Half-Blind Dragon x Tiny Goofy Prince S (+ Guest Stars!)

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  1. [22:45:33] <@Sylpi> "... Okay, she doesn't have to win ALL the time!"  Midday, everyone's least favorite Manakete flutters her newly-clipped wing, barely bothered by how painful it is.  After the events of A-rank - that is a meta as fuck way to put it so just fyi you didn't read that - the 'no cheating' duel led to another rematch demand, and then another, and then another.  Most of them were simple combat, others were completely wacky games like 'steal the Lord's lunch without him looking on two separate days and whoever gets caught loses' or other unbelievably nonsense.  With Yoki as more-than-clearly her favorite play partner in the whole army full of boring folk, the dragongirl is happy to accept a loss in such a challenge without even needing to rattle off how many times she's won comparatively.  Which is probably a lot, but, *dragons*.  "So what's the next one gonna be?"
  2. [22:47:54] <@Sylpi> All things considered it's sort of like the way oni challenge humans in eastern folklore, wherein they're usually games the oni are way better than humans at, but after enough of them Sylpi stopped being an obnoxious biased bitch and started being more of a good sport about it.  And not a single cheat was had!  In fact, in the duels as they'd come to realize, a human is totally capable of not-completely-getting-their-ass-kicked by a manakete.  Or maybe it's just that in little girl form she can't do anything but flail around and look cute.
  3. [22:48:08] <@Sylpi> And that is just awful to duel with.
  4. [22:50:53] <@Sylpi> Okay that's not entirely true, even without their d.stones activated they have SOME kind of inherent dragon-ability, but, it's more 'intuitive magic' tier than it is 'grandmaster wizard look at me I'm a loli with wings and I will huff and puff and blow your house down' or anything like that.  Still beside the point!
  5. [22:51:21] <@Yoki> "How about we..." Yoki's got the biggest shit-eating grin right now. "You know Ash's pegasus, Thor, right? I bet he'd get a real kick out of waking up and finding Thor in a dress!" Seems Yoki's ended up buying into these kinds of shenanigans. "Gods, we should see who can get more of the stable's pegasii and wyverns into ridiculous outfits! Bonus points for getting Thor, though!"
  6. [22:52:27] <Ash> (HEY. Leave me out of this >:I)
  7. [22:52:40] <Ash> (1,1But keep going I'm loling)
  8. [22:53:21] <@Sylpi> "Okay!  There is no WAY Sylpi's gonna lose this one," she says baring a bit of fang.  Drrrrrrragon-fang.  "Not with all the clothes lying around nobody uses.  Ohhh, they may have to be BIIIIIG though!  ... Maybe they'll stretch!"  It's like she's not even aware of the whole fact of magically losing her clothes by transforming into a dragon on a regular basis.
  9. [22:54:00] <@Yoki> "You see how big Haldis is?!? Bet we could stuff whole wyverns in her dresses!"
  10. [22:55:46] <@Sylpi> "Nyeh!  Hey, that's mea- ... waitasec, why HASN'T she ever tried putting on fancy dresses after transforming?  Hmmmmmmmm."  The greatest abuser of dragon-power stands, now, pondering on the idea of dressing herself up.  Something most of the Fire Emblem fanbase has probably never considered before, and fortunately so!
  11. [22:55:49] <Kraken> (The real challenge: Who can get Haldis to laugh.)
  12. [22:56:32] * @Sylpi does, of course, have to point to herself to make evident she's not talking about Haldis turning into a dragon.
  13. [22:57:32] <@Yoki> Yeah, they're usually too busy just drawing or writing about lesbian dragon scissoring to actually think about manaketes with clothes on. "... Let's go swipe one of her dresses now!"
  14. [22:58:33] <@Sylpi> "Okay!  You go snag 'em and Sylpi'll breathe on anyone if they come near, got it?  Easy!"
  15. [22:58:49] <@Sylpi> SHFFSHFFSHFF they probably sneak off like in some shitty spy movie.
  16. [22:59:32] <Tim> (They are?)
  17. [23:00:19] <@Sylpi> ('kete lesbianism is gross btw, I HOPE nobody writes about that)
  18. [23:00:59] <@Yoki> Might as well be. Once they get near Haldis' tent, Yoki's head sloooowly pops out around the corner to peek at the entrance. "Coast is clear, Sylpi! ... I'm going in. Cover me!" And then he rolls into the tent. Why rolling? Because fuck you rolling is cool!
  19. [23:01:13] <@Sylpi> BUT HOW WILL YOU ROLL WITHOUT DICEMoh I can't do it
  20. [23:02:02] <@Sylpi> "Gotcha!  Ready for action!"  Sylpi's wings spread straight out to act as a shield for the tent.  Which, all things considered, doesn't help for hiding all that well.
