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1578. 3_20_2000 - FW_.Hasak, Reuven.Peled, Abe.txt

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  1. RFC Headers:
  3.    From: Hasak, Reuven
  4.      To: Peled, Abe
  5.    Date: 3/20/2000 1:43:54 PM
  6. Subject: FW:
  7. -----------------------------
  8. Abe Shalom
  9. Here is a report from Ray re Canal+ etc.
  10. The issue for you is the COJYP SA   which Ray  mentioned while meeting you a week ago or so.
  11. I talked to Ray, and I assume he'll try to get hold of you and give you more details.
  12. In case you find interest in the COJYP   story, we can be of help  but somebody else should take the lead;
  13. In case you have no interest, we should ignore it and stop persuing ;   it is up to you---please let us know.
  14. Toda
  15. Reuven
  17. -----Original Message-----
  18. From: Adams, Ray
  19. Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2000 10:43
  20. To: Hasak, Reuven
  21. Subject:
  24. Reuven
  26. The situation with Canal + and the technical provider seems a very
  27. strange story.
  29. I had a long meeting with the informant and he explained a lot of
  30. detail.
  32. Basically the story is that about a year ago the president of Canal +
  33. had e meeting and negotiation with Rupert Murdoch.   The bottom line
  34. is that the President of Canal + showed RM the door and said no deal.
  35.   Sine then CANAL+ have undergone some major changes.   They are also
  36. in partnership with Vivendi.   Some disputes are arising from the way
  37. the company is run and is viewed.   Canal+ see themselves as a
  38. broadcaster and Vivendi see the whole operation as a business.    This
  39. has lead to some tension and it is considered that the day of the long
  40. knives is not too far away.   It is considered that the head of Canal
  41. + will depart.
  43. Two of his failings are that he did not head off the current hack and
  44. now that they have it he seems powerless to do anything about it.   He
  45. is in bed with Roger Kinsburg (head of Rendezvous - Porno) and using
  46. his contacts to try to find a solution to the hack.   They at first
  47. used Hannibal who is now named in a major law suit by John Norris and
  48. myself.   Also their operation to have the pirate cards read lead then
  49. straight back to the Russian mob of which Hannibal is a part.   So
  50. they all have red faces.   This made them seek out and approach Alex
  51. and ask him for his assistance.   This after they spent a lot of money
  52. investigating him.    So they do not appear too professional in this
  53. area.    They have offered Alex FF10,000,000 to assist them with other
  54. promises.
  56. The other major promise centers upon the fact that SECA will shortly
  57. cease to exist it will become Canal + Technologies and will be part of
  58. a major float on the stock exchange in September.   They have promised
  59. Alex a large right to buy under the IPO and also will make available
  60. to him a major Share Option holding.   This shows how desperate they
  61. are to rid themselves of the hack.   Alex could do all this for them.
  62. He could make them hack-free.
  64. The other even more major matter is that Canal+ do not own their
  65. operating technology MEDIA HIGHWAY and NEDIA GUARD.   This was
  66. developed by a small company COJYP SA.    The lawyer for this company
  67. states that Canal + stole the technology and are using it without
  68. authority.   Cojyp is demanding 300,000,000 FF in compensation.  
  69. Canal + responded with an offer estimated at between 20 - 50 million.
  70.  A major court case could be looming.
  72. The situation is that the float of the new company is no in serious
  73. jeopardy and Canal + seem impotent to resolve either of the two major
  74. issues.   If they try to go to market whilst they still have a hack -
  75. which will be well over a year old by then and couple that with the
  76. fact that they do not own their broadcast technology then they will
  77. sink.   They will have to cancel.
  79. Alex is very central to all this and introduced me to the informant.  
  80. The informant is well placed to assist in negotiations as he knows all
  81. the players.   He of course has his own agenda
  83. Alex can deliver whatever we want here.   He could equally assist
  84. Canal + and solve their hack.
  86. People keep telling me that this is a Major (Golden) opportunity for
  87. News Corp.    I am told a convincing story and strategies and tactics
  88. are outlined which coupled with an inside source (courtesy of Alex)
  89. could be instrumental in a deal.
  91. I have a lot more detail and I have access to the source.   I outlined
  92. most of this to Gorm although he is not aware of my Friday evening
  93. meeting with the informant.
  95. I would like your permission to approach Abe direct and or your advice
  96. as to how I should proceed.   Business ventures are outside my remit
  97. although on this occasion most of the information and influence is
  98. with Alex and myself.
  100. I will be speaking with the informant again very late tonight so I
  101. will not bother you more.   I am presenting to an NDS group on Piracy
  102. Monday Morning near Heathrow so I could be free to see Abe after that.
  104. I must say that my instincts are that we have something here and
  105. should at least allow Abe the opportunity to brief News Corp.
  107. Ray
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