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#OpVG Venomgrip EXPOSED

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  1. #OpVG Venomgrip EXPOSED
  2. Special thanks to @Sean_Values for writing the second part to this and @MLGTruix for providing some additional intel.
  3. VENOMGRIP HAS QUIT! http://gyazo.com/606c8202bbb2dd861cd27b32d6f41cbc
  4. With Venomgrip gone from the community, read this pastebin on all of the bullshit he has done to our community.
  5. VENOMGRIP HAS RETURNED UNDER THE ALIAS @Galaxycustoms : http://www.twitter.com/galaxycustoms
  6.         Galaxy Customs' second tweet is to the person who WAS affiliated with Venomgrip before - @PinkPwnther. And it asks her to DM him. : http://gyazo.com/d1a36071cdbceb596402ae904c9dc250
  7.         Galaxy Customs sponsors OhhNoOjos, the last person Venomgrip sponsored before he left the community.
  8.         Matt mysteriously found out I was 'subtweeting' , and the only possible way he could find that out, was in the tweets Galaxy Customs were tagged in. : http://gyazo.com/fb335c3f5c81c2f60a10e611de5110ed
  10. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. Let's start with his Dox.
  14. Name: Matthew Brockett
  15. Age: ~20 Years Old.
  16. Born in: Wantagh, NY
  17. Lives in: Shelton, CT
  18. Address: 40 Spicebush Ln, Shelton, CT 06484-2907
  19.         4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 3,495 sqft Single-Family Home
  20. Number:
  21.         Home: (203) 922-1293
  22.         Cell: (203) 615-2583
  23. Relatives: Luann Brockett (Mother), John Brockett (Father), Lyann Brockett
  24. Usernames:
  25.         Skype - venomgrips
  26.         Youtube - tbamatt
  27.         Twitter - @venomgrips (Main Twitter - @NoSKnightviper)
  28.         Facebook - brockettmatthew (Link Below)
  29.         eBay - mbro33060
  30. Fax: Xbl Venom grip
  31. Email address:
  32.         info@venomgrips.com
  33.         nosknightviper@yahoo.com (e-mail used for GoDaddy hosting account)
  34. Facebook:
  35.         Matthew Brockett - https://www.facebook.com/brockettmatthew
  36.         Luann Brockett (Mother) - https://www.facebook.com/luann.brockett
  37. Photos:
  38.         Skype - http://gyazo.com/599051db98f15e7aa304dcac262b2c6e
  39.         Youtube - http://gyazo.com/b7bf435f543fb1ad37930aec2277ffd3
  40.         Twitter - http://gyazo.com/f81bb7ca93c10de9cfba3d0395ff551a
  41.         Fax, Skype, and e-mail - http://gyazo.com/c702fa55dbfd47fff9626b17cfc46327
  42.         Matthew Brockett (1) - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150840553217398&set=pb.614217397.-2207520000.1361073347&type=3&theater
  43.                         (2) - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150967579612398&set=pb.614217397.-2207520000.1361073347&type=3&theater
  44. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  46. With the Dox out of the way, let's continue onto the main matter at-hand - Venomgrip being a fraud.
  47. Venomgrip is best known for being a fraud, scamming players, botting players' Twitter accounts, and having @MLGTruix swat/dox for him. What you are about to see below, are claims that Venomgrip never paid out, physical threats, claims that he sponsors players/teams, claims that he is partnered with organizations, got peoples' accounts banned, botted, threatened to swat/dox, and has @MLGTruix do his dirty work.
  49. Venomgrip bots me:
  50.         http://gyazo.com/6ddc74398c4dcd1a9854378e1b7d0f20
  51.         http://gyazo.com/979c4a1bb1ff8bcf93ef7eb9f6ff35a5
  53. Matt threatens to "beat me up" : http://gyazo.com/0a93bba95a6613fd59d02d50b5ceea78
  55. @KingStun_ claims Venomgrip botted his account with 10k followers after frauding his team : http://gyazo.com/51a0c5f6016c1289562a7d365a19c3b3
  57. @Im2Fat2Walk 's copy of Halo he was supposed to win, revoked, simply because he was "ungrateful" (Read from bottom to top) : http://gyazo.com/7107e4e98d5f0c3f9cdea445bd79c769
  59. @StrucK_KiLo claims Venomgrip never paid out the $500 Thrust won : http://gyazo.com/5323f458d13690b4dcbe136e8e659d9f
  60. http://gyazo.com/a91f3f77ba00f7a08cba1c3c35a6a907 (VG admits to not paying out)
  62. Venomgrip sent dildos to a team instead of headsets, simply because they doubted his legitimacy : http://gyazo.com/392e5ef1d1d2597332366e98c722e84d
  64. Venomgrip threatened to stab @SaVeGeD_ : http://gyazo.com/3bc131b43be2e3cb55abba885f0a0727
  66. Venomgrip exposed via e-mail by Rocket Grips owner : http://gyazo.com/62ddfcf7a0b7a1061bcd93455ab9e356
  68. Comparison of Squidgrip v. Venomgrip : http://t.co/bnn94eem
  70. Venomgrip has @MLGTruix do his dirty work for him : http://gyazo.com/297020f2e55bf6b755dc14fe75b9fc10
  72. Venomgrip makes bad quality controllers : https://twitter.com/VisionYoshi/status/300709583654117378
  74. Venomgrip buys his controllers from other controller makers, for example, this controller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/190716457866?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D190716457866%26_rdc%3D1 ,  was made by @Trioxin_Kustoms and Venomgrip bought the controller, and claimed it as his own work.