  21. [23:02:51] <@Yoki> Yoki start rummaging through Haldis' belongings as soon as he finds a container that looks suited for holding them. Hey! Hey, Cracky! Does Haldis got any particularly weird dresses or things?!?
  22. [23:03:39] <@Sylpi> "Yoooooooki?"  She calls out, in a totally neutral, non-emergency voice.  It's worth noting she has yet to call ANYBODY else in the army 1,1besides Thor by name yet, so that alone means he's something.
  23. [23:04:29] <Kraken> (She has one formal dress and that's it)
  24. [23:04:46] <@Sylpi> "Why do you think all the humans but you are so boring all the time anyway?"  Just casually calling out from outside the tent, totally confident nobody's going to hear them.
  25. [23:04:59] <Kraken> (It has never been worn)
  26. [23:05:05] <@Sylpi> (moe)
  27. [23:05:30] <@Yoki> "I'm looking, I'm looking!" Yoki's kind of being a total mess about this, tossing mundane clothes to and fro. "Oh Gods, look at this thing, Sylpi!" He tosses a pair of not-so-sexy lingerie at her; the panties dangle from her left wing, and one cup of the bra probably covers her face Haldis' honkers are so huge.
  28. [23:06:16] <Kraken> (Just how small IS Yoki exactly? :3)
  29. [23:06:24] <@Yoki> (Like, 4'11"?)
  30. [23:06:28] <@Yoki> (He's short.)
  31. [23:06:35] <@Yoki> (Man, but short.)
  32. [23:06:39] <@Sylpi> Oh MAN someone is lewderer today 1,1and those garments probably don't even EXIST in this setting goddamn, but regardless the dragon snorts.  Not like... an actual snort but the laugh kind of snort, 'pfffff'ing at the - dear christ Sylpi IS taller than him - DESIGN of this stuff.
  33. [23:08:03] <@Sylpi> "Maybe all this stuff is there FOR dressing up dragons?  Dragons who aren't even Sylpi!  How AWFUL!"  Her wing flicks the undergarments back inside.  "They probably don't even look good in them!"
  34. [23:08:27] <Kraken> (Be glad she's busy with legitimate army duties D:)
  35. [23:08:28] <@Yoki> "Oh, why? ... Ummm..." He shrugs. "They're all too busy training! Mean, before I met you, that's all I really did myself. Wanted to become the best swordsman I could so when I went back home, I could take the castle back from Father with just my own two hands!"
  36. [23:09:22] <@Yoki> (I'd totes support cameo appearances once we're done dressing up Thor in her one and only, never-before-used dress!)
  37. [23:09:35] <@Sylpi> "So why's it so hard," she yaaaawns, stretching her wings out (and pausing in midsentence), "For everyone else to be strong AND have fun?  Having fun can make you even stronger than training can sometimes, right?  Huh?"
  38. [23:09:40] <Kraken> (S-rank ach- Sylpi and Yoki died)
  39. [23:10:16] <@Sylpi> "... Just thinkin'!  Still clear."
  40. [23:13:27] <@Yoki> Rummage, rummage, the mess of fuck in Haldis' room grows ever bigger, he's not even trying to clean it all up. "I don't know, Sylpi! You gotta ask them! ... Sure as all hells don't know what they're missing, th-OOOOOH, I GOT ONE!" Yoki bursts out from the tent, holding Haldis' dress and exposing it for all the world to see.
  41. [23:14:20] <@Yoki> It's probably unflattering as all hell. And would work better as a blanket for Yoki.
  42. [23:15:12] <@Sylpi> "YYYYYYYYYYESSS!  That's perfect!"  If Sylpi had a tail she'd be wagging it, but fortunately not only is she not a canine but she has wings to do pretty much the same thing with, flapping them about more than a human could ever dream of.  Because humans have no wings.  "Who cares about boring people anyway, all she wants to do is stuff like this ALL THE TIME."  One of her hands takes whatever hand he's not using to hold the monstrosity and begins dragging.  "C'mon, let's go put it on!"
  43. [23:16:06] <@Yoki> "This is gonna be so great!" He can't even contain his stupid shit-eating grin any longer, and leaves Haldis' room a complete and utter wreck.
  44. [23:16:29] <@Yoki> ... For the record, if Yoki/Haldis advances any further, it's before this Support.
  45. [23:16:39] <Ash> (Naturally)
  46. [23:16:45] <@Sylpi> Sylpi's wings flapping so excitedly probably blew some windblasts around and made it even MESSIER.  DRAGONS, NO SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG.
  47. [23:16:55] <Ash> (Everyone knows all Fire Emblem supports are completely self-contained :B)
  48. [23:17:00] <@Sylpi> (^)
  49. [23:17:33] <@Sylpi> ... So wanna fast-forward ahead to admiring a stable of prettied-up mounts or do you want to actually play out the horrifying procedure of trying to put them ON?
