Family Drama in Space

Oct 7th, 2012
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  1. [20:31:27] * Now talking in #KingG-Rex&TheFrees
  2. [20:33:58] <@Giantree> This channel name's never going to make me not giggle
  3. [20:34:19] <@Darcius> stay low level bitch nigga you back them fuck up before you get slapped the fuck up
  4. [20:34:22] <@Darcius> laffy taffy
  5. [20:34:24] <@Darcius> don't fuck around
  6. [20:34:27] <@Darcius> this is the real deal
  7. [20:36:16] <@Giantree> Alright, iiiiiit's sometime later in day 2, though there's no real 'day' or 'night' in space. The calendar only changes after so many hours. You're in you're room when there's a knock at a door and a cheerful "I made it!" from the other side.
  8. [20:36:27] <@Darcius> I got the hyper weapon rep'd flyer than a garuda, and smootha, than you losas
  9. [20:36:42] <@Darcius> I see your slim drip and I rip
  10. [20:36:43] <@Darcius> nah
  11. [20:36:45] <@Darcius> I aint continuing
  12. [20:36:51] <@Darcius> you can do whatever the fuck you want
  13. [20:37:05] <@Darcius> lv1 slime rap another day
  14. [20:37:07] <@Darcius> I'll do real work
  15. [20:37:20] <@Giantree> thank you, that was good
  16. [20:37:46] <@Darcius> the second I typed in "chakras" I decided it was a bad day for freestyle
  17. [20:38:05] <@Giantree> "I wasn't sure what kinda stain it was so I just brought everything I had, that okay?"
  18. [20:38:54] * Jazz answers the door, back in his street clothes after getting back from the Mechanics. "Oh, thanks! Hopefully you'll be able to get it out."
  19. [20:39:45] <@Darcius>
  20. [20:40:11] <@Giantree> The door slides open and Pop's standing there grinning, holding her turbo-broom. No goggles, no scarf, and dressed in street clothes that would make it hard to tell she's an android. A red one-piece, in fact. "Yeah! Okay, where's it at?"
  21. [20:40:36] <@Darcius>
  22. [20:41:52] * Jazz nods, leading Pop over to the kitchen. Right where the tiled floor of the kitchen changes over to the Carpet of the living room is a large, red stain.
  23. [20:43:14] <@Darcius>
  24. [20:43:48] <@Giantree> "Red... what IS it? Well... lemme get it first." The turbobroom opens a compartment with some kind of spray, which she bends down and uses. It's barely space-era technology at all, considering she grabs a wet cloth after and starts wiping it down.
  25. [20:43:54] <@Giantree> From another compartment in the turbobroom, no less.
  26. [20:44:44] <Jazz> "I was trying to come up with a glaze for desert, so that's...mostly cranberry, I think."
  27. [20:47:33] <@Giantree> "Learning something new, huh? I'm kinda envious- I wasn't programmed with any cooking knowledge so I had to download it all myself, and the complicated stuff was too many processes to handle." Scrub scrub. "I usually keep it simple when I can, work or otherwise. Y'know?"
  28. [20:47:58] <@Giantree> "Ever thought about trying one of those Master Chef competitions? They have 'em every week here from what I hear- not that I've been here a week myself or anything."
  29. [20:48:28] * Jazz frowns. "Hm...I've thought about it, but...I'm not sure I feel comfortable entering a contest..."
  30. [20:49:25] <@Giantree> "Mmm, it's coming out." She pulls the cloth up and then goes back to wiping. "I think they do it 'cause it's something they enjoy. And if you enjoy it, why not?"
  31. [20:49:29] <@Giantree> "..."
  32. [20:49:36] <@Giantree> "You have a sense of taste, don't you?"
  33. [20:50:18] <Jazz> "Yeah, I do...Why?"
  34. [20:51:32] <@Giantree> Scrubscrub. "I don't."
  35. [20:52:15] <Jazz> "...Really? Are you able to upgrade?" Jazz says, frowning. "I guess i'm sorry for inviting you over the other night then, you must not have enjoyed pretending to eat..."
  36. [20:52:19] <@Giantree> "It's usually just - oh I think it's out - texture I cook for. I thought I wouldn't tell you because yesterday'd seem like a waste, but it's like..."
  37. [20:52:37] <@Giantree> "It's the feelings behind making food that makes it important, don't you think?"
