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  1. 【 DUMB DUMB 】
  3. USERNAME : kardtrbl
  4. PASSWORD : diagon alley
  6. FULL NAME : Song Areum
  7. NICKNAME(S) :
  8. Ace, by the girls since she is very persuasive and manipulative when she wants to, as well as one of their best fighters.
  9. Are, shortened version of her name, called that by the girls.
  10. Quicksilver, by the girls, called that because she is a very fast runner and likes things fast.
  11. Ummie, mix of areum and unnie, called this by those younger than her
  13. BIRTHDAY : August 6, 1995
  15. NATIONALITY : Korean
  16. ETHNICITY : Asian-American
  18. BIRTHPLACE : Daegu, South Korea
  19. HOMETOWN : Daegu, Seoul
  20. LANGUAGE(S) : Korean, English - fluent
  21. Chinese-Mandarin, Japanese - semi fuent
  23. BLOOD TYPE : O
  24. HEIGHT : 165 cm
  25. WEIGHT : 49 kg
  27. FACE CLAIM : Solbin, Laboum
  28. BACKUP FACE CLAIM : Yezi, Fiestar
  33. SLOT : Hurricane
  34. BACKUP SLOT : Gasoline
  37. BACKGROUND : Areum was born to two caring parents and a protective older brother. As a child, Areum had always been quite manipulative, as well as sarcastic and short tempered. She was always very easily set off, however there were times when she was able to control how short tempered she was. In school, she was often getting in trouble, mostly because she couldn't keep still, skipped class or simply fell asleep or disrespected the teachers. Her older brother, Gunhee, was always protecting her and trying to keep her in check, even if it was definitely a bit hard. During the war, Areum was always aware of what was going on in the outside. Her parents tried to keep her away from it so she could worry about getting candy and friends, instead of killings and when it would strike their home. Gunhee was always aware of what was happening on the outside and discussed it with Areum as she grew up, since he knew and was aware that she was quite smart and didn't like having things kept from her. When Areum turned fourteen, her father had to go to military service and her mother cried everyday for him. Areum and Gunhee wanted their father again, however they made an effort to stay string for their mother. Areum was put in Karate and Taekwondo, since she wanted to be strong and be able to defend herself. Two years later, they received news that their father was dead and Areum's mother went into depression. Areum was angry, enraged even. She was pissed at the fact that her father had been killed whilst fighting to protect them.
  39. A year later, when Areum was seventeen, guards or police, whoever they were, came into her home and Areum didn't know what to do, for once she wanted to think carefully how she would protect her brother and mother. The thinking really messed it up. Areum's mother was taken and because she struggled so much, they killed her. By a miracle, Areum and Gunhee managed to escape. They were pissed beyond belief and Areum knew she deserved better than everything that was thrown at her.
  40. Gunhee and Areum survived for years on the streets. They learned useful skills such as pick-pocketing, picking locks, stealing, parkour, using multiple types of weapons and basic medical knowledge so they could patch up their wounds. They stole whatever they could and did whatever they needed in order to survive. They encountered a group of rebels and Areum and Gunhee didn't trust them, however they admitted it was their best chance at survival. The camp was fairly small and not many people were there, however they had a lot of food water and medics, which was something Areum and Gunhee hadn't had since forever. After about six months of living there, some government people went to that rebel camp and killed everyone off. Areum wasn't there at the moment and came back to see the massacre. She was horrified. She took everything she might need in the future and ran off. She met a small group of girls after being on the run for a few years and after having a hard time trusting them, she grew to love them and protect them with her life.
  44. FAMILY :
  45. (I'll rate closeness from 1-5 if that's okay)
  46. Older brother | Song Gunhee | 24 | 5 | dead
  47. Mother | Song Nari | 58 | 3 | dead
  48. Father | Song Hyungsoo | 59 | 3 | dead
  51. PERSONALITY : Areum is sarcastic, easily set off and quick. She likes things fast and hates whenever someone wants to take it slow. She adores fighting, seeing as it calms her nerves and gets out the anger in her. She hates it whenever someone thinks they can underestimate her just for being a girl. She is also quite aggressive and rants a lot, especially since she knows that her and her friends deserve much better than everything that is thrown at them. She is very stubborn and once she sets her mind to something, it is nearly impossible to change it. She talks very fast when she wants to and curses a lot and in all the languages she knows curses to, causing people around her to be confused occasionally. She doesn't like screaming or loud noises, she finds them annoying. She is a very good liar as well and can be quite manipulative when she wants. She hates people who cry easily and more often than not will make them cry even more, even if it's not her intention, the only people this is an exception to is her team. She prefers actions rather than words, seeing as thinking before doing has caused the deaths of people she cared about. However if she knows that her actions will cause way too much trouble, she'll try to keep calm. She is truly terrifying when you don't know her, however when she warms up to you she'll protect you with her life.