  50. [23:18:19] <@Yoki> Thor is the last one. We dress up all the rest of the stable together first.
  51. [23:18:28] <@Yoki> THAT we fast-forward through. Poor Thor.
  52. [23:18:58] <Ash> >:I Neigh
  53. [23:19:01] <@Sylpi> Totally acceptable.  Also Sylpi was volunteering her own dragonform too, 'cause it's actually not all that big.
  54. [23:19:59] * @Sylpi brings a finger to her lips, attempting to silence the winghorse. "Shhh, stay still. It won't hurt and it'll look ~SO PRETTY~!"
  55. [23:20:33] <@Yoki> "Yeah, and don't whinny so loud! You'll blow our cover! ... Why can't you be nice and cooperative like all the other pegasii?!?"
  56. [23:21:19] <@Yoki> He highlights all the other pegasii, which are not only completely dressed from head to toe with high heels, slippers, gowns, tiaras, and the like (... The real question being 'where the hell did all this stuff come from in an ARMY CAMPSITE?!?), but they also have lipstick and hair curlers in their manes!
  57. [23:21:29] <@Yoki> lipstick applied**
  58. [23:21:39] <@Sylpi> "It's 'cause he's MANLY and STRONG!  That look in his eyes, even Sylpi can tell!"  She closes her eyes and nods to herself, satisfied with her analysis.
  59. [23:21:41] <@Yoki> The sight of it is... Probably horrifying to Thor.
  60. [23:21:59] <Ash> (<Ash> MY MAKEUP CASE ;o;)
  61. [23:22:05] <@Sylpi> (my heart)
  62. [23:22:12] <@Yoki> Ash's room is totes trashed, too, by the way.
  63. [23:22:17] <@Yoki> Fleu's as well, I'd imagine.
  64. [23:22:32] <@Sylpi> Ffleu.
  65. [23:22:37] <@Yoki> He's sexy enough that he probably needs to take proper care of--Oh my GOD we did that to Fleu?!?
  66. [23:22:38] <Ash> (Lets just assume you trashed every room in the camp)
  67. [23:22:41] <@Sylpi> Of course it is, it's... Ffabulous.
  68. [23:22:58] <@Sylpi> (and then we started playing Disney soundtracks)
  69. [23:23:41] <@Sylpi> "But because he's the manliest and the strongest, he needs to look the girliest and prettiest once we're done!  C'mon, let's do our worst!"
  70. [23:24:59] <Kraken> (Just yodel when they finish signing their will)
  71. [23:25:02] <@Yoki> "I still got Haldis' dress riiiight here!" He lifts the ungodly thing up into the air. Thor probably jumps back in horror or something at it.
  72. [23:25:29] <@Yoki> "... Uh oh..." He looks at it, alarmed. "There's no space for the wings on this one!"
  73. [23:25:54] <@Sylpi> It's okay, he is being grappled by a DRAGON.  In fact she may even need to transform to keep him from moving too much, which is doubly silly!  But if that IS the case at this point and turns back, blinking.  "..."
  74. [23:26:02] <@Sylpi> "Got a sword around?"
  75. [23:26:39] <@Yoki> "I got mine!"
  76. [23:26:54] <@Sylpi> "No wait no wait, better idea!  Hold it out and stand back!"
  77. [23:27:24] <@Yoki> He unsheathes his sword, and once more the black mist pours out from the thing. Almost seeming as if it--"Oh, okay!" Sword goes back in. Dress up in the air. "What's you plan with this one?!?"
  78. [23:27:34] <@Sylpi> That advice is actually kind of contradictory OH WELL it's a bit late when she transforms again and opens her mouth, intending to make some precision cuts with windblades.
  79. [23:27:50] <@Sylpi> Needless to say they are... not... very... precise.
  80. [23:27:52] <@Yoki> Oh Jesus H. Christ!
  81. [23:28:17] <@Sylpi> Also like always she has her left eye closed in dragonmode, probably making it kind of problematic!
  82. [23:28:35] * @Sylpi turns back, satisfied that it's just MOSTLY shredded instead of COMPLETELY shredded. "... Okay, now try it on!"
  83. [23:29:18] <@Yoki> "Hey hey hey watch where you're launching those things you're gonna--" He ducks after one of 'em, which lops off a small chunk of his bangs. Sylpi can watch it float gently to the ground.
  84. [23:29:34] <@Sylpi> "Ooops~"
  85. [23:29:38] <@Yoki> "Aaaalrighty, Thor! Time to make you beautiful!"
  86. [23:30:15] <@Yoki> He doesn't seem to notice, or even really mind too much. All he's got is horsemind.
