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  1. Hey Rick,
  3. In addition to that idea/issue. Contractors with the NZC Domain in their email would look more professional but more importantly put us in a position to expand how we communicate between each-other as a team/company. To illustrate, '', '' would be the simplest format to create the contractor emails. First three letters would be the abbreviated city/town names we use within NZC and the run number. Using contractor's names would be too messy from an administrator's perspective when it comes to handing over the email to a new contractor. This format can also expand into a more effective/efficient network of communication between branches and our customer support teams. Introducing supervisor emails like '','', would mean that any and all queries for items and instructions can be sent instantly with hopefully a timely response. With this system we could categorize these emails into groups making mass emailing easy and convenient. As technology develops further, it offers more useful tools and systems that we could invest into this company to improve how we communicate between each-other but ultimately improve customer service by having these emails to provide information more effectively. A chain effect of emails starting from a query to either supervisor or contractor, supervisors from two different branches, etc. This will hopefully happen with a result within a couple hours as opposed to our traditional system with either day-run or overnight paper queries, results may take a couple of days for our customers. We would also be reducing our consumption of paper and show the general public our efforts into conserving the environment in reference to our very large carbon footprint which i guess can be challenging to reduce in this industry. Of course with this idea there is a cost, initially supporting branches with access to the internet and emailing will be easier but with a branch like Gisborne there would be a need to invest in such a common utility. We cannot improve if we don't invest.
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