  38. [20:52:54] <@Giantree> "Same as building robots, or writing stories, or other stuff people do."
  39. [20:53:00] <Jazz> "Hm...Yeah, that's true. I enjoy cooking more than I enjoy eating it, I think."
  40. [20:56:18] <@Giantree> "Exactly! So even if I'm not an organic I can still feel that, I guess. And I have systems that pretty much function close enough to digestion, so it's not a big deal!" She stands up. "There, it's out."
  41. [20:57:12] <Jazz> "W-Wow! Thanks a lot, Pop!" he says, smiling.
  42. [20:58:43] <@Giantree> "Mhm- like I always say, don't mention it!" All sorts of stuff goes back into the broom's compartments. "I was... uh," she almost blushes a little, "pretty much built for this kind of thing, not really for fighting or anything. So it's more just me doing my job."
  43. [20:59:18] <Jazz> "Oh? I thought you said it was just a hobby?"
  44. [20:59:30] <@Giantree> "Lied."
  45. [21:00:19] <@Giantree> "Nobody's really interested in bringing a cleaning-bot with them on missions, but when it's needed it's needed. I just don't talk about it usually."
  46. [21:00:42] <Jazz> "...Oh, I understand. Well, if it makes you feel better, I was never built for combat either."
  47. [21:01:41] <@Giantree> Pop leans against the broom. "So why do you fight, then?"
  48. [21:01:57] * Jazz frowns. "...Do you really want to know...?"
  49. [21:02:02] <@Darcius>
  50. [21:02:36] <@Giantree> "Well, it's not like I don't keep secrets. You don't have to tell me."
  51. [21:04:36] * Jazz shakes his head. "It's fine...When I was younger, I ran away from my dad's place and joined...Well, I spent a few years exploring the galaxy, and when I came back to meet my brother, who my father had just finished building...they had been attacked by pirates. My father died and my brother is still missing."
  52. [21:04:49] <Jazz> "So...that's why I got into the Pirate-hunting business..."
  53. [21:05:16] <@Darcius>
  54. [21:07:04] <@Giantree> "Your father..." She goes silent and leans against the broom for a bit. "... You sure that isn't some mistake? I ah err... nevermind. That's uh, none of my business. Obviously."
  55. [21:07:26] <Jazz> "...What do you mean?"
  56. [21:07:58] <@Darcius>
  57. [21:08:15] <@Giantree> "Nothing! I just uhh..."
  58. [21:08:54] <@Giantree> Pop reaches into her clothes and pulls out the goggles - oh huh, they were there all along - and puts them on for dramatic effect. "Wanna know a secret, Jazz?"
  59. [21:09:38] <Jazz> "...Sure."
  60. [21:10:44] <@Giantree> "I uh... prrrrrobably made a big mistake." She wipes the floor with the broom even though it's not necessary, nervously. "I'd um, actually thought you were someone else."
  61. [21:11:10] <Jazz> "...What do you mean? Who did you think I was?"
  62. [21:11:14] <@Giantree> "See, I've kiiiiinda been following you for over a month..."
  63. [21:12:23] * Jazz nods.
  64. [21:12:47] <Jazz> "Okay...why?"
  65. [21:14:29] <@Giantree> She presses her fingers together. "I was looking for someone who I never got to meet before I was built. My fa- ... creator always talked about him, how he made a creation that was more than just a robot, and one day he just vanished." Sweep sweep. "He acted like he was okay with it, but he was actually really sad. When I was built, I was just a robot to help him out and, I mean, I didn't mind, that's my programming! But my purpose was to help with another project... which I did, after a while."
  66. [21:15:24] <@Giantree> "One day I just couldn't put up with how sad he was and went out to find that... well, I guess I can't really call him a brother. I'm a step back from what he was supposed to be. You matched his description but uhhh... see..."
  67. [21:16:49] <@Giantree> "Da- ... no, the Doctor never died. He was alive and well before I stole off."
  68. [21:17:01] <@Giantree> "So it's someone else! Sob story done."
  69. [21:17:17] <Jazz> "...What was the Doctor's name?"