  76. Venomgrip claimed to have made this controller (scroll down for controller): http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Custom-XBox-360-Controller-Shell-Hot-Pink-Hades-Skulls-A100-/271073540026?item=271073540026&ViewItem=&nma=true&si=97rdgVJhxDbbsRfPQkO%252FWli2UEs%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 , for someone by the name of "Miss Instincts" but he did NOT make it, he bought it off eBay.
  78. Venomgrip buys his thumbsticks and grips from a wholesaler. This is feedback of his transactions: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=mbro33060&ftab=AllFeedback&seeallfeedback=See%20All%20Feedback&myworld=true
  80. Venomgrip threatens to ban some kind of account that belongs to @AUDiBLE_ : http://gyazo.com/1faaf621ebab6051aac9b1349a346dfe
  82. Venomgrip bots @ItsTySmith : http://gyazo.com/226189155d1eae87ec9d195ba19e3111
  84. Venomgrip bots @eQ_Devious : http://gyazo.com/60a58585e61b3102219ba5b6f8f184bf
  86. Venomgrip bots @Sean_Values : http://gyazo.com/a33b28a44e9dc61da6e18670ef933536
  88. Venomgrip claims to sponsor teams, buys + resells products, never pays out in tournaments, buys followers, sends malware, adware, and spyware bots : http://gyazo.com/82e549549cdf0b9f7e5577bf2a07f2ab
  90. Venomgrip botted 6 people in the last 24 hours on Dec 27 : http://gyazo.com/4e01d068023b7e554fc354d850104c2c
  92. Venomgrip threatens to bot @TEC_Matrix : http://gyazo.com/95574804ba77246d0ce40dff29a52ce8
  94. Venomgrip owes prize money to @sG_Sadowski : http://gyazo.com/4abb830a08ce87ebd8ee59ede43da90b
  96. Venomgrip botted @ItsTySmith, @CondemnedCustom, @Umbra_pX, and others : http://gyazo.com/dcdf9359cb556d924a8d3cd39add8c76
  98. Venomgrip threatened to beat up @Ransom_DeFy_ : http://gyazo.com/d73ead7a819568610008f3155dd6b1d6
  100. Venomgrip claims to be partnered with Team DeathwisH :
  101.         http://gyazo.com/d544d1cf66aba6b544efc7afb7440a0c
  102.         http://gyazo.com/906b0f9e266feb244a6809eaf6b32077
  104. Venomgrip claims to be partnered with Mello Yello, a drink company, and Crush-It Tournaments :
  105.         http://gyazo.com/0d69a3a38ab5290db12317b4eeeca007
  106.         http://www.melloyello.com/ (Does not even MENTION his company on their website)
  107.         http://gyazo.com/81614ecaa383e55f51a1e23b02a6efab (His company is not there)
  109. Venomgrip claims to sponsor @Paybackgames , @HS_Explicit , @QuanticPHiZZURP , @SunriseM2 , @Guard_NJ , @VWS_Crappyy :
  110.         http://gyazo.com/f81bb7ca93c10de9cfba3d0395ff551a
  111.         https://twitter.com/Paybackgames (Not mentioned in bio)
  112.         http://www.paybackgames.com/ (Not mentioned on website)
  113.         https://twitter.com/HS_Explicit (Not mentioned in bio)
  114.         https://twitter.com/QuanticPHiZZURP (This is quite obvious, but he is not mentioned in bio)
  115.                 Phizzurp denies sponsorship : http://gyazo.com/154c706de8d9b6d9f32ca8936afffe5a
  116.         https://twitter.com/SunriseM2 (Not mentioned in bio)
  117.         https://twitter.com/Guard_NJ (Not mentioned in bio)
  118.         https://twitter.com/VWS_Crappyy (Sponsors are in his bio, but, no Venomgrip.)
