters up to Star Dust, 'accidentally' brushing the pegasus's flank with her tail, before saying softly, "Oh, so you will be looking after us, will you? Making sure we don't get up to anything naughty and making sure all our needs are met?" The alicorn mare chuckles sweetly, her eyes framed by her long mint green mane. "I'm looking forward
  123. [2016-07-06 18:02:39] * CopyCat to it."
  124. [2016-07-06 18:03:39] * Shatara pomfs and stares.
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