My Black Mage's Outfit Kain't Be Covered In Belts

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  1. [14:29:54] <@Amaryllis> Anyway! On board the Rook family airship? Ammy has probably spent some time trying to offer storytelling for the captain and his crew, but they're probably preoccupied with important things like cargo and the like, so she turns to Lenore instead with a sigh. "Remind me, what exactly is it you seek at Mt. Gulug?"
  2. [14:30:24] <Lenore> "Another glyph with information on a spell to call one of the Magus Sisters!"
  3. [14:31:57] <@Amaryllis> "An airship filled with technology of another world, a mountain home to a forgotten summoner race...they pick the strangest of places for this game of theirs."
  4. [14:32:21] <Lenore> She adjusts her scrunchie a little.  "I figure they only want to be called by those who are capable and put a lot of effort into it!"
  5. [14:33:13] <Lenore> "I gleaned from the first glyph that you need to offer an elixir as part of the calling, so they probably also don't want anyone who isn't really skilled in alchemy calling them!"
  6. [14:34:04] <@Amaryllis> "Of course, of course, in all great tales, the hero must pass a series of trials to obtain power."
  7. [14:34:09] <@Amaryllis> "Alchemy..."
  8. [14:34:22] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps the second and third glyphs will contain different requests."
  9. [14:34:30] <Lenore> "Mmhmm, quite possible!"
  10. [14:37:44] <Lenore> "What about you, what are you looking to reasearch over there, exactly?"
  11. [14:37:58] <@Amaryllis> "If there is anything at all you wish for me to help with in that endeavor, feel free to ask. I am quite well versed in Eidolons, even if, well I am not as knowledgable as Noah and I am not sure what I may help you with that you have not already found in his library..."
  12. [14:38:09] <@Amaryllis> Ammy sorta trails off, looking slightly discouraged at the realization.
  13. [14:38:35] <@Amaryllis> "Ah, as I had mentioned, a forgotten race of Summoners. The Tonberries."
  14. [14:43:59] <Lenore> "Mmmm, right.  The so-called 'mole people', right?  They were mentioned in the hint I got..."
  15. [14:46:28] <@Amaryllis> "Yes, exactly, that is what they are commonly known as." She sighs. "Sad to say, it seems the real origins of the place have been largely forgotten, save by scholars such as your father."
  16. [14:46:53] <@Amaryllis> "The only tales anyone ever tells of Tonberries now treat them as boogeymen to scare children."
  17. [14:47:32] <Theta> (I swear if these moles are the guys from GW2 I'll throw a skritt at Kain)
  18. [14:48:19] <Lenore> "Mmmm, it's sad to not be remembered, isn't it?"
  19. [14:48:50] <@Amaryllis> "'To be forgotten is worse than death.'" Ammy quotes.
  20. [14:49:48] * Lenore nods. "I'm glad we remember them, at least!"
  21. [14:51:26] <@Amaryllis> "Do we? There is still so little we know of their culture and traditions. And that is why I am going there to learn more."
  22. [14:57:02] <Lenore> "Mmm, that's a great idea!  I'd rather know more about them than 'they exist'!"
  23. [15:00:27] <@Amaryllis> "Wonderful. Then that shall be something for you to pursue between looking for the glyph. How do you plan to search for that, by the way? Simply scour every nook and cranny of the mountain?"
  24. [15:01:26] <Lenore> "Next climb the frosty peaks, but deep within the earth you seek. Another time, another place, within the home of a pygmy race, to find the runes is not for the weak. "
  25. [15:02:09] <Lenore> "That was the hint.  The part that bothers me is the 'Another time, another place' part."
  26. [15:02:47] <@Amaryllis> "Another time, another place...Curious."
  27. [15:05:03] <Lenore> "Maybe there's some kind of time...thing...there?  Or maybe a crystal flashback?  Or something?  I'm not sure."