  87. [23:30:16] * @Sylpi comically whips out a large collection of scissors, combs, mirrors, and other things you'd see in a beauty salon all at once, grinning.
  88. [23:30:47] <@Sylpi> ... NOW we ff to the result?
  89. [23:31:08] <@Yoki> Yes.
  90. [23:31:13] <@Yoki> NOW we fast-forward.
  91. [23:31:18] <@Sylpi> Excellent.
  92. [23:31:46] <@Sylpi> All this side has to say about it is 'it'll make his rider cry.'
  93. [23:33:15] <@Yoki> With those earrings? Yeah, poor Ash is gonna fucking cry. To summarize, Thor looks like he should be on the corner waiting for someone to pull up in front of him and invite him into their car.
  94. [23:33:58] <@Sylpi> Only instead of 'car' it's more like 'carriage.'  Get it, because he's a horse?  And horses pull- oh never mind he is a fucking adorable pegasus and he probably loves it even though he'll never admit it.
  95. [23:34:14] <@Sylpi> ... No that's a lie it's obviously uncomfortable as fuck.
  96. [23:34:19] <Ash> (;_; My poor noble viking steed)
  97. [23:34:22] <@Sylpi> STILL Sylpi is at least superproud.
  98. [23:34:31] <Kraken> (;_; My dress)
  99. [23:34:33] <@Yoki> Yoki takes a mirror once they're done and shows Thor the result. "Aaaaand... Ta-daaaaa~"
  100. [23:34:50] * @Sylpi wears a :D face next to it just for extra obnoxiousness.
  101. [23:35:25] <@Sylpi> "We did iiiiiit!  Okay, so, that was a contest, and uh... who did the most again...?"  She's just hit by the realization that it WAS a contest and pauses to think about it.
  102. [23:35:40] <@Sylpi> ".... Ooh who cares, that was too much fun, EVERYONE wins!"
  103. [23:36:07] <@Yoki> Yoki's :D face completes the picture as he pops up besides Sylpi. Hoers reaction? "... Oh right, that was supposed to be a contest, wasn't--Hey I was gonna say that!" He SOUNDS mad, but really isn't when he says it. He's just feigning the mad.
  104. [23:36:55] <@Sylpi> "Nyeheheh!  Isn't it just 'whoever has the least fun loses?'  And that's nobody!"  She gestures to the hoers.  "Even he's having fun!"
  105. [23:37:23] <Ash> Hoers reaction is >:I neight
  106. [23:37:43] * Kraken is now known as Haldis
  107. [23:37:45] <Ash> Hoers is not having fun
  108. [23:38:04] <@Sylpi> DRAGON HAS ENOUGH FUN FOR BOTH OF THEM
  109. [23:38:21] <@Sylpi> "Okay, let's escape before someone sees!"
  110. [23:38:34] <Haldis> (Is doom and gloom time, yes?)
  111. [23:38:38] <@Yoki> YOKI HAS ENOUGH FUN FOR ALL THREE OF THEM.
  112. [23:38:40] <@Yoki> (And yes it is.)
  113. [23:38:46] <@Sylpi> (Yes I know exactly where to take this)
  114. [23:39:32] <@Yoki> "Yeah, but we should still wait around to see the face of whoever walks in first when they inevitably run out screaming like a lunatic." Aboooout face~
  115. [23:39:48] * @Sylpi wingflutters. "Should we hide?"
  116. [23:39:55] <Haldis> A sense of dread pervades the area. The mounts in the stables begin to pace uncertainly. It feels as though the temperature dropped suddenly, but that's crazy right?
  117. [23:40:21] <@Yoki> "... Yeah, then we can see their faces right when it happens!"
  118. [23:40:40] <@Sylpi> This is going to be the point where one of them is like 'behind you' while pointing and the other slowly cracks their face around to see the horrorviking behind them, right?
  119. [23:41:44] <Haldis> It would be that point if she was planning on murdering them. But she is not. At least not yet.
  120. [23:42:02] <@Sylpi> Worth a try!
  121. [23:42:26] <@Yoki> "... Let's watch from inside those barrels!" He points to the two closest to Ashe.
  122. [23:42:51] <@Yoki> Err, Tho.
  123. [23:42:52] <Haldis> (Ashe, huh?)
  124. [23:42:53] <@Yoki> Thor**
  125. [23:42:55] <@Yoki> WHAT THE FUCK, BOTHY?!?
  126. [23:43:05] <@Sylpi> "Ooh, if her wings can fit!  That's gonna be a toughie."  What the fuck Bothy indeed.
  127. [23:43:17] <Haldis> (Do it, get in the barrels)
  128. [23:43:22] <@Sylpi> Needless to say, after the dragon hops in her wings stick right out.