  70. [21:21:32] <@Giantree> "Oh, nobody you actually know, probably. Now I feel really silly scribbling his company's insignia off of everything to keep you from finding it. It was JonasWright," she says casually, "But I was never ordered to call him that. Maybe you were from one of those big companies that were having trouble with piracy, liek Gardenia or Wooly? I might even go back to see him soon, I stole a prototype buster he had a bunch of lying around. And that new project of his was a really nice guy- reminds me of you now actually."
  71. [21:22:43] <Jazz> "...Jonas Wright? So you're looking for Traheaern Wright, then?" Jazz asks, staring down at his feet.
  72. [21:23:04] <@Giantree> "Yeah, that's Wright!" She grins, "I mean that's right. ... waitasecond"
  73. [21:24:08] <Jazz> "...You're following the right guy, then."
  74. [21:26:12] <@Giantree> "Nah, no way!" She brushes it aside. "Maybe the name's common? The old man wouldn't go out like that, not with his new help! If anything the lab might get a little dirty but he can just build another me. I didn't take him more than a couple days, it sounded like."
  75. [21:28:54] <Jazz> "No, I'm the one you were looking for, Pop. I...You must have left just before..." Jazz says, falling back onto the couch. "D-Damnit! I should have been there! If I hadn't been so selfish, If I hadn't left...or If I had sprang for the faster transport there, or...o-or..." Jazz says, before letting out a small sob.
  76. [21:30:14] <@Giantree> "H-Hey, calm down. You're just... you're just joking, right?" She giggles a bit. "Yeah, that's gotta be, you're pranking me! C'mon, who are you?"
  77. [21:31:53] <Jazz> "...I wish...I wish I was joking." Jazz says, shaking his head.
  78. [21:34:15] <@Giantree> Pop(?) gulps. "Well, before I left, I knew that he... based... you, I guess... and your brother off of some old relic he found, from a really long time ago. He acted like it was the perfect android, even though it was broken- I was always creeped out every time I looked at it. Those red eyes it had... well, a lot of androids have red eyes..." She leans against her broom, eyes closed. Sniff. Each word in the sentence gets more and more blubbery.
  79. [21:35:21] <@Giantree> "A-Anyway he CAN'T be dead! I came all this way to find you to take you back to meet him and Michael against everything I was ordered to do!"
  80. [21:36:24] <Jazz> "I'm...sorry, Pop. I was there. I saw...I saw his body. I...I even know who did it." Jazz says, shaking his head firmly
  81. [21:37:10] <@Giantree> "... Emily."
  82. [21:37:25] <@Giantree> "He hardly ever called me by name, but.. that's what it was."
  83. [21:38:02] <@Giantree> She holds up her buster-hand, trembling. "Okay, who did it?"
  84. [21:38:52] <@Darcius> yeah i didnt claim that i believe that too and please science boy i didnt get schooled earth quakes happens for many reasons and i want to see how the hell science prove why earth excist can science say why ? ofcourse not you overrated science too much its important sure but isnt everything plus nature is one of god creations not humans becuz humans cant control nature but they
  85. [21:38:52] <@Darcius> can control cars becuz of their creation science boy!!!
  86. [21:38:52] <@Darcius> q8altair12 in reply to Quintinohthree (Show the comment) 10 hours ago
  87. [21:39:35] <Jazz> "It was the Black Skipjack. A crew of pirates."
  88. [21:40:08] <@Darcius> black spic jack? alright let me try
  89. [21:40:29] <@Darcius>
  90. [21:40:32] <@Darcius> sorry thats all I got
  91. [21:41:06] <@Giantree> "Are you... sure about that? I-Is that why you're so devoted to hunting pirates?" She trembles a little more.
  92. [21:42:15] <Jazz> "I know it was them, I..." Jazz clenches his teeth for a moment. "B-Before I left to go back to father's lab, I...I was a crewman aboard the Skipjack."
  93. [21:44:25] <@Giantree> Pop sets the broom down and walks up closer with a serious expression. "... I didn't know what 'justice' even meant until I started looking for you and following. And in that short time, even though my learning functions are probably low-end, I... I still decided it was a cause worth fighting for."
  94. [21:46:38] <Jazz> "...I'm sorry. I'm the worst example of justice in the universe! All i've done is run away from my family, join a Pirate crew and then I was too late to save our dad!"
  95. [21:47:09] <@Giantree> She looks at the ground before walking closer, one step at a time.
  96. [21:47:43] <@Giantree> "If it's really too late, so WHAT? Do you not care anymore? Are you gonna just forget about him?"
