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Apr 24th, 2019
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  1. I'm gonna do this as clear and concese as possible, cause honestly, I hate fandom drama, and not only it hurts me, but my beloved ones.
  3. Apparently, people think I'm together with Sugar for my own benefit and not because I really love her, the main points of this, being that she usually draws my OC and that I manipulate her to do so, that im her "manager" and that I, apparently, use her commision money for myself. I'll be adressing these points one by one, because, honestly, people is jumping into conclussions.
  5. Also wanna state that Sugar is innocent, and no one should direct their hatred nor gossip to her, if there's someone guilty here, it's me.
  7. So, onto the first point, Sugar used to be manipulated by her "friends" for obvious reasons such as getting free art,and people thinks I'm doing this aswell, on a bigger scale.
  8. Ask Sugar if you want, most images she has drawn of Bizarre, are because she felt like it. Have I asked Sugar for some images? Yes, and I admit it, most of these being simple sketches, that I used to learn how to draw certain poses when she's teaching me how to draw, And I've always told her, that if she doesn't want to do something that I ask for, I would never pressure her or obligate her into doing so, neither I would get mad at her for not doing so, cause that's completely wrong.
  10. On second point, me being her "manager".
  11. Some people doesn't know this, but Sugar has social anxiety, and usually doesn't like talking to new people, that's why,sometimes she asks her clients to come to me, so I can talk with them instead for her, they get their artwork and updates on it as usual, just that I do it because she's uncomfortable doing so.
  13. And, as last point, and the most important, a lot of people thinks I'm taking money from Sugar's work to buy stuff for myself. Is this true? Yes, at some degree, and before anyone says anything, I'll explain.
  14. I admit I have asked Sugar for money to buy stuff, and she did give it to me. But, know that I do have a job, and my own money, and I share it with Sugar aswell,because I trust her,so does she to lend me money, since my sittuation is not the best, but if you think I'm manipulating her for money, you're free of doing so.
  16. So, please, before you keep spreading gossip, and talking in someone's back, without knowing our situation, read this.You're honestly a cunt if harass a couple that just wants to be happy together just because we have a shared account to put and use money to visit each other.
  18. I'll be glad to reply to any questions you may have, but please, ask me in PM, as I stated, I hate drama, and I refuse people keeps hurting my beloved one coming at her and doubting our bond.
  20. If you got till here, thanks for reading, and I hope I managed to explain myself and clear the wrong view some people have gotten of me and Sugar.
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