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  1. kim@chips:~/git/taichi/taichi_rails$ azk restart -R taichi-school
  2. azk: System `taichi-school` not running
  3. azk: ↑ starting `taichi-school` system, 1 new instances...
  4. azk: ✓ checking `azukiapp/ruby:2.3.0` image...
  5. azk: ↻ provisioning `taichi-school` system...
  6. azk: ⎘ syncing files for `taichi-school` system...
  7. azk: An error occurred. It will stop all instances already running. See details below.
  9. azk: System `taichi-school` not running
  10. azk: Error: HTTP code is 500 which indicates error: server error - Container command not found or does not exist.
  12. azk:     at /usr/lib/azk/node_modules/dockerode/node_modules/docker-modem/lib/modem.js:218:17
  13. azk:     at getCause (/usr/lib/azk/node_modules/dockerode/node_modules/docker-modem/lib/modem.js:246:7)
  14. azk:     at [object Object].Modem.buildPayload (/usr/lib/azk/node_modules/dockerode/node_modules/docker-modem/lib/modem.js:217:5)
  15. azk:     at IncomingMessage.<anonymous> (/usr/lib/azk/node_modules/dockerode/node_modules/docker-modem/lib/modem.js:193:14)
  16. azk:     at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:117:20)
  17. azk:     at _stream_readable.js:944:16
  18. azk:     at process._tickCallback (node.js:448:13)
  19. azk: Sorry, an error has occurred.
  20. azk: A crash report about this error will be sent to azk team in order to make azk better.
  21. azk: Sending bug report to Azuki...
  22. azk: Bug report was sent. Thanks.
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