  129. [23:43:24] <@Yoki> "I'll help squeeze them in!"
  130. [23:43:56] <@Yoki> "... Hold on, you need to have 'em tucked in when you're going in! Stand back up again!"
  131. [23:44:15] <@Sylpi> "Oh right, duh!  Okay, here she goes, one more time."  Stand to attention!
  132. [23:44:39] <@Yoki> He stands behind the barrel Sylpi's inside of once she's standing up right. And then... He hugs Sylpi such that her wings wrap around her body!
  133. [23:45:02] <@Sylpi> 1,1That gets its own cutscene image doesn't it
  134. [23:45:21] <@Yoki> 1,1Of fucking course it does!
  135. [23:46:16] <@Yoki> "Now, I'll help you down!" Think we'd have footsteps being heard or anything?
  136. [23:46:19] <@Sylpi> Sylpi's face flushes red, which is saying something considering DRAGON and all that.  She just kind of nervously folds her wings in all the way and gives a little nod of thanks, getting ready to duck down.
  137. [23:46:56] <Haldis> Footsteps are certainly heard, drawing ever nearer.
  138. [23:47:05] <@Sylpi> !
  139. [23:47:29] <@Sylpi> "Hurry, get down!"
  140. [23:48:34] <@Yoki> "... Oh, man! They're coming!" He lets go of Sylpi, grabs the lid, hops back in the barrel, facing Sylpi, and hugs her from the front this time! With a sudden jerk, he tugs the two back into the barrel, tight a squeeze as it is, and the barrel lid, placed atop their heads prior, does the spinning rim thing like tires do after car crashes before settling down upon the barrel.
  141. [23:48:48] <@Yoki> There's conveniently a couple of peepholes inside the barrel. "Oh man, here it comes!"
  142. [23:49:32] <@Yoki> He's trying so hard not to absolutely die laughing right then and there.
  143. [23:49:36] <@Sylpi> "Shhhhokayokayokay."  Her face unreds even at the closeness, looking through the hole with only her right eye.  The green one.
  144. [23:50:17] <Haldis> You would be pleased, you sick bastards, to notice that your victim has appeared. She does not look disturbed in the slightest at the ridiculous adornments most of the mounts are wearing. She steps out of view as she approaches Thor the wonderpony. A slight gasp is heard...and then nothing. And nothing. And nothing still. You grow tense.
  145. [23:50:41] <@Sylpi> "....."
  146. [23:51:10] <@Yoki> "... Why aren't they screaming?" Yoki whispers to Sylpi.
  147. [23:51:50] <Haldis> Suddenly, your view of the world begins to rotate and gravity shifts. The barrel is now on its side. You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
  148. [23:51:56] <@Sylpi> "Uh, she thinks that's a human thing called 'shock,'" Sylpi whispers back, with as much of a sage nod as oh dear.
  149. [23:52:53] <@Yoki> "Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoaoh5Gods1IthinkI'mgonnabesiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!"
  150. [23:53:04] <@Sylpi> "... Ahahaha, maybe her wings were... heavier... than... she... thoooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGHT!"
  151. [23:53:11] <Haldis> The barrel is abruptly SPUN until the peephole ends face up and you find yourself eye-to-eye with what might be the devil.
  152. [23:53:22] <@Sylpi> "..."
  153. [23:53:26] <@Yoki> "..."
  154. [23:53:30] <@Sylpi> "Hi!"
  155. [23:53:50] <@Yoki> "Afternoon... Urp! ... Haldis!"
  156. [23:54:35] <Haldis> "This..." For once, her voice is uneven. She mad. " only the first stage of my retribution." Have fun spinning down hills in a barrel!
  157. [23:55:04] <@Yoki> Wait, what about Ash? Doesn't he get to have payback?!?
  158. [23:55:07] <@Sylpi> "Actually it wasn't uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAGH!"
  159. [23:55:18] <@Sylpi> (1,1inb4 he's at the bottom of the hill)
  160. [23:55:35] <Ash> Good idea
  161. [23:55:44] <Haldis> (1,1Inb4 he's not man enough to properly go Batman on someone)
  162. [23:55:45] <@Sylpi> (~)
  163. [23:55:52] * Ash is standing at the bottom of the hill oh god where did he get that axe
  164. [23:56:13] <@Yoki> "WHOOOOAughlblauuublaaarghbbbaggghul----"
  165. [23:56:35] <@Sylpi> "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!"  ... Okay not quite.
  166. [23:56:40] <Haldis> (Let the hate flow through you)
  167. [23:56:51] <@Sylpi> "Heylookovertherethat's-"
  168. [23:56:53] <@Sylpi> "..."
  169. [23:57:08] * @Sylpi pales enough to make an undead blush.