  28. [15:05:47] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps there is a way to peer into the past once we arrive. It could be that the glyph you seek existed in a previous time but has been worn away by the passing of the ages."
  29. [15:07:07] <Lenore> "It's quite possible, since I don't think Mt. Gulug would be as well preserved as that airship was!"
  30. [15:08:27] <@Amaryllis> "I certainly hope it is..." Ammy sighs. "Scholars have been scouring the place, however, and who knows what even remains?"
  31. [15:12:22] <@Amaryllis> "By the way, Lenore, do you know anything of curses placed on books?"
  32. [15:13:16] <Lenore> "Hmmm?  Book curses?  Yeah, I know a bit about those, dad taught me about making them, but I don't really have any books that are so valuable that I need to curse them!"
  33. [15:14:06] <@Amaryllis> "Not even a personal diary?"
  34. [15:14:33] <Lenore> She puts a finger to her lips.  "I probably should make one, shouldn't I..."
  35. [15:15:48] <@Amaryllis> "A diary? It can be quite comforting to keep a journal." Ammy taps hers.
  36. [15:20:53] <Lenore> "Yeah, I guess...oh well.  Anyway, why do you ask about curses?"
  37. [15:22:42] <@Amaryllis> "I was hoping to place an obfuscation curse upon my own journal." She taps it again. "A physical lock can only do so much, after all."
  38. [15:23:11] <@Amaryllis> "As well as a curse upon my Tantarian's book - they prefer cursed tomes, you know."
  39. [15:24:29] <Lenore> "Hmmm, okay then!"  She tilts her head, her index finger upon one of her cheeks.  "Now, which spells would be good for that..."
  40. [15:25:10] <@Amaryllis> "Twilight, Sleep, Hex, Blind..." Ammy counts off suggestions on her fingers.
  41. [15:25:32] <Lenore> "I do know Hex pretty well, so that WOULD be good, yeah!"
  42. [15:25:44] <Lenore> (brb)
  43. [15:27:23] <@Amaryllis> "I know not of how the process works, but if it would be possible for you to shape a magical construct containing the curse and for me to cast the actual spell...Well, in any case I have heard that such cursing requires knowledge of authorship, so I expect we would collaborate in any case."
  44. [15:27:42] <@Amaryllis> "But I really just do not know enough of spellcraft to apply my magic in that way."
  45. [15:29:17] <Lenore> (back)
  46. [15:33:07] <Lenore> "'s not something that's easy to do without a good formal background in Magic, I'll say that much..."
  47. [15:34:54] <@Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy rubs her head and then scoots from where she's sitting to a position that's somewhat less exposed to the sunlight now that they're probably out of Treno's umbra. She's still nursing the tail end of her hangover.
  48. [15:34:55] <Lenore> "But...let's see...I'm not TOO experienced with this, although I'm sure I can do it, but just to be safe, I'd prefer to do the book that you value less first, just in case I screw up.  Although if I do, we might be able to get Nat to fix it or ask someone else..."
  49. [15:36:24] <@Amaryllis> "Value less? Ah, well, I don't like to think of these books that way." Ammy squints and scoots from the light some more. Then she pulls out a small block of wood from her bag and whisks out her switchblade, beginning to carve it. Something to do while looking down and away from the light.
  50. [15:37:07] <Lenore> "Mmmm, I can understand that~"
  51. [15:37:51] <Lenore> "Well whatever, whenever you're ready I'm willing to try it out~!"
  52. [15:38:12] <@Amaryllis> "My journal means a lot to me." Ammy methodically trims off a strip of wood from the block, then another. It's hard to tell what she's making, but whatever it is, she looks to be very focused on the task. "But the scrapbook is a home for the Tantarian. Both are valuable."
  53. [15:42:26] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps if we have some free time in Esto Gaza before or after the trip to the volcano then?"
  54. [15:42:33] <Lenore> "Good idea!"
  55. [15:49:08] * @Amaryllis continues to carve at the wooden block, trimming away strip after strip of it.
  56. [15:53:04] <Lenore> "So!  Whatcha' makin'?
  57. [15:53:06] <Lenore> "
  58. [15:54:46] <@Amaryllis> The question jolts Ammy out of her reverie, and she looks down at the carving. With her having just uniformly cut strips of wood off of the thing, it's essentially just a wooden sphere right now, quite a bit smaller than it started. A pile of shavings lies at her feet.
  59. [15:54:55] <@Amaryllis> "I am...not sure."
  60. [15:55:20] <Lenore> "Sounds like fun~."  She pulls a book out of her hat-scrunchie and starts reading~.
  61. [15:56:35] <@Amaryllis> "What are you reading?" Ammy asks without looking up. She resumes carving the sphere, trimming it smaller and smaller.
  62. [15:58:00] <Lenore> "A random novel I took from Dad's library~."
  63. [15:58:46] <@Amaryllis> "I did not think he would have an appreciation for fiction. Hm."
  64. [15:59:37] <Lenore> "He doesn't, really, which is why he usually doesn't mind me taking fiction novels!"
  65. [16:40:03] <Kain> Meanwhile, on the Rook's cargo ship, Lenore and Ammy have been sitting near the front of the ship in view of the captain. It's been a rather uneventful trip so far. The man piloting the ship hasn't had much to say, and all's been quiet except for your conversation.
  66. [16:40:18] <Kain> The guy doesn't really care for you getting wood shavings everywhere, but whatever.
  67. [16:40:29] <Kain> As the time drags on though, the air starts to get noticably colder.
  68. [16:41:09] * Lenore shivers a bit, rubbing her (bare) arms. "Maybe I shouldn't have worn something cooler..."
  69. [16:41:17] <Kain> Turns out the Lost Continent is actually not that far from Treno. It's like Gaia has an unrealistic world map.
  70. [16:41:34] * Amaryllis pulls her cloak around her and then stops and hands it over to Lenore instead.
  71. [16:42:33] <Amaryllis> The wood block by now has been reduced to a tiny tiny sphere, which Ammy sort of gave up on upon realizing she'd trimmed it down to that. So she notched a small smiley face on it, and that was that. She cleans up all the wood shavings too!
  72. [16:42:52] <Kain> When you two boarded the ship, all you saw was a shitton of crates marked with a castle. Impossible to say what was within, but that's not really your concern.
  73. [16:43:24] * Lenore wraps herself up a bit. "Thanks!"
  74. [16:40:28] <Amaryllis> "I expect it may be warmer in the volcano, but it may be prudent to buy a winter coat once we arrive regardless."
  75. [16:40:48] <Kain> The captain looks over his shoulder. "Picked a bad time to come to Esto Gaza if yer sightseein', it being the dead of winter and all. Be sure to dress warmly while yer here."
  76. [16:41:24] <Kain> "Even those scholarly pursuits of yours aren't going to fare well if you're out in the cold for too long."
  77. [16:42:41] <Amaryllis> "Thank you, but I think we shall be fine." Ammy's now wrapped herself up in her tan jacket.
  78. [16:43:18] <Lenore> "We'll be good, yeah~!"
  79. [16:44:20] <Kain> After a bit longer, the airship touches down, and the captain  begins getting prepared to unload. "Here's our stop. Esto Gaza. Trip could have been a bit more exciting, but I'll take boring over pirates anyday."
  80. [16:45:10] <Amaryllis> "I would suggest, if you wish to avoid pirates, to avoid flying a few certain places. I hear tale of sky pirates lately..." Ammy rattles off the locations of Ayane's most recent pursuits.
  81. [16:45:18] <Lenore> "Thanks for the ride~!"
  82. [16:46:23] <Amaryllis> "And yes, thank you for taking us here."
  83. [16:46:31] <Kain> "The central ocean? Yeah, I'll be sure to avoid that, thanks."
  84. [16:46:51] * Amaryllis bows slightly, then turns to face the town.
  85. [16:47:58] * Lenore hops out~
  86. [16:50:20] <Kain> As you exit the airship, you find yourself on a stone airstrip some distance from the town proper. ...Not even much of a town, really. It looks like a bunch of campsites surrounding a shrine-like building.
  87. [16:51:05] <Lenore> "Hmmm, interesting~"
  88. [16:51:40] <Kain> Tents and roaring campfires stretch out in several directions. Various people occupy their camping areas, planning out their next expeditions and such.
  89. [16:51:52] <Amaryllis> "This place used to be the land of the faithful. Now..." Ammy shrugs and steps forward. "Let us hurry, even with my cloak you will quickly be chilled."
  90. [16:53:16] * Lenore pulls out a black coat out of her scrunchie, before handing the cloak back to Ammy.
  91. [16:53:21] <Kain> The main building, the religious site of the former faith of the Shimmering Island, still stands, candles burning for inquisitive scholars instead of for the religious.
  92. [16:53:28] * Lenore then puts said coat on, of course~
  93. [16:53:39] <Kain> Prickles peeks out of Ammy's cloak, somehow having got transferred.
  94. [16:54:02] * Amaryllis wraps herself up in the cloak again too, also making sure her scarf is on tight and chocochick is kept warm.
  95. [16:55:35] <Amaryllis> "Are you alright, Mr. Prickles?"
  96. [16:56:10] <Kain> The cactuar is shivering a bit. "I-it's a bit nippy here, admittedly. I-I think I'll be okay though."
  97. [16:56:13] <Kain> He puts on a brave :<
  98. [16:56:57] <Kain> The mountains stretch on at the back of Esto Gaza, though looking unassuming from the outside you know that's Mt. Gulug.
  99. [16:57:04] <Lenore> "So!  Where to first, hm?"  She scans the area for anything interesting~
  100. [16:57:06] <Kain> In the other directions, snow and sea stretch for miles.
  101. [16:57:25] <Kain> Roll me some perception.
  102. [16:57:27] * Amaryllis pulls out her lantern and enhances the flame with her magic, hopefully making it warmer around her.
  103. [16:57:34] <Amaryllis> The fire nearly spills out of the glass container.
  104. [16:57:41] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  105. [16:57:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 12 [2d6=3,6]
  106. [16:57:42] <Kain> That does feel a good bit warmer.
  107. [16:59:09] <Lenore> 2d6+5
  108. [16:59:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=4,3]
  109. [16:59:54] <Kain> 2d6
  110. [16:59:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6: 7 [2d6=3,4]
  111. [17:01:01] <Kain> Ammy and Lenore both spot a particularly large camp nearer the main building, where an old man sits, stoking a fire. Quite a few people are gathered around him, asking questions. As you get closer, though...
  112. [17:02:35] <Kain> You note the old man's full, windswept beard, his ornate green robes, and a very uniquely shaped staff planted in the snow nearby. Ammy would recognize Ramuh fairly easily, and it clicks for Lenore a moment later too due to her research of him.
  113. [17:03:04] * Lenore perks up a bit! "Ohboyohboyohboy~!"
  114. [17:03:46] <Amaryllis> "How fortuitous for us, to be in the honored presence of one such as Ramuh!" Ammy shuffles faster toward the camp.
  115. [17:03:49] * Lenore shakes her head a bit, both hands clenched, her eyes narrowed in determination. "Gotta' talk to Ramuh!" She starts running to the end of the line~
  116. [17:05:31] <Kain> As you approach the crowd, Ramuh seems to be answering questions of various natures. Some are asking him about magic, others about events from history. Still others are inquiring on the nature of eidolons. He is very patient, answering each in turn.
  117. [17:05:56] <Kain> (By the way,  )
  118. [17:06:27] <Kain> After a moment, he looks up, though, and holds a hand up for the questions to stop.
  119. [17:06:29] * Kain is now known as Ramuh
  120. [17:07:30] <Ramuh> "It appears we have newcomers in search of knowledge. You have all had turns now. Step forward, children."
  121. [17:08:23] * Lenore pouts a little, but the big man gets to pick and cho- wait he meant her. Ohboy! Her pout turns into a biiiiig smile as she walks up to Ramuh. "Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Lenore Denagere! I had a question about Lightning magic!"
  122. [17:08:26] <Ramuh> He looks surprisingly human, even in his natural eidolon form. He has a kindly look about his face.
  123. [17:08:31] <Amaryllis> "Eidolon Ramuh, it is an honor."
  124. [17:09:20] <Ramuh> He nods, to both of you, then glances at Lenore's earrings. "And it is my honor to educate how I can. Ah, you're met my pupil. Of course, ask away."
  125. [17:11:54] * Amaryllis takes a glance around first, taking in what kinds of people are making up Ramuh's audience right now.
  126. [17:12:23] <Lenore> "Ah, yeah, I did, he was pretty nice!  I wanted to know about higher-level Lightning magic, you're an Eidolon, of Lightning, even, so you'd know if there was an Ancient level Lightning spell like Meltdown or Scathe, right?  All the research I've done has pointed to it not existing, so I've been researching a bit into making spells, but I figured it'd be best to ask you first, as you'd know
  127. [17:12:23] <Lenore> better than anyone else if there's one that everyone has forgotten about or something!"
  128. [17:13:13] <Ramuh> They're all looking at you. You see nobles, and urchins, scholars, and fools. Men, women, young and elderly alike. You even see a familiar face - a black mage dressed in a white mage's robes, sitting next to another black mage in a black dress.
  129. [17:14:09] <Lenore> "I did have another reliable source saying it didn't exist, but I figured you'd be even better..."
  130. [17:16:23] <Ramuh> Ramuh: "You are indeed correct, young lady. There is no Ancient Lightning spell. It has made more than one aspiring wizard indignant."
  131. [17:17:28] <Lenore> "Yes, quite indignant!  So, I guess a second question would be: what would be the best way to go about creating one?"
  132. [17:18:02] <Ramuh> Ramuh: "But you seek to create one? Mm... To bring an spell of ancient power into the world is to give the future generations more weapons to destroy each other with. Do you wish to pursue this, even knowing that?"
  133. [17:19:20] <Lenore> "Hmmm, that's a good point..."  Frown.  "I didn't think about it that way, I guess it's because I'm young and dumb~!  But, on the other hand..."
  134. [17:19:51] * Amaryllis looks like she has a follow-up question at what Ramuh just said, but she waits for Lenore to finish with her questions first.
  135. [17:20:57] <Lenore> "While there is great danger in making a spell in that, it also creates great possibilities for the future!  Our current society is creating wonderful things like electricity and steam-power, and having availability of a spell like that and intuiting based off of knowledge of it could lead to breakthroughs in technology!"
  136. [17:21:14] * Ramuh is silent for a moment.
  137. [17:21:17] * Ramuh then smiles.
  138. [17:21:58] <Ramuh> "Very good... yes, you might be the one, actually..."
  139. [17:22:30] <Lenore> "The one what?"  Oh man she made Ramuh smile.  8D
  140. [17:23:39] * Amaryllis looks between the two and then faces Ramuh. "I had a question then, about the metaphysics of spell creation. What does it mean for a spell to be created? Is it then suddenly available to all mages who wish to learn it? Does the act of creating a spell change something fundamental about magic for everyone? Or, if not, could not one simply invent a spell and keep the 'recipe' hidden?"
  141. [17:24:46] <Ramuh> "The one to stir the ancient lightning to wake." he says, simply. And then he turns to Ammy. "Indeed, it does change magic on a fundamental basis."
  142. [17:26:09] <Amaryllis> "How fascinating. That opens up so many possibilities." Ammy nods to herself, thinking, then looking around. Has everyone around left, or is the audience still mostly there?
  143. [17:26:26] <Ramuh> There are still people hanging around, listening. Ramuh isn't done speaking to Lenore yet.
  144. [17:27:53] <Ramuh> "You probably already know that the first step to creating a spell is to imagine what you wish for it to do, and then design your incantation appropriately. The next step is to prepare yourself to cast the spell in question. This will come naturally to a persistant student of the arcane, but if you let your ability to deteroriate, casting such a powerful spell could prove fatal. Third..."
  145. [17:28:07] <Ramuh> *ability to use magic
  146. [17:28:53] * Lenore nods as Ramuh talks, she's whipped out a notebook out of magic scrunchie and is taking notes.
  147. [17:29:10] * Amaryllis takes a step back then and thinks, listening.
  148. [17:33:12] <Ramuh> "Third, you must tap into the core power of magic itself. The manafont that runs through the very core of the world, bringing the gift of magic to those who would use it. There is no simple way of doing this. Some black mages learn to do this on their own as their powers develop. Some instead lack that talent, and make a pilgrimage to the core of the world. Whatever the case, you must call
  149. [17:33:13] <Ramuh> forth this power to yourself, and bend it to you will, writing the spell into being. This is dangerous, as you stand a chance of losing yourself within this power. But if you succeed, then the spell will form. The last step to bring it into being... is to cast it."
  150. [17:35:13] * Lenore nods after she's done jotting things down. "Got it. That third part hadn't been talked about in books much, so I'm really glad you clarified that, thanks! I'll be sure to be careful, so don't worry!"
  151. [17:35:20] <Ramuh> "There is another thing to remember about this."
  152. [17:35:27] <Lenore> "Hm?"
  153. [17:36:00] <Ramuh> "You may only ever bring a single spell into being. Others have tried a second before, and failed, destroying themselves in the process."
  154. [17:36:53] <Lenore> "...I see."
  155. [17:37:12] <Amaryllis> "Why is that so?"
  156. [17:39:55] <Ramuh> "The process is extremely demanding on the spellweaver - once they've created a spell, they have forever become attuned to that particular spell. To attempt it again would strain their being and fracture it."
  157. [17:40:37] <Amaryllis> "Their story becomes one with the story of that spell, and to betray that tale means death. I see." Ammy looks to Lenore to see if she has further questions in this vein.
  158. [17:40:37] <Lenore> "Attuned to it?  What's that entail, besides not being able to attune to another?"
  159. [17:41:13] <Ramuh> "On the simply beneficial side, it won't be as difficult for you to cast it as it will be for others."
  160. [17:42:16] <Lenore> "I see, because it's your spell, right?"
  161. [17:42:22] <Ramuh> He nods.
  162. [17:44:53] <Lenore> "Hm...well, Ammy, you got other questions?"
  163. [17:45:32] * Amaryllis nods, having been waiting for Lenore to finish. "This is merely a point of curiosity for me, as I am not really a scholar of spellcraft, but does the manafont exist universally, or is there one for each world that exists?"
  164. [17:45:48] <Amaryllis> "And if the latter, what does that mean for mages who travel between worlds and the spells they may cast?"
  165. [17:47:05] <Ramuh> "An interesting amount of knowledge you have... There is a manafont for each crystal. Its properties change between worlds, as well, so the rules are not always exactly the same. But a mage born in a particular world is linked to his homeworld's mana font."
  166. [17:47:31] <Amaryllis> "And if that world were to die?"
  167. [17:48:11] <Ramuh> "Unfortunately, my knowledge only extends so far."
  168. [17:48:26] <Ramuh> "I would assume they'd lose their power, but I have no way of knowing."
  169. [17:48:59] <Amaryllis> "I see. I have further questions, but I worry the answers may be a little personal."
  170. [17:49:11] <Lenore> "Hmmm, I wonder if Dad made any spells..."
  171. [17:49:13] <Ramuh> He pokes the fire a bit. "Very well. Come by anytime."
  172. [17:49:52] <Amaryllis> "They concern the nature of an Eidolon's existence and the Pact. Ah, well, alright."
  173. [17:50:02] * Lenore corrects herself quickly. "...a spell, pardon. Anyway, thanks a bunch, Ramuh~!☆" She gives him a wink~
  174. [17:50:58] <Ramuh> He smiles softly and waves goodbye, beginning to answer questions from others again.
  175. [17:51:34] * Amaryllis looks like she really wants to ask these questions, but she doesn't want to force Ramuh to get into his personal opinions about Eidolon matters in front of all these people.
  176. [17:52:24] <Ramuh> The black mage in white mage robes tries to wave you over.
  177. [17:52:45] * Lenore walks over, of course~
  178. [17:53:08] * Amaryllis shuffles behind Lenore after a moment of hesitance, following.
  179. [17:53:50] <Ramuh> ???: "Greetings! it's been a long time, hasn't it, Lele?"
  180. [17:54:04] <Ramuh> ???: "And... Amaryllis?"
  181. [17:54:12] <Ramuh> ???: "You two do remember me, right...?"
  182. [17:54:46] * Lenore thiiiiinks.
  183. [17:56:12] <Ramuh> The pint-sized mage next to him crosses her arms, glancing at her companion.
  184. [17:57:07] <Ramuh> Tick tock
  185. [17:57:09] <Ramuh> tick tock
  186. [17:57:13] <Lenore> After scrunching up her face a bit her eyes perk up back open!  "Oh right, Lolo!  I nearly forgot, sorry!"
  187. [17:57:21] <Lenore> "From the Wind Shrine~"
  188. [17:57:27] <Ramuh> Lolo perks up. "You DO remember me!"
  189. [17:57:30] * Ramuh is now known as Lolo
  190. [17:57:55] <Lolo> "How has the hunt for the crystal shards been going?"
  191. [17:58:10] <Lolo> "Oh, and forgive my rudeness - this is my sister, Lulu."
  192. [17:58:16] <Lolo> Lulu: "About time, Lolo."
  193. [17:58:33] <Lenore> "Nice to meet you, I'm Lenore, but you probably heard that while I was talking with Ramuh!"
  194. [17:58:53] <Lolo> She nods. "Nice to meet you."
  195. [17:59:17] <Lolo> By the way, you're out of earshot of the crowd now.
  196. [17:59:21] <Amaryllis> "We met in Lesetira, yes." Ammy nods to Lolo. "Amaryllis Middleton. Well met." She turns to Lulu. (sorry went to the kitchen for a bit)
  197. [18:00:21] * Amaryllis holds her cloak out so as to hide what she's doing from the crowd but reaches in her bag for the collected chunk of crystal they have and shows it to the pair.
  198. [18:00:51] <Lenore> "How have things been going for ya~?"
  199. [18:01:37] <Lolo> Lolo examines the crystal chunk.
  200. [18:01:53] <Lolo> "Wow... this has grown nearly ten times its original size."
  201. [18:03:04] <Lolo> "Things have been going fairly I suppose..."
  202. [18:04:15] <Lolo> "In absence of being able to recall Father's memories we've been retracing his steps."
  203. [18:04:53] <Amaryllis> "So you have come here for Mt. Gulug as well."
  204. [18:05:12] <Lolo> Lulu: "That's right. He and his friends pursued a kidnapped summoner to here."
  205. [18:05:49] <Lenore> "Mmmm, yeah, I heard about that a bit~!  We're here for the ruins inside of Mt. Gulug, ourselves."
  206. [18:06:27] <Lolo> Lulu looks over towards the mountain. "Remnants of Terra, an extraction circle capable of withdrawing a pact in the form of a jewel from the unwitting, unwilling summoner..."
  207. [18:06:30] <Amaryllis> "I hope you find what you are seeking then." She nods along to Lenore. "We have our own research to do here within the volcano."
  208. [18:07:19] <Lolo> "Going already, then?"
  209. [18:07:59] <Lolo> "Don't let us keep you, then. I'm sure your business is very important. We might not even be able to stay together should we join together anyhow."
  210. [18:08:14] * Lenore nods. "Best of luck!"
  211. [18:08:15] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps..." Ammy looks over again. Does Ramuh seem like he'd be free to have a more private conversation anytime soon, or does it seem the best bet is to find him after the volcano and such?
  212. [18:08:27] <Amaryllis> "What do you mean?" Ammy asks distractedly.
  213. [18:08:30] <Lolo> If you waited for the crowd to disperse, maybe.
  214. [18:09:03] <Lolo> "Oh, I was just thinking of safety in numbers, but we'd probably have to go our separate ways inside anyhow."
  215. [18:09:49] <Amaryllis> "Is it dangerous within? I heard many scholars come here to study the ruins. Surely the safety of the place must be assured."
  216. [18:11:13] <Lolo> Lulu: "Let's put it this way."
  217. [18:11:29] <Lolo> Lulu: "A lot of bookworms learn to cast spells for a reason."
  218. [18:11:52] <Lenore> "I'll be sure to keep that in mind, thanks!"
  219. [18:11:59] * Lolo nods. "The most captivating places to explore are also usually the most dangerous. No one has taken the liberty of clearing the place out yet."
  220. [18:12:16] <Amaryllis> "Excellent. Then it must be well-preserved."
  221. [18:13:04] <Lolo> "About as much as it was ten years ago, as I'm lead to believe. Father's notes painted the place as coming apart at the seams even then, however."
  222. [18:13:32] <Lolo> "Good luck to you if you're researching the past yourself."
  223. [18:14:03] * Amaryllis nods. "I am here for the ancient civilization that used to dwell here. I imagine something of them must persist, however long it has been and however weathered the place is."
  224. [18:14:58] <Amaryllis> If Ramuh still seems to be busy, then Ammy's gonna start heading off toward the direction of Mt. Gulug. She'll save her questions for later.
  225. [18:14:59] <Lenore> "I'm here because I'm looking into a rune that might or might not be here.  Or used to be here but can still be accessed.  it's a little weird!"
  226. [18:15:04] <Lolo> The black mages nod.
  227. [18:15:18] <Amaryllis> "May you have the best of luck with your own endeavors, Lolo, Lulu."
  228. [18:15:29] <Lolo> Lulu: "We could keep an eye out for it ourselves, I suppose... Same to you!"
  229. [18:15:37] <Lolo> "Indeed. Farewell!"
  230. [18:17:23] <Lolo> The black mages waddle off towards the shrine-like building nearby that leads to the mountain.
  231. [18:18:19] <Lolo> Let's see... what else is on the agenda for you guys
  232. [18:18:51] * Lenore waaaaves as they leave~
  233. [18:19:49] <Amaryllis> Does the crowd look like it's still gonna persist around Ramuh?
  234. [18:20:28] <Lolo> It begins to break up in due time, as a bit of a wind picks up.
  235. [18:21:20] <Lolo> Though if you're interested in more questions and answers... well, as much as I want to continue, fatigue is starting to kick in - I think it'd be a bad idea for me to continue. Would you be up for finishing later?
  236. [18:21:27] * Amaryllis reapproaches Ramuh as the crowd begins to dwindle, settling down in front of the fire and setting her lantern to the side.
  237. [18:21:38] <Lenore> (Sure, I'm cool with that.)
  238. [18:21:41] <Amaryllis> Awww. :< Alrighty then.
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