  97. [21:48:27] <@Giantree> Sniff. "I was jealous. So jealous. I never even got to be his daughter."
  98. [21:48:54] <@Giantree> "I thought my OWN justice was gonna be dragging you back and punishing you for his sake until I actually found out what you were doing and followed."
  99. [21:51:10] <@Giantree> "But NOW I think I know why he missed you so much, and why he never shut up about you. It's thanks to you that I even got to know 'joy' I wasn't programmed to feel, and to find out what it's really like to make choices."
  100. [21:51:26] <@Giantree> "Isn't that justice?"
  101. [21:54:15] <Jazz> "...You're right." Jazz says, looking up. "Hating myself isn't going to fix anything." Jazz stands up, and takes a few more steps towards Pop, before pulling her into a hug. "I'm sorry for what i've done so far, but I'm never going to stop until the people who killed dad are brought to justice and our brother is safe!"
  102. [21:56:36] <@Giantree> Pop accepts and pulls Jazz closer, with a couple more sniffles. "I still dunno what to think. But... you shouldn't call me your sister. I'm just a machine, Jazz- you're the real hero. All I'm meant to do is cheer you on from the sidelines, got it?"
  103. [21:57:43] <Jazz> "You're free to do whatever you'd like, Emily, but...From now on, you're my sister. Got that?"
  104. [21:58:01] <@Giantree> "... You sure?"
  105. [21:58:22] <Jazz> "100%"
  106. [21:59:02] <@Giantree> "Alright then, Traheaern... how's Trae sound?" She pulls back. "Let's make a promise."
  107. [21:59:47] * Jazz nods. "Sure, what is it?"
  108. [22:01:09] <@Giantree> "No matter what really happened, let's both deliver justice. Not for revenge, not for anyone else- but 'cause the universe needs it."
  109. [22:03:14] * Jazz smiles. "...That sounds like my sort of promise. You can rely on me for that, sis." Jazz confirms!
  110. [22:04:02] <@Giantree> "Hmmph. Then I think dad'd be happy to know that, don't you?"
  111. [22:04:32] <@Giantree> "A son to be proud of's all he ever wanted!"
  112. [22:05:23] <Jazz> "You'd know better than me, but...I'm sure he would."
  113. [22:06:03] <@Giantree> Satisfied, she grabs the broom and grins her usual grin, leaning against it. "But..."
  114. [22:06:34] <@Giantree> "Unlike you, unlike me, Michael never left, y'know?"
  115. [22:07:04] * Jazz frowns. "Yeah...I never got to meet him."
  116. [22:08:23] <@Giantree> "He had a lot of that sweetness you have. Like how you cook because it makes you happy... stuff like that. I guess I knew all along it couldn't be a coincidence."
  117. [22:09:13] * Jazz sighs. "He sounds...great. I just wish...I wish the Skipjack wasn't so damn hard to track! I haven't heard anything about it since I took off to find it..."
  118. [22:09:31] <@Giantree> "What do you think the Seekers are for?"
  119. [22:09:35] <@Giantree> "Seeking, duh!"
  120. [22:10:12] <@Giantree> "... Well not really. But if there's any way to find out about pirates of all things, it'd be here."
  121. [22:10:37] * Jazz nods. "That's why I decided to stay here, instead of skipping to another ship after I got here..."
  122. [22:11:03] <@Giantree> Pop turns the other way- this would've been cooler if she had the scarf on, huh? "Either way, I'm just glad you're safe."
  123. [22:12:09] <Jazz> "...I'm glad you're safe, too. I never...knew about you, but...If you hadn't left to come find me, you might have..." Jazz trails off for a moment. "...Just, thanks, Emily."
  124. [22:13:06] <@Giantree> Back turned, one of her hands raises to wave. "Call me if you ever need help like this again, okay? I don't think this ship has enough professional house-roids in it yet."
  125. [22:13:40] * Jazz nods. "Will do, sis. If you need anything, just ask, okay? I'm here to help. Even if you weren' know."
  126. [22:13:49] <@Giantree> "And about upgrades... you were made like you were for a reason. I'm happy like I am now."
  127. [22:14:03] <@Giantree> As the door slides open she turns around and smiles. "I know."
  128. [22:14:09] <@Giantree> Shffff, it closes.
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