  170. [23:57:20] <Ash> >:O "FLAMES AND IRON!"
  171. [23:57:39] * Ash hacks into the barrel.
  172. [23:57:43] <@Sylpi> "NgyaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA!!"
  173. [23:58:02] <Haldis> (Bad end)
  174. [23:58:16] <Ash> 5 Strength, so you can probably get away pretty easy
  175. [23:58:17] <Ash> But still
  176. [23:58:24] <@Yoki> "Ohhhh, heeeeeeeeey~" Yoki points at Ashe, the dizziness and discoordination making that come out sounding exceptionally flirtatious. "It's... It's. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" ;_;
  177. [23:58:25] <@Sylpi> So is this full-on cartoony where they to a Team Rocket-style blastoff into the horizon or- oh, that's just as acceptable.
  178. [23:59:11] * @Sylpi holds onto Yoki and rolls the fuck to the side as the barrel smashes open, still screaming until finally their roll ceases and she cracks a single eye open.
  179. [23:59:14] <@Sylpi> The green one.
  180. [23:59:29] <@Sylpi> "So um..."
  181. [23:59:40] * @Sylpi stands up, yanks Yoki up.
  182. [23:59:47] <@Sylpi> "..."
  183. [23:59:49] <@Sylpi> "Bye!"
  184. [23:59:55] <@Yoki> For the record... Yoki has the girliest fucking scream ever.
  185. [00:00:05] <@Yoki> Like, it makes Ash's war cry sound manly.
  186. [00:00:11] <@Yoki> If such a thing is even possible.
  187. [00:00:12] <@Sylpi> Amazing
  188. [00:00:34] <Haldis> More like is this the part where Sylpi and Yoki are assigned cooking and clean-up duty for a month and an additional three months of "personal" training sessions with Haldis? These sessions would end at first vomit
  189. [00:00:45] <@Yoki> A stream of fluids drops from Sylpi as she flies-Wait, no that's just Yoki.
  190. [00:00:50] * @Sylpi grabs the shotaprince - oh man why am I just NOW calling him that - by the wrist and starts running, struggling not to burst into laughter-tears.
  191. [00:01:32] <@Sylpi> Then covers her left eye with the other hand, wings wrapping 'round.  "Get ready to hop on her, okay?  In 3, 2, 1...."
  192. [00:02:16] <@Sylpi> or rather
  193. [00:02:18] <@Sylpi> 3
  194. [00:02:18] <@Sylpi> 2
  195. [00:02:19] <@Sylpi> 1
  196. [00:02:20] <@Yoki> Yoki takes waaay too long to do this. Dizzy, man!
  197. [00:02:22] <@Sylpi> 4DRAGON
  198. [00:02:25] * Haldis meets up with Ash at the bottom of the hill, watching the almost-drunkards stumbling away. "...Do you think she'll be capable of sustaining flight?"
  199. [00:03:07] <Ash> :I "They better hope so."
  200. [00:03:14] <@Sylpi> The answer is an absolute 'fuck no' by watching them, by the way.
  201. [00:03:57] <@Sylpi> But they are sure as fuck trying, taking off into the horizon, going up, going up...
  202. [00:04:03] <@Sylpi> ... Going down, going down, going down...
  203. [00:04:16] <@Sylpi> someone give me some 'landing in a tree' SFX please
  204. [00:05:46] <@Yoki> <<< How's that?
  205. [00:05:56] <Ash> POOF Shuffshuffshuff WHUMP
  206. [00:06:01] <@Sylpi> For some miraculous reason there are giant trees wherever they're - THAT WAS A JOKE BUT THANK YOU - at, as they just - alright that works too
  207. [00:06:09] <@Sylpi> I was going to be like 'rustlerustle' and that is soboring
  208. [00:06:45] <@Sylpi> ... As they just happen to wind up tangled in a mess of branches.  The dragon undragons right away and just clings to a branch, still dizzy.
  209. [00:06:55] <@Yoki> Even better, Yoki somehow ends up dangling by his undergarments from a sturdy looking branch in plain sight. Fuck if he knows what happened to Sylpi, though.
  210. [00:07:21] <@Yoki> This is really impressive considering obnoxiously many and improperly placed beltage.
  211. [00:07:41] <@Sylpi> ... We'll say 'the branch directly below the one he's dangling from' because you know that'll turn out hilarious.
  212. [00:08:04] <@Sylpi> "Oooh, she can't even feel her wings anymore..."
  213. [00:08:10] <@Sylpi> Left, flit!
  214. [00:08:12] <@Sylpi> Right, flit!
  215. [00:08:26] <@Sylpi> Spread.  "Oh, there they are."
  216. [00:08:49] <@Sylpi> Also is his outfit designed by Tetsuya Nomura?  Just curious.
  217. [00:09:19] <@Yoki> "Uuuuu...." Yoki's completely gone, and is only slowly coming back into--Fuck if I know!
  218. [00:09:31] <@Yoki> --this horrid new reality he now faces.
  219. [00:10:21] <@Sylpi> Extra humor: What he wakes up to see is the 'sturdy' branch he's on having its sturdiness tested by sharp blades of dragonbreath assaulting it.
  220. [00:10:40] <@Sylpi> And unless it's a magical unbreakable tree it's probably snapping noises that bring him to wakefulness.
  221. [00:12:14] <@Yoki> "... Sylpi... Did we get a-"*SNAP*"-waHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY...." On his way down, he probably lands atop Sylpi, gravity ultimately proving victorious over her, before the both of 'em land atop each other in a pile of fuck, Yoki atop Sylpi and with the two face-to-face with one another.
  222. [00:12:27] <Ash> (Sidenote: I have a feeling that Growth-rates might end up a little high, but Creating horrific superbabies is kind of the point of second generation characters so I don't mind: )
  223. [00:12:53] <@Sylpi> It's even worse because she was standing on the branch below him with arms outstretched, hoping to catch him.  She didn't do a very good job.
  224. [00:13:43] <Haldis> (>pile of fuck)
  225. [00:13:47] <Haldis> (Lewderer)
  226. [00:13:51] * @Sylpi takes the anime landing totally happily, perhaps glad to not have met a less fortunate fate like her wings getting ripped off or something.
  227. [00:13:55] <@Sylpi> (*botherer humor*)
  228. [00:14:25] <@Yoki> (I wasn't even aiming for that, Cracky! And what, Tree?!? You set yourself up for that one!)
  229. [00:14:39] <@Sylpi> (It's true!)
  230. [00:14:58] <@Sylpi> What's that, you say?  They stay in that position and stare at each other?
  231. [00:15:15] <@Yoki> *OOOMPH!* He hits the Sylpi hitting the ground with a thud. And... Sure, let's go with that while they're already in the awkward position!
  232. [00:15:41] <@Sylpi> No way, 780 years of experience teaches you how to do this, without skipping a beat she pulls his head down for a massive sloppy smooch.
  233. [00:15:44] * Ramiel ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 19.0/20130215130331])
  234. [00:15:53] <@Sylpi> ('TOO LEWD,' SAYS RAMMY)
  235. [00:15:58] <@Sylpi> (HE COULDN'T TAKE IT)
  236. [00:16:48] <Haldis> (Haldis: professional matchmaker)
  237. [00:17:18] <@Yoki> (This was so worth procrastinating my homework for!)
  238. [00:17:32] <@Sylpi> (I'm so sorry for what I did to your homework, but I don't regret it at all)
  239. [00:18:27] <@Yoki> And down his face goes! "That was clo-HOOOOOOO--" His face is forced right in, but it only takes a second for him to know what to do next. Sloppy dragon makeout session as they roll about on the ground? Sloppy makeout session as they roll around on the ground.
  240. [00:18:37] <@Sylpi> It's the kind of thing where if anybody was passing by they'd just be like 'oh, teenagers goin' at it' but then they'd see the wings and be like 'OH MY GOD A DRAGON' and run as far as they possibly can in the opposite direction until they jump in a lake.
  241. [00:19:30] <@Sylpi> Yes though, exactly that.  Sloppy rolling makeout session.  1,1Confirming tongue.  After a while Sylp pulls out with a "Bwah!"  and smiles as big as she can smile, giggling a giggle that turns into a cackle.
  242. [00:20:08] <@Sylpi> And of course, letting go so that they both lie on their backs in the grass after they get reoriented.  She has to stretch her wings out though.
  243. [00:20:26] <Haldis> (Wait...Sylpi pulls out?)
  244. [00:20:35] <@Yoki> (LEWD.)
  245. [00:20:36] <@Sylpi> (get your mind out of the gutter)
  246. [00:20:48] <@Yoki> (I am so sorry you have to be exposed to this Kamen!)
  247. [00:20:54] <@Yoki> (Please don't look down on us for this.)
  248. [00:21:02] <@Sylpi> (It's just kissing!)
  249. [00:21:30] <@Sylpi> "Hahahahahaha!  How fun WAS that?"
  250. [00:21:31] <Ash> (:I)
  251. [00:21:39] <Ash> ( Fixed a typo)
  252. [00:21:49] <Haldis> (The gutter is the only place)
  253. [00:22:23] <@Yoki> Yeah, no need to tell Yoki twice! He flops over on his back as well, laughing his ass off himself. "Hahaha! That... Was... GREAT, Sylpi! And I think that settles that!"
  254. [00:23:26] <@Sylpi> "That felt SO good."  Hard to tell if that refers to dressing up horses or the thing after.  "Maybe we shouldn't go back for a while but stiiiiiill!"
  255. [00:24:33] <@Yoki> "Yeah, we're gonna need to hide a bit. Least from Haldis and Ash! They are soooooo mad right now!"
  256. [00:25:22] <@Sylpi> "That DOES settle it though," Sylpi sits up and stretches her wings out.  "You're definitely the one Sylpi'd been looking for.  Like, THE most fun a human can get."
  257. [00:25:29] * @Sylpi nods a couple times. "No doubt about it!"
  258. [00:27:46] <@Yoki> "Hey, you're the one who made me fun! If I didn't meet you I'd probably be hitting Haldis over the head with a wooden sword right now for completely different reason!"
  259. [00:28:53] <Haldis> (And then it's extra creepy when Haldis is just patiently waiting for them to return.)
  260. [00:30:16] <@Sylpi> "She's happy to hear that," she says, folding her wings back in.  And then stretching them out again to make sure they're not permanently injured or something.  "Cause it took a SUUUPER long time.  But..."
  261. [00:30:30] <@Sylpi> "Okay, the challenge after this one is already decided!"
  262. [00:31:46] <@Yoki> "Oh, is it? What do you got in mind, Sylpi? I think you're gonna have a hard time topping that one!"
  263. [00:31:53] <@Sylpi> "Easy!"
  264. [00:32:41] * @Sylpi throatclears and... actually DOES blush a little oh boy.
  265. [00:33:10] <@Sylpi> "She wants... nah."
  266. [00:33:22] <@Sylpi> "I want you to 1,1help make more dragons."
  267. [00:33:23] <@Yoki> (So we're adopting?!?)
  268. [00:33:36] <@Sylpi> (oh damn I didn't even think of that)
  269. [00:34:08] <Haldis> (That doesn't create dragons...)
  270. [00:34:18] <@Yoki> (She wants Nah!)
  271. [00:34:25] <Haldis> (Who doesn't?)
  272. [00:34:25] <@Sylpi> (I wouldn't mind having Nah)
  273. [00:34:44] <@Yoki> ". . ." Yoki's face goes bright red.
  274. [00:35:09] * @Sylpi follows up with a childish giggle totally defying the... uh, the everything of what she just said.
  275. [00:37:14] <@Yoki> Like, Sylpi might swear his face might just start shooting out streams of blood through the pores like a park fountain! "I... I-I... I mean, I was..." He props upright as he starts stammering out a response. "... I was gonna... Ask you if you... Wanted to be my... Ma-ma-my princess, and... And go back and... But um-umm... Oh WOW!"
  276. [00:41:11] <@Sylpi> This time he just gets STARED at, like... for a long time.  Blank stare.  And yes he probably CAN notice by now that her red eye doesn't even have a pupil or anything but who cares?  After a moment Sylpi just starts giggling again, lying back on the grass and spreading her wings.  "Eheh.  A princess.... didn't Sylpi say the first time we met she'd be a Queen?"
  277. [00:41:33] <@Sylpi> Totally went back to the normal habit.  Guess it was a one-time thing!
  278. [00:42:42] <@Yoki> Yoki takes a deeeep breath to calm himself down after that little outburst. "Oooone step at a time, Sylpi! I still have a kingdom to win back!"
  279. [00:42:49] <Ash> (OH GOD that's a horrible thing to do to your royal family)
  280. [00:43:07] <Ash> (She's going to outlive you and become the queen marm for thousands of years)
  281. [00:43:18] <@Yoki> "And with the best princess at my side, when we go, you'll be the Empress by sundown!"
  282. [00:43:19] <@Sylpi> "Going back together... something like that's all she wants.  Nyeah," her face puffs up as she wears the weirdest, most blissful smile ever.  "She has an entire Clan to bring back!"
  283. [00:43:59] <@Sylpi> "And together...."  Her face contorts into a frown and then a smile again.  "You can hear the story later, 'kay?"
  284. [00:44:04] <@Sylpi> "Let's just stay like this..."
  285. [00:50:58] <@Yoki> Yoki moves over so he's right at Sylpi's side, and lays down to make himself extra comfortable next to her. He pulls her over gently so her head's resting upon his body, probably at chest level. "Yeah, I think we had..." Yoki lets out a little yawn, wrapping an arm around Sylpi. "... Enough fun for today..."
  286. [00:53:24] <@Sylpi> And Sylpi's smiling face is slowly covered as a wing blankets them both, however awkward as it may be, lying together in the wake of the havoc they'd caused.  Perhaps they're already considering the havoc they'll be causing in the future, or perhaps they just don't care.
  287. [00:53:29] <@Sylpi> /S
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