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  1. Do you possibly have anything you can add to my nebulizer fund. I have to get over this before I can come.
  3. how much is it?
  5. Its 63.47 but I mean I'm trying to hustle my ass off right now so anything would help. I legit have two dollars and my mom doesn't even have a bank card right now
  7. Did you say something to your mom about the fact I had a problem?
  9. no, i just asked her to do whatever to take care of paying for your thing
  11. She was going to send me money. I even worked my ass off to raise a whole 12 dollars go towards it and now shes talking about her calling them and paying them or her paying online. You can't call in somewhere like Safeway and pay over the phone. I dont even have prescription accounts with Safeway or fred meyer online to be able to do that, I'd have to go drop it off then go home and make an account for her to be able to do that. Why would she want to suddenly do it in a way more complicated for everyone and not have me contribute the little money I stayed up all night and day to make? Suddenly she wants to make sure shes paying then directly like I'm trying to get money for dishonest reasons and so she wants to make sure  cash doesn't go to me. Like it's so blatantly obvious, I'd be less embarrassed and offended had she just asked me for a receipt rather than pay for the portion I could cover just to make sure cash didnt go to me. Something obviously was said or she just apparently randomly decided to make it far more complicated and more work and money for her for the fun of it.
  13. Pretty sure she's paid for prescriptions for me over the phone.  Idk what the issue is.
  15. The issue is she asked me for a link to send money and then suddenly changes and wants to do something that's far more complicated for both of us and pay more than she has to, considering I raised some money to be able to get this, all so that actual money doesn't go to me like she thinks I'm going to go off and buy drugs or that I'm just lying to get money. And it's so fucking blatant, like I'm an idiot. Absolutely nothing about doing it that way made any fucking sense. I'm fucking mortified.
  16. Like it could not have been anymore obvious what was going on.
  18. It's not.  It's easier for her to take of things that way.  Does the same for everyone.
  19. Did you ask safe way if it was possible to have her pay over phone
  21. George she had fucking link that she types in numbers and presses accept but you're really going to fucking try and tell me its easier for me to have to go drop off the prescription, go home, then either give my pharmacy permission to speak with your mother regarding my account or having to then make and open a new account online  and giving her my information so she could pay for it online. You're really going to insult my intelligence and tell me that that's easier?
  23. She doesn't need permission to pay for your prescription
  25. You're unbelievable.
  26. It would have been less fucking insulting to ask for a fucking receipt than to treat me like that.
  28. She's got the money not me.
  29. It goes for fucking both of you.
  31. Ok
  32. What do you need $50
  34. I dont want fucking shit from any of you
  36. Ok.  Good to know.  Literally trying to help you because you say you can't come without it.
  37. I'm going now.
  39. I would literally rather dry drown at this point than be treated like that. The one time I completely embarrassed as fuck basically beg for any kind of help because I have no fucking option when I've already tried to over draft myself and couldn't, I'm treated like I'm some fucking degenerate just out to scam you all. I stayed up all night trying to sell my ass off to hopefully be able to afford this just so I can fuckong breathe. You all do nothing to provide for Bailey and I still have gone out of my way to include all of you in her life, and the one time I seriously need fucking help I'm treated like suddenly I can't be trusted and the only reason I would have even gotten the massively over obvious, in my face insulting  "help" is because I said I couldn't come there without it? Not that I take care of Bailey and I'm literally choking on the fluid in my lungs while shes rubbing my back asking me if im okay and shes worried everyday or that urgent care sends me to the ER because my o2 levels are so low my eyes are almost rolling into the back of my head. But you guys might not get to see her as soon as you want if I hold her hostage because I can't breathe and wouldn't be able to travel and that is the only reason I would have insultingly and blatantly been tossed that scrap of help.
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