  120. Venomgrip claims to donate half of his VG earnings to the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) as of 8/25/12, which I highly doubt he does anymore, due to the fact he buys a LOT of thumbsticks and grips to make his controllers : http://www.venomgrips.com/page/history
  122. Venomgrip claims he donates money to disabled children, which basically ties in with what I said above : http://www.venomgrips.com/index.aspx?pageid=1677154
  123. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  125. Still don't think Venomgrip is a fraud? Read on.
  126. _________________________________________________
  128. (Written by @Sean_Values, continues on his frauding)
  130. Venom has consistently lied and used poor business tactics in the marketing of his product.
  132. Example 1 – While talking with Deezal and the other members of The Weekly Rant, he was asked about the “negative ions” in his grips and how he puts them in. This was his response.
  133. http://youtu.be/PAojl8Ox6Tg?t=14m2s
  134. Now for the problem with this, he supposedly “injects” the ions into his controller. There is no way to “inject” positive ions. They can be created and be found in the air, but you cannot simply bottle them up. Places such as waterfalls are where these ions are created, not in a factory where they are bottled up and send to Venom.
  136. Example 2 – When asked about his “Venom Spray” and the what it contains. This was his response
  137. http://youtu.be/PAojl8Ox6Tg?t=40m42s
  138. Now, when you do research on these chemicals he claims to put in there, this is what you find
  139. ww gum rosin - http://sovchem.net/pdf_files/WW%20Gum%20Rosin%20Crushed%20-%20MSDS.pdf
  140. Does this sound like something you would put in a spray? Not to mention that it has a melting point of 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is ironic, seeing as isopropyl alcohol is meant to remove rosins. Now why would you mix 2 chemicals when one is meant to cancel the other? Unless you don’t actually know what you’re talking about, there is no reason to.
  142. Other things he has claimed is to have an LLC in Georgia (Doesn’t exist), a factory also in Georgia (No records of that either), and has also threatened to stab and swat members of the community who tell him he is doing wrong.
  143. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  145. Here is even MORE proof behind Venomgrip, for those who still do not believe.
  146. _____________________________________________________________________________
  147. (Written by @MLGTruix)
  149. BackGround: I am here to end the legacy of VG nation. I was a former team leader sponsored by the company and can honestly say nothing good came from it. I am known as Marvel among the hacking community and Truix among the xbox community. I am here today to put to rest this menace that has tarnished my name and put a new meaning to fraud in our community with my background with computers. My main focus is social engineering which is broken up into warranty exploitation and human manipulation which helps me alot when dealing with idiots! Remember there is no patch for human stupidity.
  151. The former owner of venomgrips (Matt) has stated ownership of the company now belongs to ‏@PinkPwnther and @ThePinkSpoons. I challenged these to ladies the second I found out about this and no surprise here they dodged every question. (http://gyazo.com/6bdd27b7b3cbb5a5df083c2179b7da26). So here we have a company being handed over to two girls that don't even know the process in which the grips and thumbsticks are produced? I went to the source Matt and with the hacking skills I specialize in (Social engineering (Warranty exploitation and human manipulation)) I got the truth.
  153. Screen shot go in order 1-6 of the conversation I had with Matt.
  154. http://i.imgur.com/cmO7yIy.png
  155. http://i.imgur.com/OcTspnP.png
  156. http://i.imgur.com/IV0j2sy.png
  157. http://i.imgur.com/ruvREHl.png
  158. http://i.imgur.com/YeYM8hy.png
  159. http://i.imgur.com/C97hT9p.png
  161. So now that you have read those let me prove my point.
  163. Matt: "we have a local plastic/spandex company melt down the ones u see on "ebay""
  164. He lives in Connecticut while both of the girls aren't anywhere close to there. Option A: They can't make the grips. Option B: Matt still is running the show
  166. Matt: " bought thumbsticks from jd auction wear hourse"
  167. They thumbsticks were being resold without consent. You girls going to continue doing that? Maybe a law suit will put you in your place.
  169. Matt lied to everyone claiming he created these products from start to finish. He claimed he never bought any of these products but literally hand made them! This is false representation of an item being sold and is pretty much the definition of a fraud.
  171. Now to clear my name! Yea, I stated any player or owner assocaited with VG I would protect with any means necessary as I am doing now. I never had to go and do anything to anyone because matt didn't realize what he had at his exposal. I NEVER doxed or swatted for VENOMGRIPS! Let me enphasize VENOMGRIPS.
  173. Why would we want or allow someone like this into our community to spread nothing but drama? This should make him more than willing to leave.
  174. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  176. #OpVG Venomgrip EXPOSED
  177. Written by: @TheCoDAnon @Sean_Values and @MLGTruix
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