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lion crying

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  1. Common channels with Regular_Schnook: #scotland
  2. [Regular_Schnook] got any pics u wanna share hun xxxxx
  3. [Regular_Schnook] just a legshot or two will do
  4. [susannnn] http://postimg.org/image/iwekeiayl/
  5. [Regular_Schnook] give a fat lad a thrill
  6. [susannnn] there ya go hun
  8. susannnn wags her finger
  9. [susannnn] [Regular_Schnook] its over susannnn [Regular_Schnook] we won
  10. [susannnn] jesus hun
  11. [susannnn] keep em coming lol
  12. [susannnn] [Regular_Schnook] ive got ceiling fans [Regular_Schnook] have you?
  13. [susannnn] LMAO
  14. [susannnn] i gotta have that lol
  15. [susannnn] fuck lol
  16. [Regular_Schnook] ?
  17. [susannnn] [21:38:49] <BRAVE_LION> i no you think im a retard[21:38:55] <BRAVE_LION> but im not
  18. [susannnn] [Regular_Schnook] its over susannnn [Regular_Schnook] we won
  19. [susannnn] lol you just get better lol
  20. [Regular_Schnook] look susan alot has changed since then
  21. [Regular_Schnook] im the daddy now bitch u have to accept that
  22. [susannnn] lol
  23. [Regular_Schnook] ?
  24. [susannnn] hun your a sad fat sack of shit that made a complete prick out of himself in a chatroom and continue to do it on a daily basis
  25. [susannnn] your a fucking joke
  26. [susannnn] and the best thing is
  27. [Regular_Schnook] ill come up there and pimp your ass into the ground
  28. [susannnn] YOU KNOW IT
  29. [susannnn] <BRAVE_LION> i no you think im a retard[21:38:55] <BRAVE_LION> but im not
  30. [susannnn] lol
  31. [susannnn] [Regular_Schnook] its over susannnn [Regular_Schnook] we won
  32. [susannnn] you just cant help yourself
  33. [susannnn] your beyond belief ya sad gimp
  34. [susannnn] fifes a prick granted but at least he can think for himself
  35. [susannnn] you
  36. [susannnn] lol
  37. [Regular_Schnook] dont make me pimp your white trash arse susannnn
  38. [susannnn] you even have to hang on to your perception of the 'cool guy'
  39. [susannnn] IN A FUCKING CHATROOM lol
  40. [susannnn] you kepe talking ya sad waste of flesh
  41. [susannnn] your nothing but pure entertainment
  42. [susannnn] dave must be fucking mortified everytime ya open your mouth lol
  43. [susannnn] GO CHANGE YA NAME AGAIN
  44. [susannnn] AND KEEP YA MOUTH SHUT THIS TIME lol
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