  55. Guns
  56. Running
  57. Junk food
  58. Music
  59. Martial arts
  61. DISLIKES :
  62. Crybabies
  63. Dumbasses
  64. Going slow
  65. Slow things in general
  66. Cucumbers
  69. TRIVIA :
  70. She can be calm when she wants
  71. She used to do Karate and Taekwondo
  72. She always has weapons on her, she claims one can never be too cautious
  73. She has the best aim in the team
  74. Her preferred weapons are knives and guns
  75. She is very strong at hand to hand combat
  76. She is a very fast runner
  77. She usually had two guns strapped to her thighs and a backpack with a bit of food, some medical supplied and knives and ammo
  78. Her singing voice is actually pretty soothing, as her friends say
  79. She is very loyal and would never even think of betraying her friends
  80. She has nightmares of seeing her mother dying and the camp she was originally with, however she doesn't scream, bolt up or cry, it's almost as if they were normal dreams
  81. She loves junk food and sweets
  82. She can pickpocket easily and also pick locks
  83. She can joke around with the others to lighten the mood
  84. She always has gum in her pockets, nobody really knows why or where they come from
  85. Her right wrist is partially dislocated, it happened because she was attacked. It isn't too serious, just ocasionally she won't be able to use her wrist properly and it goes numb. She doesn't like talking about it or how she got it
  86. She usually stands guard at night, she doesn't sleep much so it isn't a bother
  87. she can speak korean, japanese, chinese, english and russian
  88. She can play piano, violin and guitar
  93. LOVE INTEREST : Jongdae 'Chen', EXO
  96. HIS PERSONALITY : with strangers, he's very cautious. Jongdae is very analytical and witty, he can evaluate situations quickly and always makes the best choices. He can be quite aggressive and tends to try and confuse others with words, twisting them so others get confused. He is also very quick on his feet, but he isn't the best fighter. However if he needed to defend himself or those he cares about, he wouldn't waste time to do it. He also knows a lot about medicine, so he is indispensable when it comes to making plans or healing others. With friends and people he is close with, Jongdae is very caring and funny. He'll make an effort to lighten the mood with a joke and will make sure everyone around him is comfortable.
  100. Hers: she at first thought he might've been weak. He was standing near people with a lot of weapons, however he only had one knife and a gun strapped to his waist, so she didn't think he'd be that big of a threat. She could also tell he wasn't exactly a fighter. His stance seemed like he was planning to run away, not fight. He also looked more like a medic than a fighter. She didn't think she would have to focus on him. When he opened his mouth however, she was immediately annoyed. His way of talking was slow and it annoyed her, causing her to call out a sarcastic remark. Whenever he tried to confuse her, she didn't get confused by it. She thought she couldn't trust him or his group and should just move on to the fighting already.
  103. His: he thought she was jumpy and a fighter. She had two guns strapped to her thighs, a knife on her hand and a backpack probably full of weapons as well. He could tell she had probably been a fighter in the past, because of how she held herself up. He also thought she might've been a bit jumpy, considering she shifted in a way that seemed like she was going to pounce at any moment. He started talking slowly to try and buy he and his friends some time to form a plan and he could see how annoyed she grew. He could tell she was short-tempered and probably reckless too. He tried to confuse her, but wasn't able to. He thought she was quite interesting and maybe would try to get to know her if they weren't surrounded by war and she might pose a threat.
  106. HOW YOU ACT AROUND HIM : At the beginning, she didn't trust him at all. She couldn't begin to understand why Castle and the leader of his group would form a team of sorts in order to survive. She thought his group would just be an annoyance that would get her and her group killed. As she stayed with Jongdae longer however, she noticed how sweet he was to the others and how good his medic skills were. She grew to accept him a bit, but not quite because of the war that surrounded them. In the middle, they warmed up to each other much more, mostly because Jongdae was always scolding her for being so reckless and patching up her wounds, even if she claimed she couldn't feel them. They slowly became partners in crime of sorts, she fought and Jongdae had her back, helping her and forming plans. She grew to really care about him and worried because she knew he wasn't the best fighter. She slowly grew to notice just how important he was to her and ended up seeing as a bit more than just a friend.
  109. HOW HE ACTS AROUND YOU : at the beginning, he didn't trust her. He thought she and her group were pretending to collaborate just so they could steal everything he and his group owned. He found her recklessness to be what would get the group killed and he thought she was capable of killing them single handedly. As time passed by, he grew to notice she was actually quite a good person. She took care of the other members and her rants were always on how she and the others deserved better than what was thrown at them. He noticed she was very loyal to her group and she liked joking with her group. He accepted her and her recklessness, but not so much that he would completely trust her. In the middle, she took a bullet for Jongdae (quite literally) and he felt responsible that she got hurt. From then on, whenever she had an injury he felt the need to patch it up for her and make sure she was healthy. Slowly Jongdae grew to care deeply for her and her safety. She did the fighting and Jongdae had her back, providing backup. She was very important to him and he ended up caring for her as more than just a friend.
  113. He is always worrying and scolding her for ignoring little wounds that could become serious
  114. He always carries backup ammo and knives, as well as medical supplies in case she needs them
  115. They always form plans together
  116. They always worry about each other's safety
  117. Whenever they do runs for the others, it's always together
  118. They usually hold hands or cuddle when they have time
  121. 〖 AUTOMATIC 〗
  124. She strongly opposes when Castle says that her and the other team will be together for a while
  125. The group is in a huge fight and Areum takes a bullet for Jongdae
  126. Areum does something really reckless and Jongdae gets really mad and scared because he thought he was going to lose her and she doesn't get why he's mad and he confesses and they kiss
  129. ANYTHING ELSE? anything that i forgot to put on the form, or anything you want me to know about your character that didn't fit in anywhere else
  131. NOTE TO ME : this took me so long to make and i really tried to make everything detailed, so i hope you